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    Lots of Pictures from the last month

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    ATTENTION: posting all of the things that I would have posted earlier if I wasn’t snuggling with my new little baby all day (and if my netbook wasn’t taken by the Geek Squad).


    Social Sucker

    Cali never liked a Pacifier much BUT if any of her friends have one then she needs one too. And when new baby has one then she thinks she needs one – it’s pretty funny to watch her try to talk and play with it in her mouth – luckily it doesn’t last long.

    My Blanky!

    This blanket was given to baby Rose before she was born but Cali was very possessive of it and wouldn’t let anyone touch it.

    My 31st Birthday

    I spent my birthday afternoon in the hospital and was too tired to have birthday cake and party afterwards so… we ate birthday cookies thanks to my great Visiting Teachers and I went to bed early.



    Here is Cali in her timeout spot! She almost enjoys going there because she gets attention. I am trying to give her positive attention so that she doesn’t need this kind of attention. She is pretty cute in timeout though…

    keep your nose on the wall

    and my husband would not let a birthday go without birthday cake so we did eat it a few days late. BUT I did get out of the party this year which is one reason I am glad to have a birthday baby to share the party with every year and give the attention to someone else 🙂

    last pic of family of 5

    birthday cake

    I have 3 siblings in Provo/Orem right now so we have had many a ‘gaming night’ and I am loving it. We play a lot of ‘Dominion’ and we have recently been into ‘Settlers’ again. I could game every night of the week – soo much fun. The siblings are also on the’ Nettesheim and Crew soccer team’ so we get to see them every Saturday for the soccer game and then if we offer food we can get them to come and stay for a couple of hours before they go back to college life.  How can you not have fun when kids show up like this?…

    dumb and dumber

    my girls

    Here are my girls. Cali is getting used to baby Rose and enjoys playing with anything that is ‘the babies’. We have 2 mornings a week when it is just the 3 of us girls. One of them is usually a trip to the store and the other a lazy morning with books.


    We have raspberry bushes in our garden and they are the best part of that garden. Packer tells me that the reason that some of them are golden is because they are golden raspberries – very smart 3 year old and still our little gardener.

    more raspberries

    Packer’s Joy School Costume Party:

    Packers Costume Parade

    Joy School is awesome

    And Following is Cali throwing one of her fits. Her reaction to new baby has been to go into 3-4 whining fits per day… she simply decides she is not happy and then moans for the next 5-25 minutes until we get it figured out. Annoying – Yes. Time to break her of this fun habit – Yes.

    Typical FIT

    Rose is growing like a weed!

    OCTOBER 21 = 20 days old

    pumpkin finders

    Ra ra Ra Ra Ra! Go Red Dragons!

    Fall Soccer Season is over! Benji, Ben and the Red Dragons had another good season. Hopefully next spring our eldest son will learn to go to the ball instead of stepping away from it.

    Benji - Fall Soccer 2010

    And baby Rose with her Dad – – Ben was sick earlier this week and we locked him in the room so that we wouldn’t get it. It was a long couple of days without his help, he helps a lot in those hours between dinner and bedtime.  We ALL missed our Dad time but are glad that we seem to have avoided the nasty sickies.

    Dad Time


    Cute Shoes

    book pile

    And since we spend A LOT of time in the house with baby Rose we have been reading a lot of books. Cali puts all of her books in her lap and then as she ‘reads’ each one she throws it on the floor. So we often have a book pile on the ground in front of the couch.

    everyone getting in on book time

    sporting the Aunt Kelsey Blanket

    Kelsey and I thought baby was sooo cute this day 🙂 ( her mom thinks that every day!)

    FIRST SNOW! Wednesday Oct. 27, It was beautiful!

    And Last Night we had a relaxing night watching Game 1 of the World Series, taking turns holding Rose, reading a few books during commercials and eventually falling asleep in the 9th inning…

    Big Brother Benji

    Me and Kids - I have 4 of them now!!!!!


