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    Since My Last Post…


    Since My Last Post… It Snowed again. Packer had his first encounters with the white stuff – It caught him off guard when his hand just kept on going a foot deep in the snow. Looks like we WILL have a white Christmas! and I am OK with that because I have my sweet decked out All wheel drive Mini Van with Studded tires!

    Benji in the snow

    Since My Last Post… We received Christmas package deliveries from FedEx, UPS, and USPS!! And we got lots of Christmas Cards!!! Christmas time is so much fun!

    Since My Last Post… I got scared – really scared – like big eyes and startled… My husband waited in the closet at the bottom of the stairs – 11:00 at night – and when I came down from putting the laundry away he jumped out! My eyes got real big but I was too genuinely scared to actually jump.

    Since My Last Post… BYU lost their bowl game 🙁 even with Cali dressing up for it 🙁

    Cali BYU BABY

    Since My Last Post… You can see the tops of my washer and dryer! I was a cleaning machine and these machines are really white and beautiful when they are not covered in 3 years worth of odds and ends that don’t have a spot so the top of the washer becomes their spot… I like having a clean laundry room.

    Since My Last Post… We made our yearly trip to Cabelas to see Santa! Lots of cousins came and we had a great time.

    ready for Cabelas cousins with Santa

    Since My Last Post… Cali had her 2 week check up! The Doctor said she is a perfect and beautiful baby 🙂 We agree.

    cali Girl

    Since My Last Post… We went and visited my moms parents that live here in Orem. We had a great Christmas visit. The boys were excited to see their great grandparents and they had a blast playing with Christmas decorations, snow globes and Santas. And Grandpa even sang Christmas Songs with them. They seemed to really enjoy our visit and it put me in a Christmas Happy Mood! I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I love this time of year!

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    One benefit of sleepless nights…


    One benefit of sleepless nights with baby Cali waking up every 2 to 3 hours is……… I get to remember all of my weird dreams! So last night was one of those nights and each time I woke up I found myself in some sort of wacky Oroville memory/situation:

    Dream #1: I am at church in Oroville. We are hanging around in the foyer waiting to go home. 3rd ward is in Sacrament meeting and the next thing I know Packer is sprinting through the back of the chapel. In one door and out the other and I can’t seem to catch the little guy. That was it – I woke up. This is extra funny for anyone that has seen my children try to run fast – they are not capable of fast!

    Dream #2: Stutzneggers invite us all over to swim in the new pool. It’s an old dough boy pool but Keith has piled sand up in the middle to rest your feet on and the water is hot so pretty much it was a large hot tub with a mound in the middle. This event turned from relaxing hot tub to “King of the Mountain” as I awoke. (I’m thinking this dream stems from my anticipation of actually getting to use the hot tub over Christmas because I’m not pregnant for once!)

    Dream #3: An Oroville 1st ward Pancake Breakfast! Problem is noone seems to know where the food is or all the people. Since my dad is the bishop I finally go home to ask him what is going on and he is still in bed! So are mom and Tracie! It’s already 11:30am – the breakfast was from 8am to Noon. I remind him that it is the Pancake Breakfast. He says, ” ya, I know, I’ll be there.” I say where is everyone. He says that Brady and some of the boys decided to move the chairs and stuff to our front yard and cook on the grill so that they can play basketball on the hoop out front!! So that was the plan – Pancake breakfast in  the street in front of the Robertsons house!

    Dream #4: All girls soccer game. With Referees. Totally Official…. And we were playing in the Jagodas front yard!! Needless to say it is a small field and we kept chasing the ball across the street and in the church parking lot and there were lots of throw-ins… but lots of cheering and competetiveness. This is when Cali starts crying and I remember that I just had a baby and shouldn’t be playing ball yet 🙁


    We woke up to lots of snow on Tuesday morning and again today. Benji was so excited – he had his snow clothes on and was making snow angels at 8am!!

    snow angel


    Cali got her first real bath! She is a very sweet baby. Her big brothers and parents are very proud of her and happy that she is part of our family!

    cali bath

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    Here is a look at what we’ve been up to these first 2 weeks of December:


    Packer just loves playing trains right now and I love watching him play trains. He gets so excited to hook them together. Too cute.




