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    more MAY

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    Summer is almost here! School is winding down. The weather has been nice. The kids have been giddy.

    This is a classic Millie look. She has quite the hair and the looks.

    These 2 will play games with me all day. They love it. And I love it when I don’t feel like I have 100 other things to do.

    Playing in the Hancocks backyard. Yes, Tiago did try to run away one Friday night when I left him over there to play.

    Everyone loves the little car. It’s been nice having this while the bigger kids ride their bikes. And I try to read a book…


    More Soccer practice: and a little Christian time and monkey bars:

    Shirtless Tiago and tired Tiago watching his favorite movie:


    Millie still gets worn out in the afternoons:

    Erica took Ray, Millie and Tiago to the birdcage park. I thought I was going with them until I realized I only had 3 diapers in the house. I went to Walmart instead.

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    Beautiful May

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    the weather was so cold… and now it has been so nice. I am loving being outside and so are the kids.

    We stopped at the school because Ben is there every night for soccer practice. Kelsey saw us and stopped and they got a little 4 square game going:

    It was warm enough for water balloons and Wet Head and Water balloon Hot Potato and water Tables:

    Joel and Sean and Derek have been working hard on the floating campground! Not warm up there:

    These 2 kids have been SOO VERY clingy. Here they are watching me mow the lawn cause they don’t want me out of their sight:

    A little soccer and football and jumping on the tramp. The kids love to go out after dinner and postpone bedtime :

    Soccer Saturday (Benji’s team). Soccer Ice cream (I stayed home with Ago), and RSL with Fam and Friends.

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    April 2017 in review

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    It felt like the month of April was one of our busiest ever! We went on 2 trips and had lots of guests at our house. We spent time with ALL of the Nettys and most of the Robertsons, 10 of my 11 siblings! Ben went and got a new job during the craziness and finished up almost 10 years of working at MOZY! All the while coaching soccer 4 nights every week and soccer Saturdays from 9am-4pm, Piano started back up for the 3 oldest, Scouts for me, Ben, Benji, and Packer, Activity days, and 2 trips to the ER. We did manage to go to school and get homework done also! That will be a month to remember 🙂

    1st – Saturday General conference, stitches

    2nd -General conference!

    3rd -Monday – 1st day of spring break! Beauty and the Beast

    4th – Spring Break. Day at Trafalga.

    5th – Pack and Travel to St. George

    6th – Play at the park and swim all day.

    7th – Friday Wiffle Ball game, swimming, Soccer Game

    8th – swim day and Snow Canyon hike

    9th – church, leave St George and Travel home

    10th – unpack, Ryan and Mary come, Everyone over for dinner

    11th – Hang with 8 Cousins

    12th – Start Piano lessons, cousins, Gaming

    13th -Ryan and Mary, Shannon, Sean, Joel, Grandma, Di, Sasha, Bracken PARTY

    14th – Friday, Shannon all day, Rick and Jen in town! Dinner with Netty’s at our house.

    15th – Ryan leaves, Soccer Saturday, Easter Egg Coloring

    16th – Easter Sunday with ALL Netesheims

    17th -Monday Kelsey home from Thailand, recoup

    18th – Kevin and Liz come for the day!

    19th – One more night with Rick and Jen, Pack our bags for CA

    20th – Drive to Oroville, CA

    21st – swim with cousins ALL day, and pick up Bump n jump arcade

    22nd – Hike Table Mountain, fun and games with CA family

    23rd – Church, Sunday dinner, family time

    24th – Monday Drive home to Utah

    25th – Packer’s Birthday!

    26th – Clean and unpack, Mom and Tracie come to stay

    27th – hang out with my mom, Joel and Megan for dinner, visit Sean

    28th –  Ben’s last day at MOZY, Cousins, Packer’s Cousin Party

    29th – Soccer Saturday, Lalo’s school play, Nertz all night

    30th – Church, Sunday dinner with mom, Grandma, Joel, Tracie, Sean and Kelsey.

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    end of April

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    On the 26th we cleaned up and got ready for Grammy and Tracie, Cedar, Bren and Hadley to come stay for the week!


    We sent Packer to get his pinewood derby car cut with Luca and Grandpa. And Ben taught me how to get the quick 50,000 on Bump N’ Jump.


    Mom and Tracie came that night! Gifts for Packer! and then we chilled and Ben let us play a fun basketball Virtual Reality game!

    Thursday morning Tracie went to her dental conference and I went to the Temple! The kids played hard with cousins.

    That evening I made pasta while mom visited her mom and sisters and then Joel and Megan came over for dinner!

    I had a basketball game in Provo at 9pm so mom and Tracie came along! and Sean and Jana came so then we had to get ice cream and “rolls” and see where the newly weds are living.

    Crazy Sleepovers Every Night:


    FRIDAY was Ben’s last day at MOZY! the security gave him a hard time trying to get in but he got a lot wrapped up on that last day. It’s weird to see that era come to an end but it feels like the right time to move on. We’re excited for the new job!

    Tracie went to her conference. Mom visited her people and that night I snuck out for my soccer game and we had Packer’s birthday party with all of the cousins.

