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    Shannon chose to go to the temple! in Ogden! on January 27th!

    I’m so glad that I got to go and be there with her and with so much family!

    and the street taco bar and hanging out were the perfect touch to a perfect day:

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    A week with Mom and Tracie and her 3 kids

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    My dad and the Eggers all left on Sunday but mom and Tracie stayed for a week of fun. Monday we went shopping and then to the movie night at the school that evening.

    Tuesday we watched Gus and all went to visit the aunts. That night we went to The Greatest Showman with mom, Tracie, LaNell, Jana, Sean, Joel and Megan.

    Wednesday we played Nertz all morning with Erica and Becky and then we kept playing games the rest of the day. I went to Pack Meeting with Packer and Ben and Benji went to their meetings.

    Thursday: More games and books. Tracie got her hair done. Mom spent time with her sisters throughout the week also.

    Friday we cleaned a little and waited for everyone to fly in for another weekend of fun. Dad, Christy, Josh, Mal, Brady and John. We met up with Shannon and Tommi in Salt Lake for dinner.


    Saturday was a day at the temple and Sunday we cried cause EVERYONE left.

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    Saturday January 20th

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    Shae and Tyler decided they needed a Utah reception! so Christy came out a few days early to help prep and play with our kids 🙂

    On Friday Mom and Tracie and Kelsey and Joel all came over – Our little kids had a blast with Tracie and Joel’s kids. Later on Dad and Rob and Camden and Carter flew in.

    Saturday morning we got a little bit of snow! I had  a church meeting and Eggers were busy with Shae and Mom and Dad went with them so… the kids convinced Tracie and Kelsey and Ben that they needed to play in the snow 🙂 (Benji had the Klondike that Friday night – no pics)

    Ben and I took Cali to her Futsal game and then met some of the crew at the church to make sure everything was set for the wedding reception.

    We had a little time for Headis and Darts and fun before the reception:

    And then we enjoyed and evening with family and friends at the reception:

    My dad and his siblings! We drank hot chocolate and ate donuts and danced and talked all night:


    THE END!

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    Shae and Tyler got Married

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    I decided that I really wanted to be at Shaelyn’s wedding so I bought a plane ticket and met up with Kelsey and Shannon at the airport and had a great weekend with my siblings and extended fam! Millie was a little sad to let me leave. We flew out on Thursday evening and I had a blast with my sisters:

    Millie was also upset that I was going to get wedding cake so her dad got them cake! Mom picked us all up at the San Jose Airport and we went back to the Eggers house. We crashed the bachelorette party and had a fun pre-wedding evening.

    The wedding was Friday around noon. They were SOO Happy and SOO Excited. It was a beautiful wedding. Christy had food for everyone and I had some quality car time with mom, dad, Shannon, Kelsey, Tracie, John and Michael.


    The reception was at a golf course. We had mac and cheese bar and all you can drink soda bar. I’ve got to admit that it was nice to just enjoy the atmosphere, help out where I could, and not worry about my kids. Josh and Brady were security, the cake fiasco was dealt with and the place was packed. We danced until 9:00 and then sent the couple on their way. Clean up and then a big sleepover in Holister.

    On Saturday we had GIRLS day out. We went to lunch and to the outlets and to dinner! and celebrated Mal’s birthday.

    We hung out again Saturday evening and most everyone went home. This is where my phone stopped working so the pictures end… but we went to church the next morning and then to dinner at the friends house with all of the other friends and then Bryce took us to the airport. I had a BLAST.

    Meanwhile back at home:

    Ben stayed and worked from home on Friday! and then took the kids to the 4:00 movie.

    Saturday: Erica watched the kids all day while the boys went to their wrestling tournament and they finished out the night with Pizza Pie Cafe! Ben is the BEST! I think they even got to church on time. He made them roast and potatoes! The house was clean when I got home! amazing husband!

