California Christmas

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    Thursday morning GIRLS BASKETBALL, 7-10am we had such a fun time playing ball!

    Twinning: Ella, Scarlett, and Cali

    About 11:30 we headed back to the church for the rest of the family to play ball 🙂

    And then we made a Taco Bell run! and a few went to Burger King:


    And a Frozen Yogurt run!


    We played a little Laser Tag that evening:

    Thursday was ours and Josh’s turn to cook. We had Mikila and the Reynolds over for dinner and Nertz!  and tried to get kids to bed on time.


    Friday Morning: 2 year olds on the tablet:


    We went to Riverbend park and played soccer! We tried to play one big game but we had TOO many people. So we did a kid game and then an adult game. Anika happened to be at the park so I got to chat with her.

    And then Packer got hit in the face with a rock down by the river. His lip was HUGE and chewed up but he was super tough about it.

    Liz took the girls to a party at the skating rink!


    and Grandpa took the boys to lunch!

    we spent another afternoon at the house PLAYING games and hanging out with family

    I even got in some ping pong with Kevin and Dad and Kelsey:

    After feeding the kids we left for adults dinner at Hulas! and shopping at Ross!

    and YES, we stayed up WAY to late playing games again 🙂

    SATURDAY: we woke up playing games and then ran some errands. Liz and Kevin had their stake New Years Eve Eve party so they planned for that. we sent Benji to the party with Jaydn and we all packed up and cleaned up and headed down to Sacramento to finish out our trip. We stayed at Tracies and played games and enjoyed Joel and Brady’s last moments

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