    Tiago and Hadley 🙂

    I made the birthday cake Fidget toys:

    Creating fidget stuff out of a lot of random stuff:



    Cake and Ice cream:

    Snuggly cousins during movie time!


    and a late night with my crazy sisters and mother:

    On Saturday we ran around to all of the soccer games. Grandma and Kelsey came to a bunch of them. Tracie and her kids went to visit the other side of the family. ALL the kids won their games! and Millie begged me to sign her up and Tiago cried every time I removed him from the field of play!

    Ben and Benji went to watch Alessandro in the school play that evening.

    Sunday morning baths:) and my eye was swollen and puffy all day 🙁

    Grandma Johnson came over after church! and Joel and Sean! and Shae! we had a BBQ and let the ring predict how many children the women would have/or already had.

    We stayed up late playing Nertz and concluding our crazy month of April.

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    Home again Home again

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    and then we spent another day in the car.

    with an aracde and Zero leg room:

    and remember how we forgot our snow chains? and remember how it was so warm and sunny all weekend? We had to chain up in Kingvale!

    They made us buy NON REFUNDABLE snow chains and then there was NO snow on the road and NO ice! Seriously. I’m thinking the Shell gas station owner works for CalTrans and wanted to sell a bunch of chains and make bank on installing them – ergg. So we had an annoying 45 minute, 100$, 5 mile slow down and then we continued on our way home. We only stopped once after that.

    Ben and Benji hurried off to soccer practice, we got home work done and ate pizza and unpacked a little. Ben came home and started up the new arcade! and then we were off to bed.

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    EASTER morning

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    We had church at 1:00 this Easter so we had time to sleep in a little, hunt for our baskets, trade candy and then get ready for church!

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    Soccer and another in between Day

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    Soccer Saturdays are under way!

    schedule: 9:00am Rose, 10:00am Ray, 10:30am Packer, 12:30pm Cali, 2:30pm Benji.

    So, we got home at 4:00 and DYED EASTER EGGS!

    Then we went over to the Hancock’s and set up the projector for Camry’s birthday party! We visited with Walt and Becky. We stayed and roasted a hot dog for dinner and the big kids stayed for the late night party.

    and I went to bed exhausted.

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    April 10th – In between Day

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    Tiago thought he should sleep in my bed after our trip – so he did 🙂

    We got home from St. George on Sunday the 9th and MONDAY we were SOOO tired. We barely got the kids off to school. We cleaned the house, did laundry and got ready for the cousins to some!

    ready for school?

    STITCHES OUT, check out the band aid tan!

    We took Rose to school the back way at 12:30 and stopped to play at the neighbors for a few minutes:

    Let the unpacking begin:

    Tiago has decided that he doesn’t like to wear pants! I have to fight him every morning to get dressed. He has gotten so opinionated recently.


    We are still reading the Book of Mormon every morning before school! We are not doing well at reading the Doctrine and Covenants 🙁

    And Rose is right back to writing her books 🙂

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    We had a free spring break day so… We had a lazy morning and I was just seeing where the day would take us. The kids eventually remembered that I had talked about Trafalga and we headed out at noon. We stayed for 4 hours and had a good time. The Roller Coaster was working for the first time ever for us! Millie road it but Ray wouldn’t. The miniature golf was under construction but we played anyway. My kids are too little for Laser Tag or too nervous to do it without an adult. Bumper boats and Go Carts weren’t working. But we did the Frog Hopper, Pirate Ship, Airplanes and Roller Coaster LOTS. Rock Climbing was also out of order! We had some money left on a card to play the mini bowling and Laser Game. Tiago was too nervous to do anything but he enjoyed  just being out and about. And it was a little chilly for the outside golf course but Ray did it anyway.

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    April Fools Day and Stitches, Conference and Beauty and the Beast!

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    My family loves April Fools Day. I don’t. Ben planned tricks on the kids and the kids played tricks back on him. ALL DAY. Ben colored their baby pictures and sprayed them with silly string. He blew the air horn in their faces and dropped a stink bomb in the living room, (Do you see why I don’t like this day!) The kids piled His (my) bed with blankets, put squinkies in his shoes and tried to smear him with whip cream during pie face. They put ice and slime down his shirt and sprayed him in the face with the spray bottle. They all had a fun day of tricks.

    General Conference was on April Fools and we were excited to have a quiet Saturday at home to watch. During the first session Millie pulled Tiago down the slide and he hit his head on the hearth! stitches needed! so Benji watched the kids, Ben drove and I held Tiago and held his wound closed. He got 7 stitches and we missed that session of conference.

    While we were at the ER the kids made Tiago a sign! and then Tiago went right back to the slide when he got home!

    We made cookie cutter pizzas for Lunch/Dinner and watched the next session of conference. Ben got to go to Priesthood Session with his Dad. We watched basketball and chilled and the neighbor PEAed on our porch to finish out the April Fools Day!


    Sunday morning we had Waffles before Conference. We had a big Candy Stash and whoever payed attention and listened for our special words got to get candy after each speaker! Sugar over load.

    Stitches seem to being doing their job.

    We got to babysit Dagny and Gus on Monday!

    and then we let Megan and Joel babysit Tiago while we took the kids to the movie. We all loved watching Beauty and the Beast and sitting in the loungers and eating too much popcorn: (next time we need to leave Millie home too – CRAZY GIRL)


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