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    Our perfectionista

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    Rose is our 7 year old perfectionist. No matter what she is doing she wants to do it WELL. This can be a really good trait and helps her excel but it also holds her back a little because she doesn’t want to mess up. She was a pretty cute 100 year old Grandma this week:

    • Rose is killing the scripture reading. She has gotten so much better at reading since the beginning of the school year. (3rd grade Lexia level.)
    • She Loves Descendants, dresses up just because,
    • She likes to draw – Santa and elves one week, cats and birds another week.
    • Her teacher says that she is always on task. If she has a sub she leaves Rose’s name for the sub if they have any questions!
    • Rose Loves her friends and she Loves to look cute.
    • She is a natural nurturer.
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    Rose is 7

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    Rose turned 7 on Sunday the 1st!

    Rose is happy and easy. She is always helping and playing with her siblings. she tries so hard at EVERYTHING she does. 7 is so big! and she is such a big little helper 🙂 Her birthday was early presents since we wanted to go to Conference Breakfast at Joel’s house. She wanted a pin toy, and a halloween dress. We got her that and a chapstick spinner, paint and a Mal costume.

    We watched afternoon conference at home and then Ben made sausage Pasta for Rose’s birthday dinner. After dinner we had cake and ice cream and hung out as a family. It was fun to celebrate rose!


    I felt bad that I just made her these Descendants cupcakes and not a fun cake. BUT it was busy and she did get a fun party and even though the frosting tasted a little peppery I don’t think she minded. Next year I’m pushing for a cousins party and fun cake 🙂

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    Rose’s Birthday Party

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    Rose and I have 1 day in between our birthdays and this year that day was PARTY DAY! We watched General Conference all day and then we hurried over to the Hancocks house for a Descendants II party with lots of Rose and Gentry friends! There were lots of little 1st and 2nd grade school friends that came! and then the older girls – Claira, Cali, Camry, Mia and Anna dressed up and helped with Descendant makeovers! Packer and Luca chilled and helped me take pictures. Anyway, we partied from 5-8pm.

    Rose and Gentry were so cute!

    Everyone singing and dancing:




    Pizza and Cupcakes:

    Presents, movie time, and MORE dancing!

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    Back to School!

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    First Day of School 2017

    These kids are growing up! !st, 3rd, 5th, 7th!

    I love that these guys are best friends!

    Benji saying goodbye as he catches carpool to Jr High and Rose saying hello to the big 1st grade all day school!

    Cousins! This is the morning crew – the rest of the neighbors are on B track this year.

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    Girls Night

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    While the boys are away… the girls shopped, watched and played!

    We went shopping for back to school clothes. Cali had a stomach ache so we only went to Target. We came home and ate junk and watched Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 and played with Kelsey and had fun. The next morning we watched some more Camp Rock and then finished shopping. These girls are getting pretty fun! But those baby bottle dip things were one of the worst purchases of my life – except the girls loved them!

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    Soccer Rose

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    Rose had a good year on the Teal Tornadoes. She got to play with Ellie and Gentry and she knew Elle from last year. She was even friends with the boys by the end: Mikey, Matthew, Beck, and Jett.


    Rose is very aggressive on the field. She goes for the ball and pushes her way through the group. She had lots of goals this year. She is usually the shortest one on the field but she plays hard and makes up for it.

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    Kindergarten Field Day

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    I went to field Day with Rose. It was fun to see her in her element having a good time with school friends.

    Rose and Cammi. They met at Discovery park the week before Kindergarten started and they hit it off. Then they ended up in the same class! Now they are friends. Play dates and all!

    Rose and Gentry and Gabriella and …

    It was fun to see Rose in action. She didn’t need me at all and she had lots of little friends to go between.

    at the end of the day I brought her and Gentry home and took a last day picture!

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    Kindergarten Graduation

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    Rose is done with Kindergarten! She had a great year. She went every day without a fight. She was in the same class as Ellie and next door to Gentry, and She loved all of the new friends. Mrs. Crockett did not disappoint! She is SOO good and we are going to miss her SOo much now that she’s not teaching here next year.


    Rose! and Ellie! and Gentry!


    and then we went out to get Milk Shakes with Grammee!!

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    Grade Up Day

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    Rose got to go to school from 9:15-1:15 and visit all of the 1st grade classrooms and teachers. She loved it! Benji got to be her and Ellie’s 6th grade buddy! He loved it. Rose loved walking home with all the neighborhood kids.

    This year they didn’t get split into their new classes and see who their new teacher might be so… we all just have to wait to find out. We are getting a new Principal and Vice Principal this next year so…

    Ray is getting excited to go to Kindergarten!

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