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    Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Netty

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    We usually celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts with Rick and Kris the week before Christmas but this year Grandma Becker wasn’t feeling well and they were spending lots of time helping her and in and out of the hospital so… we celebrated after Christmas on Saturday January 6th!

    we had so much fun opening gifts and trying them all out. Eating some treats. Chasing Quincy. And Everyone enjoyed Soggy Doggy!

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    Christmas Day 2017

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    Christmas Morning! Benji and Packer woke up before 7am but they let the other kids sleep until almost 8am!

    Stocking Candy:

    Tiago carried the big one around until we were ready to open:

    Everyone seemed happy with their gifts!

    After we finished opening we jumped right in to playing and figuring out. We had Kringle and pie and just played all morning!

    The little kids were dying to go out in the 1 inch of snow so I finally let them – and they lasted an hour!

    More Hover Boarding and some of the other presents: Benji: Santorini Board game, Merge Cube, Legos, CanJam. Packer: Zoob Builders, Magic Kit, walkie Talkie, Legos. Cali: matching doll clothes, hair chalk, barbie, Pogo Ball. Rose: Lite Bright, Doll, Barbie, Bow and Arrows. Ray: Bow and arrows, R2D2, Pokemon Watch, Flybar. Millie: Barbie, Trolls, Hatchimals, Poppy Pillow. Tiago: Animals, Spiderman chair, Punching bag, Pokemon watch. Jana: mini Segway, 4 shirts, shoes, book, watchband. Ben: earbuds, Quartz game, clothes, mini arcades.

    And then we went to mom and Dad Netty’s for Christmas Dinner!!

    So much fun watching our kids! And not having a baby was liberating. I felt like I had more time. we had a wonderful day celebrating Christ and this wonderful life that we have been given.

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    Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve was A GREAT DAY. Well, church was actually really hard. Everyone kept saying that it was going to be short church so after being there for 15 minutes my little kids were asking to leave. It made it SOO long for them. BUT it was a great meeting and the music was awesome and it was really uplifting.

    Millie helped Ben make the chicken noodle soup!

    Packer ate 15 spicy starbursts at once!

    And everyone was giddy to open sibling gifts!

    They mostly got each other games: Benji got BB8 Bopit, Packer got Laser Bomb, Cali got a Beanie Boo and peg board, Rose got the LOL game, Ray got Simon Says, Rose got the Hatchimal Game, and Tiago got instruments!

    Then we played all afternoon!

    At 4:30 we headed over to Pete and Amanda’s for a Christmas Eve Party: We enjoyed delicious food all evening!

    Then the kids acted out the story of Christs birth:

    And then we came home and opened our new pajamas, and set out milk and cookies, and checked the Santa tracker and excitedly WENT TO BED!!

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    We went and saw Santa at Cabelas! We hadn’t done this for a few years and it was fun! we took the Saturday off from sports and had fun as a family and with lots of our Netty family. Everyone went to Carl’s Jr. afterwards.

    Millie asked for Hatchimals, Tiago asked for Duckies, Ray asked for an R2D2, Rose asked for Descendants Dolls, Cali asked for an American Girl doll, Packer asked for a drone and Benji asked for a merge Cube cause he thought asking for a Nintendo Switch would sound selfish 🙂

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    Thanksgiving Day

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    We had another great Thanksgiving this year. I love going to mom and dad Netty’s house and enjoying the day with family. Ben was on Bill duty this year. Grandma Becker didn’t make it because she was in a rehab facility and Grandpa was pretty confused the whole time 🙁 We were grateful to be with family and grateful to be blessed with so much!

    The only little kids this year:

    The kids table:

    The big kids basement:

    and the college girls out back:

    Adults table:

    Chocolate and Pumpkin pie!!!!

    We taught some of the family how to play Augustus and that night I went black Friday shopping by myself 🙂

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    Halloween 2017

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    Mike D!

    Hanging out waiting for the school parade:

    Cookies and Haunted Houses:

    The Work Party – cookies, bags and tricks or treats:

    Trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa’s

    We ate hot dogs and Chili at the Cragun, Frandsen, Stott party and then LaNell and I handed out candy while Ben took everyone trick or treating.The kids had offers to go with friends and cousins but they all wanted to stay together with dad 🙂

    Then we went to Pete and Amanda’s to see the cousins:

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    I’m an old lady!

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    In other words, I had ANOTHER Birthday! I am grateful that I was born but Birthdays are still not my favorite. I don’t love the attention but I love being with all the people I love.

    My Kids (husband) showered me with gifts in the morning! It was a Friday so we got up early for school and presents:

    I smoked the kids in some soccer with my new indoors and then sent them off to school 🙂

    Then we opened the puzzle and got started! This year was a Disney movie collage with PLASTIC PIECES and had almost a stain glass look to it!

    The littles helped me find edge pieces. Then Erica came over around 9:30 and Abbie came a little after that. Michelle came after lunch. I loved having puzzle helpers and good conversation. I just love spending my birthday at the kitchen table with lots of fam and friends 🙂

    I continued to be spoiled throughout the day: queso, cookies, flowers, cupcake, a Nap from Tiago and PHONE CALLS from family! …


    The big kids came home from school and helped a little. Then Ben came home and made us a fajita dinner that was delicious. After dinner we went to the Hancocks to hang out and watch BYU football.

    Then LaNell and I had a soccer game at 9:55! and then we came home and finished the puzzle at 1:00am. It ended up being a pretty perfect day.

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    Fun COLOR Run

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    These kids were ready to Run!

    I pushed Millie and Tiago and ran with Erica and Michelle.

    Ray went with Matt and Ellie.

    Rose and Ben went ahead of us.

    Cali was with her friends.

    Benji was up ahead.

    And Packer was our fastest finisher up by himself.


    This year they added chalk at the finish line. Our kids loved it. After the race we hung out and visited with friends and cousins and debated what food trucks to try. Our kids look forward to this every year.

    Ellie and ray are pretty cool together!

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    The rest of LABOR DAY weekend

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    We had Mia and Michelle over for Sunday dinner!

    And Monday was brunch at mom and dads with lots of Nettys and Nate and Becky.


    During the afternoon we hit the PG pool for the last time this season. A bunch of the cousins ended up going to the pool so it was a FUN day.


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