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    Grandpa J is 91 and Other stuff

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    We went and wished my Grandpa a happy Birthday last week. We brought a picnic lunch and hung out for an hour or so. It’s nice to live by grandparents. It’s a treat to be able to see them whenever I put forth the effort.

    DSC01036 DSC01037 DSC01041 DSC01043

    A few facts about Arden Johnson that I copied from my cousin Sasha: Happy 91st Birthday to one of my favorite people. He’s a WWII vet. He served on the USS Missouri, he watched the peace treaty signed with japan from 20 feet away. He is a gentle giant.


    AND IN OTHER NEWS: Packer earned a minion cookie for being the super helper in primary:

    DSC01047 DSC01051

    and we helped pick cherries at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and then Ben and I pitted and froze 15 pounds of them. I don’t even like them but the kids do and Ben loves them so we’ll see if we can make some good pies and smoothies:


    The other day Raymond had gone out to the swing set by himself and the next time I looked out his cousins Mia and Luca were just playing with him so nicely. They pushed him on the swing and laughed with him and dug in the sand and it just melted my heart to see them interact with their much younger cousin that way. Cousins Next Door is as awesome as we hoped it would be!


    My Aunt Carol called me out of the blue this week and offered to take the kids to the park to play with River! They had a great time at discovery park even though Ray got motion sick on the swings and barfed all over himself. I told my aunt I never push for more than 15 minutes cause I get tired, so I make them be done. She was being super Aunt and spoiling Ray and Rosie at the park. River stayed and played a little after the park – He’s a good kid.


    And I love seeing this little nugget crawl across my floors. She is so little and cute. She is getting fast and adventurous. Those little legs are getting strong.


    And I’ll end with a story about answered prayers. We had a super fun weekend – wave runners and parade and sleep over and church and world cup and lots of little things in between. On Monday I Washed and Dried 4 loads of Laundry and folded 8 loads. I didn’t get much else done and I was getting frustrated with my messy house and tired kids. Today, Tuesday, we got quite a few chores done, even the basement. But the house was just messy especially the main level and I wasn’t getting it done. Plus I didn’t have all day to clean cause I had a few other things I was working on and trying to get done so… I was frustrated. I finally took a bath, snuck a piece of chocolate and asked Heavenly Father for help. Then when I was going out to clean up the wave runner, (my way of avoiding/putting off the gross floors and kitchen) my brother Brady and his girlfriend showed up. We hung out, played with the dogs, finished the wave runner and next thing I knew they were totally cleaning my house. They swept and mopped everything! That’s a big job in this house. My house is back under control. My prayer was answered. I am excited to start tomorrow in a much better emotional state of mind. Thank you Brady and Monique.

    Thal Party

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    We had a Thal Party last weekend. The Thal’s invited us up to see their new house and have a sleep over and hang out. The kids are calling each other cousins so that is always a good sign. We all had a fun time and 19 hours wasn’t quite enough…




    We spent some time at the Hill Aerospace Museum. It’s free and the airplanes are pretty cool. This museum was on my summer bucket list for the kids so I was excited to go. After the museum we just hung out – that’s what we do best with the Thal’s. We let the kids play and we chatted and stayed up to late and then it was Sunday morning and we had to say goodbye. Sean will be happy to make an appearance on the blog 🙂 –  see you guys at the Derby!



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    Wave Runners

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    We took Joel’s waverunners and the kids and the dog and went to Utah Lake on Friday afternoon! IT WAS SO FUN. 15 minutes from our house. The kids played non stop and so did the adults and the dogs. Falabella’s and LaNell and Brady all met us there. It was a great afternoon.  The kids were IN the water the entire time. Benji learned that tubing is fun. All of the kids liked driving the waverunners and going fast. Brady took some of them for a ride in his fishing boat. We are motivated to get our own water crafts now 🙂 And I did not have my phone or camera so I had to steal pics from LaNell and Michelle…

    10470919_1468364390077114_3476510987326299101_n IMG_3834  IMG_3849 IMG_3852



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    More Strawberry Days in PG

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    We ate strawberries and went to the parade to round out our Strawberry Days here in our home town…

    IMG_20140618_193813 IMG_20140618_193822 IMG_20140621_101615  IMG_20140621_102032

    The parade was hot like it usually is. We went with just the Falabella’s this year and sat more in the middle of the route instead of the end. The kids got plenty of candy even though they were shy. Diego waved at all of the pretty girls on the floats and I helped Raymond most of the time. Until next year…



    speaking of Rayzor – I have been calling him sweetheart all week and each time he tells me that he is not sweetheart! When i picked him up from nursery on sunday his teacher said “goodbye sweetheart” and he immediately told me, “I not sweetheart, I Ray Ray”. It is adorable, hence the reason I keep saying it. He will also tell you that Millie is sweetheart 🙂

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    We made it to the Strawberry Days Carnival!! It was fun. They have the same rides every year but our kids love it. Rose LOVED the carousel. Cali and Packer loved the obstacle course. Benji liked Zero Gravity! He and I actually got to go on two super spinning rides. FUN.

    Benji and I on the "Wild Machine"

    Benji and Pack on the SLIDE

    More Dragon

    More Dragon

    Benj was SOO nervous but he LOVED it

    Benj was SOO nervous but he LOVED it

    Benji and Mom losing their stomaches - I love thrill rides

    Benji and Mom losing their stomaches – I love thrill rides

    this has been a favorite of the kiddie rides - we will see if they ever graduate to the BIG rides

    this has been a favorite of the kiddie rides – we will see if they ever graduate to the BIG rides

    on the Dragon with cousins!

    on the Dragon with cousins!

