Month: September 2016

    Award of Excellence

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    Packer earned an award at school this month! I went to the stand and shout assembly and cheered for him as he got the award for kindness and helping other students feel welcome. We are grateful for a kind kid πŸ™‚

    img_20160926_094949 img_20160926_095157

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    September Part 2

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    The month is flying by – just like every other month…

    Erica is CRAZY and lets Millie PAINT at her house – very brave of her πŸ™‚ and lucky for my littles that never get to paint.


    Benji made a convection oven for Science – he was able to do most of it himself and was very responsible about his Smores.

    img_20160915_162218 img_20160915_162424

    Tiago Boy loves to play catch – it makes him so happy to throw that ball πŸ™‚

    img_20160915_175412 img_20160915_175426

    Sometimes I crave Thai food and Ben has to go find it for me.


    EVERY DAY I nag the kids to put their backpacks and shoes and jackets away. Everyday I have to remind them again…


    Quiet time…

    img_20160916_142920 img_20160916_142936

    sometimes they all get along – – and Packer photo bombs…

    img_20160916_143340 img_20160916_143344

    I got out my Halloween Legos last week and the kids have been loving it. They have taken over our kitchen table but I haven’t put them away because they are still getting lots of play time.



    img_20160918_163607 img_20160918_180151 img_20160918_180200

    And Ben made a trip to Eden to purchase Qbert! He got Shannon to come help him load it. It’s a FUN game. It barely works though (like a 1 in 8 chance it’ll start for you) so it’ll be out of commission for a while.

    img_20160919_213220 img_20160920_000255 img_20160920_084924

    Tiago loves his arcades. And he and Millie keep me laughing…

    img_20160920_093226 img_20160920_100351

    I put Cali girls clothes away the other day and found these pictures in her drawer! She’s adorable.


    and Ben got a Fusball table with no legs with his Qbert purchase – – who knew that is exactly what a house of short people needs!!

    img_20160920_110002Β img_20160922_111403

    Our Nephew Harper left on his mission on Wednesday! He stopped in to say goodbye on Tuesday night. He is ready! and excited for Modesto California. And a bunch of the aunts and uncles went to lunch to say goodbye on his way into the MTC that day.

    img_20160920_210330Β img_20160921_112015

    I had the Qbert high score for a few hours!

    img_20160921_165615 img_20160921_202019

    and apparently Tiago weighs about 30 lbs, almost 16 months!


    We’ve had some colder fall weather and it’s getting harder and harder to wake up at 6:30 every morning.


    Sometimes Millie just needs a little nap, the CAR is my ticket.


    These besties are still dressing up daily:

    img_20160923_104702 img_20160923_111547

    On Friday night we had movie night with Joel and Megan, Kelsey and Shae!! Hunt for Wilder People was pretty funny and the queso was delicious.

    img_20160923_192436 img_20160923_192449 img_20160923_192456

    Saturday night Ben got to take the 3 oldest to the last RSL game of the season! I stayed home and snuggled the little kids while watching General Womens Conference.


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    My HOME crew

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    when all the kids are off at school this is what I’m still up against:


    Ray is pretty easy. He does his Upstart Computer Homework every day after we take Rose to school. Then he gets a little bit of tablet time. He is self sufficient and doesn’t demand much. My biggest problem with him is that he will play the tablet and disappear = playing way tooo much.

    Millie still runs the house. I am trying to potty train but she and I are both lazy. She loves to snuggle with me and watch shows or kids Utube crazy homemade videos. I usually snuggle with her and rest while Ray does his homework.

    Tiago is ready for a nap right after we drop Rose off. He takes a good 2-3 hour nap every afternoon. He is learning to yell and use his voice and communicates a lot with his actions. He is so much fun to chill and laugh with.

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    Lovin the New Car

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    Millie is such a boss when it comes to her birthday car but she does let people ride and it’s fun watching everyone take a turn. Millie is the WORST driver but i guess that could be expected…


    Packer and Ago racing Millie and Rose – Benji teaching Millie how to steer.

    img_20160911_092921 img_20160911_093000 img_20160911_093048

    Benji needed a turn πŸ™‚


    and Maren and Gentry needed turns:

    img_20160912_092550 img_20160912_092604

    and then Packer had the neighborhood boys all riding and playing Laser Tag!

    img_20160912_180659 img_20160912_180723

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    Millie is 3!

