Month: December 2016

    Johnson Family Christmas Party

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    On Friday the 9th we got together with my moms family! Grandma was there and Diana and Wayne and their 3 kids. And Carol and Larry and their 4 kids! That’s all of them. We only had 4 of us Robertson kids and my parents weren’t there either but It was fun to have so many of the Johnson cousins together.

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    christmas is coming…

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    In Primary Millie and her friend Lucas got to be Mary and Joseph! These little nursery kids are getting ready for Sun Beams!

    Every kid wants a ride in the blocks wagon! and every kid gets dumped out on their head πŸ™‚

    Carrying around the baby Jesus from the nativity πŸ™‚

    and enjoying late nights by the Christmas Tree πŸ™‚

    We took Millie back to the eye dr and got a lesser prescription -she seems to wear her glasses more now…

    One more play with Β the Hancock kids! They even got Ray to dress up!

    Lots of notes like these around the house this time of year! So much excitement and fun.

    And we all went to the wrestling tournament in Provo:

    and did some christmas shopping and In and Out!

    Game night:

    My monday morning mess πŸ™ I cleaned and cleaned and then the weekend happened and I came out to these disasters Monday morning.

    As soon as I decide to stop having kids – stores decide to give expectant moms a special parking space!!

    I might have bought Kelsey this present for her college graduation! it is addicting to the touch.

    Kelsey and I took the younger kids to Shannon’s school Choir Concert in Ogden! The boys had to stay home for wrestling. It was a fun concert and fun to see Miss Robertson direct the Choir πŸ™‚

    Tiago loves the massager πŸ™‚

    Cali and Rose and Ago resting on the stairs:

    Each night at dinner we play the 12 days of Christmas Song and sing with our cups!!

    We delivered a few Christmas CD’s this week!

    Chewy the Elf is here and playing hard. The kids still LOVE this guy.

    And Advent Calendars are in full swing. Even Tiago is loving them.

    Last Night was Ben’s Christmas Party for work. We got to go see Star Wars Rogue One!!!!

    Christmas will be here before we know it! Such a fun time of year – even when the gift is ordered from Amazon and brought to the porch in original box and Rose answers the door πŸ™ BOOOO, parent fail.

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    we had a our annual Nettesheim Ginger Bread Night! Ben made 2 houses and then we went over to Matt’s house to decorate and visit. The little kids and the big kids had a competition:

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    Cali is 8!

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    Cali had a birthday and she is just growing up way to fast! We had a fun day but it was a school day so… we opened gifts early and then played after school. We had homemade pizza for dinner, visited with Grandma and Grandpa and then ate cake and ice cream with the Hancocks to end the night.

    Cali is friendly and loves school. She is smart and creative. Last night she made up a Christmas mix and she and Rose practiced and sang it 10 times until they got it right on the video. Cali is good with the kids and loves to play with all of her siblings and cousins and friends. She will be baptized the first Saturday in January and is excited about that. Tonight (10 days late) we are having all of the cousins over for a party.Β Happy Birthday Cali!

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    1st weekend in December

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    We had a ward Christmas party on Friday December 2nd! We had a good brinner and program and then the kids got to see Santa!

    img_20161202_191643 img_20161202_191737 img_20161202_191741 img_20161202_195616 img_20161202_195747 img_20161202_195831 img_20161202_200520 img_20161202_200556 img_20161202_201006 img_20161202_202659

    On Saturday we headed to the boys wrestling tournament.

    img_20161203_105802 img_20161203_111247 img_20161203_111546 img_20161203_112513 img_20161203_131825 img_20161203_132214

    We got a few things done around the hose and let the kids play “elf on the shelf”.

    img_20161203_162401 img_20161203_162641 img_20161203_162857 img_20161203_163125 img_20161203_163447

    And we caught the last matinee showing of Moana! We took all of the kids. We ate 4 buckets full of popcorn and drank 8 large sodas. 100$ dollars later we had lots of happy kids. Good movie!

    img_20161203_193650 img_20161203_193721 img_20161203_193753 img_20161203_194720 img_20161203_194756

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    18 MONTHS

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    img_20161126_095521 img_20161129_171828


    Turned 18 months on December 1st.

