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    Hancock Party

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    The Hancock kids got to spend Monday and Tuesday and part of  Wednesday with us! Pacen had to go to bball camp, but we did get Quincy! The kids played and entertained each other MOST of the time. Quincy is the easiest baby EVER but she did like to go up the stairs and try to fall down them every chance she got.


    The youngest kids packing their picnic and taking it upstairs to eat?>>>…


    I spent Monday not feeling good and Tuesday recouping and reading but I did make it to Gentrys baseball game. And Tiago just wanted to wear a diaper and crawl around like Quincy 🙂

    I read The Orphan Keeper on Monday and finished Tuesday so then I took the kids to the park since they were being so good:

    Bath time:

    The kids all had a lot of fun. They beg for sleepovers all the time but we’ve told them no, It has to be when parents are out of town or something so… we all had a good time and played hard.

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    Strawberry Days CARNIVAL

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    We had to split up this year because the big kids actually wanted to ride the big rides!

    I was going to go in the Starship because Rose is supposed to have an adult with her. BUT Gentry and I chickened out at the last minute.  Rose rode it 2 or 3 times! and Packer doesn’t love big rides but he loves Star Ship:

    Benji and Cali went on this one!

    Little kid section:


    They had swings this year!

    And Cali convinced me to go on the Zipper with her, neither of us liked it but Benji did.


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    Kindergarten Field Day

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    I went to field Day with Rose. It was fun to see her in her element having a good time with school friends.

    Rose and Cammi. They met at Discovery park the week before Kindergarten started and they hit it off. Then they ended up in the same class! Now they are friends. Play dates and all!

    Rose and Gentry and Gabriella and …

    It was fun to see Rose in action. She didn’t need me at all and she had lots of little friends to go between.

    at the end of the day I brought her and Gentry home and took a last day picture!

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    Kindergarten Graduation

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    Rose is done with Kindergarten! She had a great year. She went every day without a fight. She was in the same class as Ellie and next door to Gentry, and She loved all of the new friends. Mrs. Crockett did not disappoint! She is SOO good and we are going to miss her SOo much now that she’s not teaching here next year.


    Rose! and Ellie! and Gentry!


    and then we went out to get Milk Shakes with Grammee!!

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