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    Brady and Millie are buddies! He’s lived here most of her life and she loves him! Brady is too nice to ever tell her no, so… they have lots of little routines and time together. Here are a few of them:

    Millie will wait for him to come home from work so she can follow him into the basement, “Bady home?”. He gets his shower stuff ready while she tries on his cologne or eats his candy or gum, or cough drops. She always comes up from the basement with a treat or smelling pretty.

    Then Brady will let her Exercise with him. They hang from the rafters. And do push ups. Brady does pull ups with her on his legs. Then they switch and she does the pull up with him on her legs :).

    Then Brady needs to shower and Millie is still wanting his attention so Millie waits outside the bathroom while he showers. Then Millie goes in to help with hair and teeth.

    IMG_20160420_112029 IMG_20160420_112306
    The rest of the kids love Brady too:

    He lets them Hang from doorways and he plays Take a Seat. He throws them in the air and does Flippies. He lets them hang out in the Party Bus. Sometimes they go get Kong Cones, or visit the Puppy Barn. And they all love when Brady babysits because they get to Sleep in the loft cause Brady is too nice to put them to bed! Brady was a fun Live-in. I love getting to know my siblings better through these experiences. We will miss him. He left 4/20/16  for a job in CA. I think he moved in 9/ 1/14.


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    Ryan and Mary are Moving

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    Ryan and Mary decided to move to CA! what?? We had them come over on Sunday to hang out. We need to schedule a few more fun times before they leave 🙁 . We will miss them.

    IMG_20160417_191507 IMG_20160417_191457 IMG_20160417_172404

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    Look at these cute jumpers. They keep me busy.

    IMG_20160412_124658 IMG_20160412_124700


    Soccer is in full swing! We had our first games on Saturday and the sun was shining but the wind was freezing. So we suffered through 4 games and got wind burnt. The kids tried to run and play to stay warm, or they sat in the van, or they hid under blankets. Not my favorite way to watch soccer… But I did enjoy seeing the kids play. And we did have 2 goal scorers. Rose was just determined to get one – I told her it was too cold for ice cream so she should just wait and score next week but she told me I was wrong and went out and got 2 after half time. I loved it.

    IMG_20160416_090143 IMG_20160416_103613 IMG_20160416_144354

    Benji was also determined. He told Ben to put him in at forward again in the 2nd half because he really wanted to score. He ended up making the tying goal, 3-3. Saturday night we continued the soccer Saturday and bundled up for the RSL game. Benji got to come with us. We dressed in layers and enjoyed an RSL win.

    IMG_20160416_162258 IMG_20160416_220004 IMG_20160416_220011

    Since then we’ve had WARM weather and we are loving it. We’ve been outside a bunch.


    We went to the wood park with my old MTC roommate.


    And ate pizza at Benji’s soccer practice.


    We also went Tuesday Night for Rose’s practice and Wednesday night for some of Cali and Packer’s practices.


    We went to Rotary park with Jamie and Erica and Hilary.


    We played in the Hancock’s backyard. and we even hung out in the sunny part of the couch 🙂


    My BABY is getting so big. He plays with toys and crawls all over the house and laughs and giggles. He loves peekaboo and patty cake and any other attention you give him. He is SOO fun right now. (10.5 months)

    IMG_20160421_124520 IMG_20160421_190906 IMG_20160411_200820

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    Spring Break 2016

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    We had a really good spring break this year. Here’s our breakdown:

    Friday April 1st: Our kids love April fools Day! They are silly and Ben is silly and they have fun and I stay out of it 🙂 Ben tweaked their lunches and set off poppers and wore a disguise and left his picture all over the house for us to run into all day. Tiago cried every time anyone put on the wig or glasses!  That afternoon Ben added to our arcade collection! and That night I had a soccer game and Ben invited his parents and Pete’s family and Falabella boys over for a night of Sheeps Head. After soccer Michelle, LaNell, Mikila and I went over to Erica’s and took her out to Purple Turtle Shakes to celebrate her mom’s bday!

    IMG_20160331_170449 IMG_20160401_222944

    above is the april fools pic that we are still finding around the house and also picturing the Newest arcade. Below is me getting a new high score on Centipede and then Ben demolishing that score as soon as he got home from work 🙂

    IMG_20160401_130237 IMG_20160402_125518-002

    Saturday April 2nd: We went over to Camry’s Birthday Party Breakfast at 9am! Erica had tons of delicious food for us and Cam opened presents and we watched the first session of general Conference together. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with the kids and watching conference. That evening Ben went to Priesthood with his Dad. Cali went to Extreme Air with Camry and Claira and we all went back to the Hancock’s for birthday cake before bed!

