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    July is Flying By…

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    7/1 Saturday: clean up day and prep for Family to come stay with us. Mom and dad came! They went  to dinner with the other kids and then came to chill and spend the night with us. The Eggers came late that night also! Joel and Sean families came after dinner so it was a party. Our neighbors were having a 4th of July party so we got to see lots of fireworks from the back steps.

    7/2 Sunday: The Parents leave to take Grandma to their reunion in Kanab. Christy family came with us to church. After church we had Bensagna. Then the Netty Fireside at 6pm. And everyone came over for Benji’s ordination at 7pm. After that we had an Ice cream party and hung outside with Nettys and Robertsons enjoying the summer night.

    Benji was so ready to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. He is loving being in the Deacons Quorum. Ben did the ordination, Grandpa Nettesheim, Matt, Carter, Cody, Udine, Diego, Rob, Bryce, Joel and Bishop Chipman were all in the circle. It was AWESOME.

    7/3 Monday: The Eggers went to the lake with their friends. Shannon came to our house! She played Water balloons and chatted with me. Kelsey came over after work and we went to the PG pool. On the way home we had to grab Slurpees and Spitz. Then Joel and Megan came over and brought home made Burritos that were delicious! We all chilled and hung out the rest of the night.

    7/4 Tuesday: Shannon and Kelsey stayed the night so we got up and went to the Manila pond to start our 4th off right. Eggers hung with us all day. and Kel and Joel and Megan. Shannon had to go to work at 2:00. The pond was packed but refreshing. We came back and BBQed and stayed in the house because it was too hot outside. Sean and Jana came. At dusk we went out to do Sparklers and watch Fireworks. We were surrounded by fireworks. They were everywhere. Netty’s all came to watch in our backyard. After the city fireworks we had strawberries and cream and visited. And that’s how we do the 4th of JULY!

    7/5 Wednesday: Christy took Rob to the airport and went to breakfast. I took the kids to Trafalga! And then Christy took us all for snow cones. That afternoon the kids were worn out so we left them home and we Visited Carol adn Aunt Di and ran a few errands. Then we decided it was a pizza Pie Cafe night so we made a few calls and went to dinner with our people! Christy promised the kids another dip in the pond at dusk so we did that then dropped them off with Ben. Christy, Camden and I went to watch Shae’s flag football game.

    7/6 Thursday: Christy and I went to visit gma!, then we took all of the kids to the PG pool. We came home and had Leftovers. And I had to introduce them to Guarana since Braden is in Brazil drinking it every day! Then we had Netty cousins over for Benji’s Bday party. They did a slip n slide obstacle course and all had fun trying to beat each other.

    7/7 Friday: Eggers headed home early that morning. Kel and Shan also headed to CA. We started crazy Packing and cleaning and loading the van. Kids went to play with the Hancocks who were finally home from their 2 week vacation. Then when Ben got home we loaded teh car top carrier and headed for CA. We drove to Winnemucca. So did Joel and Megan.

    7/8 Saturday: finish drive to Oroville. Swim at Kevin’s house in the crazy Oroville heat. That evening I went to my 20 year High school Reunion! Ben went with the family to Hulas and Ross while grandma babysat. I stayed out late with the crew and watching the Ash fall on us from the Wall Fire while we visited in Jed’s backyard. Everyone was worried about being evacuated.


    The Reunion! We are old! But still feel young.

    Rob and I have been mocking our 8th grade graduation picture for years…

    Bryan and I were voted most athletic 8th grade through high school…

    Saundra and I played Basketball together since 5th grade and Softball in High school. She’s a saint. Tonya and I have been together since Helen Wilcox and It was great to catch up with Daya after not seeing her for many years. We played bball and softball and hung out with the Mormon crew.


    Me with all of the wives! They were thrilled to be there. They did have each other so… not too bad of a gig. Jed, Rob, Evan, Ty and Dave’s wives!

    It was great to catch up with Anika. We’ve seen each other off and on over the years.

    And the late night class of 97 crew. I’m proud of these guys! They are all doing great things with their lives. We had a great group when we were kids and I love seeing that they are all doing good things and being good people. Rob, Jed, Dave, Daya, Brian, Jana, Evan, Ty and Than.

    All of the 97 at the Reunion!

    Me and all the boys. I miss these guys. Loved catching up with all of them

    7/9 Sunday: We all went to the Keith and Susan Stutznegger home coming at 11:30 in the 1st ward. Things were still crazy with the fire and evacuation orders so it was just sacrament meeting and the rest of church was cancelled. Stutz’s talked until-2:30 :). I loved hearing about their service as mission Presidents! I couldn’t help but remember all of the good they did for our family and the friendships that we’ve had over the years.  Our parents co-owned a boat when I was little. Saturday Lake Days! When money got too tight they bought out our half. Mom worked for Keith for years and so did all of the younger kids cleaning the office. Keith and Susan let me work around the house for them whenever I needed $, even after my mission. They have been a blessing to our family. We gave everyine hugs and jetted out of there.

