This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.


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    my kids finally got sick. I think we’ve had a pretty healthy school year so no complaints from me.

    and i finally got sick of having my garage full of basement stuff so… I’ve started cleaning and organizing the garage, cold storage and new basement closet. Still a lot to do. This was just old electronics!

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    Ray Lost his First Tooth

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    Ray came home from wrestling practice with his tooth in his hand! It was pretty loose and just fell out during one of the drills. December 11, 2017.

    The tooth fairy brought a pack of bubble gum and 4 quarters!

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    We went and saw Santa at Cabelas! We hadn’t done this for a few years and it was fun! we took the Saturday off from sports and had fun as a family and with lots of our Netty family. Everyone went to Carl’s Jr. afterwards.

    Millie asked for Hatchimals, Tiago asked for Duckies, Ray asked for an R2D2, Rose asked for Descendants Dolls, Cali asked for an American Girl doll, Packer asked for a drone and Benji asked for a merge Cube cause he thought asking for a Nintendo Switch would sound selfish 🙂

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    SalesRabbit Work Party

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    The whole family got to go to the work party this year!

    Dinner at The Galivan Center and Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate and Cookies!! I was nervous about the ice skating but all of the kids surprised me and really just jumped out there and skated their best. It was fun and they are still talking about it.

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    St Nicks

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    St. Nicks Day! Santa came and checked on the kids of this house! We got lots of candy and fun little pillows. The Spicy Starbursts were fun to try and so much yummy chocolate! And our Elf Chewy is back!

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    There is so much to do in December and you still have real life:

    kids playing in the morning and getting Ray to school after lunch:

    LaNell lets me come play basketball with her 9th grade team on Fridays. I brought the kids last time and we all had fun:

    Wrestling Tournament at West Lake: Ray won again. Packer fought hard but lost. Benji had to wrestle West Lakes Varsity wrestler in his age 7th-9th and weight group – a 9th grader. He has had a hard season but he is being tough.

    I loved watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional this year! I miss President Monson.

    Cali got her braces switched up:


    and Ray has his first loose tooth:

    Rose LOVES drawing and now teaching Ray how to draw:

    I got to go to a Bridal Shower for Niece Shae!

    ANd this kid just makes me happy!

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    Ward Christmas Party

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    This year for our party they chose to do service instead of a fancy dinner, program and santa! It turned out great! We went and helped with kits and crafts and projects. Ben took a turn reading to the little kids while parents were busy serving. I think it was a great idea. A good change and fun to serve.

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    First Snow!

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    The little kids were so excited to play in the snow! I was not excited to find all of the snow clothes BUT we did it and they actually played out there for an hour or two!

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