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    Meat, Cheese, and MAYO!

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    Benji wants Meat, Cheese and Mayo for his lunch everyday. He doesn’t care what else as long as I get the sandwich right (and put a juice in). We are only a month into the school year but he has been consistent so far.

    Other randomness at our house:

    My brother was selling his trampoline but for the day and a half that it was set up the kids LOVED jumping and playing

    Rose is all over the house now. The other kids like to crawl with her. She can pull herself int standing position now but she is scared of the stairs.

    Soccer Season is back in full swing - we practice on Wednesdays and play on Saturdays. BENJI is finally on the BLUE team!

    This is PACKER's first year of soccer. Look how little and Cute! We have a game before Conference on Saturday and a game right after so we will be running to both of those. I'm excited for the weekend!

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    Happy Birthday to ME!


    I had a fun and relaxing day with way too many treats and lots of awesome visitors and phone calls and gifts. THANK YOU EVERYONE. My day went a little something like this:

    actually get dressed so that I can wear my new SHOES!

    11am I got the last of the edge pieces done on my birthday puzzle and had received a few birthday phone calls

    Ben, Rose and I went to Olive Garden for lunch!! and then I came home to yummy treats and more birthday wishes!

    I wore my new hat all day.

    more birthday treats, texts and calls while I worked on my puzzle and did the least amount of work and kids as possible

    Tara fed the kids dinner and Ben and kids picked out my birthday cake!

    I forgot to "not talk" when I was eating my birthday cake so I had to eat it under the table - luckily I had lots of visitors

    At 11:30pm I finished my puzzle and had heard from my parents, in-laws, all 11 siblings and lots of friends so I went to bed HAPPY!

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    Halloween Cookies!

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    Ok – it was a little early but Uncle Ryan was craving sugar cookies and Bats and Ghosts seemed like the way to go. Ryan and Tara made cookies and helped all of the kids frost them.

    the "cool" big kids

    Packer and his masterpieces

    Brinlee showing her cookie

    Cali's turn

    Rose was done by the time I got the camera out BUT she LOVED eating the dough - so yummy

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    Nettesheim’s Got Talent


    Our ‘crazy’ sister in law decided that we should have a family talent show to give the kids a chance to perform and show some of the things they are good at and have been practicing hard at….

    Dancing to "Robot Parade"

    So our problem is we don’t really have any true talents. We haven’t started piano lessons or anything musical. No dance classes, art classes, or classes of any kind and the only sport we do is Soccer which I can’t consider any of our children as being talented in that area 🙂 so… we enjoyed watching the cousins perform their talents and we joined in with a few songs and dances.

    Cali and Packer singing Ghost of John

    Our talents: silly dancing and more silly dancing and Cali sang and so did Packer and they danced some more. They did really love the attention and the atmosphere so it was worth it. And Packer just asked if they could do the ‘cousins skit’ again cause he loved it. It was a successful and FUN night.

    Benji's part in the "cousins play" - he LOVED this

    I'm a Little Tea Pot!

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    life is crazy busy


    I love this picture of the kids playing doggies - so fun!

    Life is crazy busy, that’s all I can think for a title and why I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and the update that will be this blog post on this 20th day of September 2011.

    Cali woke up with Spots 🙁

    We have had sick girls. Life with sick kids is just harder and not nearly as fun or productive. Packer has been begging to go to Trafalga but I couldn’t take a visibly sick child, sorry buddy. We’ve stayed home from church, and I’ve spent lots of time cuddling babies instead of maintaining bathrooms and kitchen. So, Cali woke up a couple Saturdays ago with spots on her back and neck and a pink eye looking goop and a fever so I took her in and the diagnosis was: A Virus, Not chicken Pox and Not Pink Eye, though it looks like both and if she hadn’t been vaccinated Dr thought it looked like Measles. Give her Tylenol and wait it out. Rose has been grumpy off and on all month. She got her 6th tooth sometime recently and I put her to bed with a fever again tonight so we will see what tomorrow brings. Packer didn’t want to be left out of the sickness so he has been nursing his motorcycle burn that he got after a short ride around the block and Benji is also living up any scrape he can. Ben got his cholesterol down with the medication he has been on! yeah! and I am officially anemic says the Dr’s office this past week.

    Erica and Lan and I - yes I am short!

    Rose and Gentry - go cougars!

    Ben, Than and Ryan

    The Hancocks came! I have nothing to say about the game that they came for. I fell asleep during the 2nd half and never want to see how the score got to where it did. But we had fun hanging out on Friday and eating way to much pre-game Saturday. Glad 2 of my best friends married each other and Ben actually likes them so we can all hang out 🙂

    I got my homework done - POSTER all about Benji!

    Benji is STAR STUDENT this week so I have had a ton of “homework”: making a poster, writing a letter and prepping whatever he is supposed to bring for the day. He loves the attention so I guess it is all worth it. Today he brought home his first Chapter book from the library and was so excited to show us. He has also made a new friend at school and that is all he can talk about.

    THE END (sorry for the abrupt ending but if I don’t post now I might never post 🙂 cause LIFE is CRAZY and BUSY)


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    Tay and Cali wrestling

    Shannon has been staying at our house for the last week and a half, actually she stayed for the first day or two and then realized that all of the fun is down in Provo. But it has been fun to see her. We had a sewing day where we used our limited knowledge to fix a few items of clothing and she taught me how to make button holes with my sewing machine. This picture needed to be posted for our mothers sake. Shannon heads to Rexburg tomorrow.

    shannon sewing, for real

    Ryan and Tara moved all of their stuff down from their old place over the weekend. They somehow managed to fit it in our garage while they look for a place of their own. Now we might be officially at maximum capacity around here 🙂

    packed garage!

    Friday night was our annual Nettesheim Backyard Camp Out. It is a lot of fun. We ate dinner, let the kids run around while we visited and then put a movie on the outside of the house when it got dark. The cousins love this tradition and this year was super fun – (just forgot the camera). Then on Monday we had a Nettesheim Brunch for Labor Day over at Ben’s parents. We had tons of good food and enjoyed being with family. I got my camera out at the very end and got one picture of the Packer age cousins…

    micah, packer, sam, luca

    Remember how Rose was getting teeth last week, well she also ended up having a double ear infection so she was a beast all week and weekend and is finally back to her happy self. I love her happy self.

    my happy girl

    in love with this wink

    Kylee and Cali wrestling

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