    We grabbed lunch and a change of clothes at Kev and Liz’s house. Then we were off to Fort Bragg for 5 nights of camping! We Set up camp and ate Hot dogs. Grandpa gave a Devotional and it was the perfect kickoff to the camping week!

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    My 6th and 7th Kids

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    These 2 don’t need me!

    and they crack me up.

    I had to mow the lawn the other day so I got the little pool out for them to play in while I worked. Throughout my mowing they got snacks and chairs and put their feet up. They found squirt guns and water bottles and …. they came and picked strawberries when they got hungry again. I was laughing at them the whole time. My older kids would have came begging me to help them with all of those activities.

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    Fidget Spinners

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    My kids all wanted Spinners and I bought a bunch for a buck or 2 on the china site so…  a couple of Saturdays ago after the pond they each did an EXTRA HARD chore to earn one. Rose and Ray were on the super messy toy room that hadn’t been cleaned all summer. Cali organized the game closet that had been ransacked by 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Packer cleared his closet and his air hockey table that had been collecting junk for months.

    A little motivation goes a long way. They were all so excited and STILL loving their spinners:

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    RSL date night

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    Date Night!

    I love these little turkeys but sometimes a night away is just what I need! I took them to the pet store while we waited for the tires to get changed on the van 🙂 They love to do stuff like this with me but I love to do those errands on my own as my free time. They weren’t the best listeners this day but we survived and I’m glad I let them come along.

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    Benji is 12!

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    Benji had a birthday! 12 years ago I became a mom! We became parents. I was so ready!

    We celebrated on Thursday with friends and then the next Thursday with family so we drug it out pretty good. We partied and played and enjoyed Benji. This was his first friends party – EVER. He had no idea what he wanted for his bday. He knew he didn’t want clothes or electronics and he trusted us with the rest! funny kid.

    He earned his Faith in God from primary. He moved out of 11 year old scouts. joined the Deacons, received the priesthood, got his temple recommend! Turning 12 is a big deal! Benji is so ready to move on. He still loves rules and does anything to obey. He is kind and looks out for others and he is turning into a good leader!

    We got him a bike! and Fablehaven books, rubix cubes, PIT, and Harry Potter Game.

    All of the presents were a hit. He was excited to see how nicely a NEW bike rides. And we got the house ready for the party:

    and then grabbed Kong Cones cause it was a HOT day:

    Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and gave him a pocket knife!

    friends came over around 7:00! Pacen and Seth and Nathan were out of town but he had a blast with Ty, Hyrum, Ryan, and Tommy. They got wet out back and waited for it to get dark for an outdoor movie!

    A week later we had all of the cousins over and did the slip n slide again and Ben made an obstacle course for them and timed to see how fast they could do it!

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    All the other stuff we did in June that isn’t getting it’s own post:

    cookie dough:

    Train Rides:

    Lemonade Stand:

    Lava Lamps and other science:

    Wiggle Bikes at soccer practice:

    Late nights with neighbors teaching funny faces:

    Otter Pop party take 4:

    Letting aunt Megan babysit:


    Getting braces adjusted:

    Baseball at the park with all of the Netty’s:

    Pool party at the Country Club with lots of neighbors:

    Street Fighter Battles:

    Still hanging my laundry out to dry:

    My monthly temple trip:

    Cali practices soccer twice a week:

    NO play do in the house! :

    cleaned out the COLD tub – late night test run:

    And the JOY of the kitchen sink – ONE OF HIS FAVORITE THINGS TO DO!

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    Benji is done with 11 year old Scouts! We just had a court of Honor and he got his Tenderfoot and 2nd Class. He has only a few more requirements to get his 1st class and he earned his first merit badge: First Aid.

    Benji got called up to teach the bowline knot and then they had a race. Ben won. Benji took 2nd.

    Packer finally received his Bear badge and we had a fun game of water kickball.

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    Splash Pad

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    Megan and I planned a trip to the splash pad. I got asked to babysit and brought the 2 kids with me. Megans kids were sickly so she bailed but my other sister in laws Amanda and Michelle came and joined us. That was our first splash pad of the summer. We brought a picnic lunch and we stayed for 3 or 4 hours!

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    Motorcycle Dad Night

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    Millie was so excited to go out with Dad!

    On his Motorcycle!

    To get a treat!

    She got a new special seat belt harness to keep her on tight and I love when kids are still figuring out the THUMBS UP sign.

    They stopped for a treat and played at the park. Millie was in HEAVEN – the girl loves attention, she thrives on one on one time. LOve her spunkyness!

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    Back to the Pond

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    We are really just in love with the pond. It has been so hot and the pond is so close and always open and free and fun for all ages!

    So Shannon came for a night and we spent Saturday morning at the pond before she had to go! It was so fun to wake up and go. We were some of the first ones there and we stayed for probably 5 hours. Kelsey and Kelsey came and Tommy and Shannon. Megan brought Gus and Dagny and we had all 9 of us plus Brewer. Great way to start a Saturday:


    Benji with the winning hit! He was undefeated on the Spikeball!

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