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    New Arcades

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    Ben and Mac went to visit one of their arcade buddies and came home with Street Fighter and Frogger! They both need a little fixing but we’re hoping to get them working soon:

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    May 9th!

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    Happy Birthday to Ben!!

    The kids insist on giving presents before school and work! They all loved dads new toys and they spent a lot of time making him an arcade themed calendar:

    Erica watched the kids while Tiago and I took Ben out for a birthday lunch. We enjoyed the food and Tiago enjoyed the time with just Mom and Dad:

    With the new job ans all, Ben had to work all day. We had a busy day making the cake, babysitting Bennett, finishing packers Pinewood Derby car, soccer practice for Ben and Rose and the Derby for Packer. Then we came home and had cake and ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa:

    Ben is the best!

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    March 25

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    On Saturday we left all the kids home with Kelsey and we packed in a day of fun! We went to SLC and tried to go to the temple that closed early for womens conference 🙁 So we had some time to go watch KONG in 3D. After the movie and lots of popcorn we drove to Wendover. We listened to the RSL game on our drive and stopped at the Salt Flats. We checked into the Hotel and got our concert tickets and watched March Madness. We went to the Sara Evans concert that evening and then out to eat. We fit in so many of our favorite things and had a blast. I loved having uninterrupted time with Ben.


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    Benji went on his first big camp out with his 11 year old troop! Ben went with them and they got snowed on: at least 15 inches!! They had a great time. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking since I wasn’t there 🙂

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    Soccer Fall 2016

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    I love this soccer family. Soccer dominates our spring and fall but we all enjoy it. We had practices Monday through Wednesdays and then games all day Saturday, literally 8am-5pm. Benji played on an older team this year with 12 and 13 year olds and still with a lot of his old team. Packer still loves playing on the same team as Luca. Cali got to play with goalies and with Mia, Anna, and Claira with Uncle Matt helping coach. Rose got to play with Ellie and Gentry this year. And Ray ended up being with our neighbors Noah and Ivy. They will stay with these same teams in the Spring. Ben loves coaching these kids and these kids love Ben as a coach!

    img_20161029_143414 img_20161029_112723 img_20161029_095455 img_20161029_094812


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    Demolition Derby 2016

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    The DERBY happened – barely. We bought tickets for the 14th – and then they changed the event to the 1st… which is Rose’s birthday! and General Conference and soccer games and… we decided to make it work and we had a great time with the Thal’s.


    we also convinced Kelsey, Shannon and Tommi to come with us!

    img_20161001_174129 img_20161001_181749

    Shannon was hilarious cause she was so nervous! The cars are loud and a little dangerous. You just don’t know how they are going to get hit and what might happen so it is pretty intense.

    img_20161001_184026 img_20161001_185747

    Ray plugged his ears the whole time, as expected. And Colbie snuggled up next to Rose right when we got there.

    img_20161001_194817 img_20161001_200725

    The storm was raging all around us but we barely got sprinkled on.

    img_20161001_202424 img_20161001_214509

    The DERBY was LONG – like started at 6pm and wasn’t done until 11:00! They had like 13 different heats. Mini cars, Trucks, Heavey weight and light weight and medium. They smashed over 100 cars throughout the night!


    And then Sean Thal won the competition and took the trophy back home for the 3rd year in a row!! We were so bummed we didn’t even take a picture 🙂

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    Soccer Season is here

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    we have 5 soccer players this year!!
    Ben is coaching 4 of the teams.
    Ray is on a team with a friend.

    img_20160910_084018 img_20160910_084034 img_20160910_090932 img_20160910_104701 img_20160910_151812 img_20160910_162645 img_20160917_104142 img_20160924_093219 img_20160924_115315 img_20160924_135548 img_20160924_141359 img_20160924_161008 img_20160924_161010 img_20161001_124921

    So our Saturdays usually start with a 9am game and we finish at 4 or 5 pm. They are full days but we enjoy watching and coaching and seeing cousins and friends and the little ones all love the different play grounds. Ben is a great coach. All the kids love him cause he’s so positive and fun. He spends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights coaching! luckily it’s only a 7 week season 🙂

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    Raymond and Dad

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    Ray got to go spend an evening with his DAD. The kids love this tradition. He was bouncing off the walls – feeling special all day. He got to go Bowling! 2 games!! and then they got milk shakes!!!

    IMG_20160823_190853 IMG_20160823_192154 IMG_20160823_192924 IMG_20160823_195227 IMG_20160823_195247 IMG_20160823_200946

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    just a little Brookfield WI Ward Youth Reunion ’93-’95

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    Ben and his high school friends got together for a little reunion. A few people were in town and quite a few of them actually live here in Utah now. Lots of them Ben hadn’t seen for 20 years! and most I had never met.

    FB_IMG_1471838276399 FB_IMG_1471838289141 FB_IMG_1471838292771
    I should let him write this post cause I think he REALLY enjoyed catching up with everyone and reminiscing. It was fun to meet everyone that came. I’ll attempt to name them now:


    Darren, Janae, Joanna, Megan, Jenna, Brock and his wife, Aaron and his wife, Clayton and his wife, Ben and I, Sean and his wife.

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