    IMG_20160402_091225 IMG_20160402_115407 IMG_20160402_101227-001

    I love the shirtless Millie! She wants to be like her big brothers so she had to sleep shirtless!

    IMG_20160402_152715-001 IMG_20160402_165614-001 IMG_20160402_202611

    Sunday April 3rd: MORE GENERAL CONFERENCE! Brady watched with us. We colored to stay alert. and then that evening Mikila came over to hang out. Brady, Cway, Sean, Jana, Kelsey, Braden, and Jackie all came. We played games and rode the Omoto’s. I didn’t take any pictures but here were some from a few days before:

    IMG_20160331_122929 IMG_20160331_122940 IMG_20160331_131802 IMG_20160331_132015

    Monday April 4th: Monday was our lazy day. I went and got the fuse in the van fixed and we did laundry and chilled at the house. That evening we skated over to our friends house, the Scotts, for FHE. We skated and scooted, jumped, climbed and sang with them. Then we hurried home to beat the rain.IMG_20160404_131330 image(1) image(2)  IMG_20160404_192655 IMG_20160404_192901 IMG_20160404_195512

    Tuesday April 5th:  I don’t have any pictures and I can’t remember if we did anything other than pack and be lazy…

    Wednesday April 6th: We packed our bags and drove to St. George! We left around 11am. We stopped in Beaver for some Cache Valley Cheese and we had Wendy’s for lunch. We got to Matt and Jamie’s condo around 4:00pm when the cleaning crew was just finishing up. We unpacked and changed into our swim suits and hurried to the pool. The kids were SO EXCITED to SWIM. Julia and Sam and PJ, Christian, Lily and Sydney all swam with us. And then Amanda invited us over to eat dinner with them! Amanda’s spaghetti and Jelly Belly’s are definitely part of the St. George tradition 🙂 That evening Pete’s family came over and the kids watched a movie while adults played Hearts.

    IMG_20160406_132800 IMG_20160406_132911 IMG_20160406_133104 IMG_20160406_155621 IMG_20160406_170659 IMG_20160406_170753 IMG_20160406_191037 IMG_20160406_203246 IMG_20160406_212833 IMG_20160406_212843

    Thursday April 7th: Back to the pool! And volleyball court and shuffle board and … COUSINS! I thought I’d take the kids and then bring Millie home for lunch and naps BUT they did not want to leave. We just played all day! That night we grabbed pizza and went to the park. We played a soccer game: old people vs. kids. It was actually really competitive, but we did win! Matt and Jamie taught us a new card game that night.

    IMG_20160407_083411 IMG_20160407_101932 IMG_20160407_102355 IMG_20160407_102403 IMG_20160407_104518 IMG_20160407_104527 IMG_20160407_104639 DSC05503 IMG_20160407_125912 IMG_20160407_125939 IMG_20160407_125949 IMG_20160407_181703 IMG_20160407_233433

    Friday April 8th: We got up and ready and went to the river at 11:00. The water was a lot higher this year but we found a place to cross to the sandy bank and set up for a beach day. The kids explored and played in the sand and … then it started raining on us. And kept raining. So we packed up and headed back to the condos. We forced naps that afternoon. We played games with the kids. Benji and Packer snuck out to the pool. And that evening we met up with my sophomore year roommate Misty! She and Trent and Kennadi and Preslie took us out to dinner at Sakura – all 9 of us! It was a new experience for our family and the kids loved it. I would have been fine eating at Burger King or wherever because the company was great. But Sakura was delicious. It had been way to long since I’d seen those guys.

    IMG_20160408_115035 IMG_20160408_120216 IMG_20160408_120534 IMG_20160408_122036 IMG_20160408_124014 IMG_20160408_125939 IMG_20160408_130824 IMG_20160408_131316 IMG_20160408_132221 IMG_20160408_171534 IMG_20160408_171820 IMG_20160408_181922 IMG_20160408_183728 IMG_20160408_184316 IMG_20160408_184648 IMG_20160408_185239 IMG_20160408_191214 IMG_20160408_193320

    I promised the girls I’d take them night swimming! and they ALL loved it 🙂

    IMG_20160408_210119 IMG_20160408_212152 IMG_20160408_215725

    Saturday April 9th: Our last full day to play in St. George! Guess what they wanted to do?? yeep, we SWAM, almost ALL day AGAIN. These kids just love the water and then cousins were here coming in and out of the water and they just couldn’t get enough. We brought a box of snacks over and everyone chilled all day. It was a little rainy but the kids didn’t care at all. Adults played some cards and watched the kids swim. For dinner we went to Freddy’s! They were planning to go Friday night but when they heard we had plans they all switched the plan so that we could do Freddys together 🙂 St. George traditions! Kids watched Star Wars that night and Adults all got together to chat and game.

