Month: June 2017


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    All the other stuff we did in June that isn’t getting it’s own post:

    cookie dough:

    Train Rides:

    Lemonade Stand:

    Lava Lamps and other science:

    Wiggle Bikes at soccer practice:

    Late nights with neighbors teaching funny faces:

    Otter Pop party take 4:

    Letting aunt Megan babysit:


    Getting braces adjusted:

    Baseball at the park with all of the Netty’s:

    Pool party at the Country Club with lots of neighbors:

    Street Fighter Battles:

    Still hanging my laundry out to dry:

    My monthly temple trip:

    Cali practices soccer twice a week:

    NO play do in the house! :

    cleaned out the COLD tub – late night test run:

    And the JOY of the kitchen sink – ONE OF HIS FAVORITE THINGS TO DO!

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    Benji is done with 11 year old Scouts! We just had a court of Honor and he got his Tenderfoot and 2nd Class. He has only a few more requirements to get his 1st class and he earned his first merit badge: First Aid.

    Benji got called up to teach the bowline knot and then they had a race. Ben won. Benji took 2nd.

    Packer finally received his Bear badge and we had a fun game of water kickball.

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    Splash Pad

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    Megan and I planned a trip to the splash pad. I got asked to babysit and brought the 2 kids with me. Megans kids were sickly so she bailed but my other sister in laws Amanda and Michelle came and joined us. That was our first splash pad of the summer. We brought a picnic lunch and we stayed for 3 or 4 hours!

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    Motorcycle Dad Night

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    Millie was so excited to go out with Dad!

    On his Motorcycle!

    To get a treat!

    She got a new special seat belt harness to keep her on tight and I love when kids are still figuring out the THUMBS UP sign.

    They stopped for a treat and played at the park. Millie was in HEAVEN – the girl loves attention, she thrives on one on one time. LOve her spunkyness!

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    Back to the Pond

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    We are really just in love with the pond. It has been so hot and the pond is so close and always open and free and fun for all ages!

    So Shannon came for a night and we spent Saturday morning at the pond before she had to go! It was so fun to wake up and go. We were some of the first ones there and we stayed for probably 5 hours. Kelsey and Kelsey came and Tommy and Shannon. Megan brought Gus and Dagny and we had all 9 of us plus Brewer. Great way to start a Saturday:


    Benji with the winning hit! He was undefeated on the Spikeball!

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    Hancock Party

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    The Hancock kids got to spend Monday and Tuesday and part of  Wednesday with us! Pacen had to go to bball camp, but we did get Quincy! The kids played and entertained each other MOST of the time. Quincy is the easiest baby EVER but she did like to go up the stairs and try to fall down them every chance she got.


    The youngest kids packing their picnic and taking it upstairs to eat?>>>…


    I spent Monday not feeling good and Tuesday recouping and reading but I did make it to Gentrys baseball game. And Tiago just wanted to wear a diaper and crawl around like Quincy 🙂

    I read The Orphan Keeper on Monday and finished Tuesday so then I took the kids to the park since they were being so good:

    Bath time:

    The kids all had a lot of fun. They beg for sleepovers all the time but we’ve told them no, It has to be when parents are out of town or something so… we all had a good time and played hard.

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    Fathers Day!

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    We spent the morning hanging with Ben, eating cinnamon rolls and getting ready for church. I failed because I let Ben take Tiago to nursery and that resulted in a blow out and change of clothing at home 🙁 oops. But that didn’t phase “the dad”. He is their Super Hero. He is the Fun in our crazy house and we all love spending time with him.

    After church I chatted with my Dad for a few minutes and then we headed for to spend time with Ben’s Dad. We got to visit with Mark and Kari during dinner! and then Millie made sure Grandpa got all of his presents and she made sure that we all knew about her ear infection. I am grateful to be surrounded by wonderful Priesthood worthy Fathers!

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    We’re Here for RSL!

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    Ben was sick and no one else could go to the game so… I took this crew:

    They danced and tried to get on camera:

    We untied our shoes for luck and we finally scored when I was out getting half price Churros!

    We high-fived some players at the end!

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    Raymond Graduated

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    Ray got to go to his Preschool Graduation for Waterford Upstart. He LOVED the attention. He loved that it was all about him for that hour.

    He is ALMOST reading. I think he’ll catch on quickly and Benji is helping him at nights when they read in bed.

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