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    Dance Festival

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    The kids love the Dance Festival! We were a week behind this year in learning their moves but they all nailed it anyway. Also, Ben had to work – had an important meeting so he couldn’t come film the whole thing from the top of the ladder πŸ™ But I got some good footage and wrangled the other 4 kids – thanks to Udine and Erica helping me.

    DSC05536 DSC05553 DSC05556 DSC05564 DSC05565 DSC05570 IMG_20160524_095802 IMG_20160524_095807

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    May Wrap Up

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    Maren and Millie. Gentry and Rose. These girls ask to play EVERYDAY. They can’t get enough of each other.

    IMG_20160504_113357 IMG_20160504_130648 IMG_20160504_133405

    Rose is SO CLOSE to reading! She has learned a lot from her online preschool.


    Look at this smile! I can just watch him for hours and hours…

    IMG_20160505_174852 IMG_20160505_174854

    Once in a while we go out in the big stroller. They all fight about where they get to sit or who they want to sit by but we have fun.

    IMG_20160506_104533 IMG_20160506_104538

    Aunt Christy came for a day! Millie clung to her. I love spending time with my family.

    IMG_20160507_100938 IMG_20160507_100948

    Sometimes Millie just crashes, and sometimes she wears soccer jerseys and cleats on Saturdays πŸ™‚


    Packer earned a BUG LUNCH!





    My baby! He can climb up the stairs whenever he wants! He tries to play Tetherball. He swings with his sisters! JUST SO BIG.

    IMG_20160507_151917 IMG_20160516_165800 IMG_20160516_171941

    We’ve had some nasty colds this month:


    Benji had the 5th grade economics fair. He sold Arcade plays on the big screen and some candy. Then he was so sweet to bring home treats for all of his family and a new shirt for Ray!

    IMG_20160520_094728Β IMG_20160520_143536



    Julia had Tiago come for show and tell!! EVERY BABY needs a chance at that.



    And then Ben got the garden put in!


    On Saturday the 21st we had a goodbye party for Ryan and Mary and family! So sad they left UT but excited for their future.

    IMG_20160521_211401 IMG_20160521_214838 IMG_20160521_215045 IMG_20160521_215059 IMG_20160521_221414 IMG_20160521_232726 IMG_20160521_235703 IMG_20160522_083023

    This GUY!! He practices standing ALL the TIME and is adorable!

    IMG_20160523_075236Β IMG_20160524_190307Β IMG_20160525_082323

    Ben got a new game for his birthday: Incan Gold. We played Sunday night with the Hancocks and then the kids played again on Monday after school πŸ™‚


    These girls have their own beds but they usually choose to be together… silly…


    This week we are doing our FIRST EVER SWIM LESSONS with the PG Swim Team. The kids are having a lot of fun.


    I cleaned the garage on Wednesday! The kids loved playing with everything I cleaned…

    IMG_20160525_105801 IMG_20160525_110811 IMG_20160525_112654 IMG_20160525_123528

    AND THEN – WE ALL GOT SICK! Millie then Rose and Cali all started throwing up before bedtime! Then Benji and Packer kicked in by midnight and Ben started this morning. 40ish barfs. 5-10 each. Ray was the day before and Tiago has nasty diapers instead of throw up. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten it yet but I am grateful and glad that I was able to take care of my house of sickies today.

    IMG_20160526_081230 IMG_20160526_085055Β IMG_20160526_101521 IMG_20160526_111148 IMG_20160526_111227 IMG_20160526_145844

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    Life Lessons

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    Benji had a hard day on Monday May 16. It was Grade Up day! (it’s when you pretend to be the grade that you’ll be next year and you kind of but not officially find out who your teacher will be and who will be in your class.) He is in a class with a new, Male teacher, and none of his friends. Not with Seth, or Ty or Hyrum or Ryan or… πŸ™ Heartbreaking really… so we had some good discussions about life and making the most of what you get and having a good attitude and maybe he will be an awesome new teacher and it’ll be good to make even more friends before he starts Junior High and at least he can still see his buddies on recess and lunch.

    Everyone is telling him to just request a different teacher but… that just seems like too much. I think enough people will already be doing that, some with good reason others just because they are disappointed like our son. I think it’ll make him tough and he’ll be more ready to deal when life doesn’t always give you Roses.


    On the flip side: Packer and Cali both got good teachers and are in the same classes as their Falabella Cousins and other friends!!

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    Kelsey did her best to entertain but the target sticker only lasted so long


    Tiago got his first sucker on the drive to California. He is so cute and curious.

    IMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3147Β IMG_3141


    soon enough he’ll be licking fry sauce like this beauty πŸ™‚


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    Potty Training??

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    Millie is thinking she is ready to be a big girl and use the toilet!!! Of course she chose the dirtiest grossest bathroom for her first success. And then she tried to make our already long car rides extra long by insisting on using the toilet (grrr) Now for mom to be ready…

    IMG_20160509_154312 IMG_20160509_154320

    and why do my kids LOVE love public restrooms!


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    IMG_20160503_145910 IMG_20160503_145912 IMG_20160503_145915 IMG_20160503_145921 IMG_20160503_145924 IMG_20160503_164920

    He loves the stairs. He is really good at going up. Β He has NO IDEA how to come down…

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    Drive Home Day 5

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    All good things come to an end.

    We left on May 9th and came home on the 14th.

    We headed home from Seal Beach Saturday morning.

    We dropped Kelsey off in Las Vegas so she could go to Thailand with some friends!


