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    Last Day of PreSchool

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    last day party

    preschool class

    Packer had his last Day of school yesterday!! I think he was happy to be done for the summer. He behaves really well but he doesn’t LOVE the learning like his older brother. He did learn most of his letters and CAN right his name – just barely. He has a short attention span for reading and writing. His thing is still ART – any project is fun for him and any excuse to get out the scissors, tape or markers is jumped on. In fact he is at the table right now making a creation with leftover popcorn and glue. Packer grew 2 inches and gained 3 pounds during the school year.

    the door is not pretty but you can see those 2 inches cause his head is almost to the deadbolt 🙂

    I love these pictures I got of my Packer Man – SOO CUTE! I’m not sure when he became such a poser…

    no more school!

    see ya in kindergarten!

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    Benji’s Dance Festival

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    We went to the Manila Elementary Dance Festival this morning. Benji was excited to do the first grade songs from Mary Poppins. He did Step in Time and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – no I’m not sure that I spelled that right – you’ll have to look on Benji’s shirt and see. Benji really enjoys dancing. He was fun to watch. I am STILL not good at putting video on the blog so you just get the still shot of him before the performance:

    Benji and the first grade boys! He is friends with Truman and Isaac, the others I don't know.


    Benji has loved his first years of school. Miss Myntti was his teacher both years and he really excelled under her wing. She taught him how to read and write. He got all the way to chapter books this year. He passed his addition and subtraction math tables just before the end of the year. Benji loves learning and Miss Myntti made it fun for him. He never wanted to miss school. Never tried to stay home. He went willingly every day! Good job Benji and Thank You Miss Myntti.

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    We are due for a post of randomness now that I am feeling up to date on the blog.

    look at these 2 cuties!

    Lots of mornings we get a knock on the door from our neighbor Lucie. Packer is often in his pajamas, playing his computer time. They are good friends and Cali is ALWAYS right there with them.

    Lucie and Packer

    I am trying to learn how to braid Cali’s hair. Last week she had a braid 5 out of 7 days and they were starting to look pretty good by the end of the week. I started with a french braid but my skills are bad. I’m posting the first braid so that when I am a champion hair stylist we can look back ad laugh.

    Cali's first braid

    How does the garage get so full? One day we are parking our cars in there and the next we can barely walk through. It is much cleaner now but not quite park-able. Shannon came and got her stuff out so I got to see her and Michael for a few minutes on Monday 🙂 Maybe I will finish the job today.

    garage o junk

    Last night I stayed up way to late hanging out with my sister Kelsey. She and the brothers came over Sunday night for dinner and games – (I am Loving ROOK lately). MOnday we met up at basketball. Tonight we have a soccer game and last night we decided we needed to go roller blading. After blading we stayed up way too late playing Nertz and being silly. Kelsey gave it a ‘valient’ effort but I did beat her 🙂

    how high would you bid this hand? 3 in the kitty, 2 partners

    Raymond is so much fun lately. He loves to smile and make eye contact. He loves his swing. I put him in when he starts to get tired and he naps in there instead of on the couch now. He chews on his fist all the time but is not interested in the pacifier.

    Ray loves to eat his fist.

    Rose is not a fan of our dog. She has been wacked in the face so many times that she cries whenever the dog is nearby. Yesterday and today she has started using her super powers on the dog. We always tell her to tell the dog no and she will be fine. She barely talks so that is not as easy as it sounds but now she puts her hand out makes super power noises at him – SO CUTE! She is at adorable stage as well (when she is happy). She asks for swings and blues clues daily. Still loves her bottle warmed up and loves to do WHATEVER the other kids do.

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    Zip Line is just one of those things that sounds SOO fun. Packer’s end of the year soccer party was at Jake’s house and he had a very fun backyard. Our kids have been talking about how we need to build a tree fort ever since. The zip line was great for the kids, they could climb up and do it all by themselves and then bring the rope back for the next kid. Fun Party.

    And last night Ben had a family work party at the park. We ate hamburgers, listened to a live band, chatted with work people, ate cotton candy and snow cones, played on the playground, won a basketball and got Balloon ANIMALS!! Yes, the balloons were their favorite part: Robot, Blue Dog, Zombie, Pink Pony.

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    Packer and Benji Play Soccer – 2012

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    We had our last soccer Saturday this last weekend. I say last meaning the last one until Fall when we start a new season. I believe we will have MANY soccer Saturdays from here on out.

