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    Last Thursday

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    Last Thursday I went to Payson Lakes! I dropped the big kids off at their cousins, then Rose and I jumped in the car with LaNell and the kayaks! We had a nice drive up there and we checked out the campground for next week when my family comes and then we paddled around the lake in the kayaks. Rose was a trooper the whole time. The afternoon out with Lan was a good idea and tons of fun.

    Jana and Rose on the lake! It's really pretty up there.

    On Monday I took the kids to 7 peaks again! We hadn’t been all month so it was time. We only did 3 things — Lazy River, Wave Pool, and the 2 medium slides by the lazy river. Benji and Packer just realized how fun the slides can be. They went on those ones at least 20 times each and Cali and I went a few times while the boys watched Rose at the bottom.

    On Tuesday morning I have Cub Scouts and then we came home and waited for the Garage Door man to come fix our broken spring. That evening we just took it easy and MY BROTHER SEAN GOT HOME FROM HIS MISSION!! I haven’t seen him yet. The entire family is coming out here on Monday so I am waiting for him to come to us. I have talked to him though. He seemed really good and reminded me how hard it is to adjust back after giving of all your time and energy for 2 years. It is hard to think about yourself, everything you do seems pointless or selfish. He has definitely grown, his theme seems to be Exact Obedience… I am excited to see him next week.

    I stole this pic - it is the only one I've seen of him!

    Wednesday was play group at my house! Some of he neighbors came over and swam and played for a couple of hours. Wednesday was also when I got Snyder Dry Wall to come work on the laundry room! They put up all of the sheet rock that day and now they are finishing the mud, tape and texture.

    My fun little neighbor came and held rose all during play group - she is such a good helper. Rose went right to sleep in her arms - adorable.

    ready to sheet rock! I was proud of myself for moving that electrical outlet down from the upper ceiling. I know it should be in the wall but the wall was already sheet rocked and how fun is a plug in the ceiling anyway :)Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â

    we found some zucchini hiding in the garden!

    and that brings me to today… we took a quick trip to the pond this morning. My kids don’t get in past their knees but they like digging in the sand and Rose was determined to eat it.

    my happy sand eater

    my sand diggers

    I wrote this all last night and got tooo tired to post so now it’s Friday but I’m not going back to change the wording 🙂 Happy Weekend!

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    slip n slide, weekend fun and other updates

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    hammock time

    We spent a Friday evening at Matt and Jamie’s sitting around the fire pit and making smore’s and laying in the hammock with cousins.

    ROSE loves Food - this morning she ate an entire orange! and She LOVED it.

    Ryan had a few days off this week and he finished framing, installed plumbing and hooked up the electrical for our bathroom/laundry room!! I’d like to say that I helped alot but mostly I just ran to Ace or Home Depot and got things we neeed when Ryan needed them. Anyone want to come do the sheet rock? that’s the next step.

    Ryan at work

    On Friday Ben had the day off so we went up to the park with Ryan and Tara and their kids. We set up a slip n slide and brought a picnic lunch and had a blast. Here is the proof…

    Packer - love the smile

    Taylee could cruise down!

    Kylee flying past Cali.

    Benji trying to get some speed - he got braver and faster each time.

    I like this one with Brinlee and Cali at the bottom. Brinlee LOVED the slide.

    I took some fun video but I’m still not video savvy on my blog so you’ll have to take my word for how much fun it was and just imagine Ryan and Ben and I flying down and doing amazing tricks 🙂

    lunch time

    Friday evening Ben and I watched the last Harry Potter and ate at The Harvest at Thanksgiving Point. He actually received an award at work and part of the award was the day off of work and an evening out all expenses paid! So we enjoyed an evening with no kids and the next morning we took the motorcycle up the American Fork Canyon for a scenic ride. It was fun but we will need to upgrade the motorcycle before I go any further than that 🙂

    21 miles into AF Canyon

    Saturday evening we went out for Udine’s birthday. We had sandwiches at the Thanksgiving Point Cafe before watching Captain America (I know, 2 movies in 2 nights – both at the  theater with NO kids! Can’t remember ever doing that – We were spoiled this weekend and it was awesome.) As tradition goes we grabbed shakes at JCW’s and then we came home and met up with cousins at Udine’s house for fireworks to celebrate the 24th!! Now it is Sunday… calm and relaxing. We are enjoying our down time. Summer is flying by – I really wouldn’t mind if it slowed down a little…

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    Remember that…

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    Remember that… breakfast that I blogged about last week? that one where my brother was making it and I was excited – well he made it and…

    the forgotten biscuits

    luckily this picture is just of the biscuits that were an after thought to the yummy spanish potato omelette that I had already filled up on. He wanted me to try the omelette that the ladies used to make for him on the mission and it was yummy and filling. Then we started a game and left the biscuits in just a little too long.

