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    July 11 and 12

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    Picture of the day: July 11


    I love being Packers Mom!

    Runner up:



    Look at these posers! I love them all.

    Saturday July 11:

    We left the Condos and got some Wisconsin Cheese!

    IMG_20150704_162452 IMG_20150711_113221 IMG_20150711_113252

    And we went to Lambeau Field!! Go Packers!

    IMG_20150711_125544 IMG_20150711_130444 IMG_20150711_130541 IMG_20150711_130616 IMG_20150711_130620 IMG_20150711_130644   IMG_20150711_133913 IMG_20150711_133943 IMG_20150711_133954 IMG_20150711_134006 IMG_20150711_134021 IMG_20150711_134032 IMG_20150711_134043 IMG_20150711_134057 IMG_20150711_134108

    And stopped at Cousins Subs in Green Bay 🙂

    IMG_20150711_142356 IMG_20150711_142412

    And then went to Ben’s old house that he grew up in and his elementary school and took a trip down memory lane…

    IMG_20150711_164734 IMG_20150711_170839 IMG_20150711_174545 IMG_20150711_174558

    We went to free slurpee day and then to KOPPS custard one more time before heading to Rick and Jen’s house for the night. We spent Sunday with them as well 🙂 It was great to spend one on one time with their family since they are the lone family that we don’t get to see since they live in Wisconsin.


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    July 10th

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    Picture of the day: July 10


    Benji is getting so big! 

    Friday, July 10:

    Our last day at the Rushes. Sleep in. Nertz, Beach and boating. Lunch. Not licked yet custard. Adults dinner and kids movie night.

    DSC03319 DSC03320

    Mom and Dad spent their lunch time with us most days. It was fun to visit and eat with them and Micah and Kiah.

    DSC03323 2015-07-10 18.30.48

    We went to Custard early and then we took the kids back and the adults went out to dinner. Rick and Michelle’s families had already left by Friday night 🙁

    2015-07-10 18.33.24 IMG_20150710_181238 2015-07-10 20.26.43-1


    And then the reunion was over:


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    July 9th

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    A kitten. These kids were fascinated with the kittens. Cali is so cute and is getting so grown up!

    Runner Up


    After the tennis tournament my kids really wanted a turn to play so here we are. I’m loving this action shot of Ray.

    Thursday July 9

    7/9 Thursday. A busy day. We fit a lot in: 9 am Farm. Lunch at Culvers.  A little Beach time. 2:00pm Tennis Tournament.Back to the Beach. Tubing with Grandpa. Dinner. Closing ceremony with all of the extended family, lots of goodbyes. And then one mroe round of Swimming at the pool. I love this farm because the kids get to feed the hungry baby goats. SO FUN. So Cute. And a little intense because the goats are HUNGRY.

    IMG_20150709_091620 IMG_20150709_091627 IMG_20150709_091638 IMG_20150709_091649 IMG_20150709_091653   IMG_20150709_091910 IMG_20150709_091917 2015-07-09 09.24.16 IMG_20150709_092510

    Then we walk around and feed the other animals corn: Big goats, pigs, weird cows…

    IMG_20150709_092518 IMG_20150709_092720 IMG_20150709_093227-EFFECTS IMG_20150709_093520 IMG_20150709_094131 IMG_20150709_095050  IMG_20150709_095858 IMG_20150709_095947 IMG_20150709_100233 IMG_20150709_100324 IMG_20150709_100440 2015-07-09 10.08.38

    Cousins make everything more fun. And they are all helpful with my little ones. P.S. These Big Goats are aggressive.

    IMG_20150709_100509 IMG_20150709_100757 IMG_20150709_100830-EFFECTS IMG_20150709_101021 Aunt Shannon was a big help also.

    IMG_20150709_101634 IMG_20150709_102805 IMG_20150709_103414 2015-07-09 10.33.09 That afternoon we played in the Family Reunion Tennis Tournament. Ben and I won! 🙂

    2015-07-09 13.34.15 DSC03272

    Then we went down to the lake and Grandpa took all of the kids on tube rides!!

    DSC03275 DSC03280 DSC03289 DSC03290 Grandma organized who got to go on the boat next and which made for quick transitions. Benji and Pack were both a little nervous but ended up liking it.

    DSC03295 DSC03299 DSC03309 DSC03307 DSC03314 IMG_20150709_201546 IMG_20150709_201601 IMG_20150709_201621 IMG_20150709_203054 IMG_20150709_204645 IMG_20150709_204718 IMG_20150709_204740 IMG_20150709_212622

    I hung out at the pool and watched the kids swim and chatted with Mom and others coming in and out. Kids LOVE to swim. It was a fun day. That night we let Benji go over to the cousins condo for a late night.

    2015-07-09 22.34.09

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    July 8th

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    2015-07-08 19.44.32

    So many fun cousins!! and some good photo bombage in the back.

