Month: September 2008

    Happy Birthday to ME!

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    A Golden Birthday happens only one time in a person’s lifetime.  It happens when the person’s age and the date of the day they were born is the same. Today is MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!

     my birthday

    Packer has given me 2 poopy diapers up the back that required changing the whole outfit – – 17 month olds aren’t supposed to do that anymore!! that’s how I know it is a special birthday gift. But here I am with my cute boys and the cute presents they picked out for me. I’m wearing my new Aaron Rodgers shirt and this is the first picture with my NEW CAMERA!!! yeah for nice clear pictures!

    We went to Chilis with the Hancocks for my birthday dinner! I ate way too much food and had lots of fun letting Ben wrestle the kids 🙂

    Than boys

    messy face  the girls

    We just played 2 rounds of CANDYLAND (another gift from my boys) and got the boys in bed. Now i need to finish this Monday Night Football Game so that we can watch Heroes. I had a great birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes – it’s nice having 12 siblings and lots of good friends to check in on ya.

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    Ben 10 Teeth!!

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    Today was Benji’ first time at the Dentist!! Benji’s cousins PJ and Julia were at the dentist when we got there so PJ showed Benji how to work the Play Station and he quickly forgot that he didn’t want to be there.

    scared stiff warming up

    He looks SCARED STIFF here! He was very cooperative though and the hygienist did a great job of making him feel good and comfortable. PJ stuck around to help him out too!

    biggest smiles fighting bears

    Here are the 2 smilers waiting for the Dentist to come and check the clean teeth. They got to play Fighting Bears while we waited and waited… Benji did a super job – he has really good teeth and the Dentist counted them and told him that they are tough guy teeth, Just like Ben 10! And Benji did not forget his moms promise that if he was a big boy at the dentist then he got to go to McDonalds for lunch!! Not a bad morning.

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    The Dentist!

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    My mom works at a dental office. My little sister Tracie is a Dental Hygienist now. BUT I hate going to the dentist. The tools, the scratching, and the polisher. It’s almost the same as nails on a chalk board.… but I feel the pressure to go. I know that getting your teeth cleaned is a good thing and I realized that we are paying dental premiums whether I actually go or not so we are going. I went on Monday. Ben is waiting until he gets his braces off so he gets to go the first week of November. and Benji gets to go on Friday! He has never been so this should be exciting – did I say exciting? I meant INTERESTING. Thanks to Aunt Amanda (who just took her kids in)- after spending a morning at their house Benji is very curious to find out if he has Ninja Turtle Teeth or Spiderman Teeth or maybe Ben 10 teeth if he is really lucky!! Wish my shy little 3 year old luck in the morning – the dental chair awaits!

    the chair 

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    Older Friends

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    Benji is obsessed with our 12 year old neighbor Mitchell. Benji asked if he could go ask Mitchell if he could play so I said sure since I was sure that my little Benji would be way to scared to actually go to the next house, … go up the steps, … get out of sight, … knock on the door, …. and actually ask for Mitchell. I was very surprised when he came back with Mitchell ready to play!!

    the neighbors

    (this pic is of Benji deciding if he should go next door to get Mitchell. Packer had already made his way under the fence.)

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    I have fallen into a LAZY pregnant lady state of being and I am blaming it on Football Season. On Saturday I watched football from 10am to 10pm – taking a break only to go out and get a Banana Split at the Purple Turtle – that was a healthy day! I then continued to watch all 4 televised NFL games on Sunday.  I know its Sunday so I should have had better things to do and all 4 games – yes – only possible with DVR.  Don’t worry I still “needed” to watch the Monday Night Football game as well – – – this is a sad obsession. 

    BUT the Boys did work their magic today and got me to take them to the park. Not just any park but the wood park! Benji has been begging for the wood park but I have had to tell him that it is to big and too tiring for moms that have babys about to pop out of their bellies 🙂 He was very concerned about me afterwards and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t too tired. It was a perfect park day though and we had a great time. Thanks for making me get out of the house and be a good mom! I did have to fight the desire to watch an afternoon football game when I got home and put the boys down for naps. I don’t even recall who was playing but it took all my will power to press the power button and be more productive.

    Packer caught me off guard twice today: The first time he was throwing a fit so I was ignoring the fit. Then the phone rang and he disappeared upstairs. He soon came down with a Jolly Rancher in his mouth and one in each hand and a grin the size of Texas. Do you let your one year old eat Jolly Ranchers??? The Second time just happened when I was making a pizza for dinner and Pac was busily playing in the kitchen… tupperware, plastic baggies, sweeping the floor, and then silence and before I knew it he had climbed up to the table and eaten all of the chocolate chip eyes off of our Halloween Sugar Cookies that we made last night! He is our crazy one. Ben says that if this  little girl is a Packer then we may be done! If it’s a Benji then I can keep thinking about a big family 🙂 If we have a few more Packers then I might consent to being done as well!

