Month: April 2010

    To my High School Friends


    I needed all of my high school peops to know that I had 2 moles removed AND I did not feel the need to bring them home in a plastic bottle and show them to the world. Just thought everyone would see that as a sign of my maturity over the last 15 years 🙂

    and for the record having them shaved off was a lot less painful. I had the other cut out and 7 stitches later I am put back together but it is a bit painful this morning.  That’s all.

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    Packer is 3!


    Today our Packer Man is 3 years old! We had a big party with his cousins on Friday Night… duck duck goose, a pirate treasure hunt, and  cake and ice cream. He loved all of the attention.

    Today he got to open presents and enjoy all of the attention. We love him and love all of the fun that he brings to the family.

    Some Packer Info on his third Birthday: Packer has gotten so grown up in the last few months. His vocabulary is amazing. He rarely throws a fit anymore. He wants to do everything that Benji does and he tolerates Cali a lot better now. He is our social boy. He has his own way of making you feel good. He is the first one up. Refuses to nap. Loves playing toys, helping with projects, and doing anything outside. He loves fruits and vegetables and Loves to be tickled.

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    Biker Dudes

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    Ben busted out the motorcycle last week! Partly because the van was in the shop so we needed transportation and partly because the weather was amazing.
    The boys were dying to go for a ride and then continued to wear their helmets and ride THEIR BIKES!

    I took it for a ride and about crashed on take off – But I got control and continued on as if I knew what I was doing and from there … No Stalling, no almost crashes, a good first ride around the neighborhood. Cali was itching for a ride but as soon as she heard the engine she was done. She did the same with the waverunners in St. George.

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    Our Wonderful MiniVan


    When we were in St. George the weekend before last we grabbed some food and headed to meet up with family at the park. On the way there our van decided to not shift out of 2nd gear. We are not car people so we debated what to do and checked the transmission fluid. Caravans have a bad rap for needing a new transmission about this time so we were worried because of course it was 7pm on a Saturday night and we wouldn’t be able to get it looked at until Monday morning and planned to drive home on Sunday and… we did not want to be stuck on vacation 🙂
    We decided to take it to an old family friend that lived in the area to at least get another opinion on driving home in that condition and it started shifting just fine on the way to his house!! Halelujah!! So – – -we drove home the next day and made it without further incident.

    And then a few days later it started not shifting again, I was stuck going 55 on the freeway, glad that wasn’t our drive home from St. George! We were definitely blessed to get home as planned. Doesn’t sound like much but it was a huge blessing especially when you have 3 little kids that may or may not behave. Ends up we had a solenoid (sp) that needed replaced and are back in business – at least for now.

    I wish I had went to school to fix cars – that would be a lot more useful in this life of mine. Or maybe learned something about plumbing since I just wrote the plumber a check for a frozen pipe – -boo.

    PS – I had a Dr apt today and all is well with #4, yahoo!

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    Little ME


    This little girl is reminding me more and more of myself these days. She has a temper, she never leaves her blanket, she cheers for my sports teams, she climbs and plays and follows her brothers everywhere, and she has a good throwing arm.

    This is HER blanket – she loves it!

    I had to post more of these Cali pics because she’s just a cutie and I was told by my mom to post a picture as soon as I could get her hair in pig tails… She wore them to church yesterday for the first time. She looks so big and grown up all of A sudden. So this morning we got all ready and ran out to take a picture before getting Benji off to school and… her pigtails were already falling out and messed up – – ughh, they looked cute when I did them but as you can see she has very fine hair and is going to need some product to keep it from frizzing. O well. I still think she’s cute 🙂

    It looks like she's been through a day with this hair - not a minute!

    Showing me her cute sandals - so happy it is warm out!

    all of a sudden she looks like a 2 year old!!

    my little babies - don't tell Packer I called him little

    these 3 are looking so much alike lately

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    Tracie and John

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    My sister Tracie and her husband John moved to Alaska back in August… and we haven’t seen them since –

    a week or two before they moved

    Technically I did give Tracie a ride to the airport at Christmas so I saw her for 45 minutes. Anyway – they were going to come say hi to us this weekend but all of the flights were full :(. We were going to rock climb, play some dominion, eat homemade ice cream…. and the kids always love it – you know how it is – the fun aunt and uncle before they have any kids of their own so they have all of the energy and time to be Super Fun. We were bummed when they called early Friday morning to say they didn’t make it.

