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    Our Singer

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    Cali loves to sing. The other kids want to play the switch or tablet but Cali usually just wants to listen to her music. Memorize lyrics. Make up dance routines. She loved learning the Christmas song at school. She would come home and practice. Repeat, repeat.


    She has most of the Greatest Showman Soundtrack memorized. They got a Google Home Mini is their room for Christmas so now she can listen ALL the time.

    She is also really good with THE KIDS.

    Her teacher said she is Great at school. She is always on task and killing it at Math.

    She still has her braces on. They closed the gap on top and they are still moving the bottom tooth into place.

    We have been reading Mr. Poppers Penguins  together at night. I’m usually so exhausted by bedtime but I am trying to hang in there with the kids for that extra bedtime hour.


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    Cali is 9!

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    We’ve got a 9 year old in the house again!

    We got up early to open presents before school; Twister Moves, Futsal Shoes and bag,sewing machine, HUGE cards, and New coat!

    After school they played cards and then Cali had 2 Futsal games and the boys had wrestling and they had scouts and young mens and Cali had activity days… Grandpa took Ray to his wrestling and then brought Cali a gift! So after a busy evening we had second round of homemade pizza dinner and milk shakes and ended the CALI DAY.

    We continued some birthday fun and enjoyed the new toys for the rest of the week.And got her gift from Gma and Gpa Robertson.

    I didn’t start her cake until Saturday and it was a disaster – stuck to the pan, crumbly, … so it wasn’t the cake of the year but Cali and Rose enjoyed practicing their frosting skills:

    On Saturday night she had her cousin party! They played and sang and danced and then we did a candy cane game and cake and gifts and then watched Despicable Me 3. It was easy and successful:

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    Cali played her last soccer game for this Season!

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    Coach Jenn? and Coach Randall. Lydia, Leila, Cali, Onna, Mia. London, Lexi, Lilly. Olivia wasn’t there.

    Cali loved being with Mia and I loved carpool 🙂 Cali ended up playing a lot of left or right defender and a little forward. Mia played mostly left or right forward. Her last few games Cali seemed to be getting the hang of when to clear or dribble or pass. It was fun to watch them improve this Summer and Fall.

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    Back to School!

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    First Day of School 2017

    These kids are growing up! !st, 3rd, 5th, 7th!

    I love that these guys are best friends!

    Benji saying goodbye as he catches carpool to Jr High and Rose saying hello to the big 1st grade all day school!

    Cousins! This is the morning crew – the rest of the neighbors are on B track this year.

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    Girls Night

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    While the boys are away… the girls shopped, watched and played!

    We went shopping for back to school clothes. Cali had a stomach ache so we only went to Target. We came home and ate junk and watched Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 and played with Kelsey and had fun. The next morning we watched some more Camp Rock and then finished shopping. These girls are getting pretty fun! But those baby bottle dip things were one of the worst purchases of my life – except the girls loved them!

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    Soccer Cali

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    Cali had a good year of socer. She got to play with Mia, Anna, and Claira. They had a fun group of girls and some really standout players. They won most of their games and Cali scored in the first and last games!! She is starting to get more confident and see the field and make some good passes. She had a good assist in the last game as well.

    I was waiting for pictures from the game that Grandpa went to but… maybe they aren’t coming so… this is it for now. Cali is going to be playing on a AA team this next year! She has already started practicing twice a week! Hoping it turns out to be a fun and growing experience for her.

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    Grade Up Day

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    Rose got to go to school from 9:15-1:15 and visit all of the 1st grade classrooms and teachers. She loved it! Benji got to be her and Ellie’s 6th grade buddy! He loved it. Rose loved walking home with all the neighborhood kids.

    This year they didn’t get split into their new classes and see who their new teacher might be so… we all just have to wait to find out. We are getting a new Principal and Vice Principal this next year so…

    Ray is getting excited to go to Kindergarten!

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    Piano Recital

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    Benji, Packer and Cali had their 1st piano recital!

    Benji played William Tell Overture, Packer played Twinkle Twinkle and Cali played Yankee Doodle.

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