    And we got home around 7:30. It’s always good to be home. Here are the kids with their Disney Purchases πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160514_201416 IMG_20160514_201421 IMG_20160514_201423

    Ray was ‘killing’ us with his Bow and Arrow poses!



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    Seal Beach Day 4

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    We checked out of the Desert Inn across from Disneyland and headed over to a little beach town and spent the afternoon on the beach. Our kids have only been as little babies and Benji and Packer went when they were 2 and 3… so this was new and exciting and lots of fun!!!

    IMG_20160513_122142 IMG_20160513_122232 IMG_20160513_122238 IMG_20160513_122409

    They were really fun to watch when we first got there. The ocean and sand were foreign to them. They ran down in their clothes and were just amazed.

    IMG_20160513_122708 IMG_20160513_131643

    We taught them how to jump into the waves and how to run away from them. We explained the tide and how the waves will pull you out as another wave comes in. We brought a body board but the waves weren’t quite right.

    IMG_20160513_133450 IMG_20160513_135941

    The boys learned the art of sand seat building.


    Kelsey taught the girls to make a perfect face-rest for beach sleeping.






    We brought food and snacked and enjoyed the slightly overcast, warm but not too hot day.


    And then we watched the dolphins!! There were several dolphins out just passed the 2nd wave. We could see them swim and their backs would surface and it was pretty awesome. We watched them for a good 10 minutes.


    These two couldn’t believe how big the sandbox was and kept talking about the REAL sand πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160513_140026 IMG_20160513_142608

    Tiago might have eaten a little sand πŸ™‚


    These kids were sand castle newbies but we taught them a few tricks.

    IMG_20160513_145121 IMG_20160513_145131 IMG_20160513_145156


    and then we hit the water again! and Tiago attacked our Sand Castles πŸ™‚


    IMG_20160513_145629 IMG_20160513_145631 IMG_20160513_145635 IMG_20160513_145639

    The kids loved sitting and letting the waves wash over us and knock them over.


    I love how sandy Rayzor is in this picture.


    Around 5:00 we called it quits. We drove e few minutes to our fancy Best Western πŸ™‚ and scrubbed the sand off Β and bathed and Β ordered mexican food and just relaxed the evening away.

    IMG_3295Β IMG_3296


    Beach Day was also a complete SUCCESS.

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    Park Hopper Day 3

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    We bought the park hopper ticket so that we could go to both parks on day 3. We ended up spending most of our day at Disneyland but we did HAVE to go back for California Screamin’ and Tower of Terror. We made a list on Wednesday night of the rides that we didn’t get to do and the ones that we NEEDED to do again.



    Small World


    Tiago and I waiting for the guys on Space Mountain – He was happy to be out of the stroller.

    IMG_20160512_103323 IMG_20160512_104324 IMG_20160512_105153

    One of the best rides! Kelsey and Ray and Rose saved a place in line at Pixie Hollow so Cali and Rose ran from Space Mountain to meet Tinkerbell πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160512_105419 IMG_20160512_105635 IMG_20160512_105650

    Brooke came to see me!!!!


    That’s what you can do when you haven’t seen a friend for WAY to long.

    IMG_20160512_115520 IMG_20160512_115534_1 IMG_20160512_115540

    We watched Beauty and the Beast at the Royal Theater.

    IMG_20160512_120943 IMG_20160512_121013 IMG_3273Β IMG_20160512_121923

    We fast passed through Buzz light year πŸ™‚


    And back on the rockets while the big kids did Big Thunder Mountain or Star Tours or both…

    IMG_20160512_131536 IMG_20160512_131547 IMG_20160512_131826 IMG_20160512_132013 IMG_20160512_132052 IMG_20160512_132440 IMG_20160512_133040

    We waited in line to see all of the princesses at the castle. Rose forgot to wear her dress the first time we saw a princess so I waited in that line for her πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160512_140411 IMG_20160512_144240

    We skipped Splash Mountain the first day but the kids LOVED it, exccept PAcker = once was enough for him.


    Kelsey is named after this guy but we didn’t let her wait in the 30 minute line to get a proper picture πŸ™‚


    Waiting for the Haunted Mansion – Our last day was the HOTtest.


    Benji and I snuck back to Star Tours with an extra fastpass!

    IMG_20160512_161046Β IMG_3287

    And then we enjoyed some Ice$ream!! and let the kids pick ONE thing to buy to remember our trip.


    Then this strange guy started calling my name! jk I hadn’t seen Jake since the college days! It was fun to talk with him and meet his family.

    NEXT we headed over to California Adventure. We did the SKy School Coaster a few times while the littles watched the parade!

    IMG_20160512_175000 IMG_20160512_175029 IMG_20160512_175123

    I sent everyone off to do Screamin and some fun rides so I was juggling Packer, Rose, Ray, Millie and Tiago. I had to ask a woman for help so that we could all go on the Zephyr. She rode with Millie πŸ™‚ Β and then she thanked me and gave us 30$ Disney Dollars!!

    IMG_20160512_181756 IMG_20160512_182121

    I of course took a turn on Screamin!and the littles did the carrousel again.

    IMG_20160512_192137 IMG_20160512_192440

    Rose was begging for Tower of Terror so we did that.

    IMG_20160512_200613 IMG_20160512_200803

    Then I took the stroller home and Ben, Kelsey, Benji, Packer, and Cali finished up the last hour with shopping and Star Tours. We DID a LOT. I got these babies in bathed and in bed and they were even smiling in their sleep πŸ™‚




    J&B Netty 2016 DISNEYLAND = SUCCESS!

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