    Well I guess that’s all I’ve got for today. Here’s a picture of Packer Riding the Dog – because whats a blog post without a picture?

    our dog 

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    September 10th

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     Packer and Benjijumping on the bed

    Yesterday after naps, Packer (16 months) pulled on his diaper until I took it off.  Then he waddled into the bathroom and sat himself down on the little toilet. He had the biggest grin and new that he was being a big boy. Unfortunately he did not finish the task but it was very cute. 

    Then today after baths I was getting both boys dressed and Packer insisted (no he doesn’t talk yet but you know how babys can make their wants known) he insisted that I let him wear Benji’s Undies! So I had 2 happy boys in Thomas the Train Undies jumping on the bed!

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    Labor Day w/ Robertson Family

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    On the Road Again

    Happy Boys getting ready for our RoadTrip! We had a Robertson weekend – Mom and Pots were driving out to bring Sean to BYU Provo and then Shannon to BYU Idaho. They convinced Michael and Kelsey to come for the ride. Then it was decided that since 2 forks of the Robertson family live in Cedar City, Ut, then the trip would need to pass through there as well. Tracie and John and Ryan and Tara planned a camping spot for us at Cedar Breaks so that’s where we all met up on Friday night.

    Close Quarters

    Joel jumped in our car for a ride down and we got camp all set up in decent time and enjoyed our tin foil dinners. Ours is the Blue tent and I had to apologize for Packer screaming MaMa mama for a good half of an hour at 2:30 in the morning – you can see that our tenting quarters were rather close so I was not the only one to suffer his out burst. Tara and Ryans 2 month old did much better sleeping than The Pac Man. We took our dog for his first camping trip and he did really well. He slept in his cage in our tent and was a good dog.

    Mammoth Caves

    On Saturday we ventured to Mammoth Caves. You crawl through the grate here and can hike quite a ways and come out on the other end. I was the only one not to get the flashlight Memo but it was still a neat place. Benji and Packer slept through most of it (in the car with Dad) but Benj woke up in time to explore the little cave with his cousins.

    Benji in Cave

    We also hiked to a waterfall – I think it was called Cascade Falls. It was a fairly short hike which was perfect for us pregnants and little kids. I forgot the camera so no pics. The “kids” – Joel, Tracie, John, Sean, Shannon, and Kelsey stayed and hiked for a mile or two back up into the cave of the waterfall. Will I ever be that adventurous again?? I’m too mom now – those things I used to do without thinking don’t have the same pull anymore. We’ll see how I feel after these child bearing years!


    Shannon, Ryan, Taylee, Annette, Tom, Joel, Sean, Michael, and Benji. Some of the fam just chillin after the caves. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the trip because we had a really good time. We are due for a new camera so that will inspire more pics and pictures without smudge mark glare across them. 🙄

    Fire Side w Grandma

    This was our last campfire on Sunday. We admit to being wimpy campers. Let me explain. We came with plans to camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. On Saturday after our hikes and as we made dinner it started to rain so we started to pack up some of our stuff and as the hail came pouring down and the wind picked up we jumped in the cars and headed to Ryans house for the night where we could be warm, play cards without getting wet and cold, and be able to get to church on time for Baby Brinlees blessing. And my air mattress was not comfortable! So we left camp and slept inside, we had the baby blessing and luncheon and then Sunday evening we went back up to check on camp and with another 50% chance of thunder storms and dark clouds over our heads we decided to break camp and enjoy one more fire and then we again headed for the safety and warmth of Ryan and Tracies homes. 😀

    Happy boys in car

    Here are the boys after breaking camp – happy to be in the warm car. The trip was tons of fun. I learned a new card game called “Hand and Foot”. We said goodbye to the Ryan Robertsons and the Lewis family and came home on Monday. Sean got to check into his freshman dorms and started school on Tuesday. I got to see the movie Mama Mia with my mom and sisters. “thanks Kelsey”. We spent time with the Johnson side of the family on Tuesday and with Uncle Russel and family. And then Mom and Dad left Wednesday morning to get Shannon settled in Rexburg! I love busy weekends. That was a fun end to our summer.

    Great Grandma Becker

    We also got to meet up with the Nettesheims and celebrate Grandma Beckers birthday on Monday. Grandma was impressed that 16 kids in one house could be that quiet. Bens mom was also in town so we got to spend time with her as well. We enjoyed seeing all of Grandpa Beckers slides and especially the comentary that they shared with us. I love holidays and family.

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