paint and swing


    Now I know why we waited three and a half years before bringing paint into the lives of our children. IT IS A MESS! and I consider myself a laid back person but I just couldn’t handle Packer mixing the colors and not rinsing his brush and putting the black brush in the white paint, paint on the floor and nasty water all over -so I finally left the room so that they could actually enjoy the painting without mom interfering and teaching. When I came back in there was no longer a “white” paint and Packer had Blue hair!… Benji did pretty good but still a mess and definitely a parent monitored activity. Benji asks too use his “Painting” every day so we’ll see how long until mom gives in. The picture I took was obviously in the first minutes of the painting project – pre mess and pre blue hair!


    Our other Project this morning was getting out the Baby Swing for Cali. Packer was a very big helper…

     babypac pachelper

    Older brother was a little more into the TV and trike…


    Cali has already fallen asleep in the swing both times that she has tried it! Yipee!


    nap time!

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    1. I don’t do paint, play dough, sidewalk chalk or sand. I know my kids will grown up and have issues because i didn’t let them fully enjoy their childhood but I can’t stand the mess. By the way I love the name Cali.

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