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    Snuggle Night

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    Our kids wanted to go see The Greatest Showman movie SOOO Bad. So Ben decided to take them. They went on a Monday night so I took Tiago and Millie to my basketball game and then we came home and made popcorn and watched chicken Little! SUPER FUN 🙂

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    Potty Trained?

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    Potty Training is the worst. And I’m not even talking about my 2 year old. Millie is still barely making it to the toilet on time and has to change her underwear throughout the day. When will she get it.It’s not cool to wait until it’s way too late and then run to the bathroom! But, o’well, we made it through this with the other kids and I only have to sing the potty song on rare occasions so she is not the worst. We still have 4 in diapers at night! I’m not quite sure how I’m going to fix that. I just read something that said it’s all about sugar intake. If they don’t eat sugar at night then they won’t have to pee???

    Tiago likes to go on the toilet on occasion but today he told me that he just wants mom to change his diapers, no toilet. About a month ago he got out of the bath and came over to the railing in the loft and then peed over the side down into the entry way!!! I missed the whole thing but after Ben saw him and cleaned up, Tiago thought he had done the funniest thing ever. We all had a good laugh.


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    I the Real Batman

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    Tiago and I have a little game we play where we just tell each other that “I am the real Batman!” It’s fun cause his voice goes deep and raspy and he changes his mind in the middle and then doesn’t want to be batman.

    Other Tiago things I don’t want to forget as Tiago learns to talk and be a big kid:
    When I ask him if I can comb his hair real quick? “Ya,… I be handsome.”
    or he tells me, “I want lightning Queen, I go on the toilet. Then I get big toys. Like Gus Gus.”

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    New Years EVE

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    Ready for church:

    Being a stinker at church!

    After church we spent the day snacking and gaming and enjoying family time: Puzzle, Guess Who, Nertz…

    And then it was the midnight hour and we RANG in the NEW YEAR!

    Goodbye 2017!

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    First Snow!

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    The little kids were so excited to play in the snow! I was not excited to find all of the snow clothes BUT we did it and they actually played out there for an hour or two!

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    Little Buddies?

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    RAYMOND and TIAGO get along pretty well. They are starting to play with each other and off of each other.

    Ray ready for another school day 🙂

    Learning to write his name:

    Ray ALWAYS wants me to play a game with him. I need to say YES more often cause these boys are fun to play with. They actually have the patience to play and wait their turn and stick it out to the end!

    I love Tiago’s chubby fingers on the game pieces:

    we are trying not to watch as much TV but I love when they dance and sing along with the shows:

    These guys were my helpers when I put together a 12 drawer Ikea dresser for the boys room. I need to do a project that they can really help on. They loved the hammer!

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    This kid is a crack up:

    The kids at school love him!



    And we ALL love TOAGO. Packer made this cute word Duck for him:

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