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    TWINS! I love my HAPPY FAMILY. and my fav food right now:

    more wrestling in this house:

    Tiago enjoying the tiny bit of snow. and Sunday tickles from Dad.

    Benji gets all of his school work done on his own! He checks his grades and makes sure he is getting A’s – He’s a great 7th grader!

    What happened to my baby??? Tiago is SO BIG now! He understands everything and just plays hard all day! Look how much he’s grown in just a month…


    WHo doesn’t ride bikes in the house? and these guys LOVe having friends over:

    Most of the month of January was spent mastering the hoverboard and mini segway! Even Millie can cruise on that thing!

    A friendly round of Stinky Sock – Tiago’s favorite game:

    My necklace that I got from my mom from Grandma Johnson’s Jewelry Box!

    And my boy is learning to write! and he loves to play games, WITH ME:

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    I just wanted to document what the kids are reading.

    Packer – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Wonder. Got sick of Harry Potter on book 2.

    Benji – read every Brandon Mull book! EVERY SINGLE ONE. Better than HP even though he is a big HP fan!  He has also read Rick Riordan. He is reading the Beyonders now.

    Cali is trying to read all of the Battle of the Books books. She and I have been reading Mr. Poppers Penguins at night when we get to bed on time.

    Rose has started to like to read. She and I are trying to read together but I need more hours in my day.

    Millie just listens to whatever the girls are doing.

    Ray and Tiago have piles of books on their beds that they “read” at night 🙂

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    Liv and Maddie

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    Liv and Maddie. ALL of our kids were obsessed with this show during November and December.

    Who do you want to be? Liv? Maddie? Parker? Karen?

    Even Tiago was quoting Parker and his tunnels: Bam what? Mission accomplished.

    I am happy to report that the phase is over. Christmas vacation is great for switching up routines! and we got lots of new games to get out of the TV rut.


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    Hover Board

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    Why have we not had a hover board all these years?! We got one for the kids this Christmas and WE ALL LOVE IT.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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    Thanks to LaNell and Erica and Becca we hiked to Battle Creek Falls on our day of no school. I ran into my old roommate Brittani King (Oliver)! Then the kids hot tubbed the afternoon away. Until wrestling practice anyway.

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    President Russell M. Nelson

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    President Russell M. Nelson: The 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was called and sustained on Sunday the 14th of January and then on Tuesday they had a broadcast from the temple to announce him and his counselors and then a news conference to answer any questions. It was such a great and uplifting morning! I thank God for a Prophet to guide us in these latter days! Dallin H Oaks and Henry B Eyring are the new counselors. President Monson will be missed.



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    New Years Day 2018

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    New Years

    I got to take Kelsey and Shannon to the airport at 4am!

    The kids LOVED the hot tub!

    I learned another new game!

    I got to visit coach Emil! and Carolyn. It was fun to see them after 15-20 years.

    Played a final game of Nertz with mom and Tracie.

    And a final Isle of Skye with John and Tracie and Ben and mom.

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    off to California, 12/26 and 12/27

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    I took the first turn driving! and didn’t stop until Carlin. We stopped for gas and lunch from the Subway

    And then Ben took the wheel and didn’t stop until we pulled in to Oroville! 10 hours flat. 7am to 5pm – Our fastest trip yet.

    Mom and Dad, Michael, Ryan, Kevin, Joel, Tracie, Shannon, and Kelsey families were there waiting for us! Eggers showed up soon after that:

    Ryan and Tracie made us dinner and we all opened presents from Gma and Gpa and then did gift exchange with Ryans family since this was their only time with us.

    On Wednesday we played at the house and then looked over the fence at the old house and then spent the rest of the morning /early afternoon at Sierra school playing football and hanging out with Rob and Raeanne.

    Ben and some of the group headed to Hula’s for lunch! and we played games the rest of the afternoon. Josh, Brady and Sean all showed up!

    We all had dinner that Kevin and Joels peops made and then had the final gift exchange!!

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    Christmas Day 2017

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    Christmas Morning! Benji and Packer woke up before 7am but they let the other kids sleep until almost 8am!

    Stocking Candy:

    Tiago carried the big one around until we were ready to open:

    Everyone seemed happy with their gifts!

    After we finished opening we jumped right in to playing and figuring out. We had Kringle and pie and just played all morning!

    The little kids were dying to go out in the 1 inch of snow so I finally let them – and they lasted an hour!

    More Hover Boarding and some of the other presents: Benji: Santorini Board game, Merge Cube, Legos, CanJam. Packer: Zoob Builders, Magic Kit, walkie Talkie, Legos. Cali: matching doll clothes, hair chalk, barbie, Pogo Ball. Rose: Lite Bright, Doll, Barbie, Bow and Arrows. Ray: Bow and arrows, R2D2, Pokemon Watch, Flybar. Millie: Barbie, Trolls, Hatchimals, Poppy Pillow. Tiago: Animals, Spiderman chair, Punching bag, Pokemon watch. Jana: mini Segway, 4 shirts, shoes, book, watchband. Ben: earbuds, Quartz game, clothes, mini arcades.

    And then we went to mom and Dad Netty’s for Christmas Dinner!!

    So much fun watching our kids! And not having a baby was liberating. I felt like I had more time. we had a wonderful day celebrating Christ and this wonderful life that we have been given.

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    Almost Christmas

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    Rose liked making ornaments and gifts.

    Tiago scoring goals! This kid is so smiley!

    another futsal game for Cali, Mia and Anna!

    The boys watched Santa wrestle the Grinch!

    Finding Chewy every day.

    Treats from neighbors and teachers!

    We visited Grandpa and did the Nativity with him. Grandma was really sick so we didn’t go to her place.

    The Raymonds!

    and then we took the kids to Texas roadhouse, after dinner Ben and I went to the Caleb Chapman concert to end Christmas Adam!

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