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    Â Â "our weekend play mates" Â 5 of jana's siblings and Tyler


    Friday 4pm Ben leaves for a Winter Scout Campout. 6 pm Kids go to Lalo’s birthday and cousins night. 7pm Jana soccer game. 8pm Meet up at my house with Ryan (+4kids) Joel and Kelsey. Grocery shop for weekend o fun. Pick up kids at cousins. Brady and Tyler join the party. Play bonanza, dominion, … Kids to bed super late. Play more games. Get to bed around 3am.  Saturday 8am Make French Toast, feed kids, wake up college kids, 10am Ben gets home, finish breakfast, start working on the play room. 2pm sheet rock done, send Ben to LOWES for a few more essentials… Pizza break, run to stake center for my church calling, start tape and mud, insert door casing, build toy box, FINISH working, Start Gaming!! Go get Shannon in Alpine in a blizzard, meet everyone at JUMP ON IT – kids get their energy out, big kids try BIG tricks – girl we don’t know busts her ankle, Ambulance blocks us in so we are almost late to our soccer game but we get there right in time for a 10pm TIE. 11:30pm get kids to bed, keep playing games and downing the food and beverage. 2am ish off to bed. Sunday 7am Ben to priesthood, 10am Stake Conference, 12pm lunch, naps and games and Ben makes the roast. , Joel, Shan and Kel go visiting the extended fam. We learned an expansion to beans and kept gaming. Ben makes awesome sunday dinner. Play games until 2am again. Monday 7am Ben leaves to get donuts and do flags with the scouts. 9am Jana starts making crepes. Ryan, Ben and Jana decide to let the college kids sleep and we play Puerto Rico! 2 times! Then we get the crepes going. 12pm we all eat a few crepes and get dressed for the day. 2pm meet up at Rock Canyon Park for some Yorbing. Ryan, Shannon, Michelle, Udine, Tyler, Diego, Taylee and Kylee were all first time yorbers – that equals exciting! (visit Michelle’s blog for pics and details:  4:30 we head home so Ben can take down flags with scouts. Ben makes another grocery run. We have sandwiches and chips for dinner. Aunt Di comes to check in on us. Ryan leaves at 7ish, Di and Shannon and Mindy leave at 8ish, Joel, Brady, Kelsey and Tyler stick around for one more game of Dominion before we call it a wrap 🙂 9:30pm they are on their way to hot tub monday and BEN AND I ARE OFFICIALLY EXHAUSTED!

    Cali and Brinlee playing the bean game

    Packer and Marlee playing Square Up

    Rose snuggling with Aunt Kelsey

    a little pictureka for the kids... I love that the 2 year olds can really play

    We had a super fun weekend but it might take me 2 or 3 days to recover from this one! It has been 24 hours now but I am not ready for real life yet 🙂 BUT our play room is coming along!! I can’t wait for it to really be done! We need to do a little more prep – then paint and carpet and BRING IN THE TOYS!!

    The Door (i decided that i did not want an actual door - just open like this).

    Almost ready for paint - my built in toy box in the back!

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    Rose had her 4 month checkup


    Rose went to the Dr. on Monday for her 4 month well check… and has been grouchy ever since!

    4 months 14 pounds 24 inches

    She actually holds on to toys now!

    She was the talk of the Dr.s office and did all of her big smiles and laughing for them. Did I mention that those were the only smiles this week? Rose rivals Benji for my easiest baby. She is so fun and I till just love to hold her whenever I can.

    attention span of my 2 year old

    On Tuesday I read ALL of these books to Cali before her nap!! how did she negotiate that??? She loves to be read to and I figure i might as well jump on that opportunity and let her soak in all the information she can from these books.

    a favorite

    “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” – that’s the part she tries to sing along with. She also just realized that Ben reads to the boys in their room after family prayer (they are reading Fablehaven – i just started it today and I am hooked.) so now I have to read a book or 2 to her in her bed at night. We’ve tried to let her listen in with the boys but she just can’t keep herself under control.

    Cali also feels the need to stand on her head upside down when we read this funny monkey page.

    you can find me here at least 5 times a day

    Benj just took this picture of me and I think I’ll put it in his baby book because this is where I am sitting when he goes to school and this is what i do right after we pick him up from school… he might think I’m sitting here the whole day :).

