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    Brady and Millie are buddies! He’s lived here most of her life and she loves him! Brady is too nice to ever tell her no, so… they have lots of little routines and time together. Here are a few of them:

    Millie will wait for him to come home from work so she can follow him into the basement, “Bady home?”. He gets his shower stuff ready while she tries on his cologne or eats his candy or gum, or cough drops. She always comes up from the basement with a treat or smelling pretty.

    Then Brady will let her Exercise with him. They hang from the rafters. And do push ups. Brady does pull ups with her on his legs. Then they switch and she does the pull up with him on her legs :).

    Then Brady needs to shower and Millie is still wanting his attention so Millie waits outside the bathroom while he showers. Then Millie goes in to help with hair and teeth.

    IMG_20160420_112029 IMG_20160420_112306
    The rest of the kids love Brady too:

    He lets them Hang from doorways and he plays Take a Seat. He throws them in the air and does Flippies. He lets them hang out in the Party Bus. Sometimes they go get Kong Cones, or visit the Puppy Barn. And they all love when Brady babysits because they get to Sleep in the loft cause Brady is too nice to put them to bed! Brady was a fun Live-in. I love getting to know my siblings better through these experiences. We will miss him. He left 4/20/16  for a job in CA. I think he moved in 9/ 1/14.


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