This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    Cali Annette Nettesheim



    December 5th – Due Date. 6:00pm no baby – go to Bens work party. 9pm Boys in bed – watch “Pushing Daisies”, “the Office”, and fall asleep. Dec. 6th1am – kept waking up every 10 minutes. 1:50am – are those contractions?? 2am – a hard contraction – felt like the baby kicked me and my water broke! Wake up Ben! Pack Hospital Bag. Call Uncle Pete to come stay with the boys. 2:30am – drive to Provo, Register with Hospital on the phone. Ben got to run a red light to get us there quickly! 3:00am – all checked in. Contractions are 3 minutes apart. 4am – Contractions start to require some breathing and concentration – only a 5. I refuse the epidural - in the olden days women always gave birth without these conveniences! 4:20am – Dr shows up – watches me squirm in pain. Nurse says she’ll check me at 4:30 so I say “I can handle that”. But the contractions are killer at this point and if this baby isn’t coming then I need the EPIDURAL! 4:30am – 100% ready to go – Dr says I can push! 4:40am – “WHAT WAS I THINKING!!??!” 4:46am – baby on my tummy not in my tummy! most relief I’ve ever felt! “Hi little Cali”!

    due date mom and babe 

    dad and babe jana and kids

    So that is the story of baby number 3! We are so excited to have her in our family and very blessed that she arrived in perfect condition – 7 pounds 8 ounces and 18 and 1/2 inches long.


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    Christmas Music, Stories, and More


    Check out Ben’s latest website!

    It’s got lots of good Christmas Albums that he has put together over the years for anyone looking for new additions to their Christmas Music. You can also listen to an online radio playing the music selection while you are blogging or browsing or working or Christmas Shopping or whatever it is that we do on these computers all day.

    Another fun feature is the Radio section. He’s listing what stations are playing Christmas music in different states and parts of the country. If you have a favorite station or know of any that aren’t already listed then please help by commenting and adding the info to the site.

    The site lists all of the Christmas Specials that will be on TV. It has words to some of the carols. And It has our favorite Christmas books. Check it out:

    As you can tell we are in full Christmas routine here… Frosty the Snowman is just about to be shown in the other room so… enjoy the site and hopefully my next post will have something about a little baby girl being born!

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    We have had this little plastic train set for the past 4 years but we are almost positive that this will be its last Christmas. Packer is very attatched to the train and spends an hour at a time playing with it, putting it on the track, and carrying it around. Two days and we have two broken peices but it is still running and if you saw how happy he is playing with it you just can’t take it away!

    Packer Train


    I got this new camera for my birthday and I just have to say that I love it. It is perfect for on the go – always in the diaper bag/ purse. Picture quality is good and I have yet to charge the battery!! It’s been 2 months so I am amazed.

    my camera


    My boys are going through a crazy no nap phase. Benji is getting older so I know we will go through this but my little 19 month old needs his naps! He just plays in his crib for 2-3 hours and never falls asleep! This was him at dinner time the other day – he just can’t quite make it through the day. They do nap in the same room so I may have to switch something up there. I am not ready to give up nap time!

    no naps


    Our decorations are up and the boys are in Chrsitmas Heaven. I have heard oohs and ahhhs all day as they look at the tree and books and snowmen and nut cracker and advent calendars and…. it’s a lot of fun to see their excitement. Will it last 23 days?…

    christmas fun

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    Day After Thanksgiving


    Are these boys on a roller coaster?? nope. Just looking at Christmas decorations at Lowe’s!! 😀

                                Roller Coaster 

    Lowes Santas stop and smell the trees 

    We went to Lowe’s to get our tree on Friday. (We are in no procrastinating mode since the baby could come at anytime.) Below is a picture of the boys pretending to be Chrsitmas Trees  and having us pick them out and see if they look like a good tree. This is right up Benji’s alley – he is Mr. Pretend.

    I’m a Tree Our Tree

    Here is our tree! not as exciting as cutting your own but it was nice to not freeze to death, to have dad home with plenty of time to set it up and they were a decent price this year!

    Speaking of “freezing to death” – I have to tell a story about my tender hearted 3 year old that takes everything literally. On Friday night Joel was over helping with our Tree and he promised that if I did 2000 Jumping Jacks then that would guaranteed put me into Labor. I’ve been a little ancy for this baby to come so Benji and I put on our sweats and started our jumping jacks. As I neared 35 jumping jacks my calves were as tight as rocks and I screamed out, “My legs are going to Break Off!” I repeated this atleast 3 more times and Benji just went into hysterics. He yelled for me to stop and wanted to know why my legs were breaking and he was so worried that I wouldn’t have any legs. So I only made it to 75 jumping jacks and had to stop to explain that my legs weren’t really going to break but that was just an expression. … maybe I’ll do those other 1925 jumping jacks today…….

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    We had the Thanksgiving party at our house this year and it was fun. We have always gone to be with my parents or Ben’s parents but we decided it would be best to stay close to Dr and hospital so this was our first Utah Thanksgiving. Of course the baby didn’t come so we could have travelled but… luckily we had a lot of family around, the turkey turned out, and we just really enjoyed the holiday. Throughout the week we got to play with my siblings: Shannon, Sean, Joel, and Tracie (and husband John). We also had the Carters over for Thanksgiving dinner and some of the week – they are friends of the family that came from Oroville to hang out with the college kids. And we got to spend some time with Bens siblings: Pete and Matt and Michelle – our local Nettesheim families, ( being local they get taken for granted and not mentioned as much on the blog but we LOVE having all of them close by.)

