This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    This and That

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    Amanda took Millie to McDonalds! just the 2 of them. Millie was in Heaven and talked about it for days:

    A summer day with cousins and Hancocks:

    And we have a Street Fighter (or 2) – seems to be a favorite already:


    The kids and I love a good afternoon at the pool:

    And Ben loves all of his arcade lights working 🙂

    Forts and Firework Cookies:


    The oldest 5 did a week of soccer camp so I took these 2 to the park one of the mornings:

    Another afternoon at the pool:

    I had some pre cancerous skin by my eye. It would get puffy when I was in the sun a lot… so the dermatologist froze it off for me. The scab is almost gone now:


    I played blocks and zoo with Millie while Tiago napped and the big kids went to the pool with cousins:

    We helped Quincy turn 1:

    Packer had Webelos Walkabout and I had Cub Day Camp:


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    Love This Guy

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    So I dropped Benji off at Scouts the other night… As he’s getting out of the car I tell him goodbye, “Have fun my friend. Be good.”
    And then he says. ” I will Mom. I Love you.”

    I love you! I love that he tells me that. I wish that I said it more. I think I say it to my kids often but in that instance I didn’t and he did. Benji is a great oldest sibling/first child.  I LOVE my kids.

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    Tiago is 2

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    Tiago Ford!

    This kid is so cute and fun. I love seeing his personality develop a little each day. These photos caught a little bit of that personality.

    This birthday boy and his presents:

    and we spent the day at home playing and making the cake and drinking pool water??

    Then we went and watched Ben play soccer – which Tiago loved running around at the field:

    And then came home for cake and ice cream. Joel and Megan were able to stop by and the Falabellas popped over to make it a party.

    He loved blowing out his candles! He blew them out 3 times while we sang and he sang Cha Cha Cha in between each line of the song – ADORABLE!

    and look at him enjoy that cake! He just looks like a happy 2 year old!

    Mom and Dad came over shortly after the cake:

    Since turning 2: He sleeps in the boys room on the quad bunk! (Ray’s bed) He learned how to give kisses. He loves to drink his milk and watch a show when he is tired. He tries to go to the bathroom on the toilet like Millie does. He loves to copy other peoples dance moves. And he actually went to nursery for the 3rd hour!

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    Heritage Park

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    Summer is officially here! Memorial Day, then swimming at PG pool and  on Wednesday we met up with a bunch of the cousins at Heritage Park on the last day of May! We are off to a fun start:

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    Memorial Day

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    We worked hard and played hard and ended the day with a barbeque at mom and dads house:

    Ben spent the day in the garden getting it cleared out, tilled, and planted. He took breaks to get the family donuts and water toys. I did laundry and mowed the lawn and helped the kids play in the water.

    At 4:30 we headed over to mom and dads house for the rest of the day. We had lots of good food and sat out on the deck visiting while the kids played. Everyone was excited for Moms home made brownies. Cousin time is always a good time.

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    Soccer Benji

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    Benji has played for 7 years now! He is starting to get some good ball control and sense for the game. He is still SOOO small out there – especially since they played with 12 and 13 year olds and he is still 11. It’s fun watching these older guys and fun seeing Benji when he’s not afraid to shield and be the first to the ball. His strengths are passing and seeing the field.

    He had lots of guys on his team from the previous years like: Conor, Austin, Cannon, Brandt, … and this year he got to play with PACEN!

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    Soccer Packer

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    Packer! He got a goal on the last game of the season! He was so happy. He was playing forward and he got the rebound and he got the goal. I wish I would have seen it. Packer is small out on the field and his kick isn’t very strong yet. He really loves practice with his Dad and friends and the games are just oK. He and Luca and a bunch of guys from years past have had a great season – UNDEFEATED!



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    Soccer Rose

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    Rose had a good year on the Teal Tornadoes. She got to play with Ellie and Gentry and she knew Elle from last year. She was even friends with the boys by the end: Mikey, Matthew, Beck, and Jett.


    Rose is very aggressive on the field. She goes for the ball and pushes her way through the group. She had lots of goals this year. She is usually the shortest one on the field but she plays hard and makes up for it.

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