This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    Mother and Tracie fam were here And Father and Michael

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    Mom and Tracie, Cedar, Bren and Hadley drove out on the 7th and stayed until the 14th! Dad, Michael and John came for the 10th and  11th. Mom spent lots of time with her mom and sisters but we also got to see her and play a bit of Nertz. Tracie and the kids just hung out with us most of the time. The kids played well together and some days we barely saw Cedar and Bren and Millie, Ray and Rose.

    Tiago and Hadley were pretty cute:


    One of the nights we were all busy playing NBA Jam and Tiago, Gus and Hadley made quite the mess!

    Ray and Grandpa!

    NBA Jam: the latest arcade purchase

    We all went to Walmart that Saturday morning:

    I love seeing all of these cars at our house! Family time is the best!

    And the reason for the visit: Grandma turned 90 on Thursday the 9th!! and we all had a party on that Saturday the 11th:

    Grandma with a bunch of her Grand kids and Great Grand kids

    a sisters and mom picture (just needed Christy)

    and a little gaming to end the night.

    These 2 at church!

    and my girls smothering baby Dagny:

    and 1 last game that wasn’t Nertz to end our time with Mom and Trae:

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    The beginning of February: we were cooped up and taking turns being sick and too cold to go outside but we had some fun:

    more doritos

    Singing and dancing together

    lots of snuggle time

    lots of arcade time

    and a little outside time

    and this must have been FHE but I’m not sure what we were doing.

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    Doritos Commercial

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    I kept expecting a fun doritos commercial during the Super Bowl but it never came. This kid with his Cheeze Its would have done the job!

    And I’m sad to report that Ago and Millie are addicted to chips right now.

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    end of january

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    I took Cali and Rose to watch Caitlin, Ashlyn, and Anna dance! They loved it.

    I’m a monkey!

    Dinner from Great Grandma Nettesheim:

    Cali’s Bunchems are pretty cool:

    We went to the School Movie Night!

    Bath time buddies:

    Millie has been potty trained for a while now – she was pretty good at it and I never had her finish her chart and get her prize so she was excited when I pulled it back out and let her get her prize:

    Book Reports and Science Projects:

    Millie is convinced that this is Ben and I. Ben was popeye for Halloween and that looks like him – – so she asks me every other day who is this girl in the picture and if it is me 🙂

    snuggle time and pony tails:


    Millie and her outfits:


    Cali teaching Ray how to play cups:

    State Wrestling Tournament. Benji got his first pin. Both of the boys got pinned. They went out to dinner at Rodizio’s to celebrate their 3 months of hard work:

    Ben is still crazy enough to take all these kids shopping:

    we had a Saturday Night hang out with Brady, Kelsey, and Joel, Megan, Gus and Dagny!!

    and then Packer got sick 🙁

    and then Rose, Millie, and Tiago got sick 🙁

    and then I got the FLU 🙁 knocked me out for 3 days!

    and then Benji, Cali and Ray got sick 🙁 luckily the kid version didn’t seem as bad as mine.

    So we’ve been cooped up all week trying to get healthy. Now it’s Feb 5th and Ben is the only one that got a flu shot and the only one that didn’t get it. Hoping today will be a final day of rest and everyone will be good to go tomorrow 🙂

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    Benji went on his first big camp out with his 11 year old troop! Ben went with them and they got snowed on: at least 15 inches!! They had a great time. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking since I wasn’t there 🙂

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    Kangaroo Zoo

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    Amanda was taking Christian and her kids to Kangaroo Zoo – so of course we had to go! This was the same day as Cali’s baptism and the kids had a blast.

    remind me that this place is over priced and they only take one coupon – 50$ activity

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    Cali’s Baptism!

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    Cali got baptized on January 7th. She was the only one from our ward. It was at 9:30am at our Stake Center. She had a big smile on her face all day. She said she felt happy all day. She said she was excited to finally be baptized. Everything went great. he water was warm and she was a happy girl 🙂

    Bishop Chipman conducted and Sister Kirby helped plan everything. We had a lot of family come and support Cali.

    After the baptism we invited everyone over to the house to celebrate Cali’s special day. We had waffles and muffins and fruit. We visited and sang karaoke and just let the kids play for a few hours.

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    January 2017

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    a new year! – -Jan. 2nd –  we had a day at home before getting back to school and work since we came home a day early to beat the storm. We got to enjoy a lazy day with lots of new Christmas gifts.

    Ben replaced all of the lights on the arcades!

    I love Rose’s desire to learn. She likes school a lot. And she likes to play a lot.


    This is my new Menu book! The kids helped make it and now they can help choose what I should make for dinner since that is still easily the worst part of the day 🙂

    And we were just so excited to be back in Utah with our FREE grocery bags!

    The storm did come and the Green Bay Packers did win!:


    We played inside with new toys and Ben continued to work on arcades since it was such a cold week.

    Raymond has become a mush head – he loves Minecraft and Skylanders!


    And they all love shoveling the snow:

    Millie is always trying to be a big helper. She helps get band aids and helps with the dishes and :

    Tiago was getting addicted to the phone so we took that away – he threw some good fits but seems to be over it.


    Cousins of all ages – 1 through 6!

    Our newest arcade – Donkey Kong Jr.  – it’s really hard but starting to get fun. It only works some of the time so Ben still has some work to do there.


    On Saturday the 7th Cali got baptized so Shannon hung out with us. Sean and Jana, Joel and Megan were all too sick to hangout 🙁

    Kelsey and Shae finally came back from CA and we got to go see baby Dagny get blessed!

    Ray was so excited to get his first CTR ring at church 🙂

    And the Packers won again!

    We watched the Hancock kids for a couple of days! and bought another arcade in CA

    I drove the car with 0 miles left in the gas tank!

    Practicing braiding hair

    chillin with this guy

    Ben at work 🙂 transitioning to the new Dell ownership.

    Tiago LOVES bouncy balls! really any ball. He gets so excited!

    and this is my dinner crew during wrestling season. just a few more weeks till we can eat dinner again as a family:

    I finally had arbitration about my car accident from over 2 years ago! I don’t have much faith in our justice system but I’m glad to be done with that and still don’t know the outcome.

    Friday afternoon wrestling tournament:

    and then they left early Saturday morning for another meet. I stayed home and played Sorry with the kids. They went out for lunch so we did too:

    And then on Sunday, Green Bay won again!!

    That monday the 16th was Martin Luther King day so we went skating! Luckily Kelsey was able to come cause these kids needed help and lots of taking skates off and on. But they really did love it.


    and they loved when Ben taught them how to play Karuba that night after work!

    Tuesday the 17th we babysat Bennett:

    and the next day I laughed at Ago all morning and we rode bikes with gentry and Ellie. Tiago thought he needed to drive Millie’s car! those two behind the wheel is a BAD combination.

    The Kindergarten Girls:

    And my nap time crew: except Millie won’t nap:

    Tiago is still obsessed with Quincy and it’s really cute:

    And on Wednesday the 19th Ben and Benji prepped their burritos for the Klondike Campout:

    It’s been a good January. We’ve had a barf bug but no one was too sick. We have watched too much tv staying inside out of the cold. But we had a few fun adventures and are trying to make the most of each day. Trying to enjoy the journey even when the journey is homework, meal time, clean, wrestling and repeat. We love these kids and want to enjoy them each and every day while we can.

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