This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    Snow Fort

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    We had lots of snow this winter and lots of fun playing in it.

    most of the crew

    On Presidents Day we had a big Robertson family play in the snow day: my sister Christy and her husband Rob and kids Shaelyn, Braden, Bryce, Camden and Carter. My Brother Ryan and his girls Taylee, Kylee and Marlee. My brother Joel. My sister Tracie and her “friend” John. And of course Ben, Benji, Packer and I.

    building Finished

    We carved out ice blocks in the front yard and made an igloo! That was pretty impressive.

    inside the igloo Ryan and Tayee

    Then we found a great sledding hill at a nearby golf course and played there for a few hours.

    eggers cousins heading for the jump 

    Benji actually liked sledding! We were sure he’d be too wimpy so that was a nice surprise.

    Benji and Mom Benji - that was fun

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    Brett Favre is no more! The Nettesheim Extended Family has mixed emotions as our veteran quarterback announced his retirement. I’m glad that Ben got to go to the Denver Monday Night game last year to see him play, not to mention finally getting his Favre jersey and naming our second born after the team! It was the year of the Packers for us – fitting that it was the last year for Favre 🙁


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    I love Sundance!

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    Ben and I took off on a friday afternoon and went snowboarding.


     The sun was out.


    The snow was great.


    I was rusty but loving it.


    Ben was working in his new board and boots (yard sale new).


    Definitely one of the funnest dates I’ve been on.

    j&b snowboarders


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    The Value of a Full Night’s Sleep

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    Packer (10 months) just slept in until 10am – wow that was really nice. He cut his first tooth a week ago and hasn’t slept through the night since so this was a treat – maybe the best treat of the week – we’ll see.
    first tooth

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    Elder Robertson

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    Dropping a missionary off at the MTC is a great experience. Anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to go in and sit with the hundreds of missionaries and listen to the MTC president welcome them and recognize their willingness to serve and then to sing “Called to Serve” with all of the Elders and Sisters that have been set apart and preparing for this mission… that is the most powerful. If you have the chance to go – GO! To my parents who have never done that – make sure and go. We are proud of you Brady!

    IMGP14041.JPG IMGP1410.JPG the badge IMGP1409.JPG IMGP1415.JPG


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    Relief Society Arms

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    Who knew that your upper arms could be so sore after a short ride on a snow mobile?! Relief Society arms were not made for that kind of thing! I rode for maybe 45 minutes – did nothing strenuous and I am still feeling it 3 days later. Getting old stinks 🙁


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    Guilty or Innocent?

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    Ben: well I guess we need a new key board. Brewer chewed through our other one.
    Jana: Are you serious? That’s two of them he got to.
    Ben: Ya stupid dog.
    This definitely seems like a ploy to get a New and Wireless Keyboard if you ask me. The dog hasn’t ruined anything EXCEPT both of our old keyboards. I smell computer nerd (Ben) using his little puppy to get something that he has had his eye on for years now!!The keyboard is nice though and it seems to have inspired me to finally start my blog :)  


    I am far from a dog lover. I hear people say that they don’t have kids yet but they have a dog and that is their baby and he’s spoiled and…. well we have a dog now but he is not my baby and he is not spoiled. I just finally gave in after 4 years of Ben pleading. Packer and Benji enjoy having him around and he hasn’t done his buisness in the house for 2 weeks now so it looks like we’ll keep him. He might earn his keep with me once he learns to play frisbee – that will be fun.