    On Wednesday night we stayed up late playing cards and more Settlers.

    card game more settlers

    On Thursday, Ben got up early and worked on his first Turkey dinner – he said that he highly underestimated the nastinness of a “pre cooked, needing to be cleaned out and prepared for the oven turkey”! but he got it in the oven and by 9am the house was smelling so good but it was an 18 pounder and on slow cook mode so we wouldn’t be ready to eat until 3:30. In the mean time we had plenty of time to make the potatoes and veggies and salads and… the rest of the Thanksgiving Feast. Luckily everyone pitched in on the cooking – I think they knew that a “Jana” dinner might not be up to par 🙂 . And Uncle Sean pretended to cook the “Benji Turkey” so everyone was happy.

    the turkey kitchen workers Benji turkey

    This was our Thanksgiving Dinner group. Packer fell asleep before dinner but he got plenty of leftovers. Actually we all got plenty of leftovers – 4 days later we are still going strong on potatoes and turkey! And I have successfully eaten Pumpkin and Chocolate Pie everyday since! We are Thankful for friends and family and health and strength. For the Gospel and testimonies and a Savior. Ben and I feel that we are very blessed and are grateful for all that we have. What a great holiday!

    Thanksgiving Time B and P under the table

    dinner is ready 

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    Board Game Geeks…

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    My brothers Ryan and Sean came over on Saturday so we made time for a combined game of Settlers, Sea Farers, and Cities and Knights. Anyone familiar with Settlers of Catan knows how intense this is. Ryan came away with a lucky win, Ben held his own, Sean was a first timer but hung in there and I got whooped.

    ultimate settlers 

    You can always count on Robertsons for pulling lame faces in pictures and devouring a bag of M&M’s at some point during the game. For those that know the game I am displaying my two LAME Progress Cards – both Intrigue cards! The lamest in the whole game. No wonder I couldn’t pull off the win.

    I’m excited for the holiday week. We’ve always gone out of state for Thanksgiving but with my due date being so close we’ll be home this year. A few of the Robertson clan will be here on Thursday so hopefully Ben gone pull off a yummy turkey! And I am craving some pumpkin Pie! yum. I can’t wait.

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    Baby Shower!


    The baby shower was last Saturday and it was soo much fun:

    baby shower

    Have you seen so much pink? we haven’t

    the loot

    Here’s the LOOT!

    the sister-in-laws

    The Pleasant Grove Sister-in-laws (that planned everything and are awesome! – thanks!) Everyone is holding their youngest daughter as I wait for mine.

    the Orovillians

    The Orovillians. We needed to post this to make Erica feel bad for not coming 🙂 .  We’ll forgive her this time (only because she made the invitations and got other people to come instead!)

    baby shower

    Proof that there were other people that came besides my family! I just forgot to get my camera out until the party was over 🙁 . We love our ward family!

    the Johnsons

    The Johnson family – that’s my mom’s mom and her two sisters and two of my cousins and their kids! Thanks to everyone that came to the shower. I had a great time and am feeling better prepared for this little one to be born. 17 more days!! who’s counting?

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    The 9th Month


    You know you are in your last month of pregnancy when…

    you willingly get out of bed at 5am because no matter how tired you are you just can’t get comfortable. 

    your back aches!

    you crave “Maceys Farm Bread” every time you walk by the kitchen.

    you find yourself making a new ” things I need to clean list” everyday! 

    you start waddling more than walking.

    you are exhausted, ie. can’t lift your arms, after a day of shopping at the mall.

    your inny becomes an outy.

    you are out of breath after carrying your 18 month old up the stairs (there are only 6 stairs!)

    you experience lovely leg cramps  ( from doing nothing – the cramps just come and muscles tighten and you feel like you just played an intense basketball game and the muscle stays tight for a week – but really you were just lying in bed.)

    you are excited for your baby shower!

    you have to wrap up your blog entry because your baby is sitting on your bladder again!

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    Leaves, Lots of Leaves!


    Ready set Where is Benji Hi Guys 

    Benji getting burried in the big pile of leaves! He loved it!

    Packers turn where did he go ahhh PwithD

    Packers turn to get burried! Not so fun. But finding dad was fun!


    Some of the cousins came and played with us! After living here for 4 years we’ve finally figured out the best way to clean up the leaves of our humongous tree. We wait for all the leaves to fall – we spend one hour raking – we play in the leaves for an hour – and then we hall them out on a tarp to a truck and let the Elders Quorum hall them away 🙂


    And last night we watchedPolar Express” – in 3D!!

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    Ninja Halloween!


    cowabungaPack costumes

    Our Ninja and Our Ninja Turtle all dressed up, with no naps because they were too excited to sleep! We went to the PG City Park with Benji’s friend Avery  and then came home to eat pizza – because that’s what Ninja Turtles eat! – and wait for Dad so that we could go trick or treating!

     BenjAve dadandboys

    Batman took the boys trick or treating around our neighborhood. Raphael wanted to come home after a little while but you can see that our other little Ninja begged to go back out and get more treats! After trick or treating all of the cousins came to our house to play – we forgot to ge our annual picture but we had a lot of fun.

    NotDoneDad turtlePower

    Benji is already asking when Turkey Day is! and Ben has already found opportunities to play Christmas Music and re-introduce the story of The Grinch to Benji! These Nettys Love the Holidays!

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