    Wednesday July 8:

    STarted this day off early with Breakfast at AL JOHNSONS – also known as the Horny Goat Restaurant. We went early and beat the rush and the kids were really good. In fact Ben got a compliment from a woman saying that she wanted to stick around and see if they continued to be this good the entire time!

    IMG_20150708_082004 IMG_20150708_082016 IMG_20150708_082825 IMG_20150708_083128

    We stopped and watched the goats on our way out. Always amazes us that they are on the rooftop – eating and chillin. Our kids are so young that it is new and exciting each time we go.

    IMG_20150708_085727  IMG_20150708_090034 IMG_20150708_090102 IMG_20150708_090523

    That morning was the FAMILY REUNION SOCCER GAME: Grandma came and hung out on the porch all day so it was good to spend time with her.

    DSC03260 DSC03257 DSC03252 2015-07-08 10.46.36

    The Lake – To cool off after soccer, of course!

    11264446_10203371899777805_4745375113144726081_n 11737866_10203371899577800_5141230772929345161_n 11755145_10203371900217816_8674236878253122320_n

    Settlers while we wait for dinner:

    IMG_20150708_153105 IMG_20150708_171455 IMG_20150708_184432 IMG_20150708_184438


    2015-07-08 19.48.48 10445610_10203371895177690_8435512547886341040_n 11143664_10203371886897483_3532152336229037440_o

    This custard is build your own creation. Yummy. This was also the night that Tiago was being fussy, Millie was poopy and covered in custard, Rose fell and scraped her face at the same time that Ray realized he was about to pee his pants! Not my favorite moment. Ben comforted Rose, Michelle wrestled Tiago, I ran across the park to find a bathroom with Ray ecxept Millie wanted to come and Cali had to go too! We survived. It was a survival moment. Yes, everyone was willing to help but sometimes these kids of mine only WANT MOM.

    11224375_10203371890177565_4130324945389126182_n 11694836_10203371895737704_6967847935550025562_n 11752547_10203371896977735_1163619762097715653_n IMG_20150708_202053

    And we ended the night with SIBLING NIGHT! We chatted and played One Night Werewolf, (and I wrestled Tiago).


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    July 7th

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    PICTURE OF THE DAY – July 7th


    Michelle and Millie going on a little walk. I love this picture because Millie loves her Chelle. Michelle lives next door so Millie has adopted Michelle as her 2nd mom.



    Tiago started trying to smile! Might have been gas but it was CUTE!

    Tuesday July 7:

    We went swimming at the pool in the morning because that’s what the kids were wanting to do. After lunch we headed over for the Family Reunion Volleyball game:

    10818219_10203371905457947_5243644601836452716_o 11169937_10203371903337894_3540868272641377287_n 11717544_10203371907978010_4218688333316442086_o 11737919_10203371906657977_7513329360103360740_n

    After volleyball we played at the lake until dinner – We had Tacos at Pete and Amanda’s condo and played some baseball after dinner:

    DSC03247 DSC03241

    Not everyone played baseball:

    DSC03232 DSC03234 DSC03245 DSC03248

    All of the cousins were so helpful with our kids!! I really can’t tell you how cool it was. They played with Millie and Ray a ton. And they all took turns holding Tiago. Carter was chillin with Ray this whole night and EVERYONE tried to help Millie throughout the week.

    IMG_20150707_195022 IMG_20150707_195033 IMG_20150707_200540


    Everyone ended the night with a HIKE TO THE CREEPY CABIN! The cabin is in the woods and it is creepy. Cali, Pack, and Benji were determined to go! so they did and it was SCARY:

    2015-07-08 17.25.36 11174832_10203371929578550_7711229384369836080_n

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    July 6th

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    PICTURE OF THE DAY – July 6th


    Rose running to the beach, mid stride, care free…

    Runner Up:


    I love this picture of Ben and his Dad. Like Father , like Son. 

    Monday July 6th: we started the day off right with a soccer game!


    and then ran down to the beach!!

    DSC03181 DSC03183

    All of the kids enjoyed the boats – Packer was out on some sort of water craft the entire morning/afternoon.

    DSC03173 DSC03190 DSC03195 DSC03196 DSC03197 DSC03198 DSC03201 DSC03204 DSC03205 DSC03208  DSC03219 DSC03224

    and then it started raining! so we ran for the condos! The kids went to the indoor pool and we played some games:

    IMG_20150706_145638 IMG_20150706_145646 IMG_20150706_160447 IMG_20150706_163145 IMG_20150706_163230 IMG_20150706_183533

    It was our night  to make dinner and then everyone stayed for a few more games:

    IMG_20150706_190609 IMG_20150706_191407

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    July 5th

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    PICTURE OF THE DAY – July 5th


    The Nettesheim Clan – This is not everyone but it is the majority. This is the reason we were willing to spend 4 days in the car. We got to spend time with lots and lots of family!

