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    Soccer and another in between Day

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    Soccer Saturdays are under way!

    schedule: 9:00am Rose, 10:00am Ray, 10:30am Packer, 12:30pm Cali, 2:30pm Benji.

    So, we got home at 4:00 and DYED EASTER EGGS!

    Then we went over to the Hancock’s and set up the projector for Camry’s birthday party! We visited with Walt and Becky. We stayed and roasted a hot dog for dinner and the big kids stayed for the late night party.

    and I went to bed exhausted.

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    St. George!

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    On Wednesday we headed down to St. George for the rest of the week. Ready for SPRING BREAK! We drove straight to Freddys to start our trip with Custard!

    From there we checked in at the condo and got our swim suits on and swam until 8:30pm!

    The next day we went to the new park with the cousins. It was VERY crowded but lots of fun things for the kids to try.

    We rode the little train at the park and then came home ate lunch and swam the rest of the day! We ate with the cousins in their condo and then had a big game of volleyball. I took most of the kids to the play ground and then to our place for snacks and Moana.

    On Friday we wanted to go play in the river and recreate our river baseball game BUT the water was really high this year and not kid friendly. We then tried to go to a park with a splash pad but it was under construction. We tried another park and the splash pad was not working but we stayed anyway. We played a big game of Wiffle ball – kids verse adults. Jamie’s mom and Amandas brother were there to help us. Adults won by 1 point!

    That afternoon the kids got their swimming in and then we took pizza to the park and played our yearly adults vs kids soccer game. The Hancocks came to hang out also. The kids won by 1 point! So we went to Nielsen’s Custard…  and Udine tickled everyone.


    On Saturday – we played with the Hancocks and cousins. We swam again for HOURS. Then teenagers went to the movie and we went to THE CRACK to explore.

    After the crack, we all met up at Freddy’s for dinner. We enjoyed our meal and then Millie fell and split her chin open. We thought she needed stitches but the nurse and I decided that she didn’t. Michelle and Udine helped with our kids while we figured that all out and the day was over.

    On Sunday – we packed up, went to church, and then drove home on the overly packed I-15.

    Another St George in the books. We were all a little sun burnt and very tired from staying up late every night! Our kids are still little fish and LOVED it.

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    March 29

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    Wednesday was a morning in the car with the Hancock littles and my littles. I drove Erica to Price to get her truck that had broken down there. We turned around and drove back. Stopped at McDonalds to make the kids happy and then dropped the girls off at school.

    after school we decorated 2 liters for the soda pop walk:


    and Packer played CLUB PENGUIN all Day! it was the last day and all membership benefits were free!

    Ben and I took Tiago and went and watched Cody and Diego play in the JV soccer game!

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    March 20

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    Christy came to town for a few hours! and Megan and Kelsey were able to come over and chat for a couple of hours! That was a good mid day Monday activity! Of course we didn’t take a picture – all I got was trying to snap Ago and Gus doing ring around the rosie.

    I had Scouts at 3:00 – we played a fun game of basketball with my Wolf Den 🙂 and Packer finished his last Requirement for his Bear badge!

    And then we loaded up at 5:00 and went to Manila School Skate Night!! We skated from 5:30-9:00! First ones there, last to leave! We were wiped out but the kids just kept skating and skating and … Benji and Packer stayed on their scooters the entire night with Pacen and Luca. Cali and Rose stayed on their Roller Blades all night with Clara and Mia and Gentry. Ray loved his new skates and he tried the scooter at the end. Millie and Ago both took turns on the skates and in the stroller and roaming the bounce house area. Ben and Kelsey and I stayed on our skates all night and rotated kids 🙂

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    March 19

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    I love Sundays – they are a little crazy with so many little kids but I love the change and renewal of the day. I love that we are all together, worshiping God and trying to increase our faith. I love listening to others testify of truth and asking God what I can do to repent and better my own life. I still love that Ben cooks on that day and that we spend the evening with family.

    This Sunday we didn’t have any plans so the Hancocks ended up coming over and eating and hanging out for a few hours. and the kids searched and finally found Millie’s glasses that had been missing for a week!!

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    March 14

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    Tuesday: I asked Erica to take me to Costco! I brought $200 and it was really hard to stay under that amount – crazy Costco. We got pizza on our way out and then had 30 minutes to take the kids to the park before Kindergarten.

    We ate Chicken Pot Pie for Dinner and Pumpkin Pie for dessert and Benji memorized the first 20 numbers in the number Pi – – -Successful 3.14 Pi Day.

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    March 11 – Saturday – Beautiful Weather AGAIN!

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    I got up and took Benji to his first BYU Merit Badge Pow Wow! no picture 🙁

    But Cali and I did some quick shopping and then we hit the Provo River Trail on our roller blades!

    On our way home Joel and Megan called to say that they were at Discovery park so we grabbed the kids and headed over to play with Gus:

    We came home and had lunch and naps and relaxed a little and then went back over to the wood park with Falabella kids and Hancock’s!

    Ben shopped all afternoon for Food Storage! and then we had Pizza and relaxed all night. Here is Tiago right before bed in giddy tired mode:

    I am in love with these warm lazy Saturdays without Soccer or Wrestling commitments 🙂

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    We haven’t been sledding for a LONNNg time. The kids had Monday the 6th off of school and we were lucky enough to get 1-2 inches of snow Sunday night! So we got up, ate breakfast and then took the hour to find all of our snow gear 🙂

    It was so fun. We went to Evergreen in AF, 5 minutes away. Perfect size hill for this family! and we got Michelle, Mia and Luca to come and then Erica brought her kids!! We lasted 2 hours! and used up all of the snow. Tiago was so good sitting and watching and sledding a little! and the rest of the kids sledded the entire time. I got to sled a bunch too. Definitely will do that again if it snows again this year.


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