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    Here are a bunch of pictures from our Sunday get together. It was fun to have so much family in our little house. Luckily the weather cooperated and the kids were able to run around outside. Here’s a little bit of what you would have seen if you had been a fly on our walls…

    Great Grandma Nettesheim is visiting from Wisconsin!

    me and my baby boy

    Kelsey and Joel (Brady must have had the camera)

    Casey Calloway was here...

    LaNell was also here.

    Christian had fun with the cars.

    Cousins please eat outside on the grass.

    Joel showing he could handle the INSANITY sauce

    Red Light, Green Light. Cali, Sam, Packer, Luca.

    Rose trying to take over the tire swing. Marlee, Brinlee, Kiah.

    Raymond chillin in his car seat while we all ate.

    Matt and Dad

    Mom and Ben

    All the kids watching the neighbor's race their cars. (thank you Warner's for the entertainment)

    Cali pushing Mia on the swing.

    Robertson Rook Game - Kelsey, Sean, Casey, Ryan, Joel and Brady.

    Michelle, Kris and Emily.

    Kelsey trying out the toddler skates.

    Ellie trying to make it out the front door.

    THE END.

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    look who learned to smile

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    is that a smile?

    happy baby Raymond

    3 days in a row so it must be real smiles

    Smiling must be hard work though cause he is keeping me up at night. And Ray went to his first movie last night, The Hunger Games. He liked it 🙂 Love this smiling baby boy.

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    Raymond’s Blessing Day

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    Sunday March 25th at 11am in the Northfield 4th Ward – Raymond was given a name and a blessing by his Father. Others that participated in giving the blessing were his Grandpa Nettesheim, seven of his uncles; Pete, Matt, Udine, Ryan, Joel, Brady and Sean, and his namesake, Great Grandpa Ray Becker.

    6 weeks


    happy mom and dad

    After church we had a bunch of family come over and we just spent the rest of the day visiting and eating and having a great family day.

    family picture

    thats a lot of little people

    Our first family of 7 pictures, no one is looking and I forgot to suck in but I LOVE IT

    I have a lot more family hanging out, spending the day together pictures but I was supposed to have pictures of Raymond posted yesterday for my mom so I am posting now and will post more later.

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    A Good Day


    Today was a really good day. I would take a Friday like this one anytime… I woke up and spent an hour cleaning our toy room that I hadn’t cleaned for over a month. Then I loaded the kids up and we went to the park where I played tennis with my sister in law for an hour and then we took the kids to the play ground for another hour. During the afternoon the kids had quiet time while I finished cleaning the toy room and got some of my cupboards organized. I finally got a shower and then fed the kids left overs. We dropped the kids off at cousins night and went to a wedding reception. Then we played Citadels with Matt and Jamie. We came home and got the kids in bed. I got Raymond settled and then went to my 11:25pm soccer game. It was a good day. A good mix of productivity, fun, family, kids behaving and sports. Good night.

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    Rose’s First Pony

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    March 22nd was a big day for Rose... she got to wear her hair in a pony tail for the first time ever! She went to play with Aunt Tara and came back o me looking like this.

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    We haven’t seen you in a long time. Please check in.

    I haven't seen LaNell since this day - Maybe 5 kids at once scared her away.

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    Sunday Night


    Almost Every Sunday Night we have some of my family over for dinner and games. If everyone can make it then it is Ryan, Tara and 4 girls, Joel, Brady, Sean and Kelsey. So we have 8 adults and 9 kids and whatever friend Brady brings along (Usually Casey these days). I love that they all take the time to play with the kids. This last Sunday Kelsey and Brady got a hold of the camera so we got some fun pictures:

    Kelsey and my babies

    Rose is finally warming up to everyone - she used to roll her eyes and pretend not to look at you - now she begs to be thrown on the bean bag

    Cali "play with me"

    Sean taking a homework break, trying to beat Ben's score on Whale Trail

    Kelsey is 12 years younger than I am so she was only 6 yrs old when I left for College! I'm glad they come to college out here so I can see them.

    Rose Loves her Baby - she even does baby talk when she says Baby

    More play time - Benji seems to be eluding my camera lately - he disappears when there are cousins to play with.

    Prayers, hugs and the kids to bed!

    I love having so much family! that must be why I keep going through these pregnancies and adding to my own chaos. Family is my favorite!

    This last Sunday was Rose’s first time going to Nursery! She technically still had 2 weeks until she is 18 months but our nursery leaders are WONDERFUL and they let her in, and let her cry for 20 minutes and then when they pulled out the bubbles she forgot about crying and had a great time at nursery. We will see how she does this Sunday. Raymond had his first full 3 hours of church and he slept threw the entire thing in his car seat.

    glad my babies had a good Sunday

    PS – Rose even added the word “bubble” to her vocabulary! baby, mom, baba (bottle), more, please. This week she has been saying “sorry” to Cali a lot and she really tries to say the word. She also just started trying to say the kids names and started playing the “Rosie say… (pick a word)” game. She can also do the face game – show me your eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, teeth, hair… and she tries to say each of those words! I’m excited. It makes a world of difference when a child can tell you what they want 🙂

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    This little Girl was just too cute last night! Look at her chubby little baby body. And she was in the best mood ever. We were just watching her run around and be silly. Super Cute. Love when she’d hide her eyes.

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    St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th 2012

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    So when did Saint Patrick’s Day become such a big deal? When I was a kid it just meant that you better put some green on or you are going to get pinched. Our kids were up at 7am – at our bedside to see if we were wearing green and the pinching began. They were so excited like Christmas morning excited. At this point they were all already dressed from head to toe in green (they never dress themselves!) The kids were just excited all day and unfortunately I had nothing GREEN planned. Fortunately they have a great dad that made them yummy green cinnamon rolls and homemade shamrock shakes (since McDonald’s was sold out yesterday when I tried to buy one.) Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim completed their night by bringing them a St. Patty’s bag of chocolate GOLD!

    LOVE these cinnamon rolls!

    a little skateboard fun!

    it was a kite flying day!





    Raymond actually smiled!

    shamrock shakes

    bag of Gold!

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