    Sunday we went to church in Sturgeon Bay and visited with cousins. That afternoon we played a few games and then we met with everyone for family pictures.

    DSC03086 DSC03087 DSC03088 DSC03089 DSC03092 DSC03093 DSC03096 DSC03099  

    We took the opportunity to take a few family pictures with just our kids and one with Great Grandma Nettesheim.

    DSC03110 DSC03114 DSC03120 DSC03121 DSC03123 DSC03129 DSC03141 DSC03142

    These girls were so cute. Millie saw them playing and ran out to join them. Ring around the Rosies, human pyramids and matching shirts – picture perfect!

    DSC03143DSC03144 DSC03153 DSC03159


    We got together that night for a few games. Ben introduced “One Night” and the kids loved it – they all played for hours.

    DSC03161 DSC03163

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    The 4th of July!

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    7/4 Saturday.

    We got up and went to the 4th of July parade in Waukesha with Rick’s family. Ben snapped this picture of John Malan driving by because he was the weather man when they were kids and Ben was in a commercial with him.

    download_20150714_185629 IMG_20150704_111134 IMG_20150704_111349

    After the parade we loaded up to head to Door County for the family reunion. We stopped for Kopps custard on our way out, of course. Flavor of the day was birthday cake cake batter for the 4th and it was delicious.

    IMG_20150704_131631 IMG_20150704_133430 IMG_20150704_133451 IMG_20150704_133456 IMG_20150704_135956

    We stopped to buy food for the week and then we made it to our condo where we checked in and got unpacked for a week of fun!

    IMG_20150704_173944 IMG_20150704_185308 IMG_20150704_185316

    IMG_20150704_192535 DSC03075 DSC03076


    We said Hi to some of the family that evening but didn’t stay out too late. We watched some of the surrounding harbor fireworks and called it a night. Later that night Ben and Shan and I played One Night Werewolf to learn the rules so we could teach it to the rest of the family… pretty sure I won.


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    July 2 and 3 – Travel Days

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    July 2nd

    7am leave our house and dog in the care of Brady and Kelsey.

    We asked Shannon to come on the trip with us and she agreed! The DAYS of driving would deter most people but Shanny was up for the challenge. She was our super helper/nanny and our fun/entertainer. We loved having her along on our vacation.


    11:22 am  First stop Rawlins WY. After the first stop we let them use electronics… 40 minutes later we are back on the I-80.


    5pm  We pull in to North Platte, NE.  5:40 leave w/ mcdonalds.

    8:40 Lincoln, NE super 8. Really 9:40 local time. Check in to our hotel rooms and get some sleep.

    IMG_20150703_080201 IMG_20150703_080204

    Friday July 3rd we got up and ate donuts and were on the road again at 9am, except we forgot to gas up so we stopped again at 10am.

    2:50 Dubuque iowa, 3:20 leave

    3:30 entering Wisconsin


    6:00 Brookfield WI Kopps. We made it to our first destination!! We ate yummy burgers, ordered too many fries and topped it all off with Custard 🙂

    download_20150714_185622 IMG_20150703_183812

    IMG_20150703_181358  IMG_20150703_184834 IMG_20150703_184844

    Then we drove 30 minutes to Rick and Jen’s house in Mukwonago. We got to spend the evening with them: we visited and did a few fireworks and stayed the night. FYI – Mosquitoes there are always intense.

    IMG_20150703_213653 IMG_20150703_213701 IMG_20150703_213737 IMG_20150703_213746

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    Benji’s 10th Birthday!

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    Benji is double digits now! the big 10!

    He had his party with his cousins a few days early so that we could get it in before vacation:

    IMG_20150626_194805 IMG_20150626_201236 IMG_20150626_203511DSC03062 DSC03064 DSC03068

    His cake was self designed. I made the mistake of asking what he wanted and then he had so many ideas that I just could not fulfill so we got realistic and I told him that if he could draw it then I would make it 🙂 This is his Heroes of Olympus Book Birthday Cake:

    DSC03065 IMG_20150626_162527

    On Monday the 29th was his Real birthday. We woke up to birthday donuts and chocolate milk. We opened presents and spent the day playing with his gifts. He really wanted BLT’s for his meal so we had that for lunch. We went out for Kong Cones in the afternoon and then that evening we went to the Day Break Park with the stream. The Eggers and Joel’s fam  and Kelsey all came to the park for the evening. We stayed late so that he could try his glow in the dark frisbee 🙂

    DSC03070 IMG_20150629_090138 IMG_20150629_090709 IMG_20150629_115232 IMG_20150629_144912 IMG_20150629_150505 IMG_20150629_192541 IMG_20150629_205247 IMG_20150629_205259 IMG_20150629_210204 IMG_20150629_210528 IMG_20150629_211633

    It was a successful Birthday. Benji is an awesome kid. We are proud to have him as our son and watch him grow and learn. Love you Bud!

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