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    Current News – Middle of November

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    This week my kids rediscovered DISNEY BINGO!

    And the little boys found the headband and wrist bands and sang songs. Tiago copied everything that Ray did.

    My mom called on Tuesday because she needed a ride that evening from the airport to Grandma’s place in Orem. Grandma J. hit her head on Sunday morning and then on Monday night she stopped eating and got really sick and couldn’t get out of bed. The Dr thinks there could be bleeding on the brain because it was such a bad fall. Lots of blood and stitches. We think she got up to use the restroom Sunday morning and fell and hit it on the sharp edge of the shower wall. On Tuesday she threw up a lot and got worse and worse. When I got there Tuesday night her body seemed to be shutting down and she barely woke up enough to say hi to my mom. The Dr.s said she would /could pass at any time.

    I went back Wednesday morning and spent time with my mom and grandma. She has pneumonia and is getting meds every hour to keep her from coughing and clawing and hurting… so sad.

    And then I hurried home to be mom. The boys went to wrestling practice and we took Cali to her first Futsal game. She is on a team with Mia and Anna! They got to play a lot together. Cali assisted goals to both cousins. They all seemed to be having fun out there.

    That night after Activity Days and Scouts and Deacons and Teachers activities I went back over to be with Grandma.

    More Disney Bingo on Thursday Morning and Grandma was still hanging in there! Somehow. I stayed home Thursday and tried to get a few things done around the house.

    Ray was Mustang of the Month for his Class! He was excited to show me the awards on the back! And his teacher said he is always on task and helps the others to do what they are supposed to!

    Bath time. Rose is such a good helper with the younger kids!

    And now it’s Friday and Grandma is still holding on to this life. I don’t know how but she is. We are trying to get more of the grand kids in there to say their goodbyes and give her a hug. She received another blessing from Bracken last night and now we are hoping that she can go in peace when her body and spirit are ready. I spent the morning at home – with my shadow boy, getting chores done. Now I’m going to stop at Grandma’s before my basketball and soccer game.

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    The Weekend

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    Our weekends seem to fly by these days but we are packing them with fun and family!

    On Friday we sent Benji off to Goblin Valley with the Scouts. Then I took the kids to Erica who took them to their piano recital and kept them until late. I went and met up with Ben at Sundance where he had been for the last 2 days on a leadership work retreat. We had a fun evening with a bunch of his work “family”. Then we stayed the night and had Kelsey pick up the kids and take them home for the night.

    On Saturday, Ben and I got to sleep in! and we went wrestling shoe shopping and then home. Kelsey and Tiago were waiting for us and the rest of the kids were at Primary Program Practice. Tiago and I went with Kelsey to Provo. We had lunch with Shaelyn and her fiance Tyler. Then we visited Grandma Johnson and played Skipbo.

    We dropped Shae off and then went to Raymond’s wrestling tournament at Orem High. Benji was still on his camp out and Pack decided to do primary practice instead of wrestling this week so we just watched Ray. He had 4 different guys he had to wrestle and HE BEAT ALL OF THEM! He beat the 1st guy 10-0, then pinned the 2nd guy – which happened to be the kid that beat him and made him cry last week!, 3rd guy he pinned! and then he barely beat the last guy to get the 1st place medal.

    So we had to go out to ice cream for the first PIN of the season!

    Saturday night we got a few things done and prepped for Sunday, Benji got home from his camp out, Christian hung out with us and we all fell asleep to Star Wars #3 on the big screen. On Sunday our kids had the primary program at church. Kelsey came and watched. Benji thought it was fun to watch rather than be in it for the 1st time. All 5 of the primary kids did great! After church and meetings we had the Browns (LaNell, Dan, Sam and Amanda, Emerson and Andrew, Anthony and Caleb) and the Hancocks (Than, Erica, kids, Becca, Kyle, Eliza, Henry) and some Robertsons (Joel, Megan, Gus, Dagny, and Kel) and Kelsey Avila over for dinner! Everyone pitched in for Tacos, played arcades, taught them 7 Wonders and the kids PLAYED.


    and then I had to get a high score on Dr. Mario to prove to Than that he still has a lot of room for improvement 🙂

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    November News

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    The BASEMENT is FINISHED!! Lots of pictures to come! It has been so fun getting everything moved down and opening the arcade 🙂

    In other news:

    This kid and his play doh habits are just tooo cute:

    Ice Skating for Benji and Ben with the youth group!