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    Inspired by Erica


    OK – I looked at Erica’s blog and I realized that it had to be done… This baby had not seen a bow since the day she was born and the nice nurses put one on her little head in the hospital. After seeing Erica’s cute pictures and knowing that if She still lived here SHE WOULD MAKE me put a bow or flower or something on my little girl, I knew that I had to get out the bows and get out the camera – Thanks E! I like my newest Pictures 🙂

    licking my arm

    love her little face

    one of those faces

    so stinkin cute

    are we done yet?

    THANK YOU for putting my nice warm clothes back on me

    this is why I don't wear these head things much

    picture session wore me out - and who doesn't love sleeping in the corner of the couch?

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    Latest and Greatest

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    BENJI: Mom, I bet I know why Chuck E Cheese has Pizza. MOM: Why? BENJI: Because they are round just like the tokens are.

    (I’m not sure if that’s what the chuck e cheese marketing team was going for but there you have it. He came and found me after seeing the commercial just to let me know that he thinks he figured out why they have pizza there 🙂


    Benji went to school today with his hood on – I didn’t realize that he was going to leave it on all day. Apparently he did that yesterday too! I’m thinking a kindergarten-er hiding under his hood all day is not ideal.


    Have you ever wished that your 3 year old WAS NOT potty trained?? I wish that a lot  – in fact I think that every time I clean my bathroom! I debate if I would rather just be changing a nasty diaper than scrubbing the nasty bathroom. Anyway, He is very cute in his backwards pants though.



    Is this girl a mini me or what?? and  I am not just talking about the scraggly hair… we bought her a cute little witch costume for Halloween and it came today and we tried to get her to try it on and… she refused. She liked the hat but refused to try the dress or tights. We had the brothers put their costumes on to show her and get her excited to wear hers but she still refused. She ended up putting on Benji’s mask and then finally lighting up when we pulled out Packers Spiderman from last year and let her wear it- it fits her perfectly!


    But hopefully you will not see 3 little “boys” out tricker treating with Ben on Halloween, we still have our fingers crossed that there will be a little Witch accompanying them.


    This new little baby has been asleep all day… She was awake for a couple of hours this morning and then out from 11am until 7pm. I tried a few times to wake her and feed her but she’d eat a little and go right back to sleep each time. I’m nervous for how she’ll sleep tonight… it’s almost bedtime so hopefully she doesn’t decide to wake up right when I need to sleep.


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    visit with the cardiologist


    Monday October 18, 2010
    Today was our trip to the Pediatric Cardiologist. Ben sent an email to family explaining the details so…  I’ll copy that here:

    Jana and I took Rose into the Children’s hospital early this morning (thanks Brady for staying the night and watching the kids when they woke up!) to get additional tests. They hooked her up for an EKG test, which she didn’t mind until they were done and started pulling all those little tabs off her… that she hated!

    The Doctor confirmed that she does indeed have a ventricular septal defect.
    (animated diagram if you are interested

    She has three holes in the wall separating the two lower chambers of her heart. This isn’t the common “heart murmur” you often hear about that 30% of the population has, which is what Packer was diagnosed with. That one is in the upper chambers.

    Although less common, the doctor didn’t seem overly concerned after he checked her out and asked us a ton of questions. Now that we know what we’re looking for, she does show some symptoms when she is nursing. She often loses her breath and has to stop and catch some air. The doctor compared it to jogging for an adult. Since babies don’t do much except “sleep, eat, and poop” – in his words – what gets their heart pumping the most is nursing. When the blood mixes between those two chambers, the less oxygen rich blood gets back into the stream, causing the shortness of breath and a need for more oxygen. We’ll keep an eye on her. The doctor wants to see her in 3 months, but we’re not overly concerned. Just wanted to let everyone know.

    Keep her in your prayers for us. Thanks!

    7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches

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    Our Homework Man!

    This guy comes home on Mondays and does his homeowrk for the week before he even sits down to eat his lunch. He has a page or 2 per day and then he turns it in on Friday – – Well don’t tell his teacher but he is not doing a page or 2 a night – he is doing it all in the first 20 minutes after school on Mondays – – – please let him be this ambitious into his teenage years and beyond!

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    John and Tracie are here! at our house!! spending the weekend with us!!!

