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    Post Va-ca…

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    I love this picture of the kids. They are on a Packer and Cali age treasure hunt. They are racing back to Uncle Pete with the next clue. I’m ready for more vacation…

    We’ve been home for two weeks now and it was a rough transition. Last week was full of whining and crying kids and a tired mom and a still not put back together house. I came home from vacation thinking that it would be nice to relax and chill most of the week. Catch up on sleep and just enjoy being home. My plan backfired. We had fun but I was bombarded with whining. Soo… this week I laid down the law. We are back on our chore charts and whininess is being rewarded quickly with timeouts!!! Our week was much better. My kids need rules and structure. They really behave better that way. The kids really started behaving when Ben threatened to throw any toys he finds out of place into a big box and keep them or sell them!

    I just got some more pictures from Vacation!

    We loved having Grandpa take us all on tube rides!!

    Packer and Cali on their special hike with Dad

    Can you believe Benji went in the tube? this is a great tube to learn IN.


    We spent a morning at The Farm! Our kids are the perfect age for that. I loved watching them interact with the animals.

    Before we went to the Condo’s we spent time with Rick and Jen and their family. Rick is Ben’s only sibling that doesn’t live close to us in Utah so we really valued that time with them. They were awesome hosts. The kids were curious about these new cousins and they all jumped in like they were long time friends.

    so many good memories captured

    The Nettesheim Crew

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    Raymond Moves

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    I just found the post on my phone that I thought I lost. Yeah.

    My little buddy is on the move! No more couch sitting. No more napping on moms bed. No more staying on the clean blanket. Must vacuum daily. Must place away from stairs and must rescue from under couch often.



    Good thing this guy is tough because his sisters are always up in his grill. A certain 3 year old thinks she can do whatever she sees mom do. And the 7 year old occasionally tries to get some little brother time in.


    oldest and youngest


    Movie nights have been common this week. After the kids go down I’ve been watching the first 2 Batman’s so that I can appreciate the 3rd. Yes I’ve seen them but if it wasn’t last week then my recollection is poor. It took me 4 nights to watch 2 movies 🙂 guess I’ve been pretty warn out. I want to post final pictures from vacation. Maybe sometime soon. Have a good weekend.

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    A park day


    Early morning cloud cover got me thinking that today should be a park day. We came down to Orem after lunch and checked in on my grandparents and aunt. Then I wanted to go to the park with the water fountain and the big swings! The one on the Walmart road that Benji and Pacen used to swim naked in. Well the fountain is empty and the swings were lackluster. But the flower garden and the duck pond were both a hit so it wasn’t a bust.









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    Rushes 2012

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    2012 was a RUSHES year! Grandma Nettesheim tries to get us all together every three years and A LOT of us made it this year. We travelled on Monday (to Lincoln NE) and Tuesday arriving in Mukwonago, WI at Rick and Jen’s around 5:30pm. We spent the 4th of July with them and then went to a Brewers game on the 5th – it WAS 100+ degrees. We went to Kopps on Thursday and Friday nights and then again on Saturday morning as we left for the Rushes. We stopped at Lambeau field and Renards Cheese and the grocery store before checking in at the Rushes. We said hi to extended family and swam that night. Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting at the branch and the rest of the week was spent at the lake, on the playground, playing sports and eating Custard. We each took a night to feed the family and it worked out great. Suggestion for next year is less night meetings so we can enjoy the evenings all together. Mom and Dad went all out and got us each our own condos this year! I thought it would be lonely but it was really nice!




    Kangaroo Lake

    The average reader should stop here because this will get long.

    Benji spent his time playing games with his cousins (and Packer), mostly games with secret powers and make believe. He got pulled on 2 different tubes behind the boats! He loved eating the candy bars we brought. He finally decided to join in on the baseball games and got a few decent hits. He liked the paddle boats. We felt comfortable letting him go from one condo to the other and being the oldest at the playground. He seemed to enjoy that freedom. I just asked him what his favorite part of vacation was and got this list: brewers game, treasure hunt, inside pool, outside movie, beach. The neatest thing for Benji was watching him really swim on his own. As soon as he got to the pool he asked if he could go to the deep end with the cousins. I said not until we go and test it out. Ben went with him and he killed it. Jump in, get to the side and do it again and again and again. He even managed to play sharks and minnows with everyone.

    Packer had a good trip, besides peeing his pants twice on the drive home! mostly his parents fault, we don’t like to stop unless we REALLY have to and he doesn’t say the pee thing until it’s too late. Packer loved his Nature Hike with dad. He loved going to the playground whenever he wanted and checking for cousins there. He loved the sand, any sand: beach, playground or volleyball court. He was afraid of the water snakes at the beach but got over it by the end. He did the paddle board and went on the sail boat with mom. He pushed his limits in the swimming pool, learning to do jackknives and cannonballs and he can swim down and touch the bottom!

    Cali loved the beach. Everyday I asked who wanted to go to the beach and she would jump with joy! We would run to the water and she would go right in repeatedly dunking herself. She is our social girl and had fun saying hi to everyone and getting their attention. She also enjoyed the freedom of going to different condos to find cousins. She spent time with Anna and Mia but she also clung to Savannah and Julia as they babied her. Cali liked all of the farm animals except the little pig that bit her. She learned to jump from the side of the pool at 3 ft and jump swim her way back to the steps. We did suffer a few tantrums due to tiredness but such is the life of this three year old.

    Rose is getting to be a lot of fun and a little less work when you can understand what she wants. She watched Blues Clues on my netbook for 6-8 hours each day of travelling!! She loved it and never tired of it. She still loves her bottle and usually needs it to go in the ‘beep beep” microwave before drinking it. She threw a fit at the Farm because she wanted to drink the bottle and not feed it to the little goats. She giggled with joy while getting pulled in the cousins wagon and she loved jumping off the side of the pool over and over again. Rose ate lots of sand, fought a lot with Christian, and cried whenever mom or dad were not right at her side.

