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    We’re back in Business!

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    Yes, my blog was down for a few days, really just 2 days but you know how when you can’t do something it makes you really want to do it? That’s how I’ve felt being blog-less. So now that I can log in again I MUST BLOG 🙂

    Red Dragons
    Soccer season has come and gone once again. Benji was on the Red Dragons with a lot of the same kids from last year. Ben was the coach again this year and he did  a great job. Most of the kids like practice more than the games because they play tons  of fun things… now Ben is wondering if that is why they aren’t winning as many games. So Benji kicked the ball 15 times in his last game. We know this number because he was promised one gummy bear for every kick so we were all counting. He is still trying to find his soccer abilities but for now he enjoys it and is signed up to do it again next year, with his dad. We had an end of the year practice party on Wednesday.

    Posing with Coach

    Posing with Cousin Julia

    The whole Team (except the twins) Annie, Connor, Allie, Maddy, Julia, Austin, Benji, Ben

    AND… I am so glad we went to 6 Flags last Friday. It has been a full week but it’s still fresh in our minds. Our kids really did just love it and we know this because they are still talking about it, looking at the map of it and telling everyone about the rides. I got pictures from Ben’s phone so here is the 6 Flags wrap up…

    Cali and Jana on the swings.

    Benji and Camry on the swings, Maddy and Lilly in front.

    self portrait

    These 6 were the perfect age and height - - Camry, Lilly, Maddy, Benji, Pacen, and Jaydn

    yes, I had Cali on my hip half of the day. Luckily Rose was a little angel and we had lots of helpers.

    All My Children

    we rode kid rides all day cause we all had lots of kids but I went on these balloons with Kevin and we spun so fast - it was fun. I don't know how his daughter survived being in there with us. Packer went on a similar ride with him and literally passed out!

    a bunch of our crew heading to the shark house.

    Uncle Michael making the stroller ride more fun than the real rides.

    The Clapping Walrus was pretty intense.

    Maddy, Benji, Pacen and Camry on the mini roller coaster - - we thought Benji would be wimpy but he wasn't at all - he went on every ride that he was able to.

    I feel more theme parks in our future. Benji was the perfect age this time and Packer and Cali really loved the little rides. 25$ well spent.

    Today I am home nursing a sprained ankle 🙁 boo0. I stepped on it wrong in my game last night and this morning I can barely walk. Hopefully I can get over it quickly. Is RICE still the healing method or has it changed in the last 10 years that I haven’t had a sprain?

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    The Ice Cream Truck

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    Who actually buys ice cream from the ice cream truck? No one, right? I mean you could buy each kid their own carton for that price… well Erica does, and she did when we were with her last week and you might be surprised just how happy and fun the ice cream truck can be 🙂 Here’s the enjoyment, oldest to youngest…

    Pacen with the snow cone!

    Benji also chose the snow cone!

    Camry, what is that one?

    Packer with the Spiderman!

    Claira stole Erica's creamy something!

    Cali woke up right in time to steal my fudgesicle!

    Gentry stole the snow cone!

    Rose got to try the snow cone too!

    Oops, Rose is older than Gentry – (1 day) – too lazy to change the order…

    Erica was conned into trading with Claira!

    Jana didn't want to be the only one without an ice cream picture!

    Erica's cute girls giving taste for taste.

    We had fun at the park!



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    Joy School Graduation

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    I love this guy!

    We just got home from Packer’s Joy School Graduation! This was our first attempt at Joy School and it was a love-hate relationship for me. I loved that Packer made new friends and he really did learn a lot. I love that he had that time away 2 times a week and that Cali and I got to spend time together when he was gone. I loved seeing the kids interact and watching them form friendships. I even loved the teaching part. I guess the hate part just comes in the form of preparation. I felt like their was a lot of busy work before each lesson and that made my teaching weeks really busy and verging on stressful. I would think twice before doing it again BUT I think round 2 would be easier because I know what I am in for and I know what parts of the lesson to just cut out if I don’t have the time or materials.

    Sam, Packer, Lance, Lucie

    Isn't he adorable? He was the youngest of the group.

