Month: April 2008

    St. George Trip



    For Spring Break we went to St. George for a long weekend. We enjoyed swimming, hiking and condo-ing with some of the Nettesheim Clan. Some of the clan wasn’t much fun – just kidding – we just didn’t have the whole Nettesheim Clan there so we enjoyed our time with some! We hiked the crack and had a good time betting on who would or would not be able to make it through. I being mildly claustrophobic was not the first to go through but I did make it. In fact Benji even went – we are sure that he didn’t realize what he was doing until it was to late but he did it! We went to the St. George temple on Sunday and got some good pictures there. I just loved being with family and with my boys and the warm weather was very nice.

     red rock family


    Temple Family

    This last picture is when we finally got home on Tuesday and I was exhausted and I was letting the boys play in the backyard unattended because the couch was a lot more comfortable to be sitting on than our broken porch. Benji came in for a diaper change and Packer was out crying during the change – I finally made it out to find Pack crawling out of the dog house and looking like he just lost a boxing match. He was filthy. This second child is nothing like his older brother!

    ohhh my baby!

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    Swallowed a FROG


    In all my years of parenting ( that’s supposed to be funny) I never thought that Packer could or actually would swallow the little frog that I always let him chew on. I should have listened to my husband and everyone else who warned me “Not to let Packer chew on that rubber frog!” He downed it without a sound – I only knew he had swallowed it because it disappeared completely off the face of the earth – -only to appear in the diaper 4 days later!!

     the frog

    Hopefully I learned my lesson!

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    Potty Training


     Well – I thought I’d try the potty training thing yesterday and…. that is not happening anytime soon! Yes, Benji is almost 3 now so I thought if I pushed him just a little then he could do it. So I made him wear big boy underwear and when he peed on the floor we cleaned it up and talked about going on the toilet and then when he pooped in his underwear we went up to the toilet again to try and finish. We went to the store right after we had the first two incidents so I thought he was safe to go in his big boys but he did it again in the parking lot. So by nap time we were happy to put a diaper back on! … the kid that I once thought would potty train himself at age 2 continues to love his diapers and his parents are resolved to wait – atleast until he is 3 and probably until after any summer trips. Benji wins this round.

    The big news for Packer is that he can come down the stairs by himself now!!! He just learned to turn around at the top and come flying down on his tummy. This is wonderful news because I can now go about my day without checking the top of the stairs or wondering when he is going to need to be rescued. It’s a big deal when you live in a split level cause there are stairs wherever he goes.

    packer on the steps Tracie and boys

    My sister Tracie lives with us right now while she finishes Dental Hygiene School and then gets married in June 🙂 . The boys love playing with Chicken Wing and Ben and I like having her around too.

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    Car Registration


    It’s the wonderful time of year for us to register our cars and I remembered how lame that is! You have to get someone to tell you that your car still works! and that it is safe to drive – ya I’ve been driving it everyday I should be the one telling you if it’s safe and then the government wants me to pay them because I have a car – re-gis-what? – – – – I mean I guess it makes sense but arghhh! I would complain some more but I know its a lost cause 🙂

    new bike

    and … Ben just got a Motorcycle! A small bike (small enough for Jana to learn to ride 😆 ) It’s a Honda Rebel and IF it ever warms up in Utah again then he will enjoy riding it to work. And yes – it’s registered!

    Benj and Dad

    And the Robertson back yard is looking good! It is a must see. Stop by if you live close or come for the Tracie and John wedding June 14th – seeing this yard will make it worth the trip. Here are some of the latest pictures…

    all that grass


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