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    Today is November 17th, 18th, 19th! The 11th month of the year is more than half way over! 2 more days have gone by since I tried to start this blog post 🙂


    Millie is SO MUCH FUN!


    Benji and Packer got to see Big Hero 6 for their “Dad Night”. Benji read the book a few months ago so he was super excited and all 3 of them loved it!


    We got a keyboard! I want the kids to learn to play. I would like to learn also but… we will see. I love Rosie’s cute curls in this picture.


    The Girl climbs on Everything and thinks she’s a riot.


    SEE! I don’t know if she’s laughing at me or at herself but she is full of smiles and giggles and We Love Her!

    IMG_20141111_202116 IMG_20141111_202126

    Cali and Ray getting in my face! They are Cuties.


    Rose and Millie hiding behind the couch. Millie tries to keep up with the big kids. Sometimes Millie just ends up running laps around the couch.


    After Kindergarten and Lunch we try and have quiet time. Rose and Cali are acting out Frozen in this picture.

    IMG_20141113_135634 IMG_20141113_135637

    We had our first snow! The younger kids were mesmerized. Rose and Ray ran out not realizing the effects of the cold snow on their little fingers!


    Wrestling with Dad is still a favorite! I am usually close by on the couch enjoying a few minutes of social media and waiting to comfort whatever kids get hurt.


    Uncle Joel and Millie waiting for Sunday Dinner.


    I’ve been REALLY nice this month and let the kids do PLAY-Do – TWICE.  They really do love it.

    The older boys seem to avoid my camera during the school weeks. On Monday I made them a lunch like I always do but I didn’t put a ‘treat’ in. When they got home from school the first thing they wanted to talk about was why they didn’t have a treat in their lunch and if I forgot!? I told them they are spoiled and they have plenty to eat in their lunches and they don’t need a treat EVERY time. Well, Ben over heard this conversation so the next day he made the boys lunch and he gave them a sandwich with 3 Treats! They came home from school and told me all about the AWESOME lunch they had! too funny

    Also yesterday was PACKERS BEST DAY EVER! He came home from school in such a good mood and SOO happy. He said it was an amazing day because he got to move his good behavior clip up and then he FINALLY passed his +3’s in minute math. He had an amazing lunch and then his teacher said he was being so good that he got to wear his good behavior clip! This is like the ultimate reward for his class. He was seriously beaming when he got home and so happy that he had such a good day.

    I also had a great day yesterday. I had to renew my license so I went and did that and it was fairly quick so I checked in with Brady who was tending the kids. He said all was well so I went to the Mall. I can’t remember the last time I shopped at the mall. I’m really not a good mall shopper but it was fun to be out and see what gifts are out there this Holiday season. I even splurged and got In and Out on the drive home 🙂 I had a relaxing afternoon with the kids and then Ben brought dinner home! Delicious Chinese food and the kids all loved it and we just had an easy, relaxing night.

    Yeah for November!

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    Cute Kids

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    I know – this blog is all about these little NUGGETS – sorry They are what I do – all day every day…  Sunday was the kids primary program. All 4 of our kids memorized their parts and  did a great job. They all sang really well too, These music leaders we have really know how to get the kids singing. I loved the music and I loved that Grandma and Grandpa Netty came to listen and to help me with Ray and Millie since Ben is in the primary. We bribed the kids with a trip to the dollar store if they memorized their parts so we fulfilled the promise for FHE tonight.