    IMG_20160409_095327 IMG_20160409_120839 IMG_20160409_120840 IMG_20160409_121216 IMG_20160409_121645 IMG_20160409_121705 IMG_20160409_130245 IMG_20160409_130256 IMG_20160409_132451 IMG_20160409_142900 IMG_20160409_144447 IMG_20160409_164622 IMG_20160409_191952 IMG_20160409_223353 image(4)

    Sunday April 10th: We packed our bags and went to church. We came back and packed the van and ate lunch and joined the rest of Utah County travelling back home. We got home around 5:30 and unloaded the van. Then I grabbed Tiago and headed over to a little mission reunion open house in Lehi. I hadn’t seen anyone from my mission for so long. I am in touch with my Trainer and have a few facebook contacts but that has been it. It was so fun to see Sister Freitas! (Presidente passed away shortly after their time as our mission presidents.) I got to see an MTC roommate! and a sister that I only met once in the mission but she and I had a bunch of the same companions. And I knew 1 Elder that was there – he and I served in 2 different areas at the same time. I LOVED remembering my mission, speaking a little portuguese and getting updates on old friends.

    IMG_20160410_082005 IMG_20160410_192700 IMG_20160410_200244 IMG_20160411_114734


    THAT’S a WRAP. Great Spring Break! Now we are back to reading minutes, spelling words, piano practice, math, baggie books and SOCCER PRACTICE STARTS THIS WEEK!

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    Family Pictures

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    Camera Shy 2016

    It’s that time of year again for our little family. FAMILY PICTURES. These kids are so cute! I’m glad they’re mine:


    Tiago Ford

    22447_63 22447_72


    Millie Marie

    22447_45 22447_49


    Raymond Thomas

    22447_130 22447_115

    Rose Kristine

    22447_83 22447_86

    Cali Annette

    22447_102 22447_111

    Packer David

    22447_150 22447_150-001

    Benjamin Robertson

    22447_155 22447_161


    The whole crew

    22447_178 22447_188-2

    All 7 of these Little Ones are mine and Ben’s!!! I love being their mom.






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    We had a great Easter Sunday! We spent the evening with the Nettesheims. A delicious Ham dinner and another crazy fun egg hunt 🙂













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    March Madness

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    really NCAA march madness was fun but I don’t have any cute pictures of that. Here’s what I got:

    2 egg fails. I’ve never just dropped an egg, but then I dropped 2 at the same time. And when I opened the other (not dropped) case they were ALL cracked. Not Fun.

    IMG_20160318_190439 IMG_20160318_192058

    Ben and his arcade passion continues 🙂

    IMG_20160319_103212 IMG_20160323_214047

    Packer – creating star wars characters from Random things around our house. Not bad.


    A classic Millie hiding place:


    Kelsey comes over on Sundays sometimes! – these kids love their aunt


    Millie found an Easter Basket at the picture place! Family Pics will need it’s own post:


    We like to play Golf (the card game) Rose always wins.


    I get to play basketball every wednesday night with LaNell and Kelsey and lots of other fun girls!


    A lazy morning.

    IMG_20160324_100741 IMG_20160324_100821 IMG_20160324_130438

    Ben made the peanut butter and coconut eggs this year!


    My 2 babies in a fort! they are getting too big.


    Erica told me that I need to declutter and get rid of stuff. Here’s my effort:


    I can see the kids coming home from school if I’m upstairs at the right time.


    Our bath tub picture collection is complete! All of our babies at 9 months 🙂


    This is what happens when dad is in charge! Tiago loves FOOD.


    Womens Session of General Conference! I went to LaNell’s house this time with Michelle. We had a blast and enjoyed the speakers and the food and the company.


    Just love these cuties:


    Our Nephew Braden got his mission Call!! He came to our house to open it!! Sao Paulo Brazil West!!

    IMG_20160328_201731 IMG_20160328_204929

    Another great hiding spot:


    One of  Tiago’s new tricks – this kid can go wherever he wants now!


    more scripture reading – love my family.


    Brady and Sean brought the latest toys over for us to try – Meet the “O-Moto”!

    IMG_20160331_122940 IMG_20160331_131746 IMG_20160331_131802 IMG_20160331_132015

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    First TOOTH

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    Tiago finally got some teeth! They broke through almost at the same time. He has his 2 bottom ones just barely showing 🙂

    IMG_20160331_102954 IMG_20160331_140621 IMG_20160331_140623

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