    Found your Goggles Ben

    Cali really wanted in the sink with Rose - she ended up being a great help!

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    Sponge Bob!

    Packer chooses ‘sponge bob valentines’ every year – maybe cause its the one show he knows I won’t let him watch.

    isn't she so grown up?

    Cali was very happy to get Tinkerbell valentines – – and she devoured her valentine candies as fast as they were given to her. Ben got me an amazing gift! It was a little box so I thought it might be the cheesy heart pendant covered in diamonds on all of the jewelry commercials – you know from Zales. 🙂 Lucky for me it was not diamonds 🙂 it was a coupon for a womens 3v3 soccer team!! I love it and can’t wait to play.

    i also love that Cali took the time to sign all of her Valentines.

    Benji loved getting all of the valentines from school – but true to character he has only eaten the candy from 1 or 2 of them. He wrote this valentine story at school:

    Benji, valutips YOU Giv Trees ad cars

    translation: valentines you give treats and cards. although I’m thinking trees and cars would be pretty cool valentines to get 🙂 We went with strawberry waffles for the red dinner and to end the day I fell asleep to my yearly valentine chick flick movie.

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    Oh Happy Day!

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    That was a text I got from my brother last Sunday night but we have been feeling that way all week 🙂

    Sorry Steelers fans but we needed to bring the Lombardi trophy home – I maybe have heard that phrase one too many times this week as well 🙂

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    Day to Day


    our day to day life:

    It seems like I either having everything or nothing going on… for example the weeks that I teach Joy School are busy just from planning and prepping for that but then they always seem to be the same weeks that I teach Relief Society so I get to add the planning and prep for that lesson as well and then it’s parent teacher conferences, birthdays, Dr.s, friends or family in town or whatever that week may bring. I actually like the busy weeks better because I am 99% more productive those days than on the days where I really have no where that I have to be. Unfortunately I still function on deadlines so when I don’t have one I am lazy. This is an attribute that needs fixing and I am at least aware ad admitting that and hopefully will be able to make changes in the near future.

    Rose is just starting to be entertained by toys - the other kids are very much entertained by the baby toys also.

    Benji has had a busy week. He kept bringing home phone numbers from classmates at school and I finally let him call Bradley, now they are little buddies. Benji went to his house on Monday. On Tuesday he went to Lalo’s. Wednesday we went to my Grandparents and today we had Lance over to play. He still loves school but he has started to put his homework off a little rather than doing it all Monday afternoon. He is getting good at reading and has just started writing. We had a parent teacher conference tonight and Miss Mynti sang praises about his classroom behavior. He told me this week that he doesn’t like being the oldest because he has to do EVERYTHING.

    the big brother most likely watching "Ben 10"

    Yesterday I left Rose on the blanket and went to do laundry or something – -when I came back I found my cute Cali playing with all of her babies…

    the little mommy 🙂

    LaNell was over tonight for her weekly visit and just brought me home from our basketball game. I wore #10 and any high school friends reading this will know what number Lan was. We remain undefeated – I think Anderson and Ruby would be proud of us 🙂 Good Night.

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    Happy Birthday Elma Johnson

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    I went and visited my Grandma today for her birthday. She told me not to tell you that she is 84 years old today but I need to write it down so that I can remember. I told her that I wanted to ask her a few questions to record on my blog so this is what I got:

    Favorite Color: Blue and Red. Food: Chinese (today). Number: 29 for the number of grandkids. We talked about a favorite vacation when they went with friends on a bus tour to the Calgary Stampede rodeo. And how they loved to play pinochle on Friday nights with the same couple. They would go to Chuck-a -Rama and then back to the house for a card game. Grandma likes Skipbo too. Her favorite animal is a dog. They used to have a black poodle named Gi Gi (?) and she likes to spend time in Kanab when they can. My Grandma HATES to get her picture taken, she’s been that way as long as I have known her. She was much happier when I went to take a picture of the pictures on her wall:

    84 Elma Johnson 20

    Happy Birthday Grandma! 🙂

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    Did I mention that we watched the Super Bowl? Super Bowl XLV, Packers vs Steelers…

    me, Ben, Udine, Michelle, Pete, Amanda, Matt and Jamie (Em and Schy just left 🙁 )

    We watched with Ben’s family – 4 of his siblings, a cousin, and our sister in laws 3 siblings – there was so much Green and Gold in Matt’s basement that there was no doubt who that house was cheering for. All of the nieces and nephews were bouncing off of the walls. A few of them are old enough to know what a big game this is.