    Someone decided to clean up the empty field! I love it!

    Cali had a soccer party. We made a craft. Ate dinner and listened to Derek Parra talk about winning Gold and Silver at the Olympics!

    We broke in the new movie theater with a Spiderman Movie Night – I ditched for 2 late night soccer games.

    Packer the Photo Bomber:


    On Saturday we had the wrestling tournament all morning and then it took Ben and I all afternoon to move down the 16 arcades into the basement! It was a lot of work and took 3+ hours but it looks AWESOME! And then we headed to Pete’s birthday dinner and Lalo’s school play!

    Sunday was Grandpa’s fireside and Pete’s Birthday and we revealed the basement to the Netty Fam! We are so happy with how it turned out and love having people over to use it:

    Babysitting the Quincy! and crashing on the couch cause they both refuse to have real naps:

    Ray eating the rolls. He still is a very picky eater and waits for something that he does like and then fills up on it! The other part of my non wrestling dinner crew and Millie off screen to the right.

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    Pumpkin Carving

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    Our Awesome Pumpkins

    Let the carving begin. We really encouraged the kids to do as much on their own as they could this year. I ended up helping Cali and Millie a lot. Packer made the Charlie Brown one on his own and Benji did most of his guy peaking out of the window. Ben came home a little later and made the Witch for Grandpa Becker.

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    End of October

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    Friday Nights! Ellie usually calls to play and then whomever else can hang out. Somehow these girls (and Ray) ended up hanging out from 4pm until 9pm 🙂

    Benji’s crew had an arcade Birthday party at the house. We Auctioned off a party for the ward fundraiser. I think it was a success.

    Uncle Michael hauled Moon Patrol out here from California. John and Tracie got it for us months ago from the house that they almost bought 🙂

    Last Soccer Saturday of the season! Ray and the Vikings and Coach Bybee dominated. Benji started to get a little aggressive by the end.


    Rose loved playing with Ellie and Gentry and Caitlin and Elle and … She gave 100% all game – fun to watch.


    Packer had a lot of new guys on the team. He got frustrated with everyone just booting the ball but he had fun.

    Scout Service project – Go Benji! and a Wednesday night mountain biking activity. Benji is loving being a scout, even when he falls off his bike several times!!


    Activity Days service project for Cali.

    Ray has always loved I Spy books. One of his favorite activities is for he and I to sit and do an I Spy book.

    We climbed on the Maceys pumpkins again and I signed Ben up to go to Ray’s Kindergarten class and read to the kids and give them a treat 🙂

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    Trunk or Treat

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    This year our ward did a Trunk or Treat instead of a carnival. I loved it. We decided to decorate the van as THE BAT CAVE! So Ben and I wore our Batman and Batgirl costumes. The kids had fun trying on our old costumes and getting ready.

    Benji wanted to be Captain America. Packer wanted to be Pizza, Cali was set on being Evie. Rose decided last Halloween that she wanted to be Judy Hopps – she almost switched over to be Mal but stuck with Officer Hopps. Ray wanted to be the wizard, since we had one just his size that we ordered by accident last year. Millie wanted to be Alice in Wonderland but when she saw the witch costumes she needed to be a witch. Tiago was supposed to be Boss Baby but I wanted to see him in the cute Spiderman costume and then he wouldn’t take it off 🙂 He is still walking around shooting pretend webs at us!

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    Finishing Fall Break

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    On Sunday we went to church and then hung out with Mom and then all my other Utah siblings came over for dinner 🙂

    And on Monday the kids just had a lazy morning while mom and I went and visited Diane and Susan and and then the kids and I went and met up with Ben for lunch. That evening we jumped back in to real life finishing up homework and going to soccer practice.

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    Fall Break, Day 2

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    My mom came to town!! and she took us to the movie on Friday Morning!! We all watched LEAP 🙂

    Then Mom went to spend time with her mom and sisters and we got to babysit Gus and Dagny! The girls LOVED playing with Dagny! and me too, I miss those baby snuggles.

    That evening Kelsey, Shannon and Tommi came to take care of Gus and Dagny and play games with Me and Mother! Ben stayed home and had movie night with the kids.

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