More Visitors – Hancock’s Came to Play

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    Erica and the kids showed up Monday morning!!  I thought they were coming on Tuesday and hanging out a little bit here and there BUT we spent 5 days together! The kids loved it! They did not love that it was the first week of school for Benji and Packer but they made the afternoon hours count. So we’ve been partying with the Hancock’s all week!!

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    Erica was driving around in the new RV “Cousin Eddie” all week. The RV was pretty sweet. We might have taken 16 of us to sonic for Happy Hour… The kids loved the ride.


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    The first few days we just hung out at the house. The kids entertained each other and then the Hancock’s would leave in the evenings to spend time with their REAL family. On Thursday we went to the park. And we got rained on AGAIN but we stuck it out and the kids had a blast. They mastered the zip line and climbed all over. After the storm we played in the river and we had to drag them away at 6:00 or so.

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    There was an amazing rainbow after the rain!


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    On Friday we went up to Deer Creek after school to help out with the DOXA THREELAY – that Than was racing in. (This was the main reason for their trip to Utah). So I watched all 11 kids on the horribly rocky beach while Erica tried to help with the Event. We came home and had dinner and a sleep over. Erica and I may have left in the wee morning hours to go volunteer for DOXA again but the roads were SOOO rainy and impossible to drive on so we turned around and slept at LaNell’s and went out for breakfast and  came home sometime before noon 🙂 It was a girls morning and it was wonderful. And then the Hancock’s said goodbye. They are always a ton of fun.

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    1. Jana–you have to tell me where that park is!!! Is it a splash pad too? It looks fantastically cool! You find the best parks!

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