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    Cali loves to sing. The other kids want to play the switch or tablet but Cali usually just wants to listen to her music. Memorize lyrics. Make up dance routines. She loved learning the Christmas song at school. She would come home and practice. Repeat, repeat.


    She has most of the Greatest Showman Soundtrack memorized. They got a Google Home Mini is their room for Christmas so now she can listen ALL the time.

    She is also really good with THE KIDS.

    Her teacher said she is Great at school. She is always on task and killing it at Math.

    She still has her braces on. They closed the gap on top and they are still moving the bottom tooth into place.

    We have been reading Mr. Poppers Penguins¬† together at night. I’m usually so exhausted by bedtime but I am trying to hang in there with the kids for that extra bedtime hour.


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