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    BUSY: engaged in action : occupied : being in use : full of activity : bustling


    A week in California!
    We left the on a beautiful 80 degree Sunday after church and drove across Nevada and into California. I was very annoyed when it was snowing in Wells and then required chains over Donner Pass – IS THIS NOT MAY?! I was bugged because I had just had our snow tires taken off of the van the week before. We do have all wheel drive on the van and we made our way to the checkpoint and went on through without chains. We LOVE having all wheel drive. It did slow us down a good hour and a half but we got to my parents home in Oroville at Midnight.
    On Monday we got to play with my sister-in-law Liz and her kids. I went to Yogurts with my mom for lunch and that night we ALL went over to Chico for a womens over 30 indoor soccer game – It was an AWESOME game with some GREAT players – -, Liz is on a team with our friend Tiffany and they let me play with them :), we tied 7 to 7. And then we went to McDonalds to let the kids run around and eat a late dinner. Benji said it was THE BEST McDonalds EVER – it had a play place AND VIDEO GAMES!! We put kids to bed and played NERTZ with Mom, Dad, Michael, Shannon and Kelsey.

    Hide and Go Seek: Maddy, Packer and Lilly

    Video Games: Benji and Jaydn they did play other things as well like creating the break dance club, this is just what they happened to be doing when I remembered I didn't have any pictures yet.

    On Tuesday I took the kids down to visit my mom at the office and pick out prizes, Benji looks forward to this every visit now. Then we came back home at lunchtime for a get together with some of my bestest friends :), Angelee and Katie and Raeanne and Liz and I grabbed Taco Tuesday for lunch and hung out at my parents house while the kids,13 of them, ran around playing. It was tons of fun to catch up with everyone. That evening we stayed for dinner and brownies with the family and then we left at 8pm and headed for San Francisco. I dropped Ben off at the Hilton for his work conference and then I drove to Walnut Creek to Erica’s house. The kids were exhausted and asleep, we transferred them from the car and crashed for the night.

    My Friends! Me, Katie, Angelee, Liz and Raeanne

    Our 2 Year Olds! Cali (Dec), Ella (Jan), Charlee (Mar), Lacie (May)

    Wednesday the kids woke up to play with their long lost friends 🙂 Erica’s sister Emily came over and Erica was babysitting for a friend so we had a busy morning. Then Erica made me salsa and Guac and I ate chips the rest of the afternoon. My Sister-in-law Mal came over around 3:30 with her 2 kids and we played and ate dinner and got ready to go to the A’s game. We drove down to the game and met up with Ben and my brother Josh at the BART station and then met up with my sister Christy and Rob and three of their boys. So we had a super fun time in the 2$ seats with the sun in our eyes and kids all over our laps. I love that everyone made the effort to come and I got to spend that time with family and friends. Erica came with her 4 kids and no husband – she really is amazing and a little crazy but she pulled it off as well as any of us did. We got home late again – put the kids in bed and crashed.

    Most of the A's Game crew.

    Benji in the middle of the fun

    The Eggers helping with baby Rose

    It was fun to meet up with Ben instead of being apart for the conference

    Mal and her babies

    still best buds

    Erica being super mom.

    Thursday we finally got to play Boggle and it was fun even though I lost. The kids just played and played. We went to the park for a little bit and Erica spoiled them with the icecream truck. I went and picked Ben up from the BART station because he was done with his work conference (the reason that we got to take this trip was because he was going to the San Fran conference) and then we ate some yummy Erica food, enchiladas and salad. And put the kids to bed so that they wouldn’t be too grumpy for Friday.

    Rose loved the Jumperoo (?)

    and Rose and Gentry were SOO cute together.

    Yummy Over Priced Popscicles 🙂

    Packer picked the coolest ice cream!

    Friday was so much fun. We took the kids to Six Flags Animal Kingdom in Vallejo and it was just perfect for our kids. They had tons of kid rides that were just right. And we got to see Shouka’s whale show, the dolphin show and Elephant show. Plus they have Giraffes and Tigers, sharks and a walrus… the kids LOVED the animals and LOVED the rides. They seemed to be the perfect age and just loved every minute that we were there. Benji said it was ” The Best Day Ever”. That made it so worth it. It was extra fun because we had the Hancock’s with us and a bunch of my family was able to come. Kevin and Liz brought their 4 kids and my parents, Michael, Shannon and Kelsey all came!! It was FUN. That night Than was finally home so we ate pizza and let the kids watch a movie until late and just hung out.

    Cali and Claira - ready for Six Flags

    Benji and Ben - 1st roller coaster

    drink break cause we're too little for this ride.

    On Saturday we drove home – NOT SO FUN, but a necessary part of travel and we made it in a timely manner so I will not complain. Today was a good Sunday. It is good to be home. Rose has a little cold and is fussy. Cali loved being back in the new playroom. Packer and Benji were excited to get the computer set up downstairs FINALLY. We had Joel and Brady and T-Money over for dinner and dominion. Good Times. I must still be on California time cause it is way too late to be blogging but here I am … and IT IS WAY TO LATE… perhaps this will be continued tomorrow. Good Night.

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    We have Carpet!