    Before Cali was born we took the boys to the zoo to see the lights. They had tons of animals made out of lights. It was really cold so most of the real animals were not there but the Penguins were! The boys were super excited with the lights so it made for a fun night. The Falabella cousins also made it fun.





    and ever since Ben and I went to New York our eldest child is obsessed with the Statue of Liberty – he spotted this one at Red Robin when we stopped for dinner.

    statue of liberty

    2 Days in the Hospital

    Cali was born at the Provo Hospital, early in the a.m. so Ben and I tried to get some sleep afterwards – -  the little snow men down below sang Jingle Bells all day and then we were bombarded with some sort of Motorcycle Riders something – not a peaceful morning of recovery!

    hospital stay



    cali w claira

    baby Claira came to visit. Cali looks very intrigued. and I thought a crying Claira picture would be good to balance out the perfect baby pics that we find on Ericas blog. And below is baby Packer! He is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting. He has taken to grunting at the world and ignoring mom. But he is very sweet with his little sister and Dad has become first choice. Benji is loving having a little sister and just has a million questions about life!

    baby pac

    3 DAYS OLD

    cali cali

    sweet girl


    4 generations


    turkey dinner

    That would be a pile of Turkey and leftovers on our roof! To make a long story short we clogged the sink/disposal on Friday afternoon: Jana and Mom called Mr Fix It Robertson and decided to find the clog and fix the sink before Grandparents, Aunts, and Siblings dropped in to visit. Undoing the plumbing to the kitchen sink was a peice of cake BUT the clog was not there – – so it must be further down the line… I’m not about to bring a hose in the house and start spraying it in hopes that it goes down a pipe so… I call a ward member and he brings the hose in! Again to make a long story short the food found its way out of the ventilatuon pipe on the roof and tried to come up out of the Washer drain before we finally got it flushed out and working. So thankful for willing and helpful neighbors!

    john and benj

    here is Benji with his Uncle John. My boys love it when their aunts and uncles come to play with them… so much fun.


    We were very sad to say goodbye to Grandma Robertson on Saturday. She spent the week taking care of Cali, reading books to Packer, playing make believe with Benji, and feeding the whole family. I think we wore her out pretty good and we definitely appreciate all that she did while she was here. Thanks mom!



    Baby Cali has been a good sleeper. She seems to sleep best when the rest of the house is up and going. Nights and days were mixed up at first but now she’s sleeping night and day.


    Here is Cali with her cousins: Cali = 1 week, Mia = 3 months, Anna = 6 months. They grow up fast!


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    Cali Annette Nettesheim



    December 5th – Due Date. 6:00pm no baby – go to Bens work party. 9pm Boys in bed – watch “Pushing Daisies”, “the Office”, and fall asleep. Dec. 6th1am – kept waking up every 10 minutes. 1:50am – are those contractions?? 2am – a hard contraction – felt like the baby kicked me and my water broke! Wake up Ben! Pack Hospital Bag. Call Uncle Pete to come stay with the boys. 2:30am – drive to Provo, Register with Hospital on the phone. Ben got to run a red light to get us there quickly! 3:00am – all checked in. Contractions are 3 minutes apart. 4am – Contractions start to require some breathing and concentration – only a 5. I refuse the epidural - in the olden days women always gave birth without these conveniences! 4:20am – Dr shows up – watches me squirm in pain. Nurse says she’ll check me at 4:30 so I say “I can handle that”. But the contractions are killer at this point and if this baby isn’t coming then I need the EPIDURAL! 4:30am – 100% ready to go – Dr says I can push! 4:40am – “WHAT WAS I THINKING!!??!” 4:46am – baby on my tummy not in my tummy! most relief I’ve ever felt! “Hi little Cali”!

    due date mom and babe 

    dad and babe jana and kids

    So that is the story of baby number 3! We are so excited to have her in our family and very blessed that she arrived in perfect condition – 7 pounds 8 ounces and 18 and 1/2 inches long.


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    Christmas Music, Stories, and More


    Check out Ben’s latest website!

    It’s got lots of good Christmas Albums that he has put together over the years for anyone looking for new additions to their Christmas Music. You can also listen to an online radio playing the music selection while you are blogging or browsing or working or Christmas Shopping or whatever it is that we do on these computers all day.

    Another fun feature is the Radio section. He’s listing what stations are playing Christmas music in different states and parts of the country. If you have a favorite station or know of any that aren’t already listed then please help by commenting and adding the info to the site.

    The site lists all of the Christmas Specials that will be on TV. It has words to some of the carols. And It has our favorite Christmas books. Check it out:

    As you can tell we are in full Christmas routine here… Frosty the Snowman is just about to be shown in the other room so… enjoy the site and hopefully my next post will have something about a little baby girl being born!