    Hangin' with Uncle John and Aunt Tracie

    They moved to Alaska back in June 2009 and we miss them, luckily they have some flight privileges AND they are willing to sleep on airplanes so we have gotten to see them a few times.

    The whole crew at Dinner.

    They came yesterday and we all (our family, them, Joel, Brady, and Kelsey) went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Tracie’s bday and the paying off of her student loan!! (she had a large loan from dental hygiene school and has already completely paid it off!! that is amazing – I am a proud sister 🙂 My siblings have never been to the road house so they needed to experience the best rolls ever! We ate a ton of rolls. Our kids loved them too. Yummy. Benji and Packer each brought one home and had it for breakfast 🙂

    even water tastes good at a restaurant

    sweeet potatoes - fully loaded!

    We finished off the night with a dance party in the Brady Van and then some Yorbing at Rock Canyon park. The kids and I were exhausted and came home around 9:30 to sleep.

    chillin in the bus!

    The kids were impressed with the huge bouncy ball!!

    Now it’s Sunday. Church is over. Kelsey came home sick 🙁 and John and Tracie came home with a flat tire 🙁 Hopefully the rest of the afternoon goes a little better. We’ve loved our visit from the Alaskans!

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    Rose and Mom

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    kisses for mom

    The family is at church and Rose and I are just chillin. She has been such a good baby. She sleeps at night and a lot during the day. She rarely cries and when she does it is easily remedied with a diaper change, or pacifier, or just being held. I think her eyes are turning blue. Her feet look to big for her little body. She is super skinny still. She has a little head but long arms.  She and I are both fighting a cold (and winning the fight so far 🙂 )

    wide eyes

    apparently church time is not nap time



    oh so sweet

    love this baby

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    Cali has had a hard time adjusting to life with Rose.  She likes the baby, even loves her, wants to hold her, and is the first one there to help when she cries,  BUT…

    Sister Time

    … but she has been a VERY MOODY almost 2 year old. She bursts into tears over the most random things and is just an emotional basket case. You never know what to expect with her. One day she’s crying because I won’t let her play with the cousins and the next day she’s mad at me for leaving her with the cousins. She wants me to hold her – whenever my hands are full and when I try to snuggle and give her attention at my convenience she pushes me away. She takes a lot of energy and attention to say the least.

    I want to hold my baby!

    Luckily baby Rose has been a super good new born – In 2 weeks she has only had one bad night… she has been a very content baby. Cali is adjusting to having a little sister, but we are not there yet.

    all the girls

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    This cute little girl kept me up all night - I was wiped out all day - hopefully she does better tonight.

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    I went yorbing with YorbNation – might have been the SCARIEST thing I have ever done – –

    Mom, Ben and I posing with the Yorb.

    or… having given birth one friday night and then strapping myself into the yorb the next friday night with my week old baby waitiing at the top…  my motherly instincts were probably in high gear and blocked out the crazy fun-ness of it, I was SCARED. Just plain scared as I rolled down the hill, harnessed in, with no control, heels over head, catching glimpses of sky and grass.

    Ben strapped in across from me!

    strapped in and excited - ready to get rolled down the hill!!

    So you get inside this big ball within a ball:

    Here we are ready to go - - 1, 2, 3, Yorb Nation!!

    and then you get rolled down the hill and it is quite a ride. Ben and my brothers and sister say it is the best thrill around. (I plan on trying it again someday when I am not so tuned in to my motherly instincts.)

    Here's a daytime shot of the ball.

    And the Yorb out in the middle of the park where you stop rolling.

    And after my roll down the mountain I tried to talk my mom out of going. I told my her not to do it- that it was too scary. Mom asked me if it hurt – no – it does not hurt. So She went for it! My mom went yorbing!, grandmother of 19! and all she had to say after screaming most of the way down was that it felt like she’s been inside the washing machine!

    Brady getting mom all harnessed!

    mom and kelsey!

    If anyone is due for a thrill ride, something that makes roller coasters seem wimpy, check out Yorb Nation, or let me know and I’ll hook you up with them.

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