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    Robertson Weekend

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    My parents and some siblings (6 of 12) were in town! Needless to say we had a busy and fun weekend.

    Kelsey (18) is going to BYU – she started school and work today!
    Shannon (20) his headed to BYUI for her 3rd year!! Whoa – time flies.
    Joel (27) entertained us all with a scooter purchase. (I did get stopped by the police cause I was giving Benji a ride with no helmet!)
    Jana (30) I just wanted to add my name here cause this is where I fit in the Robertson line.
    Ryan (34) and Tara had us all over for Kylee’s baptism and then came down the next day for Mike’s birthday.
    Michael (36) is here for another BYU football season opener.
    Mom made us all the best Sunday Dinner ever!
    Dad fixed my hot tub (again).
    Grandma and Grandpa J invited us all out for the Golden Corral.

    4 Generations - at the baptism.

    We played games but I didn’t win any so we won’t go there. We got to see Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Benji had his primary program on Sunday so that was fun and I have to mention that Packer has been reciting Benji’s part for the program ever since. Ben and Benji had their first soccer game for the ‘Red Dragons’. I’m still craving the Hoel’s Famous that was never made.

    did I mention that the kids LOVED all of the attention from Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents!

    the parents left
    Packer started Joy School
    I had a Dr Apt – have to go weekly now…
    Benji and I beet Plants vs. Zombies Adventure mode
    Mike took Shan up to Eden
    and by 5pm the whole family was exhausted from a busy 4 days.

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    Oh Boy! Packer has Joy!

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    My little Packer is going to Joy School this year! Today was the first day and he loved it. He was so ready to go and never looked back. He was so proud of his partner picture and his ‘book’. He was a little sad because he didn’t get to do the weather chart this time – – he helped me make it so he must have thought that it was his and just wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work. I told him that he would get a turn soon. Anyone who actually participated in Joy School will be happy to hear that he was singing the Joy School song all afternoon – already learned it on the first day!

    Who's ready for school? I am.

    Cali was ready too!

    Love the HUGE backpack, he is carrying his Pillow Pet for Show and Tell

    So Excited for his FIRST DAY!

    and he's home - showing off all of his 'things' that he made. What a big 3 year old!

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    Latest and Greatest


    Potty Training

    The Pillow Pet Chart!!!

    Benji helping him color the last box!

    I DID IT!

    'it's a pillow...'

    Packer officially completed his “Potty Chart” and is now the proud owner of a PILLOW PET ! He is so happy. They have done a great marketing job on PBS and all of my kids want one SOOO BAD. Packer told me today that he should be on the TV now, and Benji told me that “it’s only a 20$ gift when I told him they cost way to much to just go buy him one. Anyway, It was a glorious day for Packer and a hard day for Benji but such is life. I AM JUST GLAD TO HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD THAT DOES NOT NEED DIAPER CHANGING – woot woot!

    hmmm she wants to be big. It didn't work though - I am still changing her diapers.

    The HAPPIEST boy on earth

    and the SADDEST kids ever! - life is not fair

    Cali and Markers

    look like trouble?? SHE IS!

    She loves MARKERS, Every cute little girl needs marker on her face!!

    Demolition Derby

    the handlebars

    @ the Demolition Derby! 8th year in a row!!

    The Trophy - that we did NOT win 🙁 sorry Benji

    Pickle Eaters

    more pickles please

    What kids actually like pickles?? these two do! Packer begged to bring them to the dinner table and Cali screamed when they were all gone so we had to go get the other jar.      yuck

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    We went to the pool on Friday!

    Loves his goggles and loves the freedom of the tube

    you never know what a day at the pool will be like with these two 🙂

    My only complaint… Why can’t any of the pools  have open swim in the morning hours before my children are exhausted and need naps? The pool from 11am to 1pm would be so nice… In the meantime we go a few times a year and stay as long as the youngest child will let us.

    Cali in her goggles, ready to jump... she'll wear and do whatever the bros. are doing. AND she and Packer have successfully bitten little holes in all of the other swimmies throughout the summer.

    Packer wants to jump in without any floaties - he's learning!

