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    just a little Brookfield WI Ward Youth Reunion ’93-’95

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    Ben and his high school friends got together for a little reunion. A few people were in town and quite a few of them actually live here in Utah now. Lots of them Ben hadn’t seen for 20 years! and most I had never met.

    FB_IMG_1471838276399 FB_IMG_1471838289141 FB_IMG_1471838292771
    I should let him write this post cause I think he REALLY enjoyed catching up with everyone and reminiscing. It was fun to meet everyone that came. I’ll attempt to name them now:


    Darren, Janae, Joanna, Megan, Jenna, Brock and his wife, Aaron and his wife, Clayton and his wife, Ben and I, Sean and his wife.

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    I am SOOO EXCITED! We went to the RSL game on Saturday night and BENJI! babysat for us! from 7-10:30! He got all of the kids in bed and everything was perfect. Do you know what this means!!!!

    We took Tiago to the game to make sure that it would be a good experience and it was! He did awesome babysitting and it was an awesome RSL game – they pulled off the win against the top ranked team in their division! Shannon and Kelsey were pretty fun too πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160820_201843 IMG_20160820_204417 IMG_20160820_204512 IMG_20160820_230618_01

    This summer was the turning point for me. I was able to leave some or all of the kids with Benji for short amounts of time. I felt like I had so much FREEDOM πŸ™‚ I often went to the grocery store during nap time. once I took the girls shopping. I even got my tires rotated and oil changed on time!! It’s a whole new world. But now he’s back in school πŸ™

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    Goodbye Summer Vacation

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    We start school on Monday so our summer is over. We tried to go out with a bang. We swam 2 days in a row and even went to the American Fork pool. Packer, Cali, and Rose all went off the diving board for the first time!!!!

    image(7) image(8) image(11)

    Friday night swim with the Hancocks at AF!


    our little peach tree did good!

    IMG_20160816_114646 IMG_20160816_145138 IMG_20160816_145339

    one more round of plays and skits!

    IMG_20160816_172246 IMG_20160816_172300

    Tiago entertaining us on the keyboard!

    IMG_20160817_152628 IMG_20160817_171812

    dancing and crashing out whenever you need to!

    IMG_20160818_152232 IMG_20160818_152242 IMG_20160818_154806

    Thursday we went to PG pool with the Falabella’s!

    IMG_20160818_192556 IMG_20160818_193550

    I might even miss the towels hanging out and Ben keeping the kids up past their bedtime!

    IMG_20160820_081058 IMG_20160820_091608

    Goodbye Summer 2016!

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    11 Yr. Old Commitment Hike!

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    Benji got to go on a Commitment Hike! It was a stake activity. They committed to get their Eagle, earn their Duty to God, go to Seminary, serve a Mission!! Big commitments for these young men! He said he had a ton of fun and lots of his friends were there. They spent the night in the Canyon with their Dads and came home after breakfast.

    IMG_20160819_181244 IMG_20160819_182407 IMG_20160819_200603 IMG_20160820_081219 IMG_20160820_082630

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    Remember that night it smelled a little gassy in the basement. Ben and I decided it wasn’t anything to worry about but we’d call someone in the morning. I called Questar and they said they have to treat all incidences like an emergency: we needed to get out of the house, don’t use lights or phones or even the garage door. Just leave and wait for them to come check it out! We weren’t worried but definitely wanted to see what it was and get it taken care of. Β The kids got nervous when I kicked them out of the house… So we had some loose fittings and where the flex pipes come off of the heater/appliances the gas was slowly escaping. I really don’t know what he did but Questar fixed it and we are back in the house!


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    Otter Pop Day

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    I made a secret Bucket List this summer. I didn’t share it with anyone because I didn’t want to have to do everything on it! But it was to help me have a balance of fun days and lazy days and all that.

    Otter Pop Day was on my list and it just happened. When the kids asked how many they could have, the answer was as many as you want!!


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    Rose and Dad

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    Rose got to go to a play with Ben. They went and watched Beauty and the Beast in Lehi. One of Ben’s coworkers was the Beast. Rose LOVED it.

    IMG_20160816_185712 IMG_20160816_214308 IMG_20160816_214808 IMG_20160816_215022

    She wore her Belle dress and carried around her light up rose all day. Everyone watched Beauty and the Beast and danced to the Sound track. Definitely a successful Dad Night!

    IMG_20160817_152622 IMG_20160817_171821

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    Drive in Theater

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    This summer we made another sticker chart – that seems to be the best way to get our kids to be pro-active about things. This time they had to do sports or other active activities. They could each earn up to 5 stickers per day by being active. It was a BIG chart and they had to earn a lot of stickers but they got it done just in time.

    IMG_20160812_110219 IMG_20160812_110348

    We went and saw “Pete’s Dragon” and “Finding Dory”. I like to stay home with the babies during movies but they convinced me to come this time. Amazingly Tiago slept the ENTIRE time! We didn’t get home until 1am but it was lots of fun!

    IMG_20160815_195217 IMG_20160815_195237 IMG_20160815_203707 IMG_20160815_204233

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    girls night

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    the boys left for Father and Sons and the girls partied! We couldn’t let them have all of the fun so we headed to the PG pool!


    Then we spent an hour or two at McDonalds! Dinner, play place, Fudge Sundays…

    IMG_20160812_174101 IMG_20160812_174409 IMG_20160812_174424 IMG_20160812_174511 IMG_20160812_174926 IMG_20160812_175905 IMG_20160812_181940 IMG_20160812_183127 IMG_20160812_183247 IMG_20160812_183640

    And then Tiago and Millie went to bed before 8:00 and Cali, Rose, and I stayed up watching movies! Teen Beach #2 and My Girl.


    Saturday morning we turned on My Girl 2 while we waited for the boys to get home. It was fun to hang out with my girlies. Maybe next year Tiago can be a boy πŸ™‚



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    boys night

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    the boys missed the ward Father and Sons camp out so they had their own outing. First they went to the movie Grille where they were the only ones in the theater at 5:00. They watched Jungle Book and ordered Dinner!

    IMG_20160812_172116 IMG_20160812_184809

    After the movie they headed to Flynns Retro arcade! They spent the rest of the night playing old video games until the place closed at 11pm.

    IMG_20160812_192347 IMG_20160812_193233 IMG_20160812_200159 IMG_20160812_200213 IMG_20160812_200538 Β IMG_20160812_215416 IMG_20160812_224626

    Benji got the high score on Mario Bros.!! He got a free drink! (and that’s why we have arcades in our living room)

    IMG_20160812_202347Β IMG_20160812_224538

    They went to a Hotel for the night. Then hit Kneaders french Toast for breakfast on their way home.


    Not a typical Father and Son outing, but definitely one they will remember!

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