Month: February 2010

    a day with my 2 year old

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    it starts at 6:55am when he opens the bedroom door and comes to my side of the bed (no way will he go to dad’s side 🙂 ) I successfully ignore him for about 15 minutes until he climbs into bed with me. Problem is he doesn’t snuggle and try to sleep, once in the bed he wiggles and squirms and asks to be tickled and puts his hands in your face until you just can’t handle it anymore. By 7:30 I give up on sleep and head down to get him his milk, breakfast and show. Everyone else in the house can peacefully sleep until at least 8:00 but Packer usually manages a loud something on the way down stairs and wakes up at least one if not both of his siblings – then its triple milk and breakfast and the sleep is much harder to get back to. 🙁

    Then throughout the day he entertains himself with toys and anything that a 2 year old might see as a toy. Packer is a mess maker! Really he loves to move things and organize and keep busy but for this mom that equals a lot of little messes to clean up. Here were a few of his activities the other day:

    Building a house of hangers

    moving his books to this new shelf

    and stacking each dish rag for a picnic

    He is learning to play with his little sister and not just get mad at her. But they still have a hard time: Yesterday Cali was messing up his blocks so he threw a big fit and then finally came upstairs to find me and tell me, “You need to spank Cali’s little bum.” I think he has heard that phrase directed at him a few too many times!

    lots of laughter during this game

    and yesterday was a hard day because Benji was invited to a birthday party and Packer just didn’t understand why he didn’t get to go. He just wanted to go to the birthday. I felt bad for him and we talked about it and explained the situation but in the end he had to throw a few fits and be a sad boy.

    timeout in the kitchen

    He is just outgrowing the toddler stage and is really looking forward to his 3rd birthday in April. He is our Mr Friendly. He loves to sit on anyones lap and read books. He loves to be tickled. And we love him, even with the messes and tantrums.

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    Ben and I went snow boarding Friday night!

    I was going to put the pictures of all of our jumps and tricks but… well it was really cold so we didn’t get the camera out much and it was kind of dark since it was night skiing and oh yeah – we didn’t do any jumps or tricks! I think we barely made it down the mountain 5 times!! I still love it though. I love cruising down the mountain. I love that we have our own boards so we don’t have to rent and I love that Sundance is so cheap and SO CLOSE.

    Today after church the boys found the snow goggles in the van – it was snowing a little so they had to go try them out. Aren’t they adorable!?

    I love Sundays. I love the day I teach because then I am off for the next 3 to 4 weeks.  And I love that Cali was licking the ketchup off of her plate after dinner last night. Check it out…

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    haircuts, shots, furniture and more

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    Is it really Wednesday already? time is just passing me by. Here is the latest and Greatest from us:

    The Boys finally got haircuts! They were so over due but I was enjoying seeing what their hair did as it got long and how different their hair is.


    This little girl doesn’t need a haircut yet – 14 months and counting. (21 pounds, 29 inches)

    I got bedroom furniture! I upgraded from this: one plastic dresser of 3 drawers and everything else stuffed in the closet-

    to: several drawers, a headboard, and a place for everything! I’m loving it-

    Yesterday I didn’t look at the calendar until noon and by then we had missed our Dr. appointments. I am just spacing everything – where has my brain gone? Luckily they let us come in the afternoon. Cali had 6 shots! but she was easy and just cried for the minute that it took them to get all of the shots in her legs. She also has a yeast infection and the Dr wants me to get the little sores on her leg cleared up – she’s had it in her fat roles off and on for a long time. Sounds bad but really not so much. Now Benji had to get his shots for kindergarten – NOT EASY. He worried about it all day. He told me 3 things that I could do to help him calm down when he gets his shots and he was just nervous. The bad part was that he remembered that Pacen got 2 shots to go to kindergarten – well he had to get 5! and he freaked out. Our nurse brought in another nurse to help. He cried for each one but then he actually admitted that it wasn’t that bad. The anticipation of it all is what does him in. We were there until 5:30. The last ones out of the office and the first ones to McDonalds to console the 4 year old 🙂 Amazing what a plastic toy and a few chicken nuggets will do.

    Cali caught in the act – SHE LOVES TO PESTER PACKER!

    My brother made it home from his mission last  Wednesday! He sounds great and we are waiting for him to come visit at the end of the month.

    We’re getting spring fever. The snow on our front lawn has finally melted but we’re still not into the 50’s yet. Packer is on his bike in the front yard as I type this. He is my outside guy and he is trying to get out there but the frozen fingers don’t let him last to long. He and Cali spent some time at the sandbox before lunch and Cali tried to be big and do Play-doh with her brother. The problem is her next diaper will be full of both Play-doh and Sand 🙁

    That should do it for now. Maybe I won’t wait a week for my next post  🙂  Maybe I will.

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    My soccer days are still going strong. I play most Friday nights and Saturday mornings. The womens league is much better for my self esteem than the coed but we are holding our own in both leagues and I just love playing the game. Here’s a rare goal caught on tape. It definitely wasn’t a super shot but I worked hard leading up to the goal and hey, a goal is a goal 🙂

    Jana’s Goal from Jana Nettesheim on Vimeo.

    In our coed league I have realized that I will never again be considered young and fast, those days are over. The young fast team beat us on Saturday and I got a nice cleat on top of the knee. The picture doesn’t do it justice but I had a good bruise bump and cleat line.

    Last night we took the family to Classic Skating. It was fun but packed. Most of the night consisted of Ben helping Benji on his scooter and me pushing Cali in the stroller while holding Packer. The rest of the night was on the sidelines resting and playing video games. No pictures taken.

    And today is my maternal Grand Mothers Birthday! Happy Birthday Grandma Johnson. I hope you enjoy your trip to Alaska at the end of the month.

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    Monte L. Bean Museum

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    We went to the BYU Bean Museum today  with my sister in law and her kids.  It was pretty crowded by the end (maybe no one had school :))but my kids had fun identifying the different animals. As I expected Benji was the first one that was ‘tired’ and ready to go, Packer wanted to be held the whole time and Cali was not happy to be in her stroller. I guess that is why we don’t go everyday but for today it was good.

    Their favorite part of course was the air vent that was outside th museum blowing hot air up at them…

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    GT Racing and Valentine Making

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    Today Benji woke up begging to make his Valentines so… WE DID.

    and Packer is loving his Valentine guy that he made at Play Group Yesterday – His older brother is a little jealous so that helps.

    And Uncle Joel came over this afternoon so we busted out a little racing…

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    Ben 10 Total Transformation

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    We just got done playing the Ben 10 Game. Benji is very good at making the rules work to his advantage. Packer doesn’t care (yet).

    The boys just went to play with their cousins and Cali is down for a nap. I guess I have no excuse not to work out. Tread mill and Biggest Loser here I come.

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    Happy Birthday Ryan

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    Today is my brother Ryan’s birthday. He is three and a half years older than me which means that when I started high school he was a big Senior. So my friends and I would try and do whatever he thought was cool. I’m glad those days are over! But We made our yearly trip to Eden for his birthday. We had a great time, the Salsa was delicious and I’m sure anyone that knows Ryan can guess what we did….

    Joel signing the box. He had the winning-est night.

    Cali screamed and whined the entire time – blahh… hoping this stage ends soon.

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