    The best part was that LaNell came with us! That’s why we actually have pictures at the pool. Everyone needs a LaNell in their lives!! … she held one or two of the kids, taught swimming lessons and then took each of the kids on the BIG slide 5-7 times!! The kids had a blast.

    Benji and Packer learning the 'Superman'

    3 months ago Packer wouldn't put his face in - NOW he won't keep it out!

    Underwater Shot - Benj really wants to learn to swim like his big cousins

    LaNell mentioned going on the big slide and they all wanted to try it. We have never gone because this one mom can’t take 3 of them down at a time and can’t trust them to sit and wait… anyway, Packer went first and loved it. Benji went and then Cali had to have a turn 🙂 She spent a good hour taking each of the kids on the slide!!

    Cali at the top of the slide! She went at least 3 times.

    I need someone to take me on the slide... thanks LaNell!! I owe you.

    Chillin at the beach front while Lan and Benji were on the slide.

    Packer got cold and was ready to be done. Benji was the Flyer for a little 3 flies up with his cousin PJ and Cali just stayed in the water with LaNell, she did not want to be done.

    Daring little swimmer!

    Look at her pushing her limits!!

    Thanks again LaNell. Probably our last pool day for this year but it was a fun one.

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    2 More Months


    I just found an old blog post from last pregnancy:

    2 months to go!

    “I love the last 2 months of pregnancy… not because my back aches and I don’t sleep well and maternity clothes start to not fit and I’m really tired and…. I love it because something kicks in that makes me think how much I love my other children and I need to cherish this time with them before we add another little one to the mix….”

    I am feeling that same way. Wanting more time to just play with the kids and soak it all in – enjoying them in the stages that they are in and having everything ‘pretty much’ under control. I love taking Cali on our nightly walks because I know she loves it, books and puzzles with Packer and Bubble Bobble with Benji… life will change shortly and sleepless nights will try my patience and it will be harder to be the mom I want to be, but for now – All is well and we are enjoying this phase of life.

    Our 3 Little Munchkins!

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    My 5 Year Old

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    I just wanted to post my pictures of Benji. He is getting so big. I’m excited for him to start kindergarten because I think he will love it. I also hope he will have less opportunity to ask for computer time and shows.

    5 years old already!

    ha ha!

    He told me today that his favorite thing to do is play with cousins BUT when he can’t do that then he just likes computer games and shows. What about running around outside, playing in the dirt, riding scooters or bikes, exploring, fixing, playing cars or legos, and what about SPORTS?!?  o’well.

    big but little - I love it

    Benjamin Robertson Nettesheim

    I just remembered that he has found a love for wrestling. He really enjoys it. He begs Ben or I to wrestle him daily and Ben has been teaching him some moves! Not my sport of choice, there’s no ball involved, BUT it might be his dads choice and it’s way better than sitting in front of a TV screen.

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    Movie Time

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    We went to the movie today!
    We took the whole Family.
    We ate Popcorn and drank sodas.
    And it was only 15$!!

    Our local theater is awesome – they just reduced their prices to 3$ per person, 1$ and 2$ concessions, 3 and under are free, no ‘R’ rated movies, and they are closed on Sunday!  I’m loving it. You locals should check it out:

    ps – Cali was the popcorn boss, Packer made it until the last 15 minutes then he started seat hopping, and Benji did great just like he always does.

    pss – Packer went on the toilet ALMOST  all day today! around 7 or 8 he peed in his pull up 🙁 BUT he went up and did some pooping all on his own this afternoon!! We are on our way to one child in diapers!! and I discovered his motivation…. are you ready for this, Our Happiness! All he wants is for me and Dad and everyone to be happy that he peed or pooped and that makes him so happy and seems to be a huge motivator! Who knew.

    pps – Ben is home from a successful scout camp out. Brewer got to go and loved it. Cousins night last night went as smoothly as possible, My lesson for tomorrow is prepared, LaNell kept me company while Ben was gone, I finally did my Glucose test at the dr., and oh yeah… we had to get new tires on the car. Ben took the van and left me his car on Friday and as I was putting car seats in I noticed A LOT of balding and wear and tear on 3 of the 4 tires! I did not feel safe and went right to the tire store:

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    Packer + Potty Training = Exhausting