    We came home to a flooded basement on April 10th and finally got our basement put back together on May 10th! I will be the first to tell you that it was a LoooooNg month. Luckily we had just gotten home from an awesome vacation and now we are headed out to California for another vacation, Somehow that makes it not as bad. So as always – We survived.

    I love the new carpet! I love having my house back. Check it out…

    come downstairs...

    we went dark and short to try and make it last longer

    it's hard to really appreciate it through these pictures, you'll have to come check it out

    A close up - there's a green speckle in there if you look close.

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    Ben’s Birthday

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    Ben’s Birthday was yesterday! He is 1 year older and wiser now! He had a good day – We went to his work at lunch time to bring him balloons and say hi. Then we gave him his presents – a new grill! Brewer chewed our old one when he was a puppy so it is very temperamental and you have to hand light it and guess how hot it is – ANYONE WANT IT? So after work we had to try out the new grill, snuck in FHE and cake and ice cream and then we watched a movie, Unstoppable. We partied with his siblings on Saturday night. Ben is a  Super Hero Lover so we all met up at the theater to watch Thor and then stopped at JCW’s, (I think 2 birthdays ago was Wolverine and JCW’s so it is tradition now). And just so I don’t forget – my favorite JCW shake is chocolate with peanut butter and peanut butter cups.

    present time

    Ben with his 4 kids - how old do you think he is??

    Captain America Cake! and funny faces!

    always putting on a show for the kids 🙂

    I think we only fit 26 candles on

    Benji spent 10 minutes trying to get Ben to talk so he'd have to eat under the table - Cali finally got him.


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    sickness and mother’s day

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    I get spoiled on Mother’s Day! I woke up to breakfast in bed! Benji and Packer went up to sing with the primary and brought home cute gifts and cards from church, I was rewarded a long nap and gifts, including BIG BOGGLE,and Ben made Chimichangas with loads of guacamole – yum! Thank you Ben and kids!

    but somewhere around the time I came home from church to watch the girls… I started feeling pretty blahhh. We kept Cali home from church to make sure that she was 100% better and I came home to let Ben go to Young Mens and I was worn out, tired, achy, stomach issues … I remained in denial most of the day but I was definitely sick and went to bed at 8pm.

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    Dad in Town

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    My Dad came and stayed with us Tuesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon. It was really fun to have him all to ourselves. We got the Hot Tub tuned up! and we fixed my kitchen faucet (don’t ask me why I let it leak for two years – I don’t know) But I LOVE that it is fixed and that it is no longer a problem area in my kitchen. We played ROOK both nights – love that game and love that Dad taught us when we were kids and we all still love to play. We tried the Lotus Garden in Provo last night with Joel and Brady and Dan Brown – we were trying to find a decent Mongolian Barbecue – it was decent but no HULAS.

    cabbage patch

    Cali is sick. She has been throwing up about every hour or 2 all afternoon 🙁




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    Sunday Dinner


    Have I blogged about Sunday Dinners yet?? I love Sundays and the fact that my husband makes dinner every Sunday makes it hands down my favorite day of the week. It gets better – he doesn’t just rip open the Mac and Cheese or make a standard meal – he makes a different, tasty, 3-5 course meal every time! Today we had a delicious roast. I often request beef stroganoff. His Bensagne has become famous around here.

    Ben loves variety which is something that I am not good at so this is his chance to make the food that I never do. I think that is one of the main reasons he does Sunday Dinner and he enjoys cooking BUT the main reason… I am ashamed to admit it but… it is what it is… we used to go to Than and Erica’s house for dinner’s on most Sundays. Erica would always make a delicious dinner and then we would have Erica and kids over sometime during the week when Than was out of town and it seemed to be a decent trade off. Well the Hancock’s moved in June and Sunday afternoons would come around and 5pm would come and go, 6pm too and  Ben would realize that I didn’t have a dinner plan. ( I wasn’t used to needing a dinner plan and I was pregnant) So Ben stepped up and announced that he would cook Sunday dinners from now on!! He has not disappointed since 🙂 I’m not sure what next Sunday will bring but I can guaranty that it will be good.

    And Rose is 7 months old now! She is almost 16 pounds. She loves to eat.

    Is still learning to sit up and roll over.

    She LOVES the bumbo and being held. Benji can always make her smile. Cali loves being her other mother.

    She has started to whine if mom leaves the room 🙁 She takes a bottle. She sleeps well at night. Takes 2 or 3 naps per day.

    Packer likes to give her loves but isn’t quite sure how to interact with her yet. (he is addicted to Plants vs. Zombies right now)

    We love her bald head and chubbiness 🙂

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