Month: November 2015

    Real Life

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    There is no order to these pictures but they are some of my favorites for the last month:

    IMG_20151027_110013 - Copy

    Rose and Ray are buddies during the school day. Ray really looks up to Rose and tries to be a fun friend.


    IMG_20151026_203356 - Copy

    Millie has been wearing this sock on her hand for 3 weeks but it hasn’t kept her from being crazy.

    IMG_20151023_212154 IMG_20151023_193901

    We made caramel apples with crushed Butterfinger. (yum)


    Rose made her own Candyland πŸ™‚ these are the things she comes up with since she’s not in school yet.


    Packer and The Orange Crush

    IMG_20151023_143515 - Copy Β IMG_20151029_121922

    My cute, fun, silly girls!


    Wrestling Spectators

    DSC05252 DSC05253

    Tiago is already 5 months!!! He looks so BIG all of a sudden.


    One of Millie’s favorite tricks! She is still a handful…

    IMG_20151102_161624 IMG_20151102_161633

    Red Rover, Red Rover send all of the neighbors on over!


    Christmas Music is on


    Packer teaching FHE for one of his Faith In God requirements

    IMG_20151102_190021 IMG_20151102_190035

    Tiago is trying to roll over and grab everything he sees.


    Babysitting cousin Bennett


    She CAN’T stay out of his face!! She is always laying by him and on him and squeezing him and Biting him! BACK OFF!


    Benji started his wrestling now! 4-5 times a week, 2 hours a day! nothing like getting thrown into it for your first time πŸ™‚

    IMG_20151105_102735 IMG_20151105_102742 IMG_20151105_102759

    Millie’s Finger – I see a NAIL!! πŸ™‚


    Pic-nic with Christian

    IMG_20151105_143426 IMG_20151105_143505 IMG_20151105_145140 IMG_20151105_145154

    Selfies with my babies and bigger babies πŸ™‚

    IMG_20151104_123452Β IMG_20151105_151828Β IMG_20151108_155016

    Tiago is starting to chill out a little and take good naps.


    I don’t like getting out of bed – especially with the weather changing and the days getting shorter…

    IMG_20151106_132343 IMG_20151106_132354

    Rose is doing her preschool on the computer so we set up an account for Ray and he is loving it. Sometimes he’ll do the lessons for 30-60 minutes! Now he’s showing interest in reading and writing πŸ™‚


    Amanda invited us all over for Pete’s Birthday!

    IMG_20151108_131321 IMG_20151108_131329 IMG_20151108_131357

    my big boy @ church and his cheese ball sister


    not interested in real food yet


    the kids love getting Millie to be silly


    Rosie’s craft for today.

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    Trick or Treating

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    IMG_20151031_202843Β IMG_20151031_202812Β IMG_20151031_202719

    Rose wanted a cute picture of her pink Curls and her pumpkin…

    IMG_20151031_184440 IMG_20151031_181745 IMG_20151031_181736

    I stayed home with Tiago while Ben took the kids out πŸ™‚ LaNell came and kept me company just like she has the last few years πŸ™‚ The kids started with our neighborhood…

    IMG_20151031_194539Β IMG_20151031_194118

    and they ended at “The Chicken Man’s” House! πŸ™‚

    IMG_20151031_202612 IMG_20151031_201506 IMG_20151031_201449~2


    We came back and looked at all of our lute and took a family picture and then ended the night with cousins at Pete and Amanda’s house!





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    Work Halloween Party 10/30

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    Friday was the day before Halloween so the kids got to dress up for school and then we got to go to Ben’s work and trick or treat! We went over and watched the Halloween Parade at school but I didn’t even try to get pictures of that. At Ben’s work one of the areas had a talking robot that was handing out the candy. Millie was intrigued.

    IMG_20151030_154339 IMG_20151030_154252

    The elevator is always one of the best parts for these kids πŸ™‚

    IMG_20151030_153417 IMG_20151030_153315(1)

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    Ward Halloween Party

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    We had a Halloween Party at the church on Thursday night! They had cotton candy and donuts and cider and hot dogs and a cake walk and face painting and some booths for the kids to go “fishing” or pin the spider on the web or ring toss or pumpkin bowling. Ben set up a booth of old school arcade games and let people try to get a high score. We had fun with our ward friends and got our costumes all figured out for the next day.

