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    Benji is in the blue - dribbling through the silver team!!

    I never thought I would be blogging about this but here I am … Benji scored a goal in his soccer game on Saturday!! It was a big monster kick from outside the goal box and it went straight in. He was in a state of disbelief while the sidelines erupted in cheers. I wasร‚ย on my feet yelling and clapping.

    Benji is #2 - do you see him right in the mix?!

    It was the moment that Ben had been building towards for almost three years! (that’s when he started coaching Benji’s soccer team) Ben was a proud coach and father. Once the shock wore off Benji came over and said – “I bet you are proud of me and glad you get ice cream now.” We did go to ice cream after the game and I am proud.

    The game before this one Ben and I both were impressed that Benji was really getting after the ball. He usually stands back and watches. . . . ie…

    back of the pack - 2011

    The last two games he has really started getting in on the action. We are crossing our fingers that we just passed a turning point and it wasn’t a fluke. GOOD JOB, BENJI!

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    13.8 and 38

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    Raymond Thomas – 2 months

    cute baby chubbiness

    Raymond is 13 and a half pounds – 2 months – pretty chunky. Everything checked out healthy at his 2 month appointment. He has been such a sweet baby. He is usually pretty chill. I find myself just wanting to sit and hold him in the evenings when the chaos has gone to bed. He is not a snuggler though, he prefers a little bit of space, usually facing out. In fact when he is fussy a lot of times the solution is just to put him down and let him stretch out. We love baby Ray so much. It makes me wonder if I had 100 kids would I still love them all so fiercely. Do our hearts and minds have a love limit – so far my answer is no limits. Ray has been sleeping from 10 or 11 pm until 5 or 6 am and then back to sleep for a few more hours while we get our morning started. Like I said before – sweet sweet baby.

    mr. smiley

    4-19-12 he is waving hands and kicking feet constantly these days.

    Packer weighs 38 pounds. He went in for his kindergarten shots this week. He was super brave. He told me that there is a sucker trick for doing shots. The trick is to get a sucker and then when they are going to give you the shot you crunch the sucker really hard and then you won’t feel the shot so much. That is exactly what Packer did. He crunched hard and didn’t cry or yell or anything. What a good boy. He didn’t do very well on the eye exam but the nurse said that it was normal for his age and not to worry about it yet. Everything else he did great and is a healthy boy almost turning 5 in a few days.

    Tiger Packer after a fun day at preschool.

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    Spring Break part 2

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    On Thusday morning we loaded up and left for ST. George, UT!!

    crazy kids playing in the cold

    crazy parents watching their kids play in the cold

    Packer, Rose, and Luca

    don't know how these girls weren't frozen

    So we drove Thursday morning and went straight to Sand Hollow Res. to meet up with the rest of the Netty family. It was a cold windy day but we tried to have a beach day anyway. Our kids played great. I took off Rose’s pants and gave her a shovel and she was entertained the entire time. That girl LOVES sand right now, and water isn’t bad either. We had an early dinner and enjoyed being with Pete, Matt, Michelle and their families. The next day was still chilly and windy but we put on our shorts and willed it to be a park day. We ended up spending a full afternoon at a local park. The big kids explored the hill, played soccer and baseball, and flew Ben’s BIG kite. Little kids played on the playground, got cold, ate snacks, warmed up in the van, more snacks, try to explore and follow big kids. It was fun.

    still does the slide backwards

    Christian following Rose around. They are little buddies.

    Benji doing a wind dance so the kite would fly

    Packer and Cali warming up in the van.

    Cali with Anna and Ashlyn.

    Cali, Ben and Benji joined in on the soccer game.

    Diego vs. Uncle Matt (kids challenged the adults)

    I think Jamie might have fouled Cody and Lily here.

    Lalo vs. Uncle Pete (Ben was on the far end of the field so I didn't get any good shots)


    Michelle, Matt and Pete - enjoying the view or looking for kids?

    It was a good Kite Flying day.

    Saturday we woke up to rain ๐Ÿ™ So we tried to entertain ourselves for a few hours and then finally decided to make it a swimming day even with the rain. I took the 3 big kids swimming with all of their cousins. The pool was surprisingly warm and was really fun.

    when bored - - - find a computer chair to spin in! and a Cali to push you.

    Close up of the spinners - Ashlyn, Rose and Christian

    ready to swim

    these pics crack me up

    Ben challenging the kids to beat his Whale Trail score

    Packer and company playing Zombies


    Sunday morning was nice and Sunny again but we had to pack up and head home. We love our yearly trip to St. George. This year we stayed with Michelle and Udine in Grandma’s condo. We went to church, packed up and headed home. I think I will mention that Packer requested a potty stop cause he needed to pee. Ben asked if he could hold it and he said no but HE always holds it. Ben told him to go ahead and pee in his pants cause we weren’t near a bathroom. Well, you can probably guess where this is going… Packer took him seriously and peed his pants and kept on playing the PSP! Hopefully we all learned a lesson from that story :)ร‚ย We couldn’t go straight home when we knew there would be dinner and games waiting for us at Ryan’s place so we stopped there and ate and played and then came home and ended our spring break. THE END

    the kitty


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    Spring Break part 1

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    Dinosaur Museum

    posing with the dinosaurs, sitting on a bone

    Last week was our spring break and we had a lot of fun. I managed to find some energy and tried to play with the kids and do what they wanted to do. On Monday we played at home and then packed a lunch and went to the birdcage park. We met up with Michelle and her kids and then Amanda and some of her kids came later. The kids played and I visited and we got sun burns and had a good time. After the park we went hot tub swimming.

