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    Time continues to fly. I wish it would slow down.


    We finally had some nice weather and went to the park a few times and just LOVED being outside. It has been the longest winter that I have lived through.


    We went to a surprise party for my brother in law. Happy 30th Schyleur!


    A leprechaun stopped to use our toilet!


    Rose went overboard on the makeup and then got mad and sad when she realized she messed up.


    I had horrible cards for both games of Rook. No chance of calling or being the partner.


    We inherited some wave runners! Not sure if they work or not but they have been on my dream list for forever.


    And last night my sister Kelsey opened her mission call at our house. We had all of the family on google hangout and everyone that could make it came and it was super fun. She is gong to Taiwan, Taipei on August 7th! We’re excited for her and proud of her decision to go and serve.

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    We are building a new house! It’s fun to see the progress each day. We first looked into about a year ago, so it’s been in the works for a while and it’s exciting to see it really happening. We are mostly framed. We stop by daily and walk through whenever the workers aren’t there. It’s fun.






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    CALI on the swing – it’s 60 degrees!

    swing me

    We finally had a play outside and not get wet or cold day!! I’ve been waiting for this all year, literally. Raymond and Rose loved the park after lunch and then after school the kids played outside. They went back out after cub scouts and then again after dinner. Ray didn’t know what to do about the grass. It was great. Great enough to get me to blog!

    they all love to wrestle Ben

    Our month has been random. Chill but busy all at once. Here is some of the randomness:

    the cold has driven us to McD’s a few times recently…

    We had breakfast for dinner – the boys each had 3 pieces of toast and the rest of their meal! That is a lot. Rose kept licking the honey butter off of the toast and begging for more. Not toast – just more honey butter on the toast. How many times can you soak the same piece of toast in honey butter and how many licks does it take to fill a 2 year old belly?

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    helping clean the couch

    Roses perfect place is anywhere with her blankets and sippy watching Dora, Diego, or Blue’s Clues. And she has to have strawberry milk – i don’t remember why I started that but I am ready for it to be done. Cali still loves Caillou – it’s almost always her first choice!

    excited to try on their dresses for the wedding

    Ray is perfecting the fake cry. He uses it to get Rose off of moms lap. He bats his eyes at the same time – pretty cute. He is a master of facial expressions. Lots of oohs ahhs and ohs. He still won’t stand but he is our most on the move baby. I’m blaming him for a messy house. And he is finally learning to wave and say Hi.

    Ray on my lap. The cold has also driven me to use my nook more – reading is not good for me because I am incapable of responsible reading.

    outgrowing the toy room

    Ben and I are playing co-ed indoor soccer with the Netty fam again! It is fun. My perfect Saturday would include a few hours down at the field playing and then discussing the game and enjoying the company. Kids soccer Saturdays will start soon so we’ll have to take another break.

    ready to donate to the soda pop walk!!

    Brady is on our soccer team

    Benji came home from school and told me that he wants to be a soccer player or computer programmer or game maker. So Packer declared his desire to be an artist or a skylander maker. Cali wants to be a Cheerleader and a Doctor at the same time, switching between the two. And Rose decided to be the same as Cali. We’ll let you know how that plays out in 20 years 🙂



    Ray pushing Rose off the toy – he is starting to hold his own around here and is actually a pretty big tease when it comes to him and Rosie.

    Packer made a Leprechaun trap in the backyard. Orange cones, garden pot, paper leprechaun and a carrot. He is convinced that he will catch one. I mean someone at school caught one so they must be all over and pretty easy to catch…

    THE TRAP and the happy trap maker

    glow worm has been revived!

    I think that is about as random as it gets… bye.

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