    Nettesheim Cousins ready for the BIG game

    We tried to educate Benji on the importance of this game. He almost gets what a big game it was. He was excited BUT he’s a little hesitant to wear his jersey to school what?? I convinced him that he SHOULD wear his Green Bay T-Shirt MOnday but he said only monday – not all week 🙁

    Go Team! (Packer is incapable of looking at the camera)

    Ben didn’t eat anything the entire game!!  what?????? Super Bowl parties = eating lots of snacks right?, not when you’re this invested in the game… Ben didn’t eat or drink at all. He sat and stared and rubbed his head, and tried to find the lucky position, and cheered… Most of us were so into the game that we couldn’t even enjoy the commercials. It was intense.

    the occasional 'stand and cheer'

    The Packers won the Super Bowl in 1997 but I wasn’t a Packer fan yet and Ben was on his mission in Brazil so he didn’t get to see the victory or even really hear about it ’till it was long over. Ben’s been waiting his lifetime for this day and he is loving it!!


    The MOJO this year….  Ben: White Packer shirt, no jersey, hold baby Rose. Jana: Aaron Rodgers Jersey, Ben’s grey sweatshirt, no Packer socks. Benji: Jennings Jersey. Packer: Driver Jersey. Cali: Pink Jersey. Rose: Pink Onesie. Eat Chex Mix and drink Gatorade!!! That my friends was OUR winning recipe :), the rest of the Nettys kept up the MOJO on their end and the PACKERS did the rest 🙂


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    Crawl Space to Play Room

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    We had another CRAZY BUSY FUN FULL weekend! Friday night was our turn to watch the kids for cousins night and my brother brought his 4 kids so we had a house full that night. We worked on our playroom on Saturday and my brothers stayed for church Sunday and Super Bowl watching that night. My house looks like a tornado hit it with all of the toys and saw dust BUT I wouldn’t change a thing…

    Brinlee and Cali - happy Girlies

    We are finally working on making the crawl space under our kitchen into a PLAY ROOM!!! We poured cement during the summer. We had an electrician come in January and on Saturday we started in on the walls and ceiling. My 3 (Utah) brothers came and spent the night Friday so we could get up and get working on Saturday. We were a little giddy actually – us Robertsons really enjoy a little project every now and then. We had to raise the kitchen sink plumbing, install air vents, (fix an emergency leak in the water main), move several electrical wires and frame 2.5 walls. Then we started the sheet rocking. The ceiling is done and 2 of 4 walls but we didn’t quite finish. We had to take a break to go win a soccer game (best game yet), and visit the grandparents. I got home from Stake Basketball and made dinner at 8pm and we were all spent. It’s hard being in a 4 foot crawl space all day. Our knees were killing and backs were aching so we called it a day.

    "Tool Belt" the brains of the operation

    Framing the walls

    installing Air vents

    fixing the water main

    moving the plumbing

    insulation in

    starting the sheet rock

    My brother brought his 4 kids and the kids just played all day. The house is thrashed BUT we are well on our way to a play room!

    Taylee's class pet

    The Bearded Dragon Lizard also came for the weekend. He stayed in Cali’s room. The kids loved it and he was a big hit for cousins night but when we went to put Cali to bed in her crib right next to him she freaked out and started yelling “SCARY, SCARY” over and over so she got to sleep in mom and dads room 🙂

    GOOD WORK BOYS! Lets finish soon – Presidents DAY anyone????

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    Super Bowl Champions!!


    Green Bay Packers Just won the Super Bowl!! That was awesome. You know we are sitting here watching highlight after highlight, not wanting to go to bed so this moment can last forever… ahh, I might just watch sports center all week long.
    I caught the celebration on video – Here’s Ben’s reaction to the win… (remember he was on his mission in 97 when the Pack won it so he has been waiting a lifetime to SEE his team win the Super Bowl!!)

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