    Remember that… day we went to the Mona rope swing? oh yeah that was just this past Monday and it was a lot of fun. I had my 4 kids and Ryan had his 4 kids and Brady brought 2 friends. We grabbed some snacks and played at the rope for a few hours. It wasn’t kid friendly for swimming but they loved climbing the trees.

    Brady got tangled in the rope and about ripped his arm off on his first swing.

    The main platform. Benj and Pack just wanted to sit up there.

    Packer and his cousins doing a little swimming.

    Rose had a real picnic getting her hands on any snacks she could... and I took a lot of video so I don't have any good pictures of actually swinging.

    Remember that… unfinished Laundry room in my house? well Ryan jumped in and started framing it this week! I am excited to get it all finished down there.

    Here's what we have to work with after getting all of our storage stuff out of there.

    Remember that… day back in February when I opened that Jewelry box and found a coupon for a soccer team inside?! that was awesome and we just finished that soccer team/league and we LOVED it! We dominated during regular play and lost one game in the tournament so LaNell talked them into giving us the champion shirts! I’m sad it is over but I am still on a women’s team so I won’t complain.

    Our last Game - we had to play without Michelle but she should be in this picture.

    Remember that… Brother I have that is on a mission? He comes home in 11 days! I can’t believe how fast that 2 years went. Sean and all of my siblings, parents and most of their families are coming out here in August – I AM EXCITED.

    Remember that… week that my Brother Ryan and his kids were at my house and I volunteered to help Michelle and Udine with their kids? that was this week and it has been crazy. We have played with cousins non stop, had more cousins over, gone to movie day at the other cousins and just been non stop going. I am tired. But we fit in dinner out at red Robin last night, my brother Josh slept over on Tuesday night, and we played lots of Dominion and games to keep us all sane 🙂 and now Ryan’s kids are off to St. George and Udine picks his kids up in the next hour or two and all will be too quiet and Benji will beg for cousins! 🙂

    Mia and Cali

    Brinlee and Cali - - if these 2/3 year olds are happy then we can all be happy.


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    Busy or Boring

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    I thought I was going to have a BORING week here at the house while Ben was at Scout Camp. I tried to make plans to go to California or St. George or wherever… if Ben is gone then I should be gone too, right? Anyway, none of those plans seemed to be working out so Ben left on Monday morning and the kids I had a busy 4th of July. We had some errands in the morning and then we played with cousins and stayed up late watching the city fireworks.

    my patriotic Cali

    the kids getting ready for fireworks

    All of us, Rose stayed home asleep with Grandma and Grandpa

    One more of Cali cause she's smiling and her hair is almost still combed.

    Monday night my brother Ryan and his 4 kids showed up for some fun. The kids woke up Tuesday morning to their cousins here and started playing and they haven’t stopped 🙂

    Brinlee playing cars in the water, all of the kids have enjoyed this.

    swimming at 10am Thursday

    On Tuesday Night my friends from Oroville came to visit! Brittney, Jason and their 5 kids crashed at our place on Tuesday night and Wednesday night so we had 13 little ones running around having fun and staying up way too late.

    Pancake Dinner

    more pancake dinner, I need the pics from Brittney's camera cause this is all I took.

    So Friday is here. Ben comes home tomorrow from Camp Newfork in WY. Ryan is about to make us a real breakfast. The week has definitely been BUSY. I’m glad I stayed home.

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    Stadium of Fire 2011

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    I went to the Stadium of Fire! I went when I was a teenager, I’m thinking summer of 94 and I loved IT! I remember thinking it was the coolest thing I had ever seen so, Ben and I got tickets this year! and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT – we LOVED It. It helps that we are already big Brad Paisley fans but the show was just really neat. I loved the patriotism that you felt there and all of the good songs that were sung. I would definitely go again. LaNell and Caleb were great company. I picked the perfect in the shade, straight on view, Cheap seats. It was Awesome.

    Our Group waiting for the show to start, we were in portal II, sec 124, Row 18, seats 31-34

    the dancer girls did a good job - that many girls synchronized is tough

    Brad was the best part of the evening.

