This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.


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    Christmas Break was spent in Oroville California! (just like we have done every year except the year we got married and had no vacation days)

    26th: Leave around 7:30am and drive to Oroville. We had a good uneventful drive. The kids stretched their legs at McDonalds and then we hurried on to see all of the COUSINS! We stayed at Kevin and Liz’s house for the week and most of the rest of the family was there too πŸ™‚

    Tiago and his little cousin friends and Millie and Christy:

    We opened presents that night from Grandma and Grandpa!! and we did the cousins gift exchange!

    And we started in on the game playing. Packer brought Pie Face! and I got CLUE from my parents πŸ™‚ and Ben got Isle of Skye!

    Cali and Rose were so excited to play NERTZ with the cousins! and then everyone crashed for the night.

    December 27th: Tuesday

    Michael is loved by all of these little people! They just flock to him.

    Kevin got permission for us to play Soccer at Harrison Stadium! A bunch of Oroville friends came to play against us πŸ™‚ Barths, Browns, Cherrys,…

    Ray trying out his new soccer goal and sweatshirt!

    And back to the gaming Table – Karuba (we got from Santa), and Qwixx.


    And NAILS for the little girls:

    Wednesday the 28th:

    We went to the Monte Vista church to play basketball! We had so many people that like to play! we had an all kids game and then 4 adult teams and then the girls played a game and then we let Brady and Sean and their friends have the court.

    Ray, Rose, and Cedar in their fort – and CALI asked Grandma to cut her hair!!

    I went hot tubbing with the kids after basketball! The kids swam in the hot tub EVERY SINGLE DAY – probably 3 times a day! They were constantly changing into swim suits πŸ™‚ It was great.

    This night the women went to Becca Fosters baby shower! It was fun to catch up with friends. Definitely one of the perks of going back to your little hometown every year.

    We hurried back for the RFFFL (Robertson Family Fantasy Football League) trophy presentation! John handed the belt to Kevin and I was awarded the last place trophy! In my defense I did get runner up last season.

    and then we had another round of present opening: we gave the parents Lincoln Logs because we all loved playing Lincoln Logs at Grandma and Grandpa Robertsons house πŸ™‚

    Thursday 29th:

    Tiago getting over a cold and everyone else taking it easy. Quite a few people had colds throughout the week.


    We had ice cream cones that afternoon and a game of Soccer and football out in the field at Kevins house. And then the adults went out to Hulas! It really is delicious. And Ben and I fell asleep on the couch in Hulas Comas.

    Β  Β 

    30th: Friday already!

    I love that the kids like to play games too. They played so hard all week. They explored the backyard and were constantly on the tramp or in the hot tub. They played games and ping pong and just loved chilling with their cousins: And Ben and I loved chilling with our siblings.


    The kids were getting antsy this afternoon so Kevin and I took them in the back yard and set up a Capture the Flag game. We also played a little jump Rope and Limbo!

    Ben made Stroganoff for dinner and it was another fun night of games.

    Saturday 31st:

    our last day πŸ™

    tricks with Uncle Brady:

    Crab Soccer at the Table Mountain Church:

    And a couple of hours at the park! We played kickball and 3 flies up and football. The boys all used their bows to try and hit people as they ran through the park! And time on the playground of course. I was so happy to see Rose dribbling the basketball and Benji playing football!

    From their we showered and shopped and food prepped for the New Year Celebration!! Liz and I ran to Chico but we couldn’t find mandarins anywhere this year πŸ™

    Ben and Benji enjoying a soda after going the whole year without drinking any! and Ray was so excited when he saw sour gummy worms. Mikila was my Nertz partner for the first pre food Nertz game.

    This is Packer trying to stay awake! And Ago playing with Laynie. Grandma and Ben made treasure hunts for the kids this year instead of doing a pinata!

    Β Β Β 

    We ate yummy food! and played games all night.

    and then it was midnight! Ray seriously made it until 11:50pm and then I couldn’t get him to wake up at midnight πŸ™ We had another GREAT start to a NEW YEAR!

    Sunday January 1st 2017:

    We got up Early and drove home to try and beat the snow storm that was supposed to come and stay for a week. We made it, quickly and safely, no snow. Only one stop! The kids slept the first half and played electronics the second half. I’m still grateful that I get to go “home” every Christmas and be with lots of family. I’m glad that my kids look forward to this week. I know this won’t last forever but I love that we all get together and crowd in for a crazy week of fun!

    Goodbye 2016!

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    Christmas Day

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    Santa Came:

    Tiago wasn’t feeling well:

    We went to church from 1:00 to 2:30 and then I sent Ben and the 5 big kids to his mom and dads for Christmas Dinner. I stayed home with the 2 sicklies and packed for California and cleaned up the house.

    We are so blessed. What a great Christmas with so much family and prosperity. We all got everything we asked for or didn’t even know we wanted! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of his birth, life, death, and resurrection.

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    Christmas Eve

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    cookies for breakfast

    Chewy hard at work

    homemade noodles for chicken noodle soup!

    watching teh green bay packers win with cousins

    Sibling Gift Exchange:

    and back to Pete and Amanda’s for PARTY NIGHT!


    Acting Out the night that Christ was born πŸ™‚

    Everyone playing ball with Tiago: youngest cousin status!

    Ready for Cousin Gift Exchange: and then adult gift exchange:

    New Pajamas! Milk and Cookies out! Stockings Hung and off to try and get some sleep πŸ™‚

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    Christmas Lights

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    We went to Provo and paid to drive through the lights show down by the lake. It was pretty neat. The lights flashed to the music and we all enjoyed the show.

    and we stopped by our favorite nativity when we got back home πŸ™‚

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    Nettesheim Christmas!

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    We spent Friday Afternoon the 23rd with mom and dad Netty! We exchanged gifts and played and snacked:

    Grandpa and Ray had fun figuring out the flying monkeys! and I love Grandma’s smile behind Benji!

    It’s so fun to have this time with the kids and their grandparents. I hope they have fond memories of these days like Ben and I do.

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    Friday December 23rd or Christmas Adam

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    The Friday before Christmas was a BUSY FUN FUN day for us!

    We started 10am with cookie decorating at the Hancocks. Then went to McDonalds 1pm with Utah Netty cousins. Straight from McD’s we went to Mom and Dad’s for our family Christmas. That evening 7pm we left and drove to Provo to see the Color of Lights show! And came home for one last Christmas Movie and bedtime! LOVED IT


    McDonalds – the one in Lehi this year:

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    More Pre Christmas Fun

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    Benji was an elf in his class play:

    Ray let Rose give him a unicorn hair style:

    Julia and Christian and Sam have been coming over to babysit and hang out on Monday afternoons!

    We got a fun gift basket from our renters:

    Wrestling is still going strong:

    Thursday the 22nd was the last day of school and we got to listen to all the kids sing with their grades:

    And the night of the 22nd Ben and I went to the Caleb Chapman Christmas Concert with Matt and Jamie and Michelle and Udine!

    and then it was finally Christmas break!

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    Wassail Party 12/18/16

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    The Hancocks are back and they took back the Wassail Party. They had tons of people over and we drank lots of yummy-ness and visited.

    And then we went back on Thursday to watch the BYU bowl game! We like those guys!

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