    Benji, Pack and Cali on the Obstacle Course

    Benji, Pack and Cali on the Obstacle Course

    Getting Grumpy

    Getting Grumpy

    Waiting to ride the Dragon Roller Coaster

    Waiting to ride the Dragon Roller Coaster

    Rose and Ray on the Choo choo Train

    Rose and Ray on the Choo choo Train

    on "Zero Gravity"

    on “Zero Gravity”


    Benji and I on Wild Machine – Ben encouraged us to go ride a few spinny rides since he doesn’t enjoy them.

    The Little Kids were so cute:

    DSC01002 DSC01005

    The Carousel is a pretty classic ride – ROSE was so excited when she saw it and it was the main thing that she wanted to go on:

    DSC01009 DSC01010 DSC01012 DSC01014 DSC01015


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    9 Month Millie

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    Millie is on the move! The girl has just started crawling EVERYWHERE. Nothing is safe, she has no boundaries and I am a little nervous about these long stairs – she has taken a half fall already 🙁 I love how she will just show up in the kitchen now – it catches me off guard how she can get where ever she wants. This is our first baby in this house so everything is new and different.
    She loves to stand up and hold on to things. She loves chewing on everything. She still has 2 teeth. She loves food – really loves bread and crackers and cooked carrots. She still nurses but loves to eat solids. I don’t have any height or weight stats. She has been waking up two times a night lately which I do not appreciate. I love when she gets excited and wiggles her whole body and I love when she rocks back and forth to music. Millie is a such a cutie.

    IMG_20140608_210907 IMG_20140608_211521 IMG_20140618_194010  DSC00448 IMG_20140328_100530 IMG_20140331_193154

    Here’s a little bit I wrote about her on her 9 month day:

    Millie Marie

    9 months old

    She spits. She spits cute little bubbles at you (raspberry style) and it just makes you want to spit them back. She also does big spit ups a lot. Not as cute. She still nurses most of the time but she LOVES a bottle – 4 ounces isn’t enough anymore. She also loves food. Some of her staples are baby puffs, crackers, rice cereal with bananas and this week she is loving the leftover french bread. She is a good sleeper right now. She is tired around 8pm and sleeps until 4 or 5am and then back down until 8ish. Millie likes to chew – she always has something in her mouth. She can stand up if she holds on to something and just this week she is learning to crawl and to pull herself up on things!! She is on the move now – not a good crawler but she’ll squirm around until she gets where she wants to. When she nurses she doesn’t let me use my phone anymore – if I have my phone in my hand she waves her hand around until she finds it and grabs and pushes buttons until I get frustrated and put the phone away. If I wear a necklace or earings she grabs like crazy and eats the necklace.

    Today I nursed her in bed at 4:30am and put her back in bed at 5:00. I peeked on her at 8:30 when I took Packer to school and she was awake but just chillin. I left her in there until 9:00 when I had gotten the other kids their breakfast. She is usually sitting up in her bed these days and squawks to get out. I got her out and she wanted to nurse right away. Then she played happily on the family room floor until 9:45. I then put her in the bumbo with a piece of bread while I got the dishes done. At 10 we went up and got a quick bath and then I laid her in bed and she went right to sleep. If you time it right she doesn’t even cry when you put her down. I woke her up at 11:30 and put her  right in the car. We picked Packer up from school and then drove to JCPenny portrait studio to get her Bath tub picture to match the rest of the kids. She was a little mad until I gave her a graham Cracker with the rest of the kids. They were running behind at the studio so I nursed her a little while we waited and she stole one of Ray’s goldfish crackers. She was smiley and happy for her pictures and then I let her have the 4 ounce bottle while we walked around the mall. We played on everything kid friendly, explored the new toy store and let the kids ride the escalator a hundred times. oh yeah, this is about Millie. She started getting whiny and wanting to be held so we left around 2:30 and she fell asleep in the car. She woke up when we got home so I played with her for a few minutes and nursed her a little and she was acting tired so I put her in bed and she went right to sleep.  I will wake her up at 5:00 for my soccer game and she will nurse and then eat some puffs while I play. We will hang out and play until 8:00, nurse one more time and put her down for the night. Sounds like a good life – right?

    She is a good baby if we are on the go. She likes being outside. She did really good at Trafalga last week and she did really good at the splash pad yesterday. She gets antsy when I leave her sitting on the floor at home. And when she’s tired she just wants her bed. Last week Grandma Nettesheim baby sat her and she cried for the whole 3 hours!! I think it was just the perfect storm of tired, falling asleep on the way over for a short 10 minute nap and then not having any of her siblings around in a foreign location… As soon as I came back she was all smiles.

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    Throw Back Thursday

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    I just received this picture from a friend and thought it was fun. I am 14, Tracie is 8 and Shannon is 2 (or maybe we are 15, 9, and 3). Just a regular Sunday in 1993/94 (?).


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    Cherries? Strawberries?

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    On Monday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim’s house and picked some strawberries and cherries!! The kids loved picking them and thought it was pretty neat to eat them as they went. It was great time spent with their grandparents!

    IMG_20140616_130953 IMG_20140616_131347 IMG_20140616_131426 IMG_20140616_131454 IMG_20140616_131518 IMG_20140616_131540 IMG_20140616_131545 IMG_20140616_131552

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    Cali Lost a TOOTH

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    Cali lost a tooth on Sunday. It’s her first one… She was biting open the SPOT IT game and she broke it loose. It was super wiggly and sore and then 24 hours later it came out during dinner time!. It’s a little early. The new tooth is not ready to come in but…. She’ll be toothless on the bottom middle for a while. SHE was EXCITED though for the TOOTH FAIRY to come!! and SHE came and we have a happy toothless gum chewing with a dollar in her pocket 5 year old 🙂

    IMG_20140616_102224 IMG_20140616_102309

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