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    Saturday 9/2

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    We all went to breakfast at the Hancocks to kick off the BYU football season!

    Then I wanted to help Joel get his yard ready for hydro seed so I went and worked at his place.

    Ben helped all of the kids do some chores and hang out:

    Then when I got home the big kids went back to the Hancocks so I took the little kids to the park at the school for a little bit:

    I am starting to cherish time as I watch my older kids get older and be gone more and need me less. Life is short and the time seems to fly by.

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    Date Night

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    We took the kids on a “Date Night” with us. We visited Grandma Becker and then went to In and Out!! After Dinner we went to Nickel City and played all of the games! We had a blast. The kids all paired up and went around the arcade together.

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    End of August

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    Benji reclaimed his High Score on Mario Bros.!

    The Morning Crew: It’s fun having just the little kids home. We had a picnic and stayed in our PJs too long:

    Rose and Cali always pick out their clothes the night before. Rose is loving this fun SuperGirl outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our raspberries are sooo good this year!

    One more trip to the pond! With the Hancocks!

    Babysitting Quincy. Tiago showing off and being a goof ball:

    The playground at Cali’s soccer practice – Mondays and Wednesdays late afternoon.

    Now that Rose is in School all day – these 2 are missing their together time:

    Benji reading to Tiago – he loves books right now:

    Hanging with the Hancocks again:

    Millie making a new friend at Cali’s soccer game:

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    First Week Back to School

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    First thing – Ben got Donkey Kong Jr. Working!

    A couple of trips to Walmart to get binders and pencils and anything else I forgot:

    Tuesday Night was the Bike Rodeo for Pack Meeting:

    And later that evening I went to watch “The Glass Castle” with Kelsey:

    Ray is my morning Buddy, this stinking gold fish won’t die, and Tiago has been exhausted:


    The Contractor started on our basement and I didn’t have it cleared out so I worked ALL WEEK clearing the basement! Tons of baby clothes, Kelsey’s stuff, things that haven’t been touched since we moved into this house:


    Wednesday night we want to an RSL game and LaNell came. Cali went to the Orthodontist again:


    Megan came over to help me get ready for the Yard Sale! I worked in the basement a ton and the kids were just chillin’ most of the week. No home work and no electronics!

    We took Michelle out for her Birthday! Ben bruised his foot during his game and has been limping ever since:

    Shannon came Friday night and helped us prep for Yard Sale and then we spent our Saturday in the front yard trying to sell all of our old stuff:

    We snuck away at 4:00 for Cali’s first Soccer game on the United team. She played really well! They played Anna’s team. Got beat but had fun in the 100 degree weather.

    And then we ran off to another RSL game that night!

    Sunday bath and hanging out with Joel and Megan on a Sunday evening:

    The week flew by. I am excited for this week and our new routine and the basement!

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    Solar Eclipse

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    Today was the Eclipse. I wasn’t to in to it or worried about it but in the hours of eclipsing we did go out and enjoy the experience. It was neat. It got a little darker than usual and a little colder than usual. We had a good time taking turns with one pair of glasses and the Falabella’s cereal box pinhole viewers. And we used our hands as pinhole viewers! I think totality and 360 sunset would have been amazing BUT we had a great day at home. Benji had 7th grade day and we had back to school night.

    We are ready for school in the morning!

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    End of the summer

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    Tired out kiddos:

    Millie having her own pool party:

    Ben took the Teachers Quorum hiking:

    Benji and I went to the school to figure out schedule and lockers. Alessandro was there to show him around! Benji seems confident and ready:

    We’ve been watching a lot of Disney channel Liv and Maddie around here.

    We finally taught Benji how to mow the lawn! he hated it.

    and my favorite thing about this week… I finally replaced our broken fridge in the garage. I was so sick of going to buy milk EVERY other day! I went and bought 5 gallons that day. And we could finally freeze our otter pops!


    On Wednesday night Ben and Benji went swimming at the Provo Rec Center for dad night!

    And the morning I went in and turned Benji’s light on at 11am cause he was still sleeping!

    And then my favorite flip flops broke – not just fav but worn EVERY day for 2-3 years. So sad… I will need a new pair.

    And on Friday Night Ben and I went to Lucy’s Brazillian Kitchen – did not dissapoint – and then we went next door to the Velour and listened to My Man Friday and danced the night away!

    A little Old School Wisconsin Reunion:

    And Ben makes THE BEST Sunday DINNERS!

    The summer went WAY TOO FAST THIS YEAR ย – (booo)

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    Drive In Movie Time

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    The kids worked hard this summer and filled the chart with signatures and earned the trip to the drive-in! We decided to let Kelsey drive her car and join us for the evening. They were so giddy on the way there! We watched the Emoji Movie and Despicable Me 3. Kelsey introduced the littles to PIXIE StIX, we ate lots of popcorn and had a great night!

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    And then it was August

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    Benji made it home from Scout Camp on Saturday morning and played with cousins and then in the afternoon we asked him to do some chores and he just CRASHED. He couldn’t comprehend and had a melt down. Ben helped him figure it out and tried to teach him that even when we are worn out and tired we still have to choose to do what we are asked and we choose our attitude ๐Ÿ™‚ His buddy Seth stopped by in the middle of that life lesson with a late birthday present.

    And that night Benji got to babysit while we went to the game! I love being at the field and I love when it is good weather

    On Sunday we had our Nettesheim Fireside and then celebrated Grandpa’s 70th Birthday!!

    THESE GUYS! ready for JR. HIGH? I love that they still play and have fun and don’t have to be too cool.

    Ray and Rose are so excited to start school. They both have the same size shoe right now.



    Friends over at the house on a summer day: Millie made a new friend when LaNell brought Andrew over to play.

    my genius child?

    working on their Dr. Mario skills and getting high scores:

    I am still the Wolf Den Leader:

    Kelsey and I took the kids to the pond. We stopped and got XL drinks at Maverick cause they were free so… And then Brady! showed up at the pond and surprised us!

    Thursday Night I went to Ben’s soccer game! He is blurry in the pic cause he was running really fast ๐Ÿ™‚ And right after the soccer game we picked LaNell up at the mouth of the canyon and drove to Sundance to watch Jacob and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. We met the Hancocks up there and sat through a little rain. It was a fun show!

    And then the kids finished THE SUMMER CHART!! They were so happy to be done!


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    After Fort Bragg we had a week until Ben and I were going on our Alaskan Cruise. And only a few days before company was coming. We cleaned up from camping and then had a few days before Ryan and Mary and their kids came to visit.

    What do you pack for a cruise to Alaska?

    I got to go to the temple!

    And then the cousins came! We went to TRAFALGA: Millie is hilarious on the frog hopper! All of the arcades were free. The older cousins played Laser Tag. It was too hot to mini golf but we did anyway. The boys and Cali rode the go carts and everyone tried the bumper boats!

    On Friday we all went to 7 Peaks!!

    Grandma and Tracie came to take care of our kids! And the night before we left Cali was in tons of pain with her braces until we let Tracie work her magic and pull the wire back where it belonged.

    Saturday morning Ben and I said goodbye and headed for the airport! We were on the same flight to Seattle as mom and Dad, Schy and Em and Mich and Udine. Ready for our Alaska Adventure!!

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