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    Father’s Day

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    THIS GUY IS A GREAT DAD. the kids just love him. me too. We had a good, chill Sunday and finished the day with dinner with Ben’s Dad and Mom and all of the Nettys. We tried to make it a special day with food he liked, and didn’t let him cook, and he slept in a little and we played games together.


    Millie’s nursery teacher is trying to Brain Wash her out of being a PACKER fan!

    IMG_20160619_191122 IMG_20160619_220037 IMG_20160620_101145

    It was a good Father’s Day and I got to talk to my dad that evening to complete the day. I am blessed with awesome Fathers in my life.

    67273fa424ae465aa4e0467424d89dc2 8192b4432dde4dc7b54cbd46451042ee IMG_20160620_200313

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    Plays, Commercials, Acting and Dress Up

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    Our kids are constantly doing plays. They love to dress up and then make up a play to perform for me or the other moms and siblings. I can’t believe how many they have done already this summer. I love that they are being creative and imaginative and having FUN. Hancocks and Falabellas have been there stage friends.


    IMG_20160608_142209 IMG_20160608_142216


    IMG_20160617_152959 IMG_20160617_153233



    IMG_20160621_190332 IMG_20160621_191011 IMG_20160621_191054


    IMG_20160622_121758 IMG_20160622_124451 IMG_20160622_124454

    Honestly – there have been others that I did not document or only took video of. They are loving this. Packer did commercials one day. They did Penny Pan, and lots of Descendants plays. Our favorite line of the summer so far is when cute Fairy Godmather Rose said, “Bippity Boppity DIE” and killed the sister. I’m interested to see how long this keeps going…

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    Clear Creek

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    IMG_20160613_072613 IMG_20160613_072617

    monday the 13th through friday the 17th was Benji’s Clear Creek Camp! He got to learn lots about the trees, flowers, river, rocks, mines, ropes course and animals. He got to make some new friends, eat school food for a week, have campfires, and miss us just a little bit. It was a weird week without our oldest in the house but everyone survived and Benji had a great time!

    IMG_20160613_073456 6-16-2016-4

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    Strawberry Days

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    Apparently Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days is the longest running celebration in the state of Utah! We’ve been going for 12 years and we like it.IMG_20160615_172507 IMG_20160615_172538 IMG_20160615_173111

    The BIG slide was fun. Millie has no fear but she was fearful on her way down. She didn’t realize what she was getting into. This was our group this year: Kelsey, our family MINUS Benji, and we met up with the Hancock’s. By the end we also met up with some of the cousins!


    Gentry and Rose – these 2 girls LOVE to be together


    Cali and Rose were determined to go on this one. Gentry, Claira and Than went with them


    we took over the dragon for our 20 laps!



    IMG_20160615_173529 IMG_20160615_174150 IMG_20160615_174306 IMG_20160615_174932 IMG_20160615_175952(1) IMG_20160615_182401 IMG_20160615_183346

    Benji was gone to Camp all week so I told him I would take him when he got back on Friday. I went on one ride with them and I was done! I used to LOVE spinny but I had to concentrate and hold still to make it through this one.

    IMG_20160617_193847 IMG_20160617_195403 IMG_20160617_195918 IMG_20160617_200845

    We went to the PARADE Saturday morning. We loved it this year with our shade. Diego got thrown out of his seat by the Harley Bear! Udine got to meet Xani Haynie – not pronounced Shiny Hiney! And we all got candy and hats and aprons and balls and water and coupons.

    IMG_20160618_093522 IMG_20160618_110751 IMG_20160618_111414 IMG_20160618_112657 IMG_20160618_112701 IMG_20160618_112707 IMG_20160618_112850_1 IMG_20160618_113005

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    Cousin Luke

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    My COUSIN LUKE has a son named River. We keep seeing Luke and River at the baseball fields when we go to Cali’s games. River came over to play the other day and then we went to ‘their’ house to see the baby puppies!

    IMG_20160610_152140 IMG_20160610_152239 IMG_20160610_152607

    Did you know aunt Carol has a fancy tether ball pole? I was envious. Strong enough for the kids to climb.

    IMG_20160610_160557 IMG_20160610_161022 IMG_20160610_161203 IMG_20160610_161327 IMG_20160610_161350

    and then Luke came home and showed us the chickens and the goat. And we watched the little dog play soccer and the other 3 dogs fight over every fetching stick in the yard!


    Turned into a good spur of the moment day with family 🙂

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    I am loving summer BUT I am exhausted.

