Raymonds Birthday

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    This guy turned 3!


    He was pretty excited for his birthday this year! And very cute. It was a full day for Raymond Thomas:

    IMG_20150213_073509 IMG_20150213_073747

    Presents at 7:30 am before the boys went to school!

    IMG_20150213_075002 IMG_20150213_075131 IMG_20150213_085938

    The Car Carrier and Benny the Bouncing Bull were both hits.

    IMG_20150213_075746 IMG_20150213_080246

    Everyone enjoyed the rocket launcher too. Ray was very good about sharing all of his gifts.

    IMG_20150213_145428 IMG_20150213_154744

    Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim came in the afternoon and brought him a Nursery rhyme book. They read the book to him and he ended up crashing for an afternoon nap!

    IMG_20150213_200701 IMG_20150213_200724

    Raymond was funny about his cake this year. He love Team Umizoomi so I wanted to make him a Bot cake. BUT he wanted a Batman cake just like last year. His picture is up on the calendar from last year and we just couldn’t talk him out of Batman so… He got an Umizoomi Batman cake this year!

    IMG_20150213_200741 IMG_20150213_201028

    That night we had all of the Netty cousins over for a party. Raymond wanted to play Duck Duck Goose and Quarter Quarter, so we did. The older cousins played Drawful on their Ipods and we all watched Penguins of Madagascar after presents, cake and icecream. It was a busy day. Ray was Happy and so excited to be three!

    IMG_20150213_201041 IMG_20150213_202220 IMG_20150213_191838

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