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    Millie is 4!

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    Millie is 4 years old! and she is the queen of her world and she rules most of our world.

    Kickin off the birthday with some gifts:

    and a lunchtime trip to McDonalds!


    We perfected the Tinkerbell Cake:

    And posed with the cake:

    and took pictures on the walk to take Ray to school:

    and then we had a BIG PARTY! In the backyard. With lots of little friends


    After the party Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and gave Millie a quilt that Grandma made. It is awesome.


    We had hot dog dinner and went to Benji’s football game and then home for cake and ice cream!


    We had a fun and busy day. Millie loved being the center of attention. She is such a chatterbox. So sweet and so feisty. We’re excited for our new 4 year old!

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    Girls Night

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    While the boys are away… the girls shopped, watched and played!

    We went shopping for back to school clothes. Cali had a stomach ache so we only went to Target. We came home and ate junk and watched Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 and played with Kelsey and had fun. The next morning we watched some more Camp Rock and then finished shopping. These girls are getting pretty fun! But those baby bottle dip things were one of the worst purchases of my life – except the girls loved them!

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    My 6th and 7th Kids

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    These 2 don’t need me!

    and they crack me up.

    I had to mow the lawn the other day so I got the little pool out for them to play in while I worked. Throughout my mowing they got snacks and chairs and put their feet up. They found squirt guns and water bottles and …. they came and picked strawberries when they got hungry again. I was laughing at them the whole time. My older kids would have came begging me to help them with all of those activities.

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    Motorcycle Dad Night

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    Millie was so excited to go out with Dad!

    On his Motorcycle!

    To get a treat!

    She got a new special seat belt harness to keep her on tight and I love when kids are still figuring out the THUMBS UP sign.

    They stopped for a treat and played at the park. Millie was in HEAVEN – the girl loves attention, she thrives on one on one time. LOve her spunkyness!

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    March 5 – Tiago’s First Haircut!

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    The Scraggly Hair… He was definitely in need of his first hair cut.ย He looks so big now! And I love that I can see his eyes.

    THEN… Millie decided to give herself her 2nd Hair cut@!@! as she told Joel today – “I’m the only one that cuts my hair!”

    And Tiago is being such a pill at church ๐Ÿ™ ย He WON’T go to nursery ๐Ÿ™ We’ve tried all of our tricks and he just throws a big old fit until he gets his way. Then he falls asleep in the 3rd hour.

    But it all ended well with the delicious Rolls that Ben made for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Millie and her glasses

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    I went out with friends last Wednesday and expressed my concerns about my moody and tired 3 year old. The next morning I decided to try to get her to wear her glasses and see if that would make any difference in her behavior.

    She has worn them all week! She has loved the attention that I am giving her for being a big girl and keeping them on. (the daily prizes are definitely helping as well)


    So, she is still napping daily. Which is only surprising because she hasn’t napped for a year and a half since she turned 2. But she is falling asleep on the couch most afternoons. She has been a little bit nicer and less moody but not a complete turn around yet.

    ย ย 

    So, I am excited that she is wearing the glasses and napping. Overall, I think she has had a better week! I think this week will be the struggle because it’s not a novelty anymore. I’m thinking ofย some good bribes and we’ll see what happens.

    NOW, a week later – she hasn’t worn the glasses for 2 days – she LOST them in the toy room and I keep forgetting to go get them. I’m still undecided if the glasses are helping but I have decided to keep trying to get her to wear them and to try to get her to nap everyday.


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    Millie has been falling asleep every afternoon and just being totally tired out. I hope it’s a growth spurt but it seems like she’s sick, maybe still trying to get over the flu? anyway, she’s had me worried and she’s been a grouchy little lady but hopefully it’s nothing:

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    Lovin the New Car

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    Millie is such a boss when it comes to her birthday car but she does let people ride and it’s fun watching everyone take a turn. Millie is the WORST driver but i guess that could be expected…


    Packer and Ago racing Millie and Rose – Benji teaching Millie how to steer.

    img_20160911_092921 img_20160911_093000 img_20160911_093048

    Benji needed a turn ๐Ÿ™‚


    and Maren and Gentry needed turns:

    img_20160912_092550 img_20160912_092604

    and then Packer had the neighborhood boys all riding and playing Laser Tag!

    img_20160912_180659 img_20160912_180723

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    Millie is 3!

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    Happy September 11th Birthday to this big 3 year old!

    She knew exactly what cake she wanted. She pulled it up on kids U tube and we watched the tutorial and SHE LOVED IT.

    img_20160909_130645 img_20160909_180227

    She chose to have a cousins party! Lots of her sweet, BiG, cousins came and humored her on her special party night. We played Barbie Barbie Hula Hoop and opened gifts and played in the back yard and ATE ARIEL!!

    img_20160909_191537 img_20160909_191832 img_20160909_191959 img_20160909_192757 img_20160909_195023 img_20160909_195100

    Her Birthday was on Sunday. We opened gifts and tried out her new “car” before church!

    img_20160911_091601 img_20160911_091703 img_20160911_094537

    She also had time for her playdoh and Unicorn.

    img_20160911_100849 img_20160911_100855 img_20160911_101511

    Monday night we went to the Hancock’s house for dinner and then hurried back for cake and Ice cream and a gift from Grandma and Grandpa and of course more driving of the new car:

    img_20160911_192227 img_20160911_192631 img_20160911_192830

    and more cake and candles ๐Ÿ™‚

    img_20160911_194651 img_20160911_194702 img_20160911_195434

    and sweet Megan let her put makeup on …


    And this is the cute picture that Rose drew and colored for the Ariel Party ๐Ÿ™‚


    Another Birthday success! Millie is still such a ball of energy. She is social. Sha talks really well and likes to communicate. She thinks she is a 6 year old and can play pretty well. She still has a tendency to hit and pinch and we are still getting used to the new glasses and still trying to finish out the potty training. It has lost its newness and I have been to lazy to make a chart and bribe her to the end… But I will. Millie Girl gives great hugs. We love her.

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