    On Tuesday we went to the Dinosaur Museum at BYU. Packer had been asking to go to the dinosaur place since they learned about dinosaurs at preschool a few months ago. I am to cheap to pay for the one at Thanksgiving Point so we went to the free one at BYU which happens to be the place of my first job at college. I was the janitor for the Paleontology Museum and Lab!! I know exciting! I spent 4 hours a day with those dinoS – 5-9, 5 days a week. Anyway, we had been trying to go but with school schedules and afternoon nappers and the place closes at 5 and it’s a good 40 minute drive and anyway… Spring Break was the perfect time to go.

    cute kids and dino over the shoulder

    The girls were too scared to put their heads in but the boys were not.

    do you see a broken finger?

    I had to post this last pic for Than Hancock… this is the dino that I was dusting and broke his finger off. I quickly put it back the best I could and made the place extra clean that night. I can’t remember the rest of the details of that story and would most likely tell a lie if I tried to recount it BUT I did break the finger and Benji couldn’t believe it, and I think Than used to threaten to get me fired by telling my boss about the broken bone… again my brain doesn’t do well with details.

    After the Dinosaur Museum the kids were still being wonderful so I offered to take them to another museum. We wandered through the Bean Museum and looked at all of the different animals. The kids loved just being there. I think they could have been looking at paper cut outs and still enjoyed themselves. I was simply proud that I could manage all 5 of my kids on my own with no crazy happenings. Maybe I won’t be stuck home all summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posing in the Jungle

    The BEARS.

    After the museum we headed to the park. We had another picnic lunch and played on the playground. I need to do these little outings more often. The kids ALL loved it and they were ALL well behaved. I declared Wednesday a day of recovery cause I was tired. We chilled at home, got in the hot tub at 8:30am, played too much computer and packed our bags for St. George.

    computer time and Rose decided it was nap time

    Do you see how she is doubled over? snuggling with her own foot. Random falling asleep just doesn’t happen around here. I was laughing pretty hard when I discovered her and had to snap the pictures. Inside I was wishing it was me that could just fall asleep standing up and then be gently laid in my bed to finish my nap ๐Ÿ™‚

    Close up of Rose - my exhausted 18 month old.

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    Our Easter

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    We had a really nice Easter Sunday. I love having my in-laws so close. Ben’s parents invited us all over for dinner and an egg hunt. We spent the day at their house after church with lots of cousins and grandparents. Rose played in the sandbox 90% of the time. Benji spent his time hiding out with older cousins. And Packer and Cali both have a pack of cousins their age that they played with. Each kid got to find about 20 plastic eggs out in the yard. I loved just relaxing and watching the kids have so much fun. I am grateful for Jesus Christ, His atonement and resurrection. Once again Ben and I did our best to help the kids recognize the reason for the celebration, which mostly consisted of asking the same question several times per day, “So, why do we have Easter?”

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    Easter Tradition

    Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Eggs

    We make these every Easter, I think Ben's mom used to make them as well. They are not good for my diet but they are delicious.

    Rose Kristine Nettesheim

    Probably my favorite Eater picture this year. We had beautiful weather and this just seems to capture the beauty and joy of the day.

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    the OTHER mom


    I know I’ve mentioned that Cali is my little miniature self. She proved this again this past week when I came down from my shower to find…

    mini me

    Yes, she is playing Hearts. no, that is not a kid game… that is my game! And she is totally in my spot, holding my baby, using my computer… MOnkey see, monkey do – i guess. I thought it was cute.

    she knew she was pushing her limits (not supposed to pick up the baby by herself) and proud that she got Hearts started all by herself

    She reminds me of myself in many ways. She is stubborn and shy and easily offended and don’t dare mess with her when she is tired. She is more into bike riding and sports than her brothers are and is better at it than them. (Had to add that last part in case any of my Bros actually read this!) She is just starting to realize that I ask her to help a lot – she wants me to start asking the boys to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ fair enough.

    a few hours and at least one kid dressed later - -she came back for round two

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    Packer Art Man

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    uncle Sean's happy face bday card

    Packer still loves art. When I told him it was Uncle Sean’s birthday he went in the kitchen and made him a card right away. Now the problem is that he just doesn’t want to learn to write. He is almost done with preschool and he is just starting to write his name. The other kids are all writing theirs but his is a little longer and he just doesn’t care. I am working with him over spring break to see if we can at least get his name down.

    Rose is busy learning her letters

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    Easter Eggs

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    We colored eggs on Saturday. The kids woke up giddy about coloring the eggs but we procrastinated our taxes and a few other little projects so we made the kids wait until we got that done and got home from Benji’s soccer game. This is always a fun activity.

    egg time... finally!

    Raymond chilled like usual.

    Rose being crazy - as usual.

    show me your favorite egg

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    we had never taken our kids bowling, so we went on Friday night! it was fun. Benji is already asking to go again. one game was perfect for this family. it was tough for Benji because he was beating his brother and sister until Packer pulled a spare on the last frame and pulled ahead.

    Cali's first bowl - one game was more than enough for her.

    Packers turn

    Benji's first turn.



    Rose played with the air the whole time.

    Raymond chilled in his car seat.

    Benji and Packer decided not to use the roll helper thing.

    Rose got a turn.

    Packer had a sweet run and slide on his knees technique, i didn't get a picture though.


    to finish out the night we stayed at Fat Cats and had a birthday for Sean!

    birthday dinner

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