    This was Packer’s first year playing. Ben was able to coach his team. His cousins Luca and Sam were both on the team and and Calista requested Coach Ben since her older brother has been on his teams. Calista brought a lot of her friends and we had a good time.

    Our Soccer Stud - Packer

    The Yellow Stingers! Coach Ben, Eli, Jake, Luca, Calista, Evelyn, Trevor, Packer, Sam

    Packer is in the middle... he learned a lot this year but was not very aggressive - very similar to his older brother BUT he says he wants to play again next season so we will keep at it.

    Cousins - Luca, Sam and Packer

    We are a little worried about when Cali is ready to play in another year. Ben would love to coach all 3 but it would be very time consuming and I’m afraid games would over lap. I would love to help more but I have toooo many babies that need me 🙂 So – – I am curious to see what we end up doing when that time comes. In the mean time… Benji’s team was all returning from last year! They all came back for more fun and it was fun. They are finally starting to get the game. Benji got his first goal this season and he has improved a lot.

    Benji - end of 3rd year.

    Blue Flames - Kael, Austin, Connor, Benji, Gabe - Annie, Maddy , Ben, Julia, Allie

    Benji learned to go to the ball instead of away! Pokemon Cards were incentive this year.

    Cousins - Benji and Julia. Next year they split boys and girls so this was their last year together 🙁

    Ben has loved being their coach. I love going to every game even though I have crazy babies:

    happy times

    crazy times on the sidelines

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    Hancock’s came to visit!

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    Than and Erica decided to come to Utah last week so we got to play and hang out just like the old days. They came on Wednesday morning and we visited and played and ate Cafe Rio and talked until late. The next day I let Benji and Packer stay home from school to play all day. Benji says that Pacen is still his best friend. I wonder how long that will last. Might last a while because Benji counts his cousins in a different category so Pacen may never be replaced. ALL of the kids played together really well. We did have a few Rose-Gentry screaming matches but nothing out of the ordinary. I ended up being sick all day on Thursday (Mastitis again 🙁 ) I let Erica take care of me and our kids – sorry E. And then they had to go that night. It was short but AWESOME. We love our Hancock’s.

    Camry, Claira and Benji - enjoying some ice cream.

    Everyone except Ray. Shoving bread in our mouths so we won't be hungry at the park.

    Erica, Mia and Camry at the park.

    My kids and Gentry fighting at the park. Luckily I had my new phone with camera or else we would have nothing to document this little visit from our friends 🙂

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    family pictures

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    More pics from the family vacation… The Cabin trip was awesome. I had so much fun. I loved being with my family. We managed to take family pictures while we were there. Everyone was there except for Tara. We missed her and she had better be there next time! 41 of us in a picture with almost everyone looking, kids mostly not screaming and most eyes open:

    The whole family

    mom, dad, and all 12 kids

    Back Row: Michael, Ryan, Sean, Kevin, Joel, Josh Front:Jana, Shannon, Christy, Kelsey, Tracie,Brady

    Dad and boys

    Mom and girls

    Bushy, Pebbles, Rose, Marcus, Joely Big Bear, Plarque, Pooh, Pee, Mike Dog, Christmas Tree, Chillers, Ryman

    Family of 7

    Family Pictures Rock - now I need to get one printed and on the wall.

    one last fun pose

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    3 Months Old


    Raymond loves attention. He has the biggest smiles right now. He has been a Great Sleeper – 10 pm to 6am and back to sleep until 10am. He spends his awake time chewing on his fist, looking at his hand and watching all of the chaos. He loves to get his diaper changed, always wants to be face out and he’s following all of his siblings in the chubbiness department.

    love this chubby baby

    Big Mouth Smiles

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    The Avengers!

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    We Love Super Hero Movies. We had been waiting for this one to come out and it did not disappoint. We went for a post birthday celebration for Ben. His parents, 4 siblings and their spouses were all able to watch it with us.

    the Nettesheim group

    Captain America is Ben's favorite.

    On Friday night we want to The Pizza Pie with Joel, Brady, Kelsey, LaNell and Dan. I had never been. I enjoyed the variety. And the company was “nice”.

    cookie dough dessert pizza was yummy

    On Sunday we got to have dinner with Ben’s family. His mom and both Grandma’s were there so that was neat.

    Grandma Nettesheim sporting the mustache cookie!

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