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    Millie is 11 months old!! AHHHHHH!!
    She just got her top 2 teeth.
    She is learning to stand on her own.
    She can climb up the kids slide.

    DSC01396 DSC01397

    She still loves to eat and she’s not spitting it up like she used to. Seems that her stomach has adapted to most foods.


    Millie is always on the go. She doesn’t like to sit and be held – she gets very antsy.

    DSC01414 IMG_20140807_190011

    She is standing up all of the time now. She’s taken 1 step. She’s stood up without holding on. She does it all without knowing and its fun to just watch her learn and GO.


    Her sisters can be very TOUCHY and hands on. Millie usually cries and screams and wants them to put her down so that she can go explore on her own or be held by mom.

    IMG_20140814_091043 IMG_20140814_091128

    Millie loves to climb up the stairs. She will rarely stay down. If she see’s them, she will climb them.

    That’s my short update. Millie is a pretty easy 11 month old. LOVE HER.

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