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    Packer has been 3 for 3 months now. I feel like 3 is old enough to learn to use the toilet so I have been trying to potty train off and on since his birthday. BUT he has no interest and I can’t seem to find the right motivation for him. At first he really didn’t get it. Then he mastered the peeing but wanted nothing to do with the other. Now he can do both but he really just doesn’t want to. I’ve tried every bribe I can think of and he just doesn’t care, but sometimes he does care so I am trying to capitalize on those times… Anyway, it’s been a long week. I came home Monday morning claiming that this was it, this week he gets potty trained. No WAY am I having 3 kids in diapers… I bought pull ups for the first time ever and I got out the little toilet – he was excited! That first day he peed every 20 minutes so that he could put a sticker on his Buzz Light Year chart but… as soon as we went on a walk that night – he pooped his pants! Tuesday was OK until he went to the cousins, Wednesday he had just lost all interest… So today, I am recommitted. I was a mean mommy and kept him home from his cousins house today. I told him that he had to stay home and learn how to use the toilet before he got to go play with the big boys. He was mad at first but then he didn’t care and JUST NOW – he went up and pooped on the big toilet! I asked if he needed to pee even though he just did 20 minutes ago and he went up and did it!! I AM SO EXCITED! He was so excited, we did stickers and treats and he got a new book out of the prize bag! Please let this be a big step forward!?! PLEASE.

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    Wyoming Get Away

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    Where are we? Is that a huge sign for Mexican food?

    OK don’t be jealous but we went to Wyoming Saturday night!! We went to Evanston and saw Sara Evans and Danny Gokey at the Uinta County Fair! Really I never thought you could head a few hours North East and actually be entertained BUT we did and we were. The concert was great. I LOVED Sara Evans, we just sang along with her on every song. Probably the best concert I’ve been to.

    We went to celebrate 7 years of marriage! We ended up at the mexican restaurant – that usually happens when I choose. I bet we’ve had mexican food for half of our anniversaries… the little taco shop in Provo, Loco Lizard, Homemade Fajitas and now Don Pedros 🙂 (sorry Ben – I think he’s chosen Tepanyaki, Pizza Factory, and Brazilian food  – He is much more well rounded than I am)

    I love chips and salsa!

    The town was small and the Fair was pretty much non existent as far as fairs go – they had a bathroom and a food vendor and the concert so… after dinner we picked some top row seats so that pregnant lady could have some back support and waited for American Idols own: Danny Gokey who has officially gone country. The “people watching” from up there  in the grand stand was AMAZING, I know there are fellow people watchers out there and man is the Uinta County Fair a good place for that. Gokey put on a good show but it got cut short when the lightning kicked in around 8pm. We were sent to find shelter and wait it out – luckily we had gotten there early enough for rock star parking and so we waited out the rain and lightning in the car.

    Self Portrait - waiting for Gokey - We love each other 🙂

    At 9:30 Sara Evans came out and put on a great show. For this part we went right up front near the stage and sang and danced and enjoyed the company of crazy country fans. We especially enjoyed the goofy drunk guy next to us, he had some great moves, gave Ben a big high Five when he realized I was pregnant and mostly he just made sure that the 2 shorty’s had a good spot to see the stage.

    The stage and set up and all the wonderful people that we spent the evening with

    Today is our official anniversary! The time has flown by and I couldn’t have asked for a better 7 years. Maybe the next 7 will be just as good…

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    Friday Night - July 30, 2010

    Benji and Packer have been so excited for the Father and Sons camp out with the ward. They call it ‘boys camp’ and think it is so cool that they get to go with Dad, and Cali and I DO NOT get to go. Well, the campout lived up to all of it’s glory! They went up Friday night and made camp, had dinner with the ward, went exploring, tried out the playground, made it through the program, made some pudgy pies over the fire and then got their second wind when they got in the tent for the night. There is just something so exciting about tents, sleeping bags and flash lights!!

    EXPLORING, Ben said they had a rock collection and Benji was organizing them biggest to smallest

    Good Morning

    Packer was SUPER EXCITED about this breakfast - - Dinosaur Instant Oatmeal!

    They had a blast up there and Ben enjoyed the time with just the boys. I love this tradition.

    Gotta love this one!

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