    Fireworks set to music are the best - they went from 10-10:30

    It was a great night. So glad we dropped the kids off at their cousins, Rose included 🙂 It makes this overcast 4th of July with Ben gone seem bearable. Ben is at scout camp all week. I think I’ll try and brave the late night fireworks with the 4 little munchkins and be grateful for this country and the freedoms I enjoy.


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    The Last of The Birthday Celebration

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    Friday Night Party! all of the Nettesheim Utah Cousins were able to make it to the party, so 17 of them plus our 4. It was a lot of kids and they had fun as always.

    The one eye Minion

    I let the kids choose what kind of cake they want every year and then I do my best to make it for them. Benji decided on a Despicable Me Minion so I went for it. I didn’t have frosting and wanted to get it started so I made my own frosting which I have done just not in a long time and I have a few good recipes for frosting but I was being lazy and grabbed the first “frosting” recipe I came to on Google search and then my 1 bag of powdered sugar didn’t go very far and… long story short – the frosting is runny which made detail hard BUT it looks like a Minion so I’m calling it a success! Maybe I should have made a special blog post just for the cake story 🙂 We had a treasure hunt – it was a picture hunt of randome places/things throughout our house and yard and the kids had to find the spot and find the next picture there until they came to the treasure = Punching Balloons, Tatoos, and PushUp Popscicles. Needless to say the hour post treasure finding was a bit chaotic with 20 ballons being pounded.

    Getting the Rules for the Hunt

    Ben had all the kids doing somersaults for something??

    Next we opened presents, had cake and ice cream and it’s tradition to watch a movie at cousins night so we ended the night with a showing of Garfield? and Benji watched it again the next morning so it was a hit.

    I love that you can't even see Benji open the gift cause Everyone wants to see.

    Blowing out the candles! with Julia, her bday is on the 4th! She was supposed to be older but Benji decided to be born 3 weeks early.

    Find a spot for the movie!

    proof that the projector does work in case the flash on my camera was throwing you off in that last picture.

    The party was fun. Ben’s old Purdue roommate – Bob – stopped in to say hi for part of the night so that was even more fun. Ben and I have been parents for 6 years now, kind of cool 🙂 We love it. One more picture of the little girly’s at the party…

    The Girls - Eating their Cheese. They all decided they were hungry at 9:30 and they wanted cheese.

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    Sick Baby

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    Rose has had a fever off and on since Wednesday night. She has been a sleepy head trying to beat whatever it is that she’s got. She’s been sleeping most of the day and grumpy when she is awake so I hope she gets over it soon – like today would be good. Maybe this nap she’s taking right now will be the turning point 🙂

    9am nap - She had only been up for an hour and crashed on the floor - poor thing.

    We are ready to have our HAPPY BABY back anytime now…

    where have you gone smiley girl?

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    Benji’s Birthday!

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    Benji turned 6 on Wednesday June 29th! He was so excited for his birthday this year and has been counting down since Ben’s bday.

    an early morning birthday picture

    We started off the day with presents. He was up at 6am waiting and asking if it was time. He normally wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00 but as he told us the night before he “would probably be too excited to sleep” 🙂

    giddy giddy boy

    Here he is with all his spoils.

    We spent the morning getting to know all of the new toys. All of the kids were super excited to help discover them with their big brother.

    walkie talkies are awesome

    Rose helping play with the new Ben 10's.

    New Sonic game for the PSP!

    After lunch we skyped with Pacen, Camry and Claira and then had some of the cousins over to play. Everyone played really well. We tried his new game Make n Break that he got from my parents and Ryan was over so we taught the older cousins a Pirate Game that he had brought.

    SKYPE is 'not' as fun as playing BUT we will take what we can get.

    And when Ben got home from work we loaded up the kids and headed to Chuck E Cheese. We played games, ate Pizza, got scared by Chuck E, played more games and spent our tickets.

    someone is getting TOO BIG for the little rides.

    He was excited about his own soda and needed a picture showing that it is red soda

    After Chuck E Cheese we stopped over at Grandma and Grandpa Netteshiem’s new house to see it for the first time and Benji got to run around with his cousins. He also got his present from his Grandparents – K’nex – and then we came home and sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes and went to bed.

    It took him 8 tries to blow them out so I hope he wasn't wishing for anything important 🙂

    Tonight we will have a PARTY with cousins and the birthday week will be over. He is already getting smart enough to make it last all week. He wanted Tacos for his dinner but we were already going to eat at Chuck E Cheese so he needed the Tacos the night before and a cousin party later and … tonight will be the end and our oldest child will be all done ‘turning 6’. He is a great kid. Happy Birthday Buddy.

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