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    We are a HAPPY FAMILY

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    We Just did family pictures on Monday! I was taking each of my kids in on their birthdays but that was just getting out of control with so many kids. Camera Shy has been good for us 2 years in a row – 1 hour, all kids individual and family. I do realize that we will be adding one more to the family in a few months BUT that may always be the case ๐Ÿ™‚ and Millie was due for her 18 month pictures so…

    16148_8 16148_28 16148_42 ย 16148_80 16148_233 16148_237 16148_252 16148_259

    and each of the kids:

    Camera Shy 20152 Camera Shy 20153 Camera Shy 20154 Camera Shy 20155 Camera Shy 20156 Collages6

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    Kelsey came to visit!

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    reclaiming her scooter

    reclaiming her scooter

    Cali and Kelsey :)

    Cali and Kelsey ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kelsey came out to Utah for a few days! She let Mom and Tracie, Bren and Cedar bring her. We hung out with them on Wednesday through Sunday! We ended up doing a few projects around my house ๐Ÿ™‚ and we supported Brady and Sean in their athletics, and we let Ryan and Shannon come play with us, and we decided that Dad and John should come for the weekend! and we all spent Sunday with Baby Gus and his parents for his blessing!

    looking at old pics with mom and Shan

    looking at old pics with mom and Shan

    Ray and Bren just hanging out in my bedroom

    Ray and Bren just hanging out in my bedroom

    the guys playing cards instead of finishing their projects!

    the guys playing cards instead of finishing their projects!

    baby Gus sun bathing

    lots of cousins and Joel and Megans house

    lots of cousins and Joel and Megan’s house

    Some of my projects:

    sold the old waverunners - I love seeing my garage empty!

    sold the old waverunners – I love seeing my garage empty!

    Tracie painting some frames for me!

    Tracie painting some frames for me!

    I finally ordered window well covers!

    I finally ordered window well covers!

    Dad and Ryan working on my hot tub!

    Dad and Ryan working on my hot tub!

    and my favorite of the projects is my new art board!!

    IMG_20150314_110814ย IMG_20150314_112444ย IMG_20150314_145540 IMG_20150314_160803


    My mom got to help with her parents projects too. It was a fun and busy week.

    Grandpa rubs Grandma's feet every morning!

    Grandpa rubs Grandma’s feet every morning!

    Mom and her sisters found the pieces to make 2 more quilts like this one that Gma made!

    Mom and her sisters found the pieces to make 2 more quilts like this one that Gma made!

    haircut for Grandpa

    haircut for Grandpa

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    a little cleaning/nesting

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    I’ve been in cleaning mode to start my 3rd trimester!
    The kids are loving a clean toy room.
    And an organized game closet goes a long way. I’m caught up on laundry and clothes are ironed and I even cleaned off the junk counter in ย the kitchen, including the junk cabinets above and below it. Unfortunately I have many other organizing projects on my list but this was a good start!


    Naked Millie doing a little drawing!


    I was showing Millie how to play baby dolls but she just wanted to be the baby ๐Ÿ™‚


    Rose playing house in the clean toy room!



    and doing frozen puzzles with Ray Ray!


    A little Battle Ship for the big kids! – locked in their room so Millie won’t destroy everything.


    We said Good Bye to the Astro last week! so happy to have that off my list of to-do’s.


    look at Cali’s cute writing! On a walk so mom can get some organizing done ๐Ÿ™‚



    Benji has had a few reports and projects lately at school BUT he does them ALMOST all by himself! I love it!

    Life is full and busy and good. I’m loving the warm weather and march college basketball. I love watching my kids grow and learn and I even enjoy falling asleep on the couch exhausted at night. good night…

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    Potty Training!

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    Raymond turned 3! and around these parts that means that he needs to start using the big toilet. I tried on his birthday and the next day but he wasn’t able to go… then the day before we left for CA he decided to do it. He kept dry underwear all day! I figured that was a good start and we would pick up on that when we got back from our trip. BUT when we got to CA after 12 hours in his car seat 0 he was DRY and NEEDED to go Bathroom! He has been a champion potty trainer ever since. Our battle right now is that he doesn’t want to give up the diaper. He uses it as he would underwear and keeps it dry but doesn’t want to wear undies… I’ll force the issue in a few days when he has mastered the bodily functions ๐Ÿ™‚

    IMG_20150226_121941 IMG_20150226_121952


    AND he got a new Monkey Blanky!