    Raymond is a whole new baby after this trip. I really feel like we brought a little baby with us and came home with a big boy. He turned 5 months on our last day. He is super grabby now. He learned how to roll. Like roll all over the room and turn on his tummy and really just get all around. I can’t put him on the couch or bed anymore or he rolls right off. Naptime will have to be in his bed now. He tried his first lick of cracker! He took the pumped milk really well. He is a constant thumb sucker which makes him a pretty easy baby 🙂 He got drug around wherever we went and took naps wherever he could. He won everyone over with his big smile and alfalfa hair.

    Ben was in heaven during our trip. He loves the midwest. He loves his family. He has fond memories of going to the Rushes as a kid. Put it all together at one time and he is set. He ate lots of Kopps Custard. Got to go see his Brewers play. Stopped in Green Bay (enough said). He quoted Lampoons vacation going over The Mighty Mississip and drove with the windows down soaking in the Wisconsin air whenever he could. He was surrounded by his Grandma, Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews and US of course! Got to go fishing with his Dad and Bros. And topped it all off with official Chocolate Milk of the Packers.

    I really enjoyed the vacation. Whenever Ben is around I have a little more freedom and a lot of fun. I love the water so being at the lake is just perfect. I went to the beach every day and stayed as long as the kids would let me. I even managed a couple runs on the kneeboard. I read two books and did a puzzle. I enjoyed being with family. Nettesheim’s are great. I loved not cooking dinner for 2 weeks and the kids had lots to do so that takes the pressure off of me. I finally got over my sickness while in Waukesha so that was wonderful. I docked my cell phone and used it as little as possible. I enjoyed the smooth car rides that did not entail the breakdowns of my youth (that is a story of its own). I would drive the 4 days in the car and do it all again in a heartbeat.

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    Back to Reality

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    On Sunday night we got back from our two week vacation in Wisconsin. We had a ton of fun. I will blog that adventure as soon as I figure out how to condense that much fun. This week has been fuller than I expected. But lots of fun. Ben took Monday off to help with the unpacking, cleaning the car and fixing the sprinklers. Erica and Than came by for a few hours in the afternoon so we had some fun chill time with them.

    Gentry and Camry trying to give Ray the pink pacifier.

    On Tuesday I watched Ryan and Tara’s kids all day which was also a blast. We haven’t played with them in over a month. And that evening we went to Salt Lake for Sam Hancock’s wedding reception. He looked super happy and we got to visit with good friends.

    remember these guys? good memories of being together last summer

    funny face - isn't he so big now?

    Wednesday we all took Raymond to his 4 month well check (he is 5 months though). He weighed 17 pounds. We also had the Dr look at the rash that Benji has had for a month now.  He got some cream to rub on it. In the afternoon we went to the pool and then had the Falabella cousins over to play.

    Rose might be addicted to Blues Clues!

    caught Packer sneaking into the garden to eat all of the raspberries 🙂

    I am declaring today a lazy day. I want to do nothing. But I also want to finally get the laundry put away and the house in order. We’ll have to see who wins out. So far lazy is winning. Either way we have to get Benji to the dentist at 4 so I should at least be dressed by then.

    Rosie crashed by the front door Monday evening - too cute.

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    June 29, 2012

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    Benji turned 7! Yes it was 18 days ago, butI’m finally documenting it!! In my defense I was sick the whole week before and after his birthday. And we left on a two week vacation 3 days after the big event, so….

    Happy Birthday Benji (this 7 year old did not want to get dressed or comb his hair for his birthday- o'well)

    On June 29th Benji turned 7!!! We woke up and did presents with Dad in the morning! I love that because then we get to chill and play with the new toys all day. Like spy glasses, legos, books, water balloon Launchers…

    Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim came in the afternoon and helped Benji assemble the gift they got him.

    Grandpa and the birthday boy getting started on the track

    We had pancakes for dinner and then the Netty cousins all came over. Benji wanted a party just like Packer had except switch plants vs. zombies with Skylanders so, thats what he got 🙂 Ben had a fun Skylander game up on the big screen. They got squinkies for right answers and it ended with a treasure hunt and candy to eat during the movie.

    grabbing some treasure

    No party is complete without presents and cake and ice cream and no cousins night is complete without a movie so that’s exactly what we did. Benji had a really fun day.

    Benji's cakes tell you exactly what his interests are each year - love it.

    Because I seam to be losing my memory… some Benji info: Benji was my hardest baby to birth but the easiest to take care of. We joke that he was my easiest baby because I didn’t have any other responsibilities so I held and nursed him while I read the entire Work and the Glory series! This is also why he was the fattest. True. He never really had the terrible two’s or whiny three’s. He has always been quick to obey and tries really hard to please everyone. Benji is the perfect oldest child. He’s a wonderful example for his siblings. Born at 4:59pm at UVRMC, 6 lbs 4 oz, super jaundice. He had the worst bean head ever. Dr. Peterson had to use forcepts. Benji was born 3 weeks early when my water broke. My mom was on vacation at the time. I worried more in the first week of his life than I ever had. We bought the best baby monitor heart beat monitor we could afford so we could hear him breathe. For the other kids we slackened up a lot 🙂 Benji’s favorite part about his birth is that his cousin was supposed to be born on July 5th and he was supposed to be on the 17th BUT he beat her and now he is 5 days older! (actually don’t know what the exact due dates were – I’m sure my journal could verify but no time to search that now)

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