    We had a work weekend instead. Ben was up early Saturday morning working on a side project and then we got the lawn mowed before heading to Benji’s soccer game. Where we need to document his first… dribble!! No – not a goal, but he actually kicked the ball 3 times in a row on purpose. The whole sidelines erupted with cheers. I guess Ben and I are not the only ones that have noticed his tendency to step backwards when the ball comes towards him 🙂

    The Soccer Dribbler!

    After the game we pulled up to our unkept yard and beautiful weather and just started working. I weeded and then Ben put new bark in all of our flower beds! It looks way better and was way over due. Anyway, we missed Tracie and John and hope they get to come soon but we ended up with a fun and productive weekend.

    a little glimpse of the new bark

    And this is the cute shirt that Tracie made for Cali!  I went through her wardrobe and found some summer clothes and specifically some bigger shirts to cover her big belly 🙂

    Sporting the Cute Flower Shirt made by Aunt Tracie

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    over due


    I have been informed that I am overdue in publicly announcing my pregnancy to the blogging world…
    So here is the official announcement… We are expecting a baby on September 30th!!
    I am enjoying this last little bit of a lot of things before the little one takes over my body. It may sound harsh but it is true, the baby does take over. Top on the list is still being able to bend over, followed closely by playing a few more sports before I have to get in shape all over again and then Sleeping on whatever side I want or even on my back. I don’t love being pregnant but I love being a mom and I love having the little babies in our home and part of our family.  WE ARE EXCITED!

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    St. George Part II

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    The rest of our pictures from the trip:

    Packer has been begging to go fishing since he got a fishing pole for Christmas. They brought their poles to Sand Hollow Reservoir and had a good time pretending to fish.

    Matt and Jamie brought 2 wave runners to the reservoir which made for a perfect day at the beach!!

    Packer and I heading out for a ride. He did not want to come back in and loved 'driving' it!

    Benji ran around with cousins all day and rolled around in the sand. He is getting so big lately - must be almost 5!

    The sand was very red but very fine and soft - We built a sand castle and a sand turtle and a fish.

    Cali was sooo good at the beach. She played in the shade tent for a long time and then LOVED the water when I finally let her get in.

    Friday was spent at the reservoir. Saturday was playground, pool, movie and park. And Sunday was time to come home already :(. The trip went way to fast.  Today is another wet and rainy day in PG – we snuck over to the park – and were the ONLY ones there, we did beat the storm so it worked out well. Cali has finished her 2 hour nap – I have come to learn that that is exactly what I can expect of her. Atleast I am learning not to hope for those 3 hour naps anymore.

    Sunday morning at the condo.Â

    Cali and Anna - ready for church.

    p.s. Erica documented our trip to the Dinosaur museum on Wednesday and I didn’t take any pictures so CLICK HERE FOR THAT

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    I always thought St. George was over rated. EVERYONE in Utah County goes there for vacation and really is it that cool of a place?
    Well, ya – when winter seems to be never ending St. George is the perfect answer. The drive is ‘short’ and the weather was awesome. The first few days of spring break were spent cooped up in our house with an occasional outing into the snow dustings:

    On Thursday we drove down to St. George and watched as the thermometer climbed from the 50’s into the high 70’s and then the 80’s. We had a perfect weekend at the pool, at the lake, and with a bunch of cousins. It was very nice to catch a glimpse of the spring weather to come – please come fast!

    My computer is being super slow right now and I need to get the kids in bed so I will put more pictures up later. Over-rated or not? – – either way we had a great weekend!

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    Egg Hunt with the Cousins!!

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    So glad it wasn’t raining this year! Outside egg hunts are way better than inside. The kids were super excited to find their eggs and super cute to watch…


    CALI - Ready for her first Egg hunt - I'm pretty sure she didn't participate last year...

    Uh Oh - spilled the loot a few times!

    Uh Oh - spilled the loot a few times!

    But she figured out how to put it right back in the basket.

    Enjoying the goodies with her cousins in her cousins over sized coat - it was cold and I forgot to bring hers.


    Packer and Cali were the first ones out with the youngest cousins!

    Searching for his eggs!

    Check this out!

    Found another one!


    Finding eggs with "Batman Sam".

    Dad hid a hard one over here.

    Pure Happiness!

    Fun Day, Successful Egg Hunt - Lets do it again tomorrow!

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