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    My 6th and 7th Kids

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    These 2 don’t need me!

    and they crack me up.

    I had to mow the lawn the other day so I got the little pool out for them to play in while I worked. Throughout my mowing they got snacks and chairs and put their feet up. They found squirt guns and water bottles and …. they came and picked strawberries when they got hungry again. I was laughing at them the whole time. My older kids would have came begging me to help them with all of those activities.

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    Tiago is 2

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    Tiago Ford!

    This kid is so cute and fun. I love seeing his personality develop a little each day. These photos caught a little bit of that personality.

    This birthday boy and his presents:

    and we spent the day at home playing and making the cake and drinking pool water??

    Then we went and watched Ben play soccer – which Tiago loved running around at the field:

    And then came home for cake and ice cream. Joel and Megan were able to stop by and the Falabellas popped over to make it a party.

    He loved blowing out his candles! He blew them out 3 times while we sang and he sang Cha Cha Cha in between each line of the song – ADORABLE!

    and look at him enjoy that cake! He just looks like a happy 2 year old!

    Mom and Dad came over shortly after the cake:

    Since turning 2: He sleeps in the boys room on the quad bunk! (Ray’s bed) He learned how to give kisses. He loves to drink his milk and watch a show when he is tired. He tries to go to the bathroom on the toilet like Millie does. He loves to copy other peoples dance moves. And he actually went to nursery for the 3rd hour!

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    March 5 – Tiago’s First Haircut!

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    The Scraggly Hair… He was definitely in need of his first hair cut.Β He looks so big now! And I love that I can see his eyes.

    THEN… Millie decided to give herself her 2nd Hair cut@!@! as she told Joel today – “I’m the only one that cuts my hair!”

    And Tiago is being such a pill at church πŸ™ Β He WON’T go to nursery πŸ™ We’ve tried all of our tricks and he just throws a big old fit until he gets his way. Then he falls asleep in the 3rd hour.

    But it all ended well with the delicious Rolls that Ben made for dinner πŸ™‚

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    Doritos Commercial

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    Β  Β Β 

    I kept expecting a fun doritos commercial during the Super Bowl but it never came. This kid with his Cheeze Its would have done the job!

    And I’m sad to report that Ago and Millie are addicted to chips right now.

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    love this cute kid

    needs a haircut

    snotty winter time nose

    always carrying around baby Jesus

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    18 MONTHS

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    img_20161126_095521 img_20161129_171828


    Turned 18 months on December 1st.

    Cried for 15 minutes because I wouldn’t let him go to nursery with a cold.

    This kid makes us laugh. He loves to be in the mix with all of the other kids.

    He throws big fits when he wakes up and when you try to confine him but if you give him some space he will just play for hours.

    He still loves his milk and food and weighs a TON – 30lbs.

    He has the best smile. He loves Brewer. He loves to tease. He loves to hit. He often hits other kids that he feels threatened by.

    Tiago plays a mean game of catch and still loves to dribble the soccer ball.

    He doesn’t talk yet but he babbles quite a bit now and will try to repeat when he’s in the right mood – BUT he undertsands everything. It always amazes me how much they “get it” at this age.

    He still sleeps in our closet with his special blanket and music box. he sleeps from 8pm – 8am pretty much every night. He is finally starting to get a mouth full of teeth He had 8 for forever, Now he has maybe 15?

    img_20161201_084236 img_20161201_084241 img_20161201_084243 img_20161201_084245 img_20161201_084246 img_20161201_084247

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    My HOME crew

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    when all the kids are off at school this is what I’m still up against:


    Ray is pretty easy. He does his Upstart Computer Homework every day after we take Rose to school. Then he gets a little bit of tablet time. He is self sufficient and doesn’t demand much. My biggest problem with him is that he will play the tablet and disappear = playing way tooo much.

    Millie still runs the house. I am trying to potty train but she and I are both lazy. She loves to snuggle with me and watch shows or kids Utube crazy homemade videos. I usually snuggle with her and rest while Ray does his homework.

    Tiago is ready for a nap right after we drop Rose off. He takes a good 2-3 hour nap every afternoon. He is learning to yell and use his voice and communicates a lot with his actions. He is so much fun to chill and laugh with.

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    Do the “-Ago, do the “-Ago”

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    Tiago is our entertainment. He loves music and always throws his hands in the air. We find ourselves hovering around him doing the “Ago” Dance and laughing.

    IMG_20160822_191320Β IMG_20160822_193745 IMG_20160822_194043 IMG_20160822_194045 IMG_20160822_194539 IMG_20160822_194543

    This dance was after an inspiring FHE about education and doing good in school!


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    I am SOOO EXCITED! We went to the RSL game on Saturday night and BENJI! babysat for us! from 7-10:30! He got all of the kids in bed and everything was perfect. Do you know what this means!!!!

    We took Tiago to the game to make sure that it would be a good experience and it was! He did awesome babysitting and it was an awesome RSL game – they pulled off the win against the top ranked team in their division! Shannon and Kelsey were pretty fun too πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160820_201843 IMG_20160820_204417 IMG_20160820_204512 IMG_20160820_230618_01

    This summer was the turning point for me. I was able to leave some or all of the kids with Benji for short amounts of time. I felt like I had so much FREEDOM πŸ™‚ I often went to the grocery store during nap time. once I took the girls shopping. I even got my tires rotated and oil changed on time!! It’s a whole new world. But now he’s back in school πŸ™

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