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    Provo City Center Temple

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    We spent Saturday at the New Provo Temple!!

    IMG_20160227_112421 IMG_20160227_112433

    The Wait was an hour with tickets- kind of long BUT at least we had a heads up that it would be crowded. Kelsey and Brady and C-way helped entertain the kids. And we happened to be by an old hometown friend (Chris Howarth) in line so we got to catch up with him a little.


    The Temple is BEAUTIFUL. It was great to be there with Ben and all of our kids and try to show them how neat this really is and get a sense for the beauty and peace of the temples. We loved the stain glass and the murals, and the colors and the wood work and the pretend bench chairs. It was Amazing. Also neat to think that Ben and I went to some of our first stake Conferences in that building.

    IMG_20160227_124158 IMG_20160227_124207

    After the tour we needed food so we braved the provo mall and Red Robin with all the kids (and aunt and uncle to help). We didn’t get home until dinner time and none of the chores got done but It was a great way to spend our day.


    That evening we left the kids with Brady and met Ben’s family at the Timpanogos Temple. We all went together and had a great time and topped it off with Culver’s Custard. We missed Emily, Schy, Rick, Jen and Amanda but We’re all determined to do that more often.

    IMG_20160227_123920  Flashback to May 2015 Payson Temple! IMG_20150512_144619-001

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    my job

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    I really do have my dream job:

    IMG_20160223_082216 IMG_20160223_082211 IMG_20160223_082204

    I get to stay home and be mom! It’s great. I am always wanted and needed and loved. I am the boss. If I want to do something fun we go and do it. If I call movie day then we stay home and be lazy. I love being on my time table and trying to balance the kids and the house and the fun. It’s not all roses…Sometimes it gets hectic around here and I forget that I have my dream job. Sometimes when Cali screams uncontrollably I find myself screaming back. Or when Millie tries to change her own diapers or just goes in the shower.  I forget when Tiago thinks 30 minute naps are sufficient. I forget that I’m living the dream when I have 3 am barfers and 6am bed snugglers. When the word homework or chores provokes full outbursts from my older boys it’s not so dreamy. These are just examples from this week BUT then I think of my other options and my life goals and THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE I CHOOSE TO BE.

    IMG_20160224_102720 IMG_20160224_102754 IMG_20160224_140438 IMG_20160224_142932 IMG_20160224_142944 IMG_20160224_180133 IMG_20160224_190023 IMG_20160224_234904 IMG_20160225_131533

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    We have a goal.

    If we fill up our chart then we get to go to Disneyland!

    You can put a sticker on the chart if you read your scriptures.

    You can put another one on if you exercise.

    And if you do all of your chores for the day then you can put on one more.

    The Chart:



    these kids are motivating me to do my workout videos 🙂

    And we may have bought a DELUXE QUAD STROLLER for the upcoming trip 🙂 check out this beast…

    IMG_20160223_175057 IMG_20160223_180140

    SO FAR So Good – the stickers are starting to fill up the chart 🙂


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    titles are the worst

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    IMG_20160222_124525 IMG_20160222_123718 IMG_20160222_123649 IMG_20160222_123642 IMG_20160222_123636

    IF YOU CLEAN IT THEY WILL COME: If we clean the toy room, the kids love it up there 🙂

    IMG_20160222_112348 IMG_20160222_111928 IMG_20160222_111906

    This BIG guy is almost done nursing (mixed feelings about that)


    We played a few rounds of Dominion on Sunday – It’s an old favorite – playing since 2010 – then of course we had to look at the winners boxes to see who was the best. @Sean and @Kelsey

    IMG_20160221_210519 IMG_20160221_210453

    BEAUTIFUL WEATHER! this past weekend it warmed up enough to play outside!! We all played KICKBALL and 4 SQUARE and Than and I had an epic tetherball battle 🙂 I should have come in my fighting gear. I beat him quick so he wanted best of 3 and then I just couldn’t quite tether it on him. So I did lose. It was super fun and tiring. All of our kids were cheering and yelling 🙂


    LaNell comes over sometimes. We LIKE her.



    IMG_20160218_152844 IMG_20160218_152751

    We have LOVED being able to go outside this week. Even in the rain 🙂 Rosie was literally singing in the rain and loving it. She is my all seasons girl!

    IMG_20160218_125945 IMG_20160218_125936 IMG_20160218_125931 IMG_20160218_125923 IMG_20160218_125747 IMG_20160218_125739

    Millie is so precious when she just slows down for 2 seconds. She still sucks her thumb and she still babies her “hurt” finger that she ripped out of the door. The finger looks almost perfect though.


    Tiago is ALMOST crawling. He can go every direction except forward. Today he was working on his stomach to sitting position.

    IMG_20160218_115402 IMG_20160218_115354

    Raymond got his baby blanket! grandma Nettesheim brought over his special blanket that she quilted for him! He also got a football for his Birthday.

    IMG_20160216_200939 IMG_20160216_193941 IMG_20160216_193614 IMG_20160216_193552

    More Time in that Cardboard box. This guy is SOOO cute lately.

    IMG_20160222_125217 IMG_20160222_125445

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    Feb Fun

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    Here’s some Feb Fun:

    The kids love making Valentine boxes! Benji made a book, Cali did a cute heart box and Pack made a Mine Craft Treasure chest.

    IMG_20160212_074238 IMG_20160212_074324 IMG_20160212_074344 IMG_20160212_074440

    Mine Craft is a favorite around here. It’s the one game that all of the kids will play together.