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    We have had this little plastic train set for the past 4 years but we are almost positive that this will be its last Christmas. Packer is very attatched to the train and spends an hour at a time playing with it, putting it on the track, and carrying it around. Two days and we have two broken peices but it is still running and if you saw how happy he is playing with it you just can’t take it away!

    Packer Train


    I got this new camera for my birthday and I just have to say that I love it. It is perfect for on the go – always in the diaper bag/ purse. Picture quality is good and I have yet to charge the battery!! It’s been 2 months so I am amazed.

    my camera


    My boys are going through a crazy no nap phase. Benji is getting older so I know we will go through this but my little 19 month old needs his naps! He just plays in his crib for 2-3 hours and never falls asleep! This was him at dinner time the other day – he just can’t quite make it through the day. They do nap in the same room so I may have to switch something up there. I am not ready to give up nap time!

    no naps


    Our decorations are up and the boys are in Chrsitmas Heaven. I have heard oohs and ahhhs all day as they look at the tree and books and snowmen and nut cracker and advent calendars and…. it’s a lot of fun to see their excitement. Will it last 23 days?…

    christmas fun

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    Day After Thanksgiving


    Are these boys on a roller coaster?? nope. Just looking at Christmas decorations at Lowe’s!! 😀

                                Roller Coaster 

    Lowes Santas stop and smell the trees 

    We went to Lowe’s to get our tree on Friday. (We are in no procrastinating mode since the baby could come at anytime.) Below is a picture of the boys pretending to be Chrsitmas Trees  and having us pick them out and see if they look like a good tree. This is right up Benji’s alley – he is Mr. Pretend.

    I’m a Tree Our Tree

    Here is our tree! not as exciting as cutting your own but it was nice to not freeze to death, to have dad home with plenty of time to set it up and they were a decent price this year!

    Speaking of “freezing to death” – I have to tell a story about my tender hearted 3 year old that takes everything literally. On Friday night Joel was over helping with our Tree and he promised that if I did 2000 Jumping Jacks then that would guaranteed put me into Labor. I’ve been a little ancy for this baby to come so Benji and I put on our sweats and started our jumping jacks. As I neared 35 jumping jacks my calves were as tight as rocks and I screamed out, “My legs are going to Break Off!” I repeated this atleast 3 more times and Benji just went into hysterics. He yelled for me to stop and wanted to know why my legs were breaking and he was so worried that I wouldn’t have any legs. So I only made it to 75 jumping jacks and had to stop to explain that my legs weren’t really going to break but that was just an expression. … maybe I’ll do those other 1925 jumping jacks today…….

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    We had the Thanksgiving party at our house this year and it was fun. We have always gone to be with my parents or Ben’s parents but we decided it would be best to stay close to Dr and hospital so this was our first Utah Thanksgiving. Of course the baby didn’t come so we could have travelled but… luckily we had a lot of family around, the turkey turned out, and we just really enjoyed the holiday. Throughout the week we got to play with my siblings: Shannon, Sean, Joel, and Tracie (and husband John). We also had the Carters over for Thanksgiving dinner and some of the week – they are friends of the family that came from Oroville to hang out with the college kids. And we got to spend some time with Bens siblings: Pete and Matt and Michelle – our local Nettesheim families, ( being local they get taken for granted and not mentioned as much on the blog but we LOVE having all of them close by.)

    On Wednesday night we stayed up late playing cards and more Settlers.

    card game more settlers

    On Thursday, Ben got up early and worked on his first Turkey dinner – he said that he highly underestimated the nastinness of a “pre cooked, needing to be cleaned out and prepared for the oven turkey”! but he got it in the oven and by 9am the house was smelling so good but it was an 18 pounder and on slow cook mode so we wouldn’t be ready to eat until 3:30. In the mean time we had plenty of time to make the potatoes and veggies and salads and… the rest of the Thanksgiving Feast. Luckily everyone pitched in on the cooking – I think they knew that a “Jana” dinner might not be up to par 🙂 . And Uncle Sean pretended to cook the “Benji Turkey” so everyone was happy.

    the turkey kitchen workers Benji turkey

    This was our Thanksgiving Dinner group. Packer fell asleep before dinner but he got plenty of leftovers. Actually we all got plenty of leftovers – 4 days later we are still going strong on potatoes and turkey! And I have successfully eaten Pumpkin and Chocolate Pie everyday since! We are Thankful for friends and family and health and strength. For the Gospel and testimonies and a Savior. Ben and I feel that we are very blessed and are grateful for all that we have. What a great holiday!

    Thanksgiving Time B and P under the table

    dinner is ready 

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