    Cried for 15 minutes because I wouldn’t let him go to nursery with a cold.

    This kid makes us laugh. He loves to be in the mix with all of the other kids.

    He throws big fits when he wakes up and when you try to confine him but if you give him some space he will just play for hours.

    He still loves his milk and food and weighs a TON – 30lbs.

    He has the best smile. He loves Brewer. He loves to tease. He loves to hit. He often hits other kids that he feels threatened by.

    Tiago plays a mean game of catch and still loves to dribble the soccer ball.

    He doesn’t talk yet but he babbles quite a bit now and will try to repeat when he’s in the right mood – BUT he undertsands everything. It always amazes me how much they “get it” at this age.

    He still sleeps in our closet with his special blanket and music box. he sleeps from 8pm – 8am pretty much every night. He is finally starting to get a mouth full of teeth He had 8 for forever, Now he has maybe 15?

    img_20161201_084236 img_20161201_084241 img_20161201_084243 img_20161201_084245 img_20161201_084246 img_20161201_084247

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    First Snow!

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    11/28/2016 = first snow of the year! and the kids loved playing in it!

    img_20161128_102050 img_20161128_142149 img_20161128_142152 img_20161128_142203 img_20161128_142214 img_20161128_142217 img_20161129_114047 img_20161129_173421 img_20161129_173434 img_20161129_173510 img_20161129_173515 img_20161129_173542

    And just for the record, it has been COLD ever since.

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    The Christmas Tree

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    The Friday after Christmas: We met Pete and Amanda Family and went to Beck’s Tree Farm!

    img_20161125_092656 img_20161125_092824

    We searched and wondered if we’d find anything and finally made our pick:

    img_20161125_094752 img_20161125_094920 img_20161125_100034

    We came home and started setting up Christmas:

    img_20161125_120541 img_20161125_133723 img_20161125_133732 img_20161125_133737Β img_20161125_133750 img_20161125_161723 img_20161125_161730

    Packer made this cool tree out of his old craft box stuff:


    And then the kids watched like 5 or 6 Christmas movies! and we slept out by the tree. One of the best nights of the year! πŸ™‚ TRADITIONS πŸ™‚

    img_20161125_185259 img_20161125_185304 img_20161125_185321 img_20161126_010718

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    One of our Favorite Weekends

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    Thanksgiving week is so much fun. We love this weekend. Wednesday starts the fun, Thursday we eat and hang with family, then we still have the whole weekend ahead of us! Black Friday and more family and left over pie for breakfast and football and basketball are both going strong!

    Wednesday: hanging out with friends, pie making, basketball practice and Ben took the boys to the movies:

    img_20161123_170210 img_20161123_170212 img_20161123_181316 img_20161123_181352 img_20161123_181544Β img_20161123_194830



    Friday: we got our tree and decorated all day and played games and then stayed up late watching movies under the tree.


    Saturday: So Shannon and Kelsey and Tommi came on Thursday late night and stayed for the weekend. We played lots of Nerts and Euchre and a few other favorites. We did eat pie for breakfast and played more games with Michael and Ryan on Saturday.

    img_20161127_183032 img_20161127_183043Β  image5Β image2Β img_20161126_095431 img_20161126_095457

    img_20161126_095521 img_20161126_101942 img_20161126_101957

    Saturday Night Ben and I got to go to the David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco Concert in Provo!


    And Sunday we had one more day to relax and be THANKFUL!

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    Thanksgiving Day

    We spent the day at Mom and Dads with all of the UT Nettys! Tiago carried the stuffed animal turkey around all day and loved the food.

    img_20161124_134140 img_20161124_134141 img_20161124_134145

    assigned seats:

    img_20161124_133814Β img_20161124_134227 img_20161124_134311

    The food was delicious and we had fun just hanging out all day. We did a puzzle and watched football and the kids played. Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Bill and the Wrights were also there. Grandma got lots of kisses from the Mustache men! Did I mention that we ate a lot of pie?

    img_20161124_135014 img_20161124_151915 img_20161124_173425 img_20161124_193531

    I am so Thankful for my family and for the Gospel plan and for all of the little comforts that we take for granted most days.

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