Raymond’s Blessing Day

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    Sunday March 25th at 11am in the Northfield 4th Ward – Raymond was given a name and a blessing by his Father. Others that participated in giving the blessing were his Grandpa Nettesheim, seven of his uncles; Pete, Matt, Udine, Ryan, Joel, Brady and Sean, and his namesake, Great Grandpa Ray Becker.

    6 weeks


    happy mom and dad

    After church we had a bunch of family come over and we just spent the rest of the day visiting and eating and having a great family day.

    family picture

    thats a lot of little people

    Our first family of 7 pictures, no one is looking and I forgot to suck in but I LOVE IT

    I have a lot more family hanging out, spending the day together pictures but I was supposed to have pictures of Raymond posted yesterday for my mom so I am posting now and will post more later.

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