    IMG_20151029_192453 IMG_20151029_192310 IMG_20151029_192214 IMG_20151029_192206 IMG_20151029_185733IMG_20151029_194714 IMG_20151029_192705

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    Halloween Costumes! 2015

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    DSC05208Β DSC05203 DSC05204 DSC05209


    DSC05211 DSC05212 DSC05214 DSC05215 DSC05213DSC05216


    DSC05265 DSC05266


    DSC05269 DSC05272


    DSC05273 DSC05275 DSC05276 DSC05279


    DSC05281 DSC05284 DSC05285 DSC05288 DSC05290




    Not Pictured: Minnie Mouse – Millie and Pumpkin – Tiago and Boring Mom – Jana

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    October 28th

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    Brady’s Birthday and Grandpa Becker!

    IMG_20151028_111057 - Copy IMG_20151028_134143

    We had to take Millie to the Dr to check on her finger and then we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Brady. Millie helped him eat his cake from Mo! At lunch time we went over to Grandpa Beckers place with Ben and wished him a happy birthday and gave him his birthday Jack’o’lantern.

    IMG_20151028_134127 IMG_20151028_134114 IMG_20151028_134106Β DSC05239

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    Pumpkin Carving

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    THese Kids Were So EXCITED to Carve their PUMPkINS! The 4 oldest did a lot of the work this year. They helped clean them out and then they created their own design. They carved some of theirs and then I finished them up. I didn’t get any pictures of the final products πŸ™ Β Benji made a face, Packer made a face, Cali wanted hearts, Rose did a moon and stars, and Ray chose a Spiderman face. Millie went to bed early and I never carved hers πŸ™ (sorry 6th child) Ben carved Tiago’s – a cat for his Grandparents. It was low key carving this year but with Grandpa’s funeral and Ben coaching all 4 soccer teams we just ran out of time.

    DSC05217 DSC05218 DSC05220 DSC05221 DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05224 DSC05226 DSC05228 DSC05230 DSC05232

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    Grandpa Johnson’s Funeral

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    My Grandpa passed away early Thursday morning – October 22nd 2015. He was 92. He passed quietly in his bed with his Wife and 3 daughters surrounding him the entire week. Arden Ford Johnson was a good man. He served his Country as a young man and he was devoted to his family. We only saw my grandparents once a year when we were growing up but these last 18 years I have been in Utah and able to see them more often and get to know them a bit better. Grandpa was always sitting in his chair and excited for any visitors who came through the door. He always had the heater going and a beanie on his bald head even during the summer! He usually had a good story or two tell and would always ask us “what’s new?” We Miss You Grandpa Great.

    DSC05163Β DSC05164Β DSC05165Β DSC05166

    We visited with everyone on Thursday evening and looked through old pictures.

    DSC05087Β DSC05136Β My Grandpa loved his flowers! and this is their wedding picture πŸ™‚


    Grandpa lived in Orem but he was born and raised in Kanab and often spent the winters there. We drove down to Kanab on Sunday and met up with almost ALL of the family!

    12177761_10153847768602240_119917525_n 12177919_10153847769052240_503310754_n 12178254_10153847769312240_893347186_n 12178296_10153847768857240_1667472637_n 12179058_10153847769232240_643545631_nΒ 12179608_10153847769542240_1501457135_n 12188671_10153847769497240_1100582111_nΒ IMG_20151026_123238

    The Funeral was a Great Celebration of his life. Lots of memories were shared. At the Burial they had a 21 Gun Salute for his service in the Navy! Benji and Packer kept two of the shells!

    IMG_20151026_124347 12179576_10153847768122240_1074680346_nΒ  IMG_20151026_124427 804723_10153847768052240_1246922678_n

    At the end they let all of the Great Grand Kids send balloons up to Heaven for Grandpa Great!

    IMG_20151026_124723 IMG_20151026_124826 IMG_20151026_145640

    It’s hard to say bye to your Grandpa. It’s really HARD to say Goodbye to your Husband and Dad.(good thing these ladies are tough). We got to see Uncle Bruce’s Grave Site and Grandpa’s Parents and lots of other Johnson extended family.


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    The Great Pumpkin Party!

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    October 24th was our Great Pumpkin Party!

    Our 11th Time doing this party!! We invite neighbors and family over to watch the Great Pumpkin. We have a raffle of prizes and the “Best Seat in the House”. I pop lots of popcorn and this year we had to make our own hot chocolate πŸ™ We set out the Halloween Legos and do an I Spy type game for the kids and then when it gets dark we start the movie. It’s been a fun tradition and it keeps getting better. I think we had 130 people this year! (it’s always too dark for pictures)

    IMG_20151024_193515 - Copy IMG_20151024_190438 - CopyΒ IMG_20151029_102914

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