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    Happy September 11th Birthday to this big 3 year old!

    She knew exactly what cake she wanted. She pulled it up on kids U tube and we watched the tutorial and SHE LOVED IT.

    img_20160909_130645 img_20160909_180227

    She chose to have a cousins party! Lots of her sweet, BiG, cousins came and humored her on her special party night. We played Barbie Barbie Hula Hoop and opened gifts and played in the back yard and ATE ARIEL!!

    img_20160909_191537 img_20160909_191832 img_20160909_191959 img_20160909_192757 img_20160909_195023 img_20160909_195100

    Her Birthday was on Sunday. We opened gifts and tried out her new “car” before church!

    img_20160911_091601 img_20160911_091703 img_20160911_094537

    She also had time for her playdoh and Unicorn.

    img_20160911_100849 img_20160911_100855 img_20160911_101511

    Monday night we went to the Hancock’s house for dinner and then hurried back for cake and Ice cream and a gift from Grandma and Grandpa and of course more driving of the new car:

    img_20160911_192227 img_20160911_192631 img_20160911_192830

    and more cake and candles πŸ™‚

    img_20160911_194651 img_20160911_194702 img_20160911_195434

    and sweet Megan let her put makeup on …


    And this is the cute picture that Rose drew and colored for the Ariel Party πŸ™‚


    Another Birthday success! Millie is still such a ball of energy. She is social. Sha talks really well and likes to communicate. She thinks she is a 6 year old and can play pretty well. She still has a tendency to hit and pinch and we are still getting used to the new glasses and still trying to finish out the potty training. It has lost its newness and I have been to lazy to make a chart and bribe her to the end… But I will. Millie Girl gives great hugs. We love her.

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    This and That September 2016 – first half

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    Tiago brings his shoes over and begs to go out, every day. Sometimes at 8am…


    We went to the splash pad before it closed for the season:

    img_20160901_110408 img_20160901_110431 img_20160901_110706

    Movie Night with the Hancocks: Jungle Book since I had never seen it.

    img_20160902_213218 img_20160902_213222

    We got to go to Mia’s baptism!


    And BYU football has started:

    img_20160903_162843 img_20160903_162853

    Tiago hitting the side bottle at church. He’s at that really hard stage at church. We are counting down to December!


    Nettesheim get together on the First Sunday of the month!


    Raymond’s first Soccer Practice! He’s a cutie out there. And pretty GOOD.

    img_20160907_173203 img_20160907_173205

    Love these Rug Rats!

    img_20160908_092605 img_20160908_154234

    Ray and Rose love to play at Ellie’s house!


    Best Ice Cream EVER. BYU Graham Canyon. This is what we bought at the ward scout auction.


    Maren and Gentry LOVE to play at MY house πŸ™‚


    My husband is officially a Dell employee now!


    My Daughters love HAIR – they wish their mom would do fun hairstyles – maybe someday – but I keep hoping they will teach themselves.


    A little Bird Cage Park. I just Love Tiago’s SQUAT stance – I still can’t get enough of him.

    img_20160914_112240 img_20160914_112918 img_20160914_114511 img_20160914_114517

    Once in a while Gus just needs to come play at the crazy house πŸ™‚ we like this kid.

    img1481058561 img-1613822348

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    Millie has glasses! She’s adorable.

    She had a little wandering eye so I took her in. Dr. said her eyes didn’t seem to be working together, so the glasses will give them the same focus? I really am just trusting the guy and hoping this is what her eyes need.

    img_20160826_094839 img_20160826_095525

    img_20160907_152612 img_20160907_152659 img_20160907_152704 img_20160907_152709

    She has had them for more than 2 weeks now but it is still a fight to get her to wear them. So far I can only win if I let her watch TV or Tablet – then she knows she has to wear them and she seems to be getting more used to them now…

    img_20160908_102853 img_20160908_135624 img_20160912_222944

    Really she’s barely 3 years old so it is a constant battle and neither she nor I know what she needs. Β AGAIN, I’m just trusting in the glasses and my daily debate of not taking her in for a prescription check.

    img_20160913_132252 img_20160914_084832 img_20160914_084844

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