    We made a NO ELECTRONICS rule. I believe that is contributing to the fun and contributing to my exhaustion. We haven’t gone anywhere amazing or spent any money but we are BUSY and HAPPY.  I LOVE THE CREATIVE THINGS the kids have been doing. but I ALSO am craving some down time so I can get caught up on everything around the house.



    learning to play baseball:

    IMG_20160531_204057 IMG_20160531_204044 IMG_20160531_203910 IMG_20160531_203856

    Riding bikes:

    IMG_20160531_121257 IMG_20160531_101212 IMG_20160531_101114



    Baseball with Pacen:


    Zoo with Claira:


    Carnival with Camry:


    Swimming with Maren:



    Piano with Gentry:

    IMG_20160607_123620 IMG_20160607_123621

    Slip n Slide with Hancocks and Falabellas:

    IMG_20160603_131431 IMG_20160603_133146 IMG_20160603_141406

    These boys were cracking me up…

    IMG_20160603_141421 IMG_20160603_141422 IMG_20160603_141441 IMG_20160603_141443 IMG_20160603_141512 IMG_20160603_141535

    We got Sun Burns 🙁


    Anna got baptized and we celebrated Ellie’s 5th Birthday:


    Performing “The Invisible Bench”:

    IMG_20160604_184530 IMG_20160604_190211

    Benji ate 2 burritos at the baptism and then begged for 5$ Costa Vida that night!!


    We had our second Netty Family Fireside where Grandpa Nettesheim leads a gospel discussion:

    IMG_20160605_205749 IMG_20160605_205759

    More Royal Theater and skits with Hancocks and Falabellas:

    IMG_20160606_125451 IMG_20160606_125459 Snapchat-9066858518273813502

    In the garage with Otter Pops when it gets to hot:


    When mom and dad say it is time for bed so they all run outside and play to postpone their bedtime! 9-10pm bedtime is too late for this mom.

    IMG_20160606_202531 IMG_20160606_203031

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    Margaret Wines Park with the Robertsons

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    We went to the park on Friday night and hung out with my family. Joel and Megan, Sean and Jana, Shannon and cousin Megan and her friend Mindy. That’s our Utah crew right now while Kelsey tours Thailand. We had a blast. I loved being at that park with the big mature trees and throwing a ball and hanging with family and Joel and Megan made us a delicious dinner and … Summer is Awesome! Really 5 hours of FUN.


    Gus and Ago = swing buddies!


    these babies were cracking us up: and my brother Joel is pretty funny too.


    playing at “Gus’s Park” !!


    Benji and Shannon playing catch!


    kids exploring the rock pile, waiting for dinner.


    This guy came after work with drinks and treats. I like him.


    so fun to play catch and to help all of my kids learn to hit


    These 2 loved the swing – they went back for more after dinner.


    Sean and Jana took care of Tiago and brought the Spike Ball!


    Megan and Gus and baby girl on the way!

    And then on Saturday I convinced Shannon to go rollerblading with me by Utah Lake!


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    Heritage Park with Netty Cousins

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    We had so much fun at the park. All of the Utah families were able to make it. Well, everyone that wasn’t working. Grandma came too 🙂


    guarding the jail in capture the flag


    2 fisting it: trying to get used to real milk.


    making teams for capture the flag


    chatting and snacking




    Millie – sunbathing, I guess!


    leaving the park – we stayed for about 4 hours.


    Millie insisted on riding the scooter – even though she’s still not good at riding a scooter.


    Ray and the girls – helping deflate the tubes.


    Ellie and Rose in the COLD river.


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    Cali playing Coach Pitch

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    Cali is on a co-ed coach pitch team. This is our first time doing baseball. She is doing pretty well and likes it. Her coach is great. There are no outs, everyone bats. But they are learning to field the ball and throw it to first base. These 3 girls are pretty good! We’ll be spending our Monday and Wednesday evenings at the field this month!!

    IMG_20160601_195544 IMG_20160601_195541 IMG_20160601_195537 IMG_20160601_193010 IMG_20160601_193002 IMG_20160601_185914 IMG_20160601_185929 IMG_20160606_193445 IMG_20160606_193528

    Erica lives here now. Cali plays softball now. There is a direct correlation. Erica and I became friends through softball in high school so we LOVE softball. Of COURSE our girls need to play softball together. So I gave in. Cali and Claira and Mia are all on the same team. I did not sign Rose up with Gentry. Maybe in the future.

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    My baby is 1!!


    Time flies! I love this little guy. He is standing all of the time but no steps. He has 6 teeth. He LOVES his bed and his tag on his blanket and his Mobile Music to fall asleep. Tiago usually gets called Ago – not ago but how do you spell that?? Anyway. He gives the best snuggles. He loves to explore when he is in his own home and knows we are close by. He usually sleeps through the night but every now and then he wakes up and all he needs is me to hold him. I secretly like it. We had a lunch time birthday party. Tiago was pretty chill through the whole thing.

    IMG_20160601_094923 IMG_20160601_102029 IMG_20160601_102251

    Grandma and Grandpa came over to celebrate – They gave Tiago a Buddy Ball 🙂

    IMG_20160601_123321 IMG_20160601_124804 IMG_20160601_125729

    I decided on a cookie monster cake. Quick but still Cute. Tiago liked the cake but he didn’t dive into it like I thought he would.

    IMG_20160601_125834 IMG_20160601_125922 IMG_20160601_130439

    I love some of these expressions he does! He still refuses to say mom! He says Dad, ba ba, Brewer but hasn’t even gotten close to ma ma.

    IMG_20160601_131848 IMG_20160601_140326 IMG_20160601_152424


    Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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