    IMG_20150219_153702 IMG_20150219_201712

    This is the blanket that Ray claimed as his favorite. He carried it and cuddled it and dragged it around and wore holes in it and tore it in half and… then Joel and Megan and Gus gifted him a new one for his birthday and he LOVES it ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Kelsey is home!

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    IMG_20150228_124659ย IMG_20150228_125213

    Kelsey is home from her mission in Taiwan! She is the last of us siblings to serve a mission. This is the end of an Era. My parents were so happy. They hope to be the next Robertson missionaries! (maybe after a few of the grand kids – since Shae is already on her mission!)

    IMG_20150228_130404 IMG_20150228_130427

    As the time came for Kelsey to come home we started making plans to be there. Everything started falling into place and literally the week before she came home we bought a van and made plans to fill it with all of the Utah siblings! Everyone could leave after work on Friday and needed to be back to work on Tuesday. Kelsey would be at the Sacramento Airport at 12:30 Saturday afternoon. So We loaded the van with Me, Ben, Ray and Millie, Ryan, Joel, Megan and Gus, Brady, Monique, Shannon, and Sean. THAT IS 12 people! in a 12 person van! FULL! maybe we did need the 15 passenger ๐Ÿ™‚ ย we left Benji, Packer, Cali and Rose with some of their cousins and left around 5pm on Friday. Ben drove through the night and through 3 different snow storms – 1 requiring an hour and a half of snow chains. BUT we made it to Oroville at 5am and got a little bit of rest before we loaded the cars for the airport.


    It was so fun to wait in the airport and wonder which train she would come in on. We met up at the airport with my parents and all 12 siblings and most of our kids (minus the 8 that were left in utah). We had all of our welcome home signs and were quite the spectacle. Everyone was watching us and we were watching for Kelsey to appear. The pilot read our signs and told us that she was on her way, he had read her name tag ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a great reunion and a wonderful quick weekend as we enjoyed time together as a family. Kelsey is awesome. She had a great mission and loved serving in Taiwan. She got to meet Millie, Bren and Gus as the newest family members. She spoke a lot of Chinese gibberish to us and I loved hearing her report on Sunday morning. Missions are amazing, selfless experiences, that can shape your life if you let it.

    IMG_20150228_124517ย IMG_20150228_124610

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    February Fun

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    DSC02520ย IMG_20150215_211017

    Ray is still crazy and fun

    IMG_20150215_203342 IMG_20150215_205224

    Uncle Brady still lives with us and the kids love when he has time to chill and play with them

    IMG_20150215_210936 ย IMG_20150215_211357

    and sometimes Brady and the girls like to dress up?!

    IMG_20150218_102737 IMG_20150218_102743

    IMG_20150218_111612ย IMG_20150219_094311

    Cousin Ellie comes over sometimes and the kids all ย have fun.

    IMG_20150218_111624ย IMG_20150219_113552

    Rose has so much personality and loves being the BIG one home in the mornings.

    IMG_20150219_113600 ย IMG_20150219_193403

    These 4 littles keep me plenty busy still.

    IMG_20150219_193223 ย IMG_20150220_183106

    and everyone LOVES bath time right now. They beg and beg for showers and baths. 1 a day children, 1 per day!

    IMG_20150221_160313 IMG_20150221_160341

    Millie and Ray jumping off of the fireplace and playing football ๐Ÿ™‚

    IMG_20150222_200751 IMG_20150222_211002

    a weekend with Mikila and the Ogden/Provo/Lehi family!

    IMG_20150225_185704 IMG_20150225_192256 IMG_20150225_193122~2 IMG_20150225_193356~2

    the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Dinner!


    and once in a while Ben and I do go out just the 2 of us ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Baby Gus

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    We got to play with Baby Gus! He is so cute. My kids loved on Megan and Joel just as much as on the baby. LOVE FAMILY

    IMG_20150219_201003 IMG_20150219_201224 IMG_20150219_201643 IMG_20150219_202016 IMG_20150219_202626

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