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    Donut Testing

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    Shae wanted a Donut wall at her wedding so we told Christy that we would go taste test the donuts at The Avenue Bakery in American Fork – DELICIOUS!

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    New Years Day 2018

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    New Years

    I got to take Kelsey and Shannon to the airport at 4am!

    The kids LOVED the hot tub!

    I learned another new game!

    I got to visit coach Emil! and Carolyn. It was fun to see them after 15-20 years.

    Played a final game of Nertz with mom and Tracie.

    And a final Isle of Skye with John and Tracie and Ben and mom.

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    New Years EVE

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    Ready for church:

    Being a stinker at church!

    After church we spent the day snacking and gaming and enjoying family time: Puzzle, Guess Who, Nertz…

    And then it was the midnight hour and we RANG in the NEW YEAR!

    Goodbye 2017!

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    California Christmas

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    Thursday morning GIRLS BASKETBALL, 7-10am we had such a fun time playing ball!

    Twinning: Ella, Scarlett, and Cali

    About 11:30 we headed back to the church for the rest of the family to play ball 🙂

    And then we made a Taco Bell run! and a few went to Burger King:


    And a Frozen Yogurt run!


    We played a little Laser Tag that evening:

    Thursday was ours and Josh’s turn to cook. We had Mikila and the Reynolds over for dinner and Nertz!  and tried to get kids to bed on time.


    Friday Morning: 2 year olds on the tablet:


    We went to Riverbend park and played soccer! We tried to play one big game but we had TOO many people. So we did a kid game and then an adult game. Anika happened to be at the park so I got to chat with her.

    And then Packer got hit in the face with a rock down by the river. His lip was HUGE and chewed up but he was super tough about it.

    Liz took the girls to a party at the skating rink!


    and Grandpa took the boys to lunch!

    we spent another afternoon at the house PLAYING games and hanging out with family

    I even got in some ping pong with Kevin and Dad and Kelsey:

    After feeding the kids we left for adults dinner at Hulas! and shopping at Ross!

    and YES, we stayed up WAY to late playing games again 🙂

    SATURDAY: we woke up playing games and then ran some errands. Liz and Kevin had their stake New Years Eve Eve party so they planned for that. we sent Benji to the party with Jaydn and we all packed up and cleaned up and headed down to Sacramento to finish out our trip. We stayed at Tracies and played games and enjoyed Joel and Brady’s last moments

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    off to California, 12/26 and 12/27

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    I took the first turn driving! and didn’t stop until Carlin. We stopped for gas and lunch from the Subway

    And then Ben took the wheel and didn’t stop until we pulled in to Oroville! 10 hours flat. 7am to 5pm – Our fastest trip yet.

    Mom and Dad, Michael, Ryan, Kevin, Joel, Tracie, Shannon, and Kelsey families were there waiting for us! Eggers showed up soon after that:

    Ryan and Tracie made us dinner and we all opened presents from Gma and Gpa and then did gift exchange with Ryans family since this was their only time with us.

    On Wednesday we played at the house and then looked over the fence at the old house and then spent the rest of the morning /early afternoon at Sierra school playing football and hanging out with Rob and Raeanne.

    Ben and some of the group headed to Hula’s for lunch! and we played games the rest of the afternoon. Josh, Brady and Sean all showed up!

    We all had dinner that Kevin and Joels peops made and then had the final gift exchange!!

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    Robertson Christmas 12/18/17

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    Shannon and Kelsey had the grand idea to invite all of our Robertson cousins and families over for a Christmas party! So we invited them and everyone came! Aunt Diane came. Aunt Susan came: Her daughter Jenny with husband Gerald and Emily, Josh and Katie. Uncle Russel and Aunt Karen came and 5 of their kids! Ian, Scott, Danny, Megan and Matt all came with their families. Alex didn’t want to go out in the snow and cousin Travis was sick. And we had our people: Joel, Shannon, Sean and Kelsey! We visited like crazy since we never see each other, snacked all night and had a white elephant gift exchange.


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