This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    First Snow!

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    11/28/2016 = first snow of the year! and the kids loved playing in it!

    img_20161128_102050 img_20161128_142149 img_20161128_142152 img_20161128_142203 img_20161128_142214 img_20161128_142217 img_20161129_114047 img_20161129_173421 img_20161129_173434 img_20161129_173510 img_20161129_173515 img_20161129_173542

    And just for the record, it has been COLD ever since.

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    The Christmas Tree

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    The Friday after Christmas: We met Pete and Amanda Family and went to Beck’s Tree Farm!

    img_20161125_092656 img_20161125_092824

    We searched and wondered if we’d find anything and finally made our pick:

    img_20161125_094752 img_20161125_094920 img_20161125_100034

    We came home and started setting up Christmas:

    img_20161125_120541 img_20161125_133723 img_20161125_133732 img_20161125_133737Β img_20161125_133750 img_20161125_161723 img_20161125_161730

    Packer made this cool tree out of his old craft box stuff:


    And then the kids watched like 5 or 6 Christmas movies! and we slept out by the tree. One of the best nights of the year! πŸ™‚ TRADITIONS πŸ™‚

    img_20161125_185259 img_20161125_185304 img_20161125_185321 img_20161126_010718

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    One of our Favorite Weekends

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    Thanksgiving week is so much fun. We love this weekend. Wednesday starts the fun, Thursday we eat and hang with family, then we still have the whole weekend ahead of us! Black Friday and more family and left over pie for breakfast and football and basketball are both going strong!

    Wednesday: hanging out with friends, pie making, basketball practice and Ben took the boys to the movies:

    img_20161123_170210 img_20161123_170212 img_20161123_181316 img_20161123_181352 img_20161123_181544Β img_20161123_194830



    Friday: we got our tree and decorated all day and played games and then stayed up late watching movies under the tree.


    Saturday: So Shannon and Kelsey and Tommi came on Thursday late night and stayed for the weekend. We played lots of Nerts and Euchre and a few other favorites. We did eat pie for breakfast and played more games with Michael and Ryan on Saturday.

    img_20161127_183032 img_20161127_183043Β  image5Β image2Β img_20161126_095431 img_20161126_095457

    img_20161126_095521 img_20161126_101942 img_20161126_101957

    Saturday Night Ben and I got to go to the David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco Concert in Provo!


    And Sunday we had one more day to relax and be THANKFUL!

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    Thanksgiving Day

    We spent the day at Mom and Dads with all of the UT Nettys! Tiago carried the stuffed animal turkey around all day and loved the food.

    img_20161124_134140 img_20161124_134141 img_20161124_134145

    assigned seats:

    img_20161124_133814Β img_20161124_134227 img_20161124_134311

    The food was delicious and we had fun just hanging out all day. We did a puzzle and watched football and the kids played. Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Bill and the Wrights were also there. Grandma got lots of kisses from the Mustache men! Did I mention that we ate a lot of pie?

    img_20161124_135014 img_20161124_151915 img_20161124_173425 img_20161124_193531

    I am so Thankful for my family and for the Gospel plan and for all of the little comforts that we take for granted most days.

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    Benji the Poet

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    Benji had to write a Thanksgiving poem for school. I thought it turned out great. His peers also told him it was good. He carried it around in his pocket and read it to all of our friends and family over the next week πŸ™‚

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    the little things

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    Millie hasn’t figured out that you should say “I” when referring to yourself. She always says “my”. My like you. My need more milk. My want to go with you.

    Tiago got a bad cut from getting his finger cut in the door. He shows me his finger every day and tries to say Ouch but with a cute SH sound on the end: Oushh. He also would wake up from naps or in the mornings and mess with the band aid. I found it on the wrong finger a few times.

    I want you = hold me. (I hear this phrase multiple times a day from multiple children).

    About 6 am every morning: Millie has found her way to my bed and I pull her in to warm her up for 30 more minutes until my alarm goes off. Ray is often on the floor by my bed covering up with one of my sweatshirts. Β And every once in a while Tiago screams loud enough in the night to have me come get him and snuggle him in bed. I guess we are due for some sleep training πŸ™‚

    When Millie wants a sippy and I am not responding fast enough she will just go to the fridge and bring me the gallon of milk and a sippy cup. Makes me laugh every time. She is a DO-er.

    Do you like the rolls? Ray – I love them! BUt I don’t want to marry them!

    Whenever Tiago eats a sucker he tries to do Cheers with anyone else that is eating! cuteness

    Rose singing about the Temple: I’ll repair myself while I am young, this is my secret duty. πŸ™‚

    Millie always pronounces a few names in such a funny way. She is such a good talker and easy to understand but she adds a T to the end of Erica and calls her Eri-cut. Then she always calls Diego – Eggo πŸ™‚


    Rose and Cali are quite the artists.


    Millie is almost potty trained! Like officially 100% potty trained except at night.


    a sunny spot on a cold winter day


    what happened to my baby?


    these girls are officially bike riders!


    Rose loves to ride and has moved up to the bigger bike.


    Ray is getting comfortable on his bike also.

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    Our New Live-in: Kelsey!

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    Kelsey moved in in October! She took over Brady’s spot once we realized he really wasn’t coming back and Gus really was getting kicked out of the nursery. WE love having a new house mate. The kids are pestering but that comes with the free rent πŸ™‚

    img_20161102_183605 img_20161102_183934 img_20161102_184014

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    Rolls and FHE

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    We had my siblings over for FHE this week. Sean and Jana gave a Thanksgiving lesson and then Megan taught us all how to make delicious rolls. It’s fun living close to family.

    191november20163 img_20161121_193541 img_20161121_201218 img_20161121_201347 img_20161121_201349

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    We promised Mikila a beef stroganoff meal and she cashed in on it this weekend. We had her over for Sunday dinner and games.

    We also had Joel and Megan, Sean and Jana, Shannon and Tommi, Michael and Β Kelsey. Than and Erica. Dan and LaNell Brown. It was a party. Good People, Good Food and Good Nertz!

    img_20161120_183429-001 img_20161120_193702-001 img_20161120_195552-001


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    Christmas Lights

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    “Mom, I’m excited for 2 things this week!”

    “What’s that Packer?”

    “It’s my first wrestling tournament and I’m finally old enough to go on the roof with dad to put up the Christmas Lights!”

    img_20161119_172223 img_20161119_172234

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