Saturday January 20th

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    Shae and Tyler decided they needed a Utah reception! so Christy came out a few days early to help prep and play with our kids 🙂

    On Friday Mom and Tracie and Kelsey and Joel all came over – Our little kids had a blast with Tracie and Joel’s kids. Later on Dad and Rob and Camden and Carter flew in.

    Saturday morning we got a little bit of snow! I had  a church meeting and Eggers were busy with Shae and Mom and Dad went with them so… the kids convinced Tracie and Kelsey and Ben that they needed to play in the snow 🙂 (Benji had the Klondike that Friday night – no pics)

    Ben and I took Cali to her Futsal game and then met some of the crew at the church to make sure everything was set for the wedding reception.

    We had a little time for Headis and Darts and fun before the reception:

    And then we enjoyed and evening with family and friends at the reception:

    My dad and his siblings! We drank hot chocolate and ate donuts and danced and talked all night:


    THE END!

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