    IMG_20160212_165943 IMG_20160212_165949

    We went out for Appetizers and Dessert for LaNells birthday. And then we swapped Ben for Michelle and hit a 10pm chick flick.


    This is what happens when you let Brady babysit 🙂


    Cute kids on Sunday:

    IMG_20160214_105850 IMG_20160214_141828

    Ray’s special birthday treat from the Bowens!


    Tiago loves being at the table with us. He Will Eat Anything! and Ben made us a yummy valentine treat 🙂

    IMG_20160214_173502 IMG_20160214_203618

    And if the blankets are all in the loft already and there is no school on Monday then the parents let them sleep out there again. (we would have survived ok in a two room cabin I think)


    Ben cleaned all of the bathrooms on Saturday for me!!

    valentine Photo Collage

    Ben and I keep going Back and forth on the Popeye high score. The kids are starting to get more into the arcade games.

    IMG_20160214_231040 IMG_20160210_184056 IMG_20160215_161252 IMG_20160216_123845

    Here are the 22 deer that I saw from Amanda’s house the other day! amazing


    Ben and the kids made a snowman and named him George for Presidents day:


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    Raymond Thomas Turned 4

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    Happy 4th Birthday Ray Tom!


    Last Day of Being 3! Thinking about being 4!

    IMG_20160212_170734  IMG_20160212_170835


    Saturday Morning Presents!

    IMG_20160213_093451 IMG_20160213_093540




    All of his Loot!


    Everyone helped play with Ray’s toys all morning…

    IMG_20160213_094119 IMG_20160213_100240 IMG_20160213_114731  IMG_20160213_144012

    At 5pm we invited a bunch of cousins over for his party! We played Star Wars Obstacle Course War and had arcade challenges and watched Transylvania 2. Ray’s cake had the dark side and the Light side inside the cake.

    IMG_20160213_172900 IMG_20160213_183938 IMG_20160213_184100 IMG_20160213_184834 IMG_20160213_192254 IMG_20160213_185816


    Raymond is a good kid. He has learned to be pretty independent this year. No more help in the bathroom or getting dressed. He can do most things that Rosie pushes him to do. He spends his time keeping up with her, learning from her, and just playing hard. Ray is Silly and Adventurous. He still sucks his thumb whenever he is tired or sad. We love this handsome little man!

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    When did February get so Busy

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    I don’t remember February being such a busy month. We celebrated lots of birthdays! and got to hang out with lots of family!

    Ryan’s 40th Birthday! feb. 2


    Gus’s 1st Birthday! feb. 4

    IMG_20160204_175730 IMG_20160204_180906 IMG_20160204_183544 IMG_20160204_184806

    Gavin’s Baptism! feb. 6

    FB_IMG_1454908085644 FB_IMG_1454908097116

    Grandma Johnson’s 89th Birthday! feb. 9 (celebrated on the 6th)

    IMG_20160206_164621 IMG_20160206_170515 IMG_20160206_174903 IMG_20160206_174916 IMG_20160206_180525 FB_IMG_1454992678659

    Saturday Night Game Night:

    IMG_20160206_200823 IMG_20160206_233021 IMG_20160206_234357

    Tiago at church:


    Matt’s Birthday Party and Super Bowl! feb. 7

    IMG_20160207_184311 IMG_20160207_184318 IMG_20160207_184327 IMG_20160207_204334 IMG_20160207_204343 IMG_20160207_204645

    Maren’s 3rd Birthday! feb. 8

    IMG_20160208_163918 IMG_20160208_184556 IMG_20160208_184607 IMG_20160208_192636

    SEE?! A bUSY MOnTH, RIGHT? Now we will take a few days to gear up for Raymond’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day and a few other Birthdays!


    Early present from Gma and Gpa Robertson!


    Millie and I love Pete the Cat! especially his 4 Groovy Buttons


    it’s still snowy


    Rose and Ray still go to Library with Ellie on Tuesdays


    Cutest Little Skaters on the Block


    late Night Archading with Brady


    sometimes life is hard




    Love this ROLLER


    He’s so proud. The head tilts so you know which way he just rolled 🙂




    this may be the only time ever so I have to gloat 🙂 I beat Ben’s score and we both beat the previous owner!

    Now it’s the 10th. First third of the month was a SUCCESS. We are all getting colds. Kelsey and Brady kept me up too late playing Nertz and Tiago just wants to be held all day so I’m off to rescue the baby and rest for a few minutes.

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    another arcade!

    I was skeptical about this one… but it’s really fun.

    IMG_20160130_151836 IMG_20160130_153228 IMG_20160131_205333 IMG_20160131_234736 IMG_20160131_234751

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    Another Great Week

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    Ben took me to a Brazilian restaurant!


    Rose wanted to pose in her church clothes with her new bed.


    We went to Movie Night at the kids school – Big Hero 6, Pizza, Popcorn and Soda!


    Ben introducing our kids to virtual reality


    this guy is growing and exploring all the time now


    My Wolf Den


    our firecracker


    babysitting baby Mary


    I love his serious face


    Friday night I had a soccer game with LaNell and Kelsey and then we all ended up at JCW’s!


    pyramid with the sisters


    Brady showing me up


    playing BLINK with my kiddos




    so curious


    this boy loves his momma


    He just sits and smiles at me for days 🙂


    millie trying to hold Gus


    Another Fun Sunday Game Night


    and Thank You Megan for the snow ball throwing horns, unfortunately they are being used mostly as horns!


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