    Today Ray asked for a piece of bread so I let him have it. 10 minutes later he comes to me with a mouth full and trying to get some help. I put my hand out and he unloaded the entire chewed up piece of bread! gross. and WHY? It’s things like this that make my days long and tiring – I had to clean him and me and then he was still hungry!  His other fit was at 10:30 this morning when he decided that he NEEDED some instant oatmeal. I showed him the empty box. Explained that we didn’t have any. Tried to compromise with other food… nothing worked. I finally found a lone pack of oatmeal in the pantry and life continued. ANYWAY, Raymond mastered the sideways swing at the last soccer practice. He stayed in there for days and loved it. He eventually climbed out  when he had had enough. And he loved pushing Millie 🙂

    IMG_20141023_163442 IMG_20141023_164203 IMG_20141023_164314 IMG_20141023_164317

    I think I already documented this but – MILLIE IS A BEAST. This girl is on the go. She won’t stay off the kitchen table. If one of the 8 chairs is not pushed in she finds it and climbs up on the chair and then the table and then demolishes EVERYTHING. If the chairs are pushed in like we’ve been training the kids to do – then she still climbs up but gets stuck under the table and feet dangling and can’t get down. Her other favorite is the BATHROOM. One morning she literally raced me to each bathroom and tried to get in and play in the toilet before I could get the doors shut and keep her out. She is a constant chore when she is awake. SOMETIMES she is a fun chore 🙂 She is usually smiling and excited and loving life… and luckily she does take good naps during the day to give us all a break from the crazy.

    IMG_20141023_164849 IMG_20141023_164940

    IMG_20141022_193940 IMG_20141026_094950

    This is Millie at church. SOO TIRED. But won’t give in and nap or chill. She is always on the go and throws big fits to get what she wants. I have taken her home from church a few times which is not like me but I felt it was my only option. I have since made it 3 weeks in a row at church so the future is looking up. One of the weeks we subbed in nursery and Millie did great. She would love to be 18 months already and could care less if mom is close by.

    IMG_20141027_143330 IMG_20141027_143353 IMG_20141027_143410

    Our warm weather just disappeared. BOOOOOO. We have spent more time in the house and in the toy room and in our long sleeve shirts. Millie thinks she is big enough to play now and Raymond is really trying to figure out how to be big and play with Rose and Cali – not just be in the room but be part of the game. Ray also has been going next door to the cousins house. When he gets bored with me or see’s the other kids going he will tell me: “I go to Luca’s?” and then he is out of here. Sometimes he says Lalo’s or Mia’s – He loves playing with all of them. We’ll see how long until Michelle stops inviting him in!

    And tonight after a long day/week of fighting and whining and not listening to mom… we implemented the marble system. Good = marble in the jar. Bad = marble out of the jar. Full jar = go to the movie as a family. It seems simple enough. I hope it works. I hope it gives me some leverage and my kids will respond to what I am asking or saying before I reach YELLING status. Because Yelling was starting to be the only way for me to get through to them. I am hopeful and excited to try this out.

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    the YOU CAN DO IT song

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    There is a little song that I started singing whenever Cali needed to go to the bathroom and thought that she needed me to help her – when she really was quite capable of going by herself! So our compromise – I sing the song while she goes to the bathroom unassisted! The song has carried over and now Rose requests it when she just can’t make it on her own:

    You can do it

    You Can do it.

    You can do it, Yes You Can!


    (I don’t think it goes to any particular tune – music isn’t really my thing)

    This song has been prominent in our home for 3 years and I’m thinking it will continue with the younger kids. It’s funny to me what things the kids remember and remind you of and request. What things become tradition or the norm as we raise these kids. I’ll keep singing this song as long as it lets me stay at the task I’m doing while my child successfully uses the restroom!


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    Halloween 2014

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    This is Halloween, This is Halloween!


    Halloween was great this year – mostly because the weather was amazing and it was on a Friday night so we didn’t have to get kids to bed or send them off to school with a candy hang over.

    DSC02059 DSC02061 DSC02063

    After school we went to Ben’s work and trick or treated all of the different offices. Later we stopped by Ben’s parents house and then came home and got ready to trick or treat. Joel and Megan stopped by to see the kids and then the kids and Ben went out while LaNell and Millie and I passed out candy. They came home and showed us their loot and then we headed to Pete and Amanda’s house for Hot Chocolate and cousin time.

    DSC02068 DSC02070 DSC02072 DSC02077 DSC02